I Love You Forever 03

By: Jakie

At grade one class A, there stood a red haired boy in front of a computer. As you have read, that class was going to do haunted house. Well, the red haired one, AKA Koushirou Izumi was in charge of computer graphics of ghost and all of those Halloween 'scary' people. He was looking at the clock, back to the computer, clock, computer, clock, computer, clock, computer, clock, computer. I totally forgot to tell you why he's looking at the clock, because he's waiting for Jyou to pick him up and go to the concert with him starting Yamato-senpai! Aaaaaa, the young crush that still alive….. Back to Koushirou.

A class mate noticed this strange behavior and went up to him, "Izumi-kun? Daijobu?"

"Hai. Yamamoto-san." As he smiled at the girl, that asked him.

"That's good. Are you waiting for some one?" She asked.

"Well, yeah. He'll pick me up in the afternoon. So."

"Oh! Your friend, I thought it was a girl friend."

Koushirou mumbled, "I wished."

"Said something?" She asked him.

"Umm, nothing. So how's it playing Hanako-san?"

"Boring. Thought I heard lots of gossip! Did you know that Kamiya-senpai and Takenouchi(Sora)-senpai are going out!"


"Yeah, I heard it from this one guy, who saw Kamiya-Senpai hugging Takenouchi(Sora)-Senpai and saying 'I LOVE YOU!' Isn't that sweet?"

Koushirou speech less.

"That how I was too. I can't believe that Takenouchi-Senpai chose Kamiya-Senpai over that hot guy in grade three."

"I thought Taichi liked some body else?"

"No, I defiantly sure it's Takenouchi-Senpai."

"I need to go to the bath room. Excuse me."

When he opened the door, he dashed to Sora's class. When he got there, he screamed, "SORA!!!"

Sora looked up and saw it was Koushirou, "Hi, Koushirou-kun how are you doing?"

"Where's Taichi?"

"He's not here today. What's wrong?"

"Is it true??"

Sora went blue and thought people started to find out that Taichi cross-dressed to get to Yamato.



"Taichi thought that you guys won't approve."


"I mean it's unusual."

"It's not!"

"Don't tell me you do to?"



"But I know that a lot of my other friends do."

"Koushirou-kun who are these friends?"

"You, Taichi, Yamato, Mimi, Jyou, Takeru, Hikari."

"I DON'T!!!!!"

"But you said you do."

"About what?" As the girl dressed Taichi comes in.

"Go out!!!"

"Cross dress!!!!!!!" Sora and Koushirou said at the same time. And then looked at each other.

"Huh?" Both of them said.

"What's going on?" Taichi asked, "Oh! Hi Koushirou! Tell them I'll be laa…" Sora covers his mouth.

"Koushirou-kun I would like you to meet a new student! Takihachi Yuuko! Yuuko I would like you to meet Izumi Koushirou!"

"Nice to meat you…you do look some one familiar." Koushirou questioned.

"OH!! He..I mean she does look like Taichi but it's different. Good bye Koushirou!!!" As Sora shut the door in front of him.

"That was interesting." Koushirou said.

Behind the door.

"What was that?" Taichi asked.

"That was Koushirou-kun, Yuuko-chan. Remember?"

"No-duh. I know who Koushirou is! He's in my soccer leag…" Again interrupted by Sora.

She whispered, "Remember Taichi you are a girl right know?!"

"Oh yeah. So that Koushirou-kun looks sweet. How do you know him?" As Taichi smiled sweetly.

"Well, it's a long story Yuuko-chan. Since our shift is over do you what to go and look around the school?"

What is Jyou doing now? You might wonder.

"Thanks Jyou, for taking me to Yamato-sama's band concert today." As Ayame smiled. As Jyou and Ayame were walking along the school.

"No problem. Ummm, I got to go to this class. I know a guy in that class that will show us to the concert hall." Jyou smiled and tried to get Ayame off of his arm.

"Ok. Let's go to that class! Where is it?" again putting her arm around Jyou's.

"He said grade one class A." Again trying to get her arm off, but changed his mind since he know it won't work any way. Koushirou. He wanted to spend time together alone today, but I want to keep my new friends too. Sorry Koushirou.

As they were going to the class room to Koushirou. Oh! Which reminds me that his still working on the computer graphics of the ghosts.

"Izumi-kun~!!!!!!" Another girl-class mate screamed toward him.

"Hai, nan da sho ka?" Koushirou asked.

" CAN YOU DO THE VAMPIARE PART FOR ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!" As she bagged him.


"I had to go home and baby sit my brother. So please can you trade places with me?" She bagged even some more.

"Well, then who's going to do the computer graphics?"

"The other guy can do it, so please!" As she begged even more.

Koushirou sighed and said ok. The girl jumped with glee, and hurries him to put on her costume.

"Thank you, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you Koushirou-kun! Thank you."

"Your welcome." As he came out, wareing a long black cape that reached to his ankles, and fake fangs that looked like Myostimon, his red hair was perfect cause it looked like blood, and the tux just fit him. As he sighed and went to his position for the vampire part.

"Is this it?" Ayame asked Jyou.

"Yeah, I think we are too early, I don't see him any where." As he looked into the class room.

"Well, then lets just go inside, it’s a haunted house any way." Ayame smiled knowing that a hunted house is a perfect way to get closer to your love one.

Jyou made a weak smile. He still had some things he was afried of, the thing was a ghost. He didn't now why but that was the only thing that makes him scared still. He nodded and went in with Ayame, who still has her arm around him.

As the went in, they saw 'all the scary stuff' Jyou some how maintained his confidence, because he saw that Ayame was screaming and was afraid too. So he holds her tighter and she hold him tighter. As they were towered the middle, Ayame stopped Jyou and hold him tighter, She now this time she will tell him and know that he'll say yes to her.


"What is it Ayame?" As he looked nerves.

"I'm sure you didn't notice but I want to say is that I love you." As little they know they were in the vampire appears out of now where part, where the poor vampire, Koushirou, who just stood there in shocked. He thought he was jealous of her long before? He was Jealous of her more now. Saying those three words…..God, he wished to have that courage of saying those words.

"Ayame I..I…"

Koushirou didn't need to hear more. He just ran from that spot, Knowing Jyou's answer will be, 'I..I love you too.' He didn't need to come out and scare them in their 'magical moment'. Then they'll see his tears. Running down one by one to the floor. He needs to run, run faster then all the Digimon they have incontered. He had to run away from them, forever.

To TAICHI AND SORA!!!!!!(Hey, you need some comedy don't ya? ^_~)

As Taichi and Sora was walking down the hall way of the school. Sora can hear what Taichi was whispering, "I hate girls dress, I hate girls dress, I hate them. Hate them. For Yamato, For Yamato."

"Yuuko-chan, your lover is coming up. Smile and remember what Mimi and I tol.." Got interrupted by Taichi's change of expration.

"I look okay right Sora? I mean I don't want Yamato to see right though me. Wait if he did then he knows that we are ment for each other! Sora you are a GENIOUSE! Genies!" As Taichi hugged her again.

"Taichi……please remember you are a girl. Yamato-kun is coming." As she gently took him off of her embrace.

"Sora!!" As Yamato yelled down to her.

"Hi! Yamato-kun. So how's the band coming along?"

"Good. Is it true?"

"About what? It's interesting that you are like the fifth person to ask me that question."

"SORA!!!!!!!!!!!" This time it was Mimi yelling down to her.

"HOW COULD YOU!!! YOU!!! I THOUGHT!!!!!!IS IT TURE!!!!!" Mimi screemend

"Mimi-chan, please the whole school is looking at us." Sora looked embarrasses.

"THEN TO THE OUT SIDE!!" As she dragged: Yamato, Sora, and Yuuko(Taichi) out side. When they get there. It was Mimi first to speak.

"About what??"

"That you and Taichi are going out." Yamato added in.

"WHAT!!!!" As Sora and Taich said together.

Yamato looked to 'Taichi' and wondered why she's here. Taichi had forgotten he was a girl.

"Oh! Yamato-kun this Yuuko. She's new at our school." Sora introduced.

Yamato just nodded and got back to the point, " Is it true?"

"Yeah, Sora is it true?" Mimi asked her.

"NO~! Taichi and I aren’t going out! Who got his idea?"

"A classmate from your class told the whole school." Yamato said.

"Well, it's not true. Just believe that ok?" Sora looked into her friends is hoping they'll believe her.

The other two just nodded and went off. There Taichi looked at Sora in a evil way

"What is it Taichi?" She asked.

"HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!"

"How could I?!?!?" Sora asked.

"You…you did this on purpose do you!!! Be..because you liked me and so the on..only way you can ru…ruin my..chance…with Yamato is by…by..by..sperding the rumors! I HATE YOU!!!" Taichi screened and run making sure his tears weren't showing.(<--ahh, the plot never gets to its point.)

"Wait Taichi!!!!" Sora shouted but now that won't work. Once Taichi thought of something he'll believe it forever. What did he mean that I used to like him. I never liked him other then a friend? What was he talking about. I sighed and decided to run to him and get this straight. GOD WHEN IS HE GOING TO GET WITH YAMATO!!! Sora try to ran to him.

Why Sora? Why you started that rumor?(<--SHE DIDN'T) I thought that you were my Best Friend and you supported me the whole way. Why didn't you tell Koushirou that it was me when I was 'cross-dressing' didn't you just wanted to keep me away from every one other then…then..you? I never thought you'll be this selfish. I love you only as a friend. Then why you love me more as that?

"ONIICHAN!!!!" Hikari shouted across the hall way. Quickly Taichi dried off his tears and made a 'fake' happy smile.

"Hikari. And Takaru, how are you doing?"

"Good, so how's is it, dressing it up like one?" Takaru asked.

"Good." Was all Taichi can think up of.

"Oniichan………." Hikari looked at him, and when Taichi looked at her, he know that she know he was lying. How does she do that.

"……it's not going good at all."

"Why Taichi?" Takaru asked him.

"…………..there's a rumor about me and Sora."

"Oh! You mean about that you and Sora is going out. We know that's not true. Let's go and find Yamato-Senpai." As she tugged her brother to the stadium.

"Wait! Hikari! He…he probably hates me now." Taichi looked down.

"Taichi-san. Oniichan won't hate you because of that stupid rumor, beside today will be your lu.." He was cut off by Hikari putting her hand over his mouth.

"Sora hates me now." Taichi complained even more.(<--Sorry Taichi lovers, I know you don't like me making fun of him, but it's so fun. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!)

"And you thought it was hard to have a brocon brother." Hikari whispered to Takaru.

"……………..your right…." Takaru admitted that.

"WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!" As Taichi went up to his sister.(I know that Hikari is younger but to me she sounds older then her brother.)

"First go and apologize to Sora. Who is also hurt. Then go to the concert with Sora. And see Yamato-senpai play and confess to him."

" Fine. I'll go look for Soraaaaaa." He just bumped into her.

"Look Taichi I'm sorry that you think I created that rumor but I didn't."

"I know. Hikari told me. Right Hikari???" He looked back but she was gone, "That's strange. Lets go to the concert it's all most starting." Taichi pulled her arm.

"Okay. Lets go." As those two was hading down to the concert hall Koushirou had some problems too.

As Koushirou was finally back to the class room. He noticed Jyou standing in front of the door.

"Hi, Koushirou!" Jyou smiled.

"Hi……" Koushirou didn't look at Jyou afraid what will happen next.

"Want to go to the concert soon? After you get change from that vampaire costume."

"Huh?" He asked him. This isn't what he thought will happen. He thought that Jyou will say sorry and ran to Ayame for their celebration of being with each other.

"Remember, you said that you wanted show me where's the different place for Yamato and Mimi's band are playing."

"Oh yeah. Hold on a sec." As Koushirou quickly got changed and saw Jyou at the same time.

"Ready…sorry for the wait." Koushirou said.

"It's okay. Come on lets go." Jyou smiled and headed out together.

Much as he wanted to know what happen with Ayame. He didn't say a thing maybe this will be the last time he and Jyou will be alone together.

To the concert!!! Well, first off Sora and Taichi are in the front and Koushirou and Jyou are in the back.

Now here to present Ishida's Yamato's number one song, "Gabumon."<-this song is supposed to be a comedy.)

You were there for me Gabumon…

When I thought Takeru left me, you were my friend, Gabumon. You have the warmest fur coat, a horn that's so nice. You digivolve and all ways helped me and Takeru. GABUMON!! How I missed you. Your voice and the laughter I'll all ways treasure your love to me. Gabumon! You are the Man!!

You showed me that you need me and I showed you that I needed you. I just wished that I could hug you and laugh with you again. GABUMON!!! How should I say that I miss you? You live so far away. I can hear you voice, in my sleep. When I want to talk about private things with you, you're not there. I can't do any thing… I MISS YOU!!!! Gabumon, how I can stroke the fur of that blue coat. How you try to take care of Takaru for me when I was gone. Please tell me that you can hear this song. GABUMON!!!!

*chores* YOUR BLUE HAIR,BLACK EYES, THE SMILE THAT ALL WAYS CONFERTED ME!! Gabumon! I just want to say 'Hi' again.

How can I say, this again, when I thought that I lost everything, you told me that you'll stick to me no matter what happens. I miss you.


Gabumon, please come to me……………… This is from Yamato.

Sora listened to this song, and had couple of sweat drops. Well, actually the sweat drops are what the other girls were chanting, "KILL YAMATO'S EX-GIRL FRINED!!" or "WHY DID THE EX-GIRL FRINED DUMPPED YAMATO!!!" or "YAMATO FORGET ABOUT THAT EX-GRIL FRINED AND COME TO ME!!!!" Sora looked at Taichi and wondering what his going to do, she saw him screamed with the girls. Sora tapped on his shoulders, "Taichi, do you remember who or rather WHAT Gabumon was?"

"Yeah, Yamato's ex-girl friend."

"………Gabumon: Agumon's friend? Yamato's Digimon."

"OH YEAH!! I remember now! Then why did he make a song about HIM! Not me!!!!"

"………………….Oh! Next Mimi-chan is going to sing."

"This next song is called Takeru." Mimi smiled.

"It's either about Takeru or Gabumon."Taichi sighed.

The songs go by, now the last song of the concert.

"Hi." As Yamato went up to the mike.

The girls screened.

"The next song will be something special to all the ladies out there. I'll sing my new love song and dance with you on stage. Yes, just you." Yamato smiled.

Well, if I was in there, I'll scream if it was Yamato too, as you guest the others screened too.

"Mimi will you present it please." Yamato asked after the scream.

"Sure thing Yamato! The hat please." As the crew got the hat in Mimi put her hand in it, "And the winner to dance with Yamato Ishida is…………(drum roll)…….Takihachi Yuuko!!!!" Mimi smiled and glade that Taichi was going to dance with Yamato.

Yamato smiled and the crew went to get her. (<-they have a picture books on all the girls even the new ones. Which some how they know it was Taichi but different.)

As the other girls mound and got mad at the hat, but stayed to listen to Yamato's new song. (The next song is supposed to be serious.)

Yamato went up to Taichi and sang to her errr I mean him.

My ears are deaf to those words not spoken by the one I love Though when I hear only my love's words I'm in the worlds beyond haven. I'll never say 'good bye' to you; I'll only say those three magical words to you everyday.

I do wish you hear me. But I can see you'll never will. Cause your in love with someone else.

Yamato goes up to her err…him and dance around her.

I can see the joy in your eyes of that someone. Only thing I can do is watch.

When I hear your voice it's only jokes, fights, or denial. I wished those words are our way saying 'I love you' but I learned it's not.

I try to call out your name but I couldn't, I just sit there and watch you walk away.

I still can't say good bye to you, all I can do is watch you go by, like a ghost running through my body but you just go pass me and toward that some one else that's I know it's not me.

He looks deeply into Taichi's eyes with pain and swore.

*chores* When I turn around your not there, when I just want to give you a quick hug I know your not there. I see your pictures, I just want to rip them knowing that I couldn't have you, but instead of ripping them I keep them. One by one. Day by Day, Step by Step. For ever I'll keep your pictures.

He then spins her around once and brings him err….her close to him.

When I first saw you, I wanted to go up and give you a kiss. Just one kiss.

I Just know that will never happen. He just leaves her and tries to walk away but can't.

*chores* All I want to say is, I love you forever.

Then he closes is eyes.

"Jyou…." Koushirou looked at Jyou's face.

"Yeah Koushirou?" Jyou looked at his black eyes.

"The song Yamato-Senpai sang. I wanted to say the same thing."

"What is it?"

All I want to say is, I love you forever that phrase sang around in Koshirou's head for awhile, "That I love you. Not now, forever."

Koushirou knew what Jyou was going to say next 'Sorry Koushirou but I love Ayame, and only Ayame.'

"I love you too."

Taichi looked at Yamato's blue eyes deeply. In a split second he turned and ran out of the stage. Sora noticed that and tried to get pass the crowed. Yamato chased her too.

After 5 minutes of chasing she finally got Taichi and grabbed his ears to back of the school.

"Ou! Ou! Sora stop pulling my EARS!!" Taichi wailed.

"No." Sora told him.

"Why? It really hurts!" Taichi whined even more.

"Taichi why did you ran?"

"Ran? What are you talking about?" Taichi asked her 'innocently'

"Ran right of the stage like that!! Taichi…I just can't believe you."

"about what?"

"I thought you had the crust of Courage. I guess not."

"Sora! What are you talking about! Okay, may be I couldn't say I love you to Yamato but you know how much courage I need from that! And…And what if he rejects me!?!??!?!"


"No! I'm not eleven! I'm 17!"

"Then act like it. All I heard from you is complain after a complain that I never saw in my life. More then Mimi's. I just don't get you Taichi? You said I will confess to him. But I never see you try. All you do is chicken out."

"I DO NOT CHICKEN OUT!! FINE I'LL SAY IT TO HIM RIGHT NOW. I'LL SHOUT IT!! YAMATO ISHIDA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!" Taichi relaxed and sighed, "happy know?"

"well, lets ask Yamato-kun. Yamato-kun!!" Sora smiled to see the blond hair guy just on the corner of the school.

Taichi was speech less.

"Jyou…what did you said?"

"I love you too Koushirou."

"But…..but I thought that you loved her! Not me..this is not scientifically. This…is strange. How…what? You can 't love me too Jyou because you love Ayame."

"Koushirou….I love you since 13."

"But….but…Jyou! You love me as a friend right?" Koushirou was still in shock of it.

" no. More then that."

"then what?" Koushirou asked.

"He means that he likes you like the way you like him. Honestly Koushirou even I understood that." Mimi smiled at the fact.

"Mimi! What..how….how did you got here?"

"The concert was over three hours ago. I was just standing here watching you go speechless for the first time in your life."

"Oh. Sorry. So Jyou, you really love me? Like the way I love you?"

"Yes." Jyou said to him.

"Sorry, to step in but if you guise want to kiss go to the computer room there isn't any one there." Mimi informed them.

"ummmm do you want to go Koushirou?" Jyou asked with a slight blush.

"Love too." Koushirou smiled. Then they left happily to the computers room.

Mimi smiled at the newly couple. Her part was done. The hard part was Sora's I wonder how she's doing with it?


"Taichi, don't fake it. I know its you under that disguise of Yuuko."

"Who told you?" Sora asked.

"Mimi did." Yamato told them.

Taichi under his breath, "She will pay for this one day. Same with you Sora."

" Well, I got to go. I'll leave you two be." Sora waved good-bye to them. Yamato was the only one to wave good-bye to her.

"how much you heard?" Taichi asked him.

"All of it."

"Even the fight."

"Yup. Look Taichi…"

"I know. You probably don't want to see me again."

"No, it's not that. Taichi you know that new song I made."

Taichi nodded.

"It's for you. I wrote it because I really love you Taichi."


"Taichi please answer me. Do you love me too?"


"Taichi answer me."

"I love you Yamato. For everything you do! Even all the girls that chase you I still love you. For all the teasing you did to me I love you. The time what we spent in the Digiworld I still love you! Yamato I just love you for everything." Taichi confessed to him. Finally right in fornt of him. To Yamato.

"That's all I need to know." He leaned forward same with Taichi. There lips mat. They have shared their first kiss.

Sora looked at this and smiled. They had finally confessed their feelings I'm so happy.

"Sora-san!!" A voice cried out to her.

"Mimi-chan. How did you do?"

Mimi puts out a 'V' sign same with Sora.

"Same here." As she did a 'V' sign too. As they were walking around and talking how hard it was.

"So Mimi-chan this is the how many couple did we put together?"

"Well, exactly 103 counting both Yamato and Taichi. Also Jyou and Koushirou." She smiled.

"I wonder when the rest are going to find out that we are the 'human cupids'." Sora joked at the fact.

"I know. We have put people together so many times. Oh! Who should be our next target?" Mimi asked.

"Well..I was thinking…." She was interrupted by two people.

"Sora!! Mimi!!" It was Takeru and Hikari.

"Hi! So how you're doing?" Sora asked them.

"Good. Did you got our brothers…" Takeru and Hikari said at once.

Sora and Mimi nodded at that fact that they did got their brothers together. Then they smiled devilishly.

"What is it Sora?" Hikari questioned.

"Oh~ nothing. Come on the bon fair is about to start." As she dragged Mimi, Takeru, and Hikari to it.

Hours latter. Well, poor Hikari and Takaru, they'll be the next substance for Sora and Mimi's cupid act. Well, enough of that lets see how our new couples are doing.

In the computer room; you can see a shadow of two people, one taller then the other. Up in the window, the taller one has his arm around the shorter one, holding him close looking up in the stares. The shorter one has his head to the taller one's chest looking up.

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