You Put A Move On My Heart

By: Quincy Burney

I never knew how much a rivalry could truly suck. Take Davis and me for example. Him and I have almost been at each other's throat on more than one occasion, simply because he thinks I'm trying to put a move on his supposed 'girlfriend' Kari. Don't get me wrong though, I do like Kari. She's been one of my best friends ever since the Digital World, and I have sometimes imagined what it would be like to have Kari as a girlfriend. But for some reason, I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me my heart longs for something else, but I can never figure out what. Someday I may find what I'm searching for. And regarding Davis and me, I really do hate it when we fight. It never leads to anything but more pain. And I seem to be feeling most of the pain. I hate to fight with anyone, especially anyone who I could potentially call my friend. And even in all this fighting, I could find the strength to wake the next morning believing that everything would be all right. And also on more than one occasion, I was wrong. But not this time.

Morning had come, a brand new day had started. I slowly dragged myself out of bed, wrapped my housecoat around me, slipped my feet into my slippers, and with me eyes still closed made my way to the bathroom. Once inside, I opened my eyes to see Patamon standing up on the sink brushing his teeth with MY toothbrush. "And you think you're doing?" I asked with my hands on my hips, "What does it look like?" Patamon replied with a mouthful of toothpaste. "It looks like you're using MY toothbrush you little scamp!" I said as I pulled the toothbrush from Patamon's mouth. I rinsed it off to find that the bristles had now taken on the appearance of a worn out broom. "Patamon? Just how long did you use my toothbrush for?" I asked as I tossed it the trash bin aside the sink. "About ten minutes." Patamon answered. I whipped my head around and looked at the little Digimon with my eyes wide open. "TEN MINUTES??? Why in the name of cheese would you use MY toothbrush for ten freaking minutes?" I asked rather loudly, "I had a big dinner last night. I wanted to make sure I got all the chunks out of my teeth." He said. I grumbled as I reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out another toothbrush still in it's package. "This is my LAST toothbrush, Patamon. You are not to use it." Patamon nodded his head and flew off into the kitchen. I shook my head in frustration as I applied a glob of toothpaste to my newly unpacked toothbrush and let at my teeth with a good scrubbing.

Afterward, I made my way into the kitchen and was surprised to see Davis sitting with Tai and Matt at the dining room table."Hi TK!" Davis said happily."Hi!" I said."We were just talking about, TK. Davis has something he wants to ask you." Said Matt. I raised an eyebrow as Davis sat up and walked towards me. As I looked at him, I couldn't help but notice that the morning light that shone through the window next to me highlighted Davis' body in such a way that I almost caught myself checking him out like I was attracted to him or something. I quickly brought myself out of my trance and looked at Davis' face. He was smiling at me."Uhh...TK? I was wondering if you to join me at a movie tonight." Davis asked with a faint blush in his cheeks. His head was angled downward, but his eyes focused upward at the expression on my face. I idled for a second, then spoke,"What movie do you wanna see?" I asked getting a little nervous."It's Pokemon the Movie 2000. Ya wanna go?" Davis asked now sounding a bit anxious. My eyes widened a little. I loved Pokemon with a passion, but I never would've guessed that Davis, being the supposed big tough leader of the new Digidestined had any interest in Pokemon. I looked at Davis who was now had a look of apprehension on his face. "Davis...Uhh...sure! I'd love to go!" I said. I hadn't seen Pokemon 2000 yet, so I thought it to be rather convenient. But part of me was glad I was going with Davis.

That evening around 9:00PM, Davis and I arrived at the theatre via The Big Brother Express (Matt drove us). We made our way to the front desk, and purchased our tickets."Two for Pokemon 2000 please!" Davis said with a noticeably large smile on his face. We then decided not to buy snacks seeing as how we did not to sit on our chairs near the end of the movie with a pain in out guts. It seems to me that when you're watching a movie, you tend to digest quicker than usual, so you can feel that annoying pain in your bladder near the end of the movie. And that was something I was not prepared to deal with, especially with Pokemon 2000. We made out way into the cinema and out jaws dropped at the hugeness of the screen. "Wow!" we both said simultaneously. I looked around for a good spot to sit while Davis was still staring at the huge screen with his mouth wide open. I finally found a good spot at the middle row, center seats (SWEET seats). We sat down and just waited for the lights to dim. When they did, Davis leaned back in his chair and draped his right leg over his left. I focused on the screen as the movie started. About half an hour into the movie I felt Davis wrap his arm around my shoulder. I started to sweat a little as I looked over at him, and noticed how the light reflecting off the screen accented his face in such a way that it was making him look somehow... sexy. I relaxed as I lifted my arm and draped it around Davis' shoulder. I saw him smile as he snuggled into my arm, and it wasn't until near the end of the movie did Davis do something that really surprised me. Davis edged his way closer to me and when we were not even half an inch away from our bodies touching, Davis tilted his head an rested it on my left shoulder. I for some reason was liking this very much. It was like I got a feeling of utter joy from having Davis close to me. Could I have loved him that night? Maybe!

During the ride home, Davis was looking kind of tired."Hey Davis, tired?" I asked, "Yeah!" he said in a near-whisper. He closed his eyes and once again, his head rested on my left shoulder. I smiled as I wrapped both my arms around him sideways, and just stared at him. As I took in the sight of what I now found to be a really great guy, I noticed what a handsome guy he was. And it wasn't until five minutes later that I had a not at all startling revelation. Could I be in love with Davis? I thought, I tilted my head so I could get a clear view of his face. He had his cheek pressed up against my shoulder, and he was sleeping like a baby. He looked kinda cute when he was asleep. He looked kinda like a little kid fallen asleep under the covers. Then, I started felt that oh so familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me I've found what I've been searching for...Davis. Then, I let all rational thought go as I inched my face closer to Davis'. I closed my eyes, and in one sweet moment, I gently pressed my lips against his. And ya know what? I liked it! It was like his lips when pressed against mine gave me a tingle up spine and a shimmer of ecstasy through my heart. My lips stayed locked with his for what seemed like five minutes, but in actuality was only two minutes. When I pulled back, something clicked in my head. I now knew what I've been searching for. It was Davis whom I was in love with. A huge smile came across my face as I sat back up, and held Davis just a little bit tighter than before.

The next day, I checked the answering machine, and was delighted to hear a message from Davis. It said, "Hi! TK? This is Davis. Uhh...I need to talk to you. Could you come over to my place? Call me back as soon as you can. Bye!" I immediately picked up the phone and dialed Davis' number. One...two...three rings...

"Hello?" I recognized the voice instantly,

"Hey Davis!"

"Hi TK! How ya doin'?"

"I'm real good. How 'bout yourself?"

"I'm real good now that I'm talking to you."

"Is that so? Well, I got your message, and I can definitely come over."

"Oh cool! When can you be here?"

"In 5 minutes via the Angemon Express."

"Hahaha! I'll watch the skies for you."

"Right! See ya soon, Davis!"
"See ya soon, TK."



I hung up and I beamed with joy. His voice all of a sudden sounded almost melodic, comforting, sexy, and oh so divine. I put my hands over my chest as if to feel my heart soaring. I really do love him! I thought as I called Patamon,"Patamon. I need you to Digivolve and take me to Davis' house. GO!" Patamon nodded his head eagerly.

"Patamon digivolve to......Angemon!"

I hopped up on Angemon's back as he soared out the door, and rocketed into the bright blue sky. As we flew, I came to a smile-invoking revelation. Davis was looking all flirty when he asked me to the movie 'cause he himself was already in love with ME. And I bet Matt and Tai knew it all along. Those two being in love themselves helped Davis gather up the courage to ask me out to that movie. Hmph! My calculations were correct as it took Angemon only 5 minutes to reach Davis' house. Angemon made a graceful landing and de-digivolved back into Patamon. He jumped up on top of my head (like Pikachu does with Ash) and I quickly made my way to Davis' front door.

I rang the doorbell, and I don't think it was even three seconds before Davis answered the door. Things just seemed to be running quick and easy for me today. He happily greeted me and ushered me in. As we walked to his room he wrapped his arm around my waist. Quick mover! I thought as wrapped mine around his. As I walked into Davis' room, my eyes were diverting to a beautiful painting hanging over Davis' bed. I couldn't take my eyes away, that is until Davis hugged me from behind. "Do you like it?" he asked me, "Yes I do! It's beautiful." I answered as I looked back at the painting. It was a big canvas done in acrylic paint and it was entitled "Seraphim" It was absolutely breath taking. "Who's the artist?" I asked, "The artist is hugging you!" He said with joy in his voice. My eyes widened, "That's YOURS? You painted it?" I asked in shock, "Yeah!" He replied through a big smile. A big smile came across my face too. Never in my wildest... OK maybe in wildest, but certainly not in my normal dreams would I ever have comprehended Davis to be such a great artist. I was flabbergasted. Even more so when Davis gripped my shoulders, spun me around and laid a hard kiss on my lips. When his lips parted with mine, he wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder."Well, that was interesting!" I said,"The last time we were together you draped your arm over my shoulder and put your head on my shoulder. And yet three days ago, you were riding my case for supposedly trying to hit on Kari. What's up?" I asked.

Davis was silent for a moment, then spoke. "I can explain!" he said. "The first day I saw you entering the playground while I played soccer with my friends, I was attracted to you like a bee to a flower. From the first day I saw you I fell in love. And when I saw you hanging around Kari, it broke my heart to think that you might be in love with HER. So I...I tried to pretend that I was the one to call her mine, so I could dissuade you from her. But even in the process I felt like I was lying to myself. Kari IS a great person, but it was SO hard to try and make you believe she was mine." Davis was sounding upset. I guess I could understand the pain he must have gone through."You did a convincing job of it, Davis. But to hear this now, I'm happy you did it. You see, before you intervened I was afraid I WAS falling in love with Kari. But I guess you came at just the right time because now that you're in my arms, I realize that I couldn't have been happier with anyone else. I...I love you Daisuke Motomiya." I called Davis by his full name as I confessed my love for the one who was truly deserving of it. Davis suddenly tightened his embrace,"I love you Takeru Takaishi! I love you so much." Davis cooed in a romantic whisper as he called me by MY full name."I love you with all of my heart." I said."With ALL of your heart?" Davis asked as he looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes,"I love you with so much of my heart there's none left to protest against it." And with that, I drew my head towards Davis' and pressed my lips against his, and as chimes went off in my head, Davis moved his arms down, he slid his hands up my shirt and I could fell him caress my back. Boy did that feel good! Then, I felt Davis' lips open up and I almost shuddered with delight as I felt him slid his tongue into my mouth, which was met with my instant retaliation as I sent in my own tongue to dance with his. During all this, I had not noticed that Patamon had exited Davis' room and closed the door behind him. Heh! Even for a scamp, Patamon does know when to grant people their privacy.

Davis curled his left leg around my right as his kiss grew more fierce. And I never knew how much noses could get in the way. We were tilting out heads from side to side trying not to have our noses mash into each other. Suddenly, Davis reached down and pulled off my shirt and pulled my body down onto the bed over top of him. I grabbed the edge of his shirt, slid it over his head and cast it on the floor beside mine. I pressed my bare chest against his and wrapped my arms around him. "Oh God, Davis! You really are the one whom I love so much." I said as Davis ran his hands through my hair and down my back giving me goosebumbs. "TK...I guess I can forget you putting a move on Kari, I know now, you put a move on my heart. And I will requite thee." I lifted an eyebrow, "Isn't that from Shakespeare?" I asked, "Yeah! I thought it appropriate. It means I'll reward you, for the love I now know you have for me. And I love you TK! I love you with all of my heart and soul." That nearly brought tears to my eyes. I raised my head and looked upon the smile that Davis had on his face. It was one of those smiles, a smile so warm and loving that it could melt the coldest of hearts. I lowered my head and kissed him one last time before resting my head on his bare chest and closing my eyes. I took a deep breath, taking in Davis' unforgettable scent as I dozed off in my love's arms. I fell asleep knowing that when I wake up, I'll never have to worry about us fighting over Kari anymore. It seemed as if Kari didn't matter anymore. All that mattered was Davis and I. WE were all that mattered.


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