A Lesson To Be Taught

By: DigistarDBZ

Terrible pains racked his body as his eyes slowly opened to near-darkness that surrounded him, lit only by small, dimly-lit candles that crept across the room. 'Gods, I feel like I've been smashed by broken bottles...' he thought as he tried to move his arms, shocked by realizing the hard bite of metal cuffs binding his long, skinny, (not to mention achy and broken) arms to the wall. He tried to struggle, but a sharp, stinging pain clawed into his chest, causing him to yell in pain and sink back onto the soft bed underneath him. He tasted blood- not the blood of a young woman, but... his own blood slowly trickling out of a burst lip. He looked down at himself and gasped in shock- his usual fancy attire was torn up- slashed in many places and bloodied, and his flowing black and red cape shredded almost to pieces. He tried to call for help, but the words were caught by that same stinging pain in his chest...

"You're awake," a sharp, yet definately feminine voice called as a door opened, revealing a tall woman dressed head-to-toe in black, torn black wings cascading from her back.

"LadyDevimon." he replied in a disgusted tone. "I should've figured you'd go this far for your master."

LadyDevimon simply chuckled quietly as she walked towards him. "You mustn't forget, Myotismon- he is YOUR master as well. And he doesn't accept faliures very well."

Myotismon scoffed at this remark. "Those DigiDestined were more powerful than I fathomed. But if he wants to deal with me, then he should do it in PERSON- not send one of his underlings to do his bidding." For that, LadyDevimon slapped him, making a new wound on his battered and bloodied face.

"Shut up, you failure! The master sent me to personally teach you a lesson that will make you realize that failure is NOT an option. And the master doesn't care if it WAS the legendary Garudamon, or what-have-you!!"

"Like you're going to kill me- he KNOWS that I'm valuble to the search for the Eighth DigiDestined."

LadyDevimon laughed. "No, dear Myotismon... I won't kill you- the master forbades it."

"Then what will you do? Hurt me?" he remarked snidely, a self-satisfied grin on his face. She punched him in the stomach *VERY* hard, making him scream in agony. She grinned, gently tracing her long, clawed fingers across his aching face, making him squirm and twitch- partially from the pain, but... something else...

"You like that- I can tell." she remarked, grinning. Myotismon snapped out of the small trance he seemed to be in and glared at her with fire in his icy blue eyes.

"What makes you think that, you witch?" He was interrupted when LadyDevimon started to trace the large tears on his tunic, lightly moving one of her fingers across a fresh cut. "You...you witch... stop this at..at once..." he muttered, sweat beading his brow, some mixing with his blood as they streaked down his face.

"Yes... you *do* like this..." she whispered as she ran her clawed hand across a large, painful bruise on his side, obviously from bruised and/or broken ribs. He moaned in pain, trying in vain to get his hands out of the bindings that held them to the wall. "And I'm just getting started... now the fun part begins..." she said with a smirk, running her hand up and down his aching thighs.

"Wh...what??!? You.. you wouldn't... you WOULDN'T!!" he tried to scream as she slowly rubbed her way up his thigh, emphazising on how the bruises on his legs could be felt even under thick velvet cloth.

"Yes, I would, dear Myotismon. It is the only way to show what we do to failures too valuable to kill..." she purred sadistically as she stuck her hand into a hole in his pants, feeling the battered, tender skin underneath torn cloth. "We make them realize that death is better than this..." With that, she started to rub her hand on his already sensitive member, making him cry out in a mix of agony and pleasure. "St...STOP IT!!" he yelled, but this made LadyDevimon rub faster and harder. She loved to see the agony and twisted emotion in his face, and his pleas of mercy to her- it was so.. arousing... amusing... she wanted more...

"You want to come, don't you?" she purred in his ear, starting to *squeeze* his swollen heat.

"N...no..not.. not for YOU..." he growled, trying to hide the building pressure in his battered body.

"You must. I insist." She squeezed MUCH harder.

"n..n.. NO!! NEVER!!"

"Please?" She squeezed and *pushed* down on him.

"I...I.." he tried to finish, but instead finished with a loud groan as he came in her hands, hot, sticky moisture dripping down his legs like a wave. She took her hand out slowly as he was recovering from the orgasm, eyeing the white liquid on her hands with a grin, then started licking it off of her hands, savoring the salty taste. Myotismon grimaced.

"You are disgusting."

"Ouch. That hurt." LadyDevimon replied sarcastically. "I believe this ends our lesson today..." she said as she left the room, slamming the door behind her. Myotismon sighed, the pain in his chest returning with the aftershocks of pleasure ebbing...

* * * *
"You have done well, LadyDevimon. I am greatly pleased with your efforts."

"Yes, master. He is all yours to deal with."

Piedmon licked his black lips in anticipation, opening the door in front of him with a wicked grin.

"This should be an interesting turn of events indeed..."


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