Love's Not Easy

By: Angeteen

Joe was staring into the lake, thinking about the woman he loved, Mimi. He was thinking about how she

looked when the light hit her just right, making her look just like an angel. And how to tell her that he

loved her.


"Huh.... oh... sure... I'll be there in a minute" Joe replied.

After catching up with the group he asked Gomamon if Mimi likes him.

"Why?" Gomamon asked. "Do you have a crush on her?"

Joe turned red as Gomamon laughed.

Joe replied "Alright Gomamon I do have a crush on her, but what should I do?"

Gomamon looked at him funny and said "I suggest that you take a couple of deep breaths, and lay down

for awhile" Gomamon replied.

Joe decided to ignore it, and started turning his thoughts to the first time he started to like her.

He gussed that it all started when they were inside the Gekomon's Castle.

He had no idea that Mimi would turn out to be someone who thought about others instead of herself.

After that one time he started seeing her as a person instead of some lousy, complaing ditz.

After thinking these few thoughts he turned his mind to the task at hand, mainly walking.

After marching for 8 hours everyone decided it was time to set up camp.

Izzy was busy typing on his computer as usual, with Tentomon looking over his shoulder.

Matt, T.K, Gobumon, and Patamon helped to look for food.

While Tai, Sora, Agumon, and Biyomon tried to get the fire wood to cook there food, and to have a

bit of warmth.

That just left Mimi, Joe, Gomamon, and Palmon to do whatever they could for the rest of the group.

Joe took this time to tell Mimi that he loved her.

He approached her and said timedly "Um... Mimi... I have something that I want tell you.

"What is it Joe" she asked.

"Um... maybe I'll tell you later Mimi."

"Alright Joe" she said shrugging.

Later that night after everyone had gone to sleep Joe got up and looked at the stars.

"There pretty aren't they."

Joe whirled around and saw that it was Mimi.

"Yes Mimi they are I guess."

"Joe..." Mimi said.

"The thing you wanted to tell me... what was it."

Suddenly his heart started to pound loudly in his ears.

He doubted that even if a dozen bombs went off,  and all at the same time,

it wouldn't be any louder than his heart pounding in his chest.

Would he let his fear get the better of him?

Would he let it ruin his only chance to tell the one girl in his life that he loved her?

He wasn't sure.

If he didn't do it now they might not be another chance.

Taking a deep breath he looked at Mimi and said. I...  love you Mimi.

Mimi blushed, and said "I love you to Joe, I just never knew how to say it.

"Yeah, I know what you mean, ever since that time in the Gekomon's Castle I started to love you.

"Oh Joe, that's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." Mimi said as she leaned forward to kiss Joe.

This time it was Joe's turn to blush.

He kissed her back, and then broke off the kiss looking into her eyes.

"Mimi... please... whatever you do... don't leave me."

"Don't worry Joe I will never leave you."

And with that they both kissed once more, and went back to sleep.


So how did my first fanfic go? I'm only 14 so take it easy on me O.K. ****************

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