A New Interest


Mimi took Joe's wrist and looked at his watch. It was five minutes to one…in the morning. She was lying nearly nude on top of her boyfriend in the back seat of his run-down Honda. Although there wasn't much room to spread out, she always loved waking up in her lover's arms.

Joe and Mimi had been going steady for quite some time. They always felt something for one another. They must have experimented with each other a million times now, and neither of them ever got bored exploring one another.

Mimi thought back. It had been five years since they defeated the last evil digimon in the Digiworld. She remembered how she and Joe got lost that one time and ended up expressing their love for the first time. She recalled how great it felt; how Joe always made her feel so…alive.

They never announced their relationship to the rest of the group. They decided to keep it their secret. When they returned to the real world and the group eventually split up, Joe and Mimi were the only two left in the same school. They were free and permitted to be together (and all over each other) whenever they wanted.

She loved Joe, very much. It was the end of august now. Joe already graduated from high school and was leaving for his college campus 500 miles away the next day. Tonight was their last opportunity to see each other for at least a few months. Mimi would be going into her junior year. It would be her first year without having Joe walk with her down the hallway.

Mimi touched the large sapphire blue ring Joe gave her. It was his class ring that he received after his graduation. He gave it to her symbolizing their devotion. He's my soul mate, Mimi thought, we'll be together forever.

She rested her head on his bare chest. "Oh Joe," she whispered, "I love you."


September came, along with school. Mimi walked down the spotless, linoleum hallway. She was dressed in her usual ensemble now-a-days: a white sweater with a pink knee-high skirt, and white cowgirl boots. (For some reason, Mimi was always into the cow-girl style).

Everything looked the same; the same banners and poster-boards for upcoming events, the same classrooms with the same teachers, and the same groups of people hanging out in their same terrains. The only difference to Mimi was the fact that her boyfriend wasn't right there with her, holding her hand and walking her to class. She missed Joe already.

Izzy opened the main door to the building and entered the unfamiliar school. No one looked familiar, not even himself as he passed a large mirror in the hallway. He had grown a whole foot in the last couple years, and he now had a baritone voice. He had changed a lot but he was still a computer genius. He combed his hand through his wild red hair and proceeded down the crowded hallway.

In the far corner of the commons he spotted a tall girl with a long mane of flowing auburn. It was Mimi, Izzy's first crush. Although she was considered to be a bit of an airhead, Izzy couldn't help but be attracted to her utter sweetness and beauty. However, being the obsessed computer know-it-all, Izzy hid his feelings and eventually his crush faded. But now, seeing her as the mature woman she's become, Izzy fell in love all over again.

"Mimi? It is you!" a voice from behind called. It sounded familiar. Mimi turned around to see a tall redheaded guy running up to her. He was dressed in tan cargo pants and a black T-shirt. Mimi's heart began to pound. Her face became flushed and her palms got sweaty.

It was Izzy, one of the digidestined. The intelligent, crest of knowledge kid whom Mimi had had a crush on in the very beginning of their adventure together. Of course, the crush wore off in time, and eventually Joe found a way to Mimi's heart. Yet even now, five years after the whole dilemma was over, Mimi still felt something for Izzy.

"Izzy!" Mimi called back, a little too superficial. Mimi walked over and met up with her forgotten crush. "Gosh. I must say, I'm a little surprised to see you here. Don't you go to some private technical school or something?"

"Well, yes. But my parents thought I should get a better social life. They said that I was concentrating too much on theories and computer stuff. They figured public school would be a better environment. "

Izzy stopped and looked around. "Hey, where are all the others?"

"Well, Joe graduated last year and is in college now." Mimi decided not to tell him of her and Joe's relationship together. "Matt, Tai, and the others live quite a distance from here now that most of them moved, so they all go to different schools."

"I see," said Izzy. Mimi pulled out a small, wrinkled piece of paper that read JUNIOR SCHEDULE at the top.

"Hey, I wonder what classes we have together," she said, cheerfully.

"Good idea," he said, smiling. Izzy took the lab-top I-mac from his back pack. Mimi watched him as his fingers danced over the keys.

Izzy was always pulling out his trusty computer. Mimi adored the way he was so intrigued by it; how he get so excited when he discovered something new. She remembered the time in the Digiworld when Mimi got lost in an odd temple with Centarumon hot on her tail. Izzy came to her aid like a night in shining armor and got her out safely with the help of his computer. He was mature and intelligent, everything a girl could want in a guy. It's funny how opposites attract.

No, I can't begin to like Izzy again, Mimi thought to herself. I'm with Joe now. Joe loves me. I love Joe. I do not love Izzy. Damn it! Then why can't I keep my eyes off him?!

Gosh, she's just as pretty as I remembered her…even more so! Izzy thought. If only a goddess like her could ever like a guy like me.

Izzy opened up a file and his schedule appeared on the screen. "Ahh, here we are," he said.

They compared their classes together, smiling and laughing. It was just like old times.


December came, along with its bitter cold. Mimi rushed out of the library with a stack of books.

Stupid Masaki-senee, Mimi thought. She always has to assign huge book reports just when the holiday season comes along.

Mimi ran down the hallway and out the door. A freezing gust of wind chilled her body as she watched the last after-school bus speed out of the parking lot and down the street. "Goddamnit! This is just my luck," she said aloud and started to walk the long way home.

"Hey Mimi," Izzy called coming out of the building. "You miss the bus, or something?" Izzy caught up with her.

"Yea, and now I have to walk home in this awful weather," she whined.

"Don't worry, I'll walk with you and keep you company," Izzy said. Mimi, with a relieved look on her face, nodded her head in agreement with his offer and the two walked side by side.

They reminisced on old times about the Digiworld. They told stories about what's been going on in the last five years. Mimi would laugh, and Izzy would smile. An hour passed, even though it only felt like a few minutes, and they reached Mimi's driveway.

"Well," Izzy started, a bit nervously, "we made it."

"Yea," she said blankly. "Thank you, Izzy…for walking me home, and all." She gave Izzy a quick kiss on the cheek.

Izzy paused, a bit in shock. He took her by her waist and brought her close. The kiss was long, and serious, as though they had been waiting for it for years. Not knowing what to say after they were finished, Mimi looked in her driveway to see a familiar gray Honda. Joe.

"Izzy, I've got to go. I'll see you later," she said, as though nothing happened. She ran into the house and saw Joe with her parents in the living room. She ran up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. She decided never to tell Izzy about Joe or Joe about Izzy. Nothing happened, she kept reminding herself, even though she wished she could do 'nothing' again.

Izzy walked back to his apartment with a smile from ear to ear. Yea, that's right, he thought. I'm da mon


The rest of Junior year flew by like a flash. It was the end of June. Mimi and Izzy kept a close friendship between one another, although they never resorted to their physical attraction since that one December night. That is, until….

"Mimi and Izzy," Masaki-senee called. "You will both be researching the affects of World War II as your final exam."

Mimi gulped, and Izzy slouched down in his chair. The bell rang and tons of teenagers flocked into the hallways. Izzy managed to locate Mimi in the crowd. "So, you wanna come over today so we can get to work on that term paper?" he asked, calmly and smoothly.

"Uhh…yea, sure," she agreed, a bit uncertain.

"Great! See you at seven. Later." Izzy ran off into the crowd.

Mimi rang the doorbell with a bunch of papers in her hand. A petite woman opened the door.

"Why, you must be Mimi," she said cheerfully. It was Izzy's mom. "Izzy's in his room. You can go right in."

"Hi Mimi," Izzy said from his desk (working on his computer as usual). "Welcome to my lair."

They got to work right away, avoiding any flirtation or sweet talk. They kept their conversation to "What effects did WWII have on the economy?" and "What about home living after the war? How was that affected?" Two hours passed and they were nearly done. Izzy looked up at Mimi who was writing something in her notebook.

She's like an angel. Perfect in every way. I can't keep my feelings a secret any longer. I've got to do something!

Izzy slammed his textbook shut, darted over to where she was sitting, held her delicate face in his hands and kissed her passionately on her lips. Once Mimi realized what happened within the last 5 seconds, she pulled away from his clutch.

"What…what are you doing?" she asked, out of breath.

"Finishing what we started six month ago," he said as he kissed her again. "Mimi, I'm in love with you. I always have been."

Completely forgetting about Joe and staring blankly at Izzy's heart-felt face, Mimi yielded to his loving embrace and tenderness. "I…I love you, too."

Mimi and Izzy continued their kissing state for what seemed like days. Their tongues mingled and turned wetly in their mouths. Their lips grew numb. Izzy, still lip-locked with Mimi, puller her to her feet and they proceeded to his door. He locked it, tightly. Izzy, becoming more stimulated, pressed Mimi's back to the wall and unfastened her sweater. He proceeded to give her a tongue bath, kissing and licking every inch of her neck, down to her chest, and down to the crease between her two robust breasts. Mimi, in a state of over-whelming lust, rapidly pulled Izzy's shirt off revealing a muscular and strapping chest. They paused for a brief moment, only to catch their breath.

Mimi jumped into Izzy's arms, her legs straddled on each side of him. Kissing each other madly, they made their way towards Izzy's bed. Izzy laid her down gently and got on top of her. He took a moment to stare into her deep adoring brown eyes. This is what he's always wanted, his dream come true.

He got inside her. Their bodies filled with pressure and exhilaration at the same time. Never had they felt such bliss. They were a perfect. They continued the process of exploring each other. The moans, the groans, the sweating; all elements of the process grew and grew until…

"Ahhh!" they both cried. Mimi could feel the warm liquid pour into her body. It was incredible. Izzy let out a soft sigh and prepared to withdraw.

"Izzy? Is everything alright in there?" It was Izzy's mom. Izzy and Mimi jumped out of bed.

"Uhh…everything's fine mom," Izzy called back frantically. "We just…uhh…saw a spider." Mimi gave him a weird look. It was a pathetic excuse, but it was definitely better than the truth.

Mimi put her clothes back on and gathered her things. Both were in silence. After all, what could they say? "Good-bye, Izzy," Mimi said, impassively. And with that, she left.


"Guuuueese who," Joe said, comically from behind, placing his hands over Mimi's eyes as she entered her room. He spun her around and kissed her.

"Joe," Mimi said, surprised, "you're back."

"And better than ever," he said, merrily. He wrapped his arms around her playfully, but paused. "What's wrong? You look like you've been through hell and back."

Mimi smiled at his comment, remembering the intercourse she had just an hour ago with Izzy. It was hell and heaven at the same time; she was experiencing pure pleasure physically while her conscience was full of guilt with the remembrance of her boyfriend, Joe.

"Oh, it was just one of those days," she said. She decided to forget about Izzy and give in to Joe's playful and loving mood. They made passionate, steamy love, as though it was their first time.


Joe woke up, exhausted and lightheaded from the night before. The soft, quilted bed was rumpled and short one person.
"Mimi?" Joe asked, confused. He got up and quietly searched the house. Mimi was nowhere to be found. Joe went back to the room and saw an envelope with the name "Joe" neatly written on it. He opened it and read it to himself.

Dear Joe,

Before you jump to any conclusions, I want you to know that I truly love you. Ever since that first night we spent together, I knew that you were my soul mate and that I would love you forever. Lately, though, I've come to a crossroad in my life and things are just much too confusing for me to handle right now. I need some time alone…away from this town, away from my family, away from my friends, away from everything. Please understand, Joe. I will return again, I promise.
Good-bye for now.


Joe reached into the envelope and pulled out a hard, small object. It was his class ring.

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