Here's A Lesson To Be Learned

By: Angeteen


This will be the LAST kind of these fics. I've been wrighting them just to toy around. And before you say anything I'm not a saporter of drugs. I hate them. There really bad for you, so I don't use them. I'm just using them in this because it gives a plot. The next will be dumb but funny and then the next one will either be a humor fic or it will be serious. And remember... I STILL NEED REQUESTS!!!!!!!! It might just stop me from wrighting these. *shrugs* Who knows? ***************************

Sora woke up one morning relising that Tai was going to be late for his temporary job, drug testing. Running to his room she tapped on his shoulder and told him to wake up or he would be late. Moaning Tai slowly pulled himself out of bed and asked "Are you sure this was the ony job avalible? I mean, couldn't you have at least found a job that wouldn't have harmed personal health like burger flipping?"

"Oh quite being a baby" said Sora. "We need the money to support ourselves and to buy food now that we're married." Actually the real reson was because of her $5,000 a day herion adicttion. If she didn't shoot up ever six hours she would end up shaking just like a vibrator.

After Tai had left she went outside to meet a "friend" of hers. After meeting him she ran back upstairs to the bathroom and removed a needle she had hidden behind the towels. Then she removed her shirt revealing her now full breasts with a series of holes in them. Angling the needle she inserted it in, pushed down on the plunger, and removed it. She was already feeling better. Just then she relised that where Tai was going there would be lots of drugs for her to us besides this small time stuff so she decided to pay a surprise visit.

Reaching the testing area she asked if she could see him for a moment. The doctor okayed it and she was on her way. Reaching the room he was in she saw that a nurse in a white uniform was standing near by with a tray of pills in hand.

The nurse handed Tai a pill and stepped back waiting to see what would happen. Instantly Tai looked at Sora and walked over to her for a moment. Picking Sora up by the waist he sat her on the table next to him and began to slowly stoke her hair. Then whispering in her ear he said "Sora you look hot!" Then a vain appeared in his forehead and he ripped her head clean off! Well actually not so clean to tell you the truth. There was actually a lot of blood flowing out of the stump that use to host her head. The nurse just scribbled down a few words and asked if he could come again tomorrow?

The next day Tai came except this time it was with Matt (surprised aren't you). The nurse handed him a pill which Tai then swallowed. Looking at Matt he picked up a near by knive and lunged at him. Matt didn't even have a chance to move as Tai stabbed him 42 times and then kept on going even though he was dead. After Matt was now just a bloody unidentifiable corpse Tai finally stopped. The nurse just scribbled something down again.

The next day he had to have Kari to drive him over. After entering the testing area and going to his usual place the nurse said he could choose this time. Not caring he closed his eyes and picked up the first pill his hand touched and popped it in his mouth.

Suddenly Tai felt as if he could hear everyone's thouts! The nurse was wondering why she had to put up with idiots like these anyway, and Kari was currently wondering if he had God in his pants.

The thouts kept getting louder and louder until Tai jumped up and grabbed some gauz and stuffed in the nurses throat suffacating her. Then he threw Kari on the table and latched her feet to the bracers while he tore her cloths off. Tai started chanting what Kati wanted to hear "I got God in my pants!" Kari was REALLY getting excited. Then Tai reached over and picked up some surgical instruments and jabbed them in her body until she blead to death.

This time Joe took him. When they got there they saw it was a new nurse ( what else did you expect? The old one is dead!) with the same selection of pills. Tai could hardly wait this time. He stuffed a few of the pills on the tray into his mouth and putted the rest into his pocket while Joe flirted with the nurse. Looking at Izzy he saw a monster who continuously changed shape and color. After looking at him he did the only thing a human would do. He picked up the closest metal pipe and beat his brain in. He kept beating him until it was so far buried into his skull the pipe was completly irremovable. The nurse thanked Tai and said "this is the last day of testng. Thanks for signing up."

Popping a pill into his mouth marked "Vigara" he went to see Mimi. Since she was still single it wasn't all that hard to get her in bed. After going at it for an hour she that she couldn't take it anymore. "Oh no you're not you little whore!" Tai said. "You wanted it and your going to get as much as you can take!" After another hour passed she had been litterally screwed to death.

Returning home Tai reached for another pill but discovered he had none. "DAMN!!!" Tai screamed. Walking into the kitchen he picked up a potato piller and a bottle of bleach. Just then Agumon walked in and said "Tai. What do you think your doing?" were his last words as Tai used the potato piller and pilled his head to the BONE!!! Reaching ontop of the counter he picked up an ivory knife and sliced at his head a few times. Thinking that Izzy might have some "lab-testing pills" he decided to visit him.

Reaching his apartment he opened the door to see the biggest bong he had ever seen in his life! Walking up Tai shouted "Whoa!! That's a lot of weed!" "Yeah" shouted Izzy "Can you give me a hand for a minute?" Picking up a baseball bat he walked over to Izzy and said "sure." As he got behind him he beaned him on the head until he fell into the bong. After that he threw a match in and started somoking. After he had smoked 98 pounds of weed and one scientist named Izzy he relised that T.K. was the only one left who might have anything good so he decided to visit him. Reaching his apartment he asked if he could have any weed? "No" he said. "Come on. Please?" "Mmmmmm... no."

"Then die" he screamed reaching for his butcher knife he sliced Izzy's throat and searched his house for any weed. After finding that he did have some he smoked it and then decided to go back home and celebrate. As soon as he reached home he relised that he was still carrying the bottle he had with him. So taking off the lid he took a big swing of it. "Mmmmmm...... was the last thing he said before he past out. The last thing he remembered seeing was squeaky clean floors and someg white foam coming out of his mouth.

Lesson: The chickens are planning to have a revolt.

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