I Make A Wish

By: Quincy Burney

Revised II !

Night had fallen, all was quiet, and The Digidestined had stopped and made camp for the night. Izzy, who had been working on his laptop all day, was still punching away at the keyboard long after the fire had gone out and the rest of the Digidestined had gone to sleep. His eyes started to strain. He brought his face out from in front of the screen, and rubbed his pain-filled eyelids. He looked at the rest of the group who were all fast asleep. T.K. held Patamon like a stuffed toy underneath his arm. Mimi and Palmon had found a nice patch of grass to sleep on. Tai and Agumon were both snoring rather loudly; it was a surprise that it didn't wake up Matt and Gabumon who were sleeping soundly next to them. Izzy noticed how Tai and Matt fell asleep holding each other's hand. They had both discovered they were in love with each other in a previous revelation.

As Izzy just stared at Matt and Tai, something in the back of his mind wished he had that same feeling. To be loved, to have a hand to hold. Izzy soon shook himself out of his trance, and looked back at his computer screen. But just as soon as his eyes were pulled back to the computer screen, they were pulled away when he saw Joe trudging tiredly up the hill leading to the campsite. It was Joe and Gomamon's turn for the nightly watch, and Joe needed to use the bushes. Although Izzy couldn't figure out why Gomamon would wanted to have gone with him. "Hey Izzy! You still on that computer? Jeez! Don't you ever get off that thing?" Joe asked. "I happen to be trying to comprehend the intricate matrix that is the digital world, Joe! It's important that I spend an excessive amount of time on my computer just so we're prepared if something should happen." Izzy said intelligently. "Oh really! Then don't let me disturb you." Joe said as he walked in the opposite direction. Just then, Izzy looked in Joe's direction, Oh wow! I never knew Joe had such a nice booty!...WHAT?!?! Why did I just think that? Izzy slapped himself across the face and regained his senses. He turned his head back to the computer screen and continued his work.

A few hours into working, Izzy got extremely tired, and decided to call it a night. Or what was left of the night anyway. While Izzy slept, a dream invaded his mind. He was standing in a forest, leaned up against a tree. He wasn't buried in his computer like he usual was; instead he just idled up against that tree, looking up at the stars. Just then, the one person who he never knew he's always wanted approached him - Joe. Izzy looked down from the stars, and straight into Joe's eyes. His gaze was met with a warm smile. Joe knelt down to Izzy, and took hold of him by the waist. Izzy wrapped his arms around Joe's shoulders, and moved his head towards Joe's. They both closed their eyes, and in a sweet flourish, their lips met.

The kiss started to grow more and more intense. Izzy pressed his lips harder against Joe's. The kiss was fierce, they couldn't stop. Joe was now passionately kissing Izzy's neck. "Love me, Joe!" Izzy said between deep breaths. It seemed like it wouldn't end when..."Izzy?...Izzy! Wake up! Tentomon had awoken Izzy from his dream. Izzy sat up in his sleeping bag with sweat across his brow.

"Huh?...What?...Oh! Was I...dreaming?" Izzy said, a bit confused. "Whatever dream you were having, is over now. You're wide awake." Said Tentomon. "Oh!" Izzy said Darn! That's the third time this week I've dreamt of Joe. What's going on with me? While part of him was glad the dream was over, part of him wished the dream wouldn't end. Part of him still burned for that feeling of udder joy and happiness. He got up, stretched, and wiped the sleep from his eyes and the sweat from his brow. While he ate breakfast, he looked at Joe. He looked different for some reason. He had lost that 'tall - skinny - near nerd' look, and had taken on an almost sexually attractive persona. Izzy couldn't take his eyes off Joe; the way his body was accented in the morning sunlight was too alluring for Izzy to look away. In fact, Izzy had to bite his tongue to keep himself from licking his lips. Suddenly, Izzy had an epiphany. Am I in love with Joe? He thought to himself. No. It couldn't be! Or could it? I'm so confused. Just then, he had another epiphany. Hey! Matt and Tai fell in love with each other, maybe they can help me! Izzy quickly finished his breakfast, ran over to his backpack, and pulled out a small red book. It was his journal. He had written in it ever since the first day he had arrived in the Digital World, however today he would formulate and write out his plan in his journal, along with a little entry about his plan.

Night had once again fallen, and the whole group had stopped to set up camp. Izzy had already formulated his plan, and plotted it out carefully. He would wait until Matt and Tai had their nightly 'rendezvous' together, but before they could start doing anything, he would approach them and explain to them his plight. Hopefully, their advice will benefit him in a good way. And just as Izzy had planned, Matt and Tai left the campsite, but Izzy followed them until he was far enough for the rest of the group so that they would not hear him. He ran up behind Matt and Tai and surprised them. "Hey guys!" He said. Slightly startled, Matt and Tai jumped. "Huh?...Oh! Hi Izzy." said Tai. "Hi! Uh...can I talk to you guys about something? It's something that's been bugging me for a while." Izzy asked. Matt and Tai looked at each other, than at Izzy. "Sure! What's on your mind?" Matt said. Izzy gulped, and told them that he thinks he's in love with Joe. "Really? Are you sure?" asked Tai. "No. I'm not sure. I thought you two could help me. Could you? I have to know before I go crazy." Izzy said sounding a bit frustrated. "Of course we can help you, Izzy! In fact, I'm proud of you for having the courage to tell us. First of all, have you been dreaming of Joe frequently?" Matt asked, "Uh, I think we should find a quiet place to sit and discuss this without the possibility of waking the others." Izzy said. "Oh! OK!" they said, and they were on there way deeper into the quiet forest. They finally found a spot where the others wouldn't hear them, and no evil Digimon could ever find them. Then, Matt asked again, "Now! Have you frequently dreamt of Joe?"

"Yes, I have. Three times this week, and it was the same dream each time." Izzy explained. Tai then asked Izzy if he could tell what happened in the dream. Izzy was a little nervous, but he knew he needed help in this ordeal. He gulped hard, and began to speak

"Well, it's of me leaning up against at tree. I'm looking up at the stars in the night sky, then Joe appears before me. I look down from the sky, and straight into his eyes. His beautiful eyes. He smiles at me, then kneels down toward me." Izzy paused for a moment, "Go on, what happened next?" Matt asked in a soft voice. "Then, he took hold of me by my waist, then I kissed him. The kiss grew more intense to the point where it could be called fierce. Then Joe started kissing my neck. And then I said, "Love me, Joe!" and that's when I woke up." Matt and Tai both nodded their heads and looked at Izzy. "That is definitely a sign. When you look at him, what do you feel? Like, do you feel an attraction to him?" Tai asked. "Now that you mention it, I do feel something unusually alluring about him. Maybe it's that nice booty he's got. Yeah! Maybe I am in love with him. Matt and Tai laughed a little at Izzy's comment about Joe's nice 'booty'. Then Matt asked, "When he looks at you, what do you feel? Do you feel tingles in your spine?" Izzy thought a moment, "Yeah! I have notices I get shivers up my back when he looks at me. Am I in love with him?" Izzy then asked, "Well, we're not the ones to tell you you're in love. Only you yourself can do that. Look inside you heart, what does it tell you?" said Matt. Izzy looked at the stars. There we so many of them out, he had never really taken the time to really stop and really look at the stars before. But this time when he looked up, he saw something in the stars. He saw Joe's face in the stars. He looked down and said what his heart told him to, "I'm in love with him".

Matt and Tai both smiled with delight. "I'm happy for you. And from now on, you seriously need to consider telling Joe how you feel." said Tai. "You're right! I do need to tell him. But, what if he doesn't feel the same way? How could I take such rejection?" Izzy asked. "Don't expect him to feel the same way. If you get your hopes up, and think he feels the same way, you'll get slapped in the face metaphorically speaking. My Grandma used to say, "If you expect nothing, everything is a gift!" Just go to him, and tell him how you feel. Don't be nervous, and just come right out and say it." Izzy took careful consideration of Matt's council. Yeah! That makes a lot of sense. If I go up to him, and tell him how I feel, and yet at the same time not expect him to feel the same way, I just might get a surprise.

Izzy nodded his head in agreement "You're right! I'll just go up to him, and tell him I love him." Matt and Tai nodded happily, "That's right! Now, Matt and I are gonna **ahem** leave you here to gather your thoughts. Bye!" Tai said quickly as both of them got up and 'ran' to a quieter spot to 'enlighten' each other. Izzy once again looked up at the stars, then he remembered on old ritual that he used to perform as a smaller boy. He looked for the brightest star in the night sky, and when he found it, he began, "Starlight, Star bright, First star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.........”

When the morning came, Izzy woke up feeling refreshed and confident. Today would be the day he told Joe how he felt, and nothing would stand in his way.

I am Izzy. Hear me ROAR!
He looked to find Joe, and found him in a nearby grove. He smiled to himself. Wow! Look at him, just sitting there. The sun lighting up his whole body. He really is kinda sexy. He walked up to Joe and sat next to him.

"Hi Joe!" He said happily, "Hi Izzy! How are you?" Joe replied, "Oh, I'm fine." Izzy said. Izzy gathered his courage and started. "Joe, I have been wanting to tell you something for a while now, and I believe now is the right time." Joe looked intrigued. "Sure, Izzy. What's on your mind?" Joe asked. "Well, throughout my life, I have been attracted to a certain kind of person - the wrong kind of person. And it's been bugging me for some time. And now, I've met the person who I now believe to be the person who is right for me." Joe was surprised. Izzy's in love with someone? Oh my! I wonder who it could be. He thought, then Izzy shuffled closer to Joe, almost to the point where their two bodies were touching. Izzy blushed a little, then looked up at Joe. He was smiling. "Joe, that person is...you!"

Joe was taken aback, his jaw hanging wide open by this outrageous news. "N...NANNI?!?! What do you mean that person is me? Do you mean to say you're in love with ME?" Joe asked in a rather loud tone. Izzy nodded his head, and smiled. He had not even noticed that Joe was shouting. "Izzy, that's preposterous. You can't be in love with me. You're a BOY, boys don't fall in love with other boys." Joe said almost sounding angry. "But Joe, Matt and Tai fell in love with each other. Why can't we?" Izzy said inquisitively. "'Cause I'm not gay like Matt and Tai. I'm not even the least bit in love with you." Joe said. Shocked, Izzy started to tremble, he cold feel his heart breaking. His eyes glazed over, and tears started to form. Then Joe rang out the clincher, "I was never in love with you, and I never will be. You wanna know why?"
"No, Joe...please don't" Izzy pleaded,
"'Cause I'm in love with someone else."
That was it. Izzy's heart shattered into pieces. Izzy clutched his chest as if he felt his heart break. "Joe!...I love you. Why are you doing this to me?" Izzy asked between sobs. "'Cause I know that it's not right for you to be in love with me! And I never approved of Matt and Tai being in love in the first place. What makes you think I'm gonna start now?" Joe said coldly. Izzy cried hard. He had never felt heartache so painful and profound such as this one. It overwhelmed him. He slowly got to his feet, and looked into Joe's eyes. The warm smile that was in his dream was replaced by a cold icy stare. Joe looked at Izzy. Oh no! What have I done? I've never seen Izzy like this. He's distraught. How could I have been so cruel? Izzy loves me. And I can't even acknowledge his feelings. I'm a fool! Joe walked towards Izzy in hopes to apologize, "Izzy, I...I'm so sorry!..." But he couldn't go any further for Izzy had turned around and ran off into the forest, and he had ran too fast for Joe to catch up. What have I become? Joe ran off to try and find Izzy.

Izzy ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He wanted to get away from the hurt he felt in his heart, away from Joe's rejection. He wasn't even looking where he ran, and smashed right into a tree. All went black before he even hit the ground, and in that second of twilight before he blacked out, he felt nothing but self pity for what has happened. "Izzy?...Izzy! Are you all right? Can you hear me? Izzy!" Izzy slowly opened his eyes to see Tai looming over him. "Finally, you're awake. What happened!" Tai asked as he pressed a wet cloth to Izzy's bleeding forehead. Izzy thought back to his heartbreaking experience, and almost right away began to cry. "Izzy? What's wrong?" said Matt who stood behind Tai. Izzy quickly sat up and thrusted himself at Tai. He grabbed onto Tai's shirt, and buried his face in Tai's chest. "OH TAI, IT'S SO HORRIBLE! I TOLD JOE I LOVED HIM, THEN HE STARTED YELLING AT ME. HE SAID HE DIDN'T LOVE ME, HE SAID HE HATED ME..." Izzy cried out loud.
"Whoa, whoa! Slow down. Now take it slow and tell us what happened." Izzy calmed himself down, and started to speak, "I took your advice and told Joe I loved him. But he started yelling at me. He said he was never the least bit in love with me. He said he loved someone else. I could feel my heart breaking." Izzy was too forlorn to go on; he broke down and cried into Tai's shirt creating a rather large wet spot on it.
Tai tried to comfort Izzy. "Shhhhh! It's all right. We're here for you." Tai pulled close Izzy and held him in his arms. Then Matt piped up, "Poor Izzy. His heart's been broken for no reason. How could Joe do this to him? It's not fair. Izzy was brave enough to tell him he loved him and all Joe does is spit in his face, metaphorically speaking."

"Yeah!" Tai said. Then without warning, Tai started to sing to Izzy:

"Baby mine, don't you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
Never to part.
Baby of mine.
Little one, when you play,
Don't you mind what they say.
Let those eyes sparkle and shine,
Never a tear,
Baby of mine.
If they knew sweet little you,
They'd end up loving you too.
All those same people who scold you,
What they'd give,
Just for the right to hold you.
From your head down to your toes,
You're not much goodness knows,
Rest your soul, precious to me
Sweet as can be,
Baby of mine
Baby of mine."

Matt was flabbergasted. Tai's voice sounded so sweet and angelic. My God! I don't think even Alison Krauss herself could've done him justice with that. Oh Wow!

With that sweet singing, Izzy had fallen asleep in Tai's arms. This is such a Kodak moment, I think it's gonna kill me Tai thought. Tai looked down at Izzy's pitiful face. It looked so sad, yet so peaceful. Tai felt bad for Izzy. Him and Matt had told him to express what he felt for Joe, and it all went for not. "Matt?"

"Yes Tai?" "I feel like this is all our fault. We're the ones who told him to do this, and now he's had his heart broken. Is there anything we can do?"
"I don't know! But I'll tell you I DO know. I know Joe's ass is grass, and we're the lawnmowers." Matt said maliciously. "Now, now, now. We don't necessarily have to mow his ass physically. Instead, let's play mind games with him." Tai suggested with the look of mischief in his eyes. "Yeah! Now yer talkin' my language, baby! Let's make him feel like shit, then send him swirling down the toilet of guilt." Tai gave Matt a funny look (o_O) "Nice toilet joke, Matt. I'll have to remember to write that down." Matt chuckled a bit, then his face changed expressions to a look of seriousness as he saw **him** walk up to them. It was Joe. He had been running the whole time he was looking for Izzy, and he was catching his breath, "I...finally...found you guys. I was...worried." Joe said in between huffs and puffs.

However, Joe was not greeted very happily. "Joe! You have some explaining to do. Oh! Wait! Izzy explained it for us." Matt said, giving Joe the Evil Eye. Joe looked down at Tai, who was still holding the sleeping Izzy. "Guys, I know this looks bad but..." Tai cut Joe off, "But Nothing. How could you do this to him?" he said angrily. Matt continued for Tai "His heart was crying out for someone to hold him, someone to love him. He thought he could find that with you, but apparently, you don't give a shit. He was so brave to tell you he loved you, and you spat in his face. You make me sick!" Matt could see that his ranting was getting to Joe, tears were forming in his eyes. "I tried to understand..." Joe said forlorn, "But I couldn't understand why another boy would fall in love with another boy." Joe was noticeably crying. "You know what Joe? Kari said something to T.K. that could help even someone as young as HIM understand what happened between me and Tai. She said it doesn't matter who you're in love with. It matters that you love them. Do you remember that? Or have you forgotten?" Tai put in his next words, "Yeah! How could you be so...so cruel and heartless to someone so sensitive and sweet? He didn't deserve that" Joe hung his head in shame, "I never meant to hurt him like this. I realize how cruel I was. He was brave enough to tell me such a thing, and without fear of rejection. And I was so cruel as to abhor his words, and reject his feelings. I only hope he has so much a feeling left, so that he can forgive me, but I know I don't deserve it."

Matt and Tai were perplexed. Here Joe was, assumed to be the cruel homophobic who shunned Izzy for what he was, now here he is beating himself up for what he's done. Putting Joe through an intense guilt trip appeared to be working. "I'm so very sorry!" Joe tearfully said. "Don't tell us, tell Izzy." Matt said.
"Yeah! But let him sleep first. You can talk to him when he wakes up." Said Tai. Joe nodded his head. Tai ever so lightly lifted Izzy off of him, and laid him down on a soft patch of grass, then Joe sat beside him. Matt and Tai both turned around, and walked into a nearby thicket. Joe looked at Izzy; his face still fixed in a sad expression. It sparked of a feeling in Joe that he had never felt before; it was like he felt something for Izzy that he didn't even feel for Gomamon. Joe felt compelled to reach out and touch Izzy. Joe reached with his hand, and ran it through Izzy's hair. But the second he touched Izzy's head, something amazing happened.

The second Joe's fingers made contact with Izzy's head, Joe's mind was flooded by a daydream. And what Joe saw would change the feelings he had for Izzy all together. He saw what Izzy had seen all these passed few nights. He saw himself walk up to Izzy. He saw himself kneel down to him; take hold of his waist; and lay a sweet kiss on Izzy's lips. He saw it happen, but he also felt it. He felt Izzy's sweet lips against his own, and he like it. He then felt Izzy's tongue slip into his mouth. Suddenly, he was back to clear consciousness, thinking clearer than ever. Am I in love with Izzy? No! It can't be. I love Mimi. I love...Izzy! I love him. I DO love him. I DO! Joe's head was finally clear, and yet he was afraid. He hadn't felt this strongly even for his own brother let alone what he now felt for Izzy. He was so deep in his thoughts, he hadn't noticed that Izzy was now fully awake. Joe looked up at him, and smiled.

Izzy smiled back, and hugged Joe tightly. Joe felt so happy now that he knew what he was doing. He now knew...He was in love with Izzy. Joe wrapped his arms around Izzy lovingly and whispered into his ear, "Izzy, I'm so very sorry! I was so cruel to you. I couldn't live with myself knowing that I broke your heart. I hope you can forgive me." Joe said softly. Joe once again started to cry. "Joe. It's OK! You didn't know how to handle it. I guess it's only natural, and human to react with anger to something you don't know how to handle. And I already forgave you when I ran off into the forest. You don't have to worry about it now." Joe sighed, "I can't begin to tell you much that means to me. Thank you!" Joe said, still in tears. Joe then whispered again into Izzy's ear, "I had a dream while you slept. I dreamt of us together...kissing! And what was so weird about it is, I liked it. That's when I realized that...I do love you." Izzy beamed with joy. He pulled away from Joe, and looked into his eyes. He was smiling that same warm smile he saw in his dream. "Joe! Last night I made a wish. I wished that if you and I ever found happiness in each other's arms, I wished we would never lose that love. I love you so much, Joe." Izzy sweetly proclaimed. Joe closed his eyes, and moved his head towards Izzy. Izzy did the same, and in that same sweet flourish, their lips met for real this time.
Joe pressed harder against Izzy's lips, he felt Izzy's tongue invade his mouth and slid in his own tongue to confront the invader. Sparks went off in Joe's mind. Something told him that this is what he truly wanted. Oh my God! I'm actually kissing Izzy. Wow! I could get used to this. Hehe! He thought. Oh my God! Joe's actually kissing me. My dream come true. Izzy thought. Meanwhile, up in a nearby tree, Matt and Tai had been watching the whole thing. They both had tears of joy in their eyes. "I think it worked." Tai said, "Indeed it has." said Matt. Then, Matt looked at Tai and said, "You sang for Izzy!" "Did I? Oh yeah, I did! So?" Tai replied, "Well, how come you never sing for ME like that? I never knew your voice was so sweet." "Well, you never asked me to sing for you." Tai said sarcastically. "Oh what? You could've sang for me like that anytime. I never needed to ask you!"

Tai chuckled, and kissed him on the cheek. Then turned toward Izzy and Joe. They had both lain down and had fallen asleep in each other's arms. Tai and Matt smiled, and quietly climbed out of the tree, and tiptoed away. They thought they would leave Izzy and Joe alone while they slept. After all, they'll both be needing it.


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