Eternal Sleep

By: TigerCat

Author's note: I hadn't planned on writing this, so it's really short. "Dreams and Reality" and "Reawakening" were supposed to be it. However, since so many of you requested yet another part, I will continue the series with this one. If you request more after this, I will deliver more, but nothing without request.

The camp was set for the night. The Digi-Destined and Silver had lucked out and found a cave to spend the night in. Machinedramon, Puppetmon and Piedmon were still looking for them, and it wasn't safe to be in the open. Only a few days had passed since the battle in which the Dragon appeared, and everyone was still trying to recover from that strange experience.

Silver was no closer to knowing her new abilities. This could be detrimental if we were to be engaged in a battle. We would not know what effects these supplementary talents might have on our friends. Perhaps, just perhaps, we will know what to do when they time comes, just as the human half knew how to summon the Dragon.

"What are you thinking about, Silver?" Joe asked.

"Nothing of importance." Silver answered. She did not want anyone to know how unsure of these new skills she truly was. Tai and Sora's extrasensory powers had not resurfaced at all, or at least not in a way relevant to the collective Digi-Destined. Perhaps their powers and dreams are revealing futures of their relationship, but nothing useful to us.

"Anything you think has importance." Joe smiled.

Silver smiled back. "Okay, but no pertinence to anything."

"If you say so." Joe turned back to the conversations the others were having. Silver mentally sighed. I'm going to sleep now before this problem makes my head explode. Goodnight all.

The others soon dropped off to sleep as well, after setting up a watch system. Tai and Sora fell asleep next to each other. Silver's thoughts were soon to be disproved. A huge Dragon, larger than Earth, filled their dreams. "A singular duality can be defeated by an unholy trinity that remains yet one." The Dragon's multi-looped neck uncurled slightly, bringing the gigantic head down. Its dark red eyes burned like coals. "Take heed and do not deliver the warning before the time has passed."

Tai and Sora jerked awake, gasping. The sounds of typing stopped as Izzy, who was on watch at the time, looked over. "It would seem as though your extrasensory perception has finally provided a glimpse into the future."

The pair nodded and told the strange dream to Izzy. He furrowed his brow in thought. "That is highly unusual for a dream message. I cannot deduce what this could possibly mean, but logic would conclude that there is reason to be apprehensive of whatever lies ahead."

Nearby, Joe shifted uneasily in his sleep, clutching at his neck for a pendant that was not there.

The next morning, everyone was quiet. Only Silver and the Digimon seemed normal. Tai and Sora led with Agumon and Biyomon, still wondering about the mysterious dream. Matt and Gabumon were next, but both looked extremely tired, as though they had slept very little. TK, with Patamon on his head, walked next to Kari while Gatomon stayed close to both children. Mimi came next, and to prove the strangeness of the day, she wasn't complaining. Palmon kept glancing worriedly at her. Yet another odd sign was the fact that Izzy was not typing on his laptop, which had Tentomon almost frightened. Joe and Silver brought up the end of the line. Gomamon kept moving around, bored by the silence and anxious about everyone being affected. Silver thought it was suspicious. I hate to think of what could affect all of them in this manner. A new attack of Piedmon's, perhaps? No, I think not. Maybe it is merely the fact that we are so close, but have no clue what we are doing. That would make anyone jumpy and brooding. Yes, that is the most logical explanation of their unusual behavior.

Without warning, the ground beneath them gave away, sending all of them falling into a dark cavern. "Great." Matt muttered after checking on TK.

"Where are we?" Sora asked, looking around. Lights suddenly flashed on and the cavern turned out to be a coliseum of some sort. Piedmon's voice floated over the lit arena. "The sport of hunting you has grown rather boring, so we have contrived this arena for our last battle, Digi-Destined. You have one day to get used to this stadium and then we will fight. I will of course win, but the battle might be entertaining. I do hope so."

Tai scratched his head. "So now what?"

"I guess we take a look around, and try to get used to this for our fight." Sora said. The Digimon made a tour of the large area, while Silver switched into battle mode and tested the stability of her weapons. No one felt completely trusting of this place, fearing that Piedmon might try some horrible trick during the night. It was very uneasy as everyone drifted off to sleep after eating the last of the food they had with them.

Early the next morning, the sounds of bugles rang out. Startled, the Digi-Destined awoke confused. Silver was already awake and calmly watched as Machinedramon, Puppetmon and finally Piedmon entered the arena. "I thought a battle at dawn would be most appropriate." Piedmon announced, waving the buglers away.

"Guys, you better get to it!" Tai called to the Digimon. Agumon nodded. "You got it, Tai!"

"Agumon warpdigivolve to: WARGREYMON!"

"Gabumon warpdigivolve to: METALGARURUMON!"

"Tentomon digivolve to: Kabuterimon!"

"Gomamon digivolve to: Ikkakumon!"

"Palmon digivolve to: Togemon!"

"Biyomon digivolve to: Birdramon!"

"Patamon digivolve to: Angemon!"






"Switch to battle mode." Silver took her own stance in the fighting line.

Machinedramon laughed in his disturbing manner. "And I thought…we were in for…some entertainment. This isn't…even worth…my time. A…true battle…should be a challenge. GIGA CANNON!"

The double beams of intense energy rocketed forward, aimed in the center of the Digimon. They attempted to scatter, but Angemon, Lilymon and Angewomon were hit. Silver managed to absorb what came to her. "Now it's our turn!" Zudomon yelled.

"Vulcan's Hammer!" The arrow-like beam of energy surged toward Machinedramon.

"Horn Buster!" Megakabuterimon added his attack to Zudomon's.

"Wing Blaze!" The flaming bird joined with the energy.

"TERRA FORCE!" Wargreymon hurled the gigantic ball of energy.

Metalgarurumon attacked.

The attacks all joined into a huge burst of energy. It struck Machinedramon and knocked him back, partially penetrating his armor. While he was struggling to get up, Silver unleashed her own attack. "By the symbiote heritage, know your own Duality!"

The orange circle raced towards the fallen Machinedramon. The monstrous metal beast fell into conflict with himself. Piedmon's eyes narrowed at Silver, calculating.

"Aw, that's no fun! Here, let me show you some of my tricks! PUPPET PUMMEL!" The yellow bursts of energy swirled from Puppetmon's club, making the Digimon scatter again. Silver once more absorbed all the energy that neared her vicinity.

"Let's see how fun it is when you are pulling tricks on yourself! By the symbiote heritage, know your own Duality!" Silver yelled as the scattered Digimon grouped back together. Angemon, Angewomon, and Lilymon had recovered and were ready to fight. Silver's attack caused Puppetmon to manipulate himself, using his own weapons against him.

"Your turn, Piedmon!" Wargreymon yelled. "Everyone, attack as one!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Wing Blaze!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Celestial Arrow!"



Silver added the powerful lasers and high voltage electrical stunning weapons from her battle mode. The huge mass of energy aimed straight for Piedmon. The Megadigimon was extremely calm. "TRUMP SWORD!"

Piedmon used the sword that appeared to slice through the energy. Not a bit of it touched him. Silver shook her head and suddenly disappeared. She instantly reappeared a few feet in front of Piedmon. He was so startled that she easily slashed one side of his face and dropped back to the ground with her friends. Piedmon held one hand up to the wound. "How dare you! How dare you, you insolent fool! You have marred my beautiful face! Now you will pay dearly. DIGITAL FUSION!"

Machinedramon, Puppetmon and Piedmon began to glow. The light swirled together and the three resolidified as one colossal Digimon. Silver stared and involuntarily took a half step back. I think my little trick with holograms made him rather mad. How on earth could anything describe that? I don't think we have a chance against that creature. At least, not on our own…Her eyes grew distant and entranced.

Tai, Sora and Izzy gaped at the towering beast. Something suddenly clicked in Izzy's mind. "An unholy trinity that is yet one! Oh no!"

Silver began to gather the energy used to power her weapons. Izzy's voice sounded distantly in the background. "Silver! Listen, you can't win! It was one of Tai and Sora's dreams!" Silver finished compiling the energy. "Spirit of Dragon, accept this energy to take solid form and save us all from harm."

The energy began to form into a Dragon. Piedmon's voice sounded from the creature. "No, I don't think you'll be completing this attack. DIGI-POWERBALL!"

Just as the Dragon became solid, the mass of plasmic energy collided with Silver. Her energy was drained, so she was unable to put up the electromagnetic shield that would normally save her. The plasma ate away the symbiote. Silver passed out from pain, refusing to scream. The Dragon touched her with a talon, and the plasma stopped spreading. The Dragon turned to the other Digi-Destined and the Digimon, who were already devolved. Without a sound, the great beast flapped his massive wings, sending him into the air. He scooped up the Digi-Destined, their Digimon, and Silver in one of his taloned hands and flew through the arena ceiling.

Piedmon called after them, "Next time, Digi-Destined! You have no Defender now!"

Miles away, the Dragon gently set everyone down. Joe immediately went over to Silver's limp form. TK tugged at Matt and whispered, "Is she gonna be okay?"

"I don't know, TK." Matt said quietly.

Joe knelt next to Silver's head. Shakily, he reached out a hand and felt for a pulse. Everyone watched, including the Dragon, who still loomed over them. All were silent, hardly daring to breathe. Joe's chin dropped to his chest and he released a short series of uncontrolled, convulsive sobs.

Matt lowered his eyes and turned away, least affected of the humans. TK buried his face into Matt, muffling the few tears. Tai choked back his own emotions and tried to comfort both Sora and Kari. Sora was crying softly into his shoulder while Kari reacted much like TK. Mimi was crying quietly and Izzy was awkwardly attempting to console her. Joe, still crying, found a stick and began to dig a grave. The Dragon spoke. "My purpose is finished. I am sorry for your loss." He began to radiate silvery light, then shrank and turned into the lost metal necklace.

Everyone helped dig the grave and bury Silver. Her funeral ceremony was held that night. Everyone but Joe managed to keep back the tears. I swear, Piedmon will pay for this. If I have to go back to our world and get nuclear weapons, he will pay dearly for this. Joe thought. He had tied two sticks together to form a headstone and placed the Dragon pendant over the grave.

Later, when everyone else had fallen asleep, Joe and Gomamon left, halfway looking for a fight. Unfortunately, they managed to find one. "A Skullgreymon? What is a Skullgreymon doing here?" Gomamon wondered.

"Probably looking to destroy something. Namely us." Joe answered, cringing. The evil Digimon had already spotted them and was preparing to launch its attack. "Joe? Do we run or fight? Joe?" Gomamon looked at his human partner.

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