Precious Tears

By: Taitogirl

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING that has to do with digimon except
this story!!! This idea is TOTALLY original!! I kinda thought that’d it’d be
fun to make TK the angst king in a story for a change. Please note the poem in the beginning belongs to me!!! I wrote it!!

Ages: Everybody – older than they are in 02, ‘nuff said.

Bitter Goodbyes

When your hope runs dry, I’ll be by your side

Silent Screams

Bent wings

My broken Angel

I’ll help you sing

Life sucks, that I know for sure. It can be extremely good
to you one moment, and then just plain cruel the next. It also has a very
twisted sense of humor. These were the things that were going through my mind
as I sat through a very boring romance movie….with Kari attached to my arm. I
kept nodding off, only to be rudely awakened by Kari’s harsh whispers of ‘This
is the best part!’ I sighed in frustration and attempted to detach her.

“I suddenly don’t feel so good.” I told her as I got up,
“It’s too stuffy in here. I’m gonna go wait outside.” She began to join me but
I stopped her.

“No, stay here and enjoy the movie. I’ll be fine.” She
looked skeptical, but reluctantly she returned her attention back to the

As I stepped out of the theater, I took in the fresh scent
of evening. The movie wouldn’t be over for at least another hour or two, (Hey
people! Ever hear about Titanic?) so I decided to go into the mall and browse
the stores for a while. I brushed back a piece of hair that fell into my eyes.
Kari had insisted that I not wear my goggles for our ‘date’. For one she said
it reminded me too much of her brother, and two, because, according to her, it
wasn’t ‘stylish’. I suddenly found myself in the food-court, and only then did
I realize how hungry I actually was. No offense to Kari or anything, but her
cooking isn’t exactly the best. I searched quickly for a place to eat and my
face lit up when I remembered something. TK said he would be working the last
time-shift at ‘The Burger Stop’. Maybe if I hurried I could make it there
before he left. I nimbly made my way over to the small station, and spotted TK
talking to Tai and Matt.

“Hey Guys!” I chirped as I jogged over, “What’s up?” They
all turned to me and smiled. TK waved happily.

“Hey Davis!” Matt shouted back. I grinned. When I had first
met Matt, I thought that he was an over self-assured, punk, who thought he got
it like that, and that he was the best, just because he was the lead singer of
a band. I also wondered how he could have gotten the crest of friendship,
become the co-leader and one of the strongest of the digidestined, when all he
and Tai ever did was fight. I mean, one of the first things Matt and I did was
just that; fight. But it turns out that once again, I was dead wrong. Matt was
actually pretty cool and really nice once you got to know him. I guess he
really did deserve the crest of friendship…and maybe even the crest of
love…Yep, that’s right. I said love. The group had found out only recently that
Tai and Matt had been in love ever since their first adventure in the
digiworld. Nobody but the digidestined knew about this though. If anyone else
did…I don’t even want to think about what would happen. Tai and Matt are both
extremely good looking and have a lot of girls, and even some boys, after them.

“Hey Davis,” Tai interrupted my thoughts as I sat down at
their table, “weren’t you supposed to be out on a date with my sister?” My eyes
flashed momentarily to TK and I could have sworn that I saw some sort of hurt
and pain in his own, but he quickly turned his head and looked elsewhere.
//That was weird// I thought slowly.

“Uh yeah, but she wanted to see some sappy romance movie,
and during the first hour I got ready to barf.” Matt looked sympathetic. He
gently placed his hands over mine and looked like he was about to cry.

“I feel your pain man!” He stated and then broke into a fit
of fake tears and laughter. Soon everyone at the table was cracking up except
for Tai.

“And what exactly did you mean by that Yamato?” Tai asked
sternly. Matt wiped a tear from his eye and spoke.

“What? With the movies you watch….” That one earned him a
playful slap and something whispered in his ear. The more Matt tried not to
blush, the deeper red he became. Tai on the other hand, sat back, a very
pleased smile plastered on his face.

“Well what time is the movie gonna end Dae?” TK asked me. I
shrugged and picked up one of those stupid, little, plastic, advertising

“I dunno….” I commented as I played around with it, “In like
two hours or so….” For some reason, I refused to meet his eye. I was too
involved with toying around with the stand that I missed the knowing looks on
the two older teens faces.

“Hey Davis!” Tai called to me. I looked up and found him
standing directly behind TK as Matt’s voice behind me called, “Hey TK!” As TK
looked up as well, our eyes met and for some reason, we were refusing to look
away. This must have been going on for a while because when we finally willed
ourselves to break contact, Matt and Tai were already coming back to the table
with food. I looked down at the floor while they both placed the two trays of
pizza down.

“Enjoy!” I heard one of them say. I wasn’t sure whom though;
I was off in my own little world. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I
lazily moved my hand to grab a slice of pizza and instead of feeling the warm,
crunchy feeling of the cheese filled crust, I felt smooth, silky, skin
underneath my own. I looked down and with a huge blush, realized that I had
placed my hand on top of TK’s. My eyes met his and I found that he was blushing
too. I whipped my hand away and began to think. //Wait a minute….why am I
acting like this? Is it possible that I- no! That can’t be! It’s impossible!
Isn’t it? I like Kari! No, I love Kari! Not TK! I do not like TK!// Still, I
couldn’t help feeling that I was lying to myself. I looked up and found TK,
Tai, and Matt all staring at me in concern.

“Hey Davis,” Tai said to me, “are you okay? You look sorta
dazed out.” I shook my head in frustration and stood up.

“Listen guys, sorry but I gotta go.” And I didn’t even
chance a look back as I stormed out of the food court area. I trampled through
the sliding doors and made my way to a bench just outside the Mall. I sat down
and stared out at the fading sunlight over the moon lit city of Tokyo. I
sighed, but froze up again when I heard the sliding doors open once again.

“Davis?” A voice whispered to me. I knew who it was
instantly. TK. But I didn’t want to face him right now, for fear of finding out
something that I might not have wanted to.

“Yeah?” I asked without turning around. I heard him sit down
next to me, and I could feel his gaze upon me.

“What’s wrong?” I let myself relax a bit. He was just a
friend. I turned to face him and found that, that was when I had made my
mistake. I looked him over silently, the way the melting sunlight highlight his
golden hair, the way his eyes sparkled like sapphires, how handsome he looked
without that stupid hat on…I couldn’t look away. After a short while of trying,
I managed to focus my eyes somewhere else and got up. I walked over to a long,
black, banister and overlooked it to see a huge gleaming fountain, with water
that was crystal clear. Again, he followed me, this time not saying a word, and
it was then that I realized. I didn’t love Kari. Whom I loved…was TK.

“Davis?” It was TK’s voice that brought me back to reality.




“Davis?!” I finally looked up and was met with TK’s face not
one inch away. I saw him gulp nervously and blush, I also felt myself doing the
same. Then suddenly, I don’t know what came over me, but I lost all control as
I edged my face closer to his. I gently brushed my lips against his and pulled
away. After a second of confusion I realized what I had just done. // NO
DAMMIT!! Why the hell did I just do that!?! Now he hates me!!// I bit my lip
quickly and saw TK’s eyes widen in shock. Then, I didn’t even get a chance to
utter a single apology before he had pulled me back and we were embraced in a
passionate kiss. I lost all incoherent thought and I swung TK around and held
him against the banister. He moaned lightly as his lips separated and I slid my
in tongue. My hands slipped under his shirt and caressed his back. Finally
remembering the need to breath, I broke away and could only imagine that my
face mirrored the same look of shock that had been placed on TK’s. We both
stood there dumbly for a while, just staring, and didn’t even noticed the
crashing thunder that could be heard in the distance, that was, until a bolt of
lighting struck the fountain. TK, running for the first source of security, ran
straight into my arms, and I, acting as if on instinct, wrapped them around
him. I stood like that for a few moments, holding him in my arms, and brought
him closer as the rain began to fall. I heard a faint sniffle and felt my shirt
become wet, not by rain, but by tears.

“Takeru….” I whispered using his full name, “what’s wrong?”
TK pulled back and looked at me with such desperation, it was depressing. Then,
he walked back towards the bench. He sat down beneath the sanctuary of the Mall
roof. He lifted his knees up and sat sideways on the bench; so that he was able
too rest his chin on them. I stared at him for a second. He just looked so sad
and venerable. I went over and sat down next to him, when TK finally spoke I
found him staring sideways, out into the rain filled vision of the lighted

“Daisuke…” He spoke in such a far off voice that it was
almost a whisper, “Have you ever been in love with someone and you love them so
much that you’d do anything for them, but they’re already in love with someone
else, and no matter what you do, it never seems to be enough? Have you ever
felt so lost or alone, that all you’ve wanted to do, was curl up and cry? Have
you ever felt like the world has turned it’s back on you and that you can’t
stand another heartbreak? Have you ever felt like everybody’s pretending to be
kind, compassionate and understanding, when all they’re really doing is mocking
you? Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in on you, and everywhere
you turn, all you see is Darkness? Darkness no hope can get you out of?” I sat
there for a while, in pure shock. This was what TK had been feeling all this
time? But how? He’d always been the perkiest and happiest of us all. He’d
always had hope. How could this be the way he’d always been feeling? Was it all
just an act? An illusion? A major pang of guilt stabbed me directly in my heart
right then. That was it. It was all just an illusion. An illusion that I
created. All of his hope, all of his dreams, all of his happiness….squashed the
moment I kissed Kari. I could imagine it clearly. The day it happened.


“Hey TS!!! What are you talking about!!” Davis demanded as
he took a threatening step toward TK. TK grinded his teeth and stood his

“Look Davis, I don’t want to fight you, but I think-”

“You think what huh!? Oh you think this!?!” And with that
Davis pulled Kari, who was standing next to him, watching the fight, into a
kiss, noticing with plenty of surprise, her kissing back. When Davis and Kari
broke apart, Davis caught the look of heartbreak on TK’s face before the blonde
turned and ran out the door.

~End flashback~

And all this time I thought it was because he really liked
Kari. Of course, leave it to old Daisuke Motomiya to screw things up. I glanced
over at TK, noticing the silver droplets of tears grace his face.

“TK…your not alone.” I thought I had said the right thing,
hell, I think everyone would probably have thought it as well, but
unfortunately, it was the exact opposite. TK’s eyes narrowed and sapphires
turned to ice.

“Yes I am. I’m always alone. Nobody cares. Nobody loves me.
Nobody.” He pulled something out of his pocket and laughed bitterly at it. It
was the crest of hope.

“Heh, Crest Of Hope? Yeah right. I don’t deserve the crest
of hope. The only thing I hope for I can never have.” And that was all he said
as he threw the crest on the ground. I stared at it for a moment and then at
TK. I hesitated before asking.

“What do you hope for?” He was now sitting down normally on
the bench and looked at me as if I was the stupidest person alive. He jumped up
quickly and splashed himself in the muddy puddles, the rain trickling down his

“Damn it Davis!! Are you really that dense?! I would have
thought that the kiss could have told you that!!! I hope for you okay!!! I want
you!!! I love you!!! I Goddamn love you Daisuke!!!!” That’s when he lost it. That’s
when he broke. All I could do was stare for a while as he sank to the ground,
in the ice-cold rain, surrounded by puddles. What had happened to the happy
teenager that I had seen not an hour ago? What happen to the child whose hope
had probably saved two worlds all those years ago? What happened to the TK that
I thought I had known, the one who you could always count on to have a healthy
smile on his face? What had happened? Was this the real Takeru “TK” Taikashi?
Was he hiding the real him from us this whole time? Was this what he had turned
into? I silently prayed for myself to be wrong, because frankly, this Takeru
scared me. I focused on the sobbing figure. He really did look all alone, like
nobody cared for him. I made myself a silent vow right then and there that as
long as I was around, TK would never be alone again. I stepped up to him and
knelt down in front of him, he looked at me for a split second before throwing
himself on me. Hanging on for dear life, like I was his last lifeline, and as I
looked into the darkness letting the rain soak me to the bone I realized, I
was. I was his last lifeline. He had even told me that I was. He said that I
was the only thing that he had hoped for, and without hope, there’s no soul. I
was brought back down to earth by a single phrase uttered by TK. Though it was
barely even a whisper, I heard it loud and clear.

“Please Daisuke….don’t leave me….” I bent my head slightly
and kissed the top of my broken angel’s head.

“I won’t Takeru…I love you.”

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