Dying Tears and Healing Hearts

Dying Tears and Healing Hearts

By: Her Royal Weirdness, AKA DD-Chan

A/N: This...this is it, people. One for the record books. The first series I actully FINISH. Oo, I'm wetting my pants just thinking about it! Oh, well, I was gonna wet my pants anyway.
D/C: If I didn't own them the first time, and I didn't own them the second time, what makes you think I own them the THIRD time?

"Hey, Koushiro?"
"Don't you EVER get off that computer?"
"Oh, shut up."
MachineDramon had just been defeated. It was night on the lone, desert road, and Sora, Takeru, and Hikari slept peacefully on the grimy sand beside their digimon, Andromon lay sprawled out on the road beside them, and Taichi and Koushiro remained awake.
"You know, you really SHOULD get some rest." Taichi said, sitting in front of Koushiro. "You have those dark circles under your eyes." Taichi traced his fingers over them for a while, then pulled his hand away, blushing. Koushiro stared at Taichi, blushing slightly as well.
"Taichi, you're up at the current hour as well. Shouldn't you be sleeping, too?" Koushiro asked, averting his gaze back to the computer screen.
See? Taichi thought. He thinks that the laptop is more useful than I am. There is no way that he feels what I feel. "Well, yeah, but I have to. You should get some sleep. I mean, you're just a little kid."
See? Koushiro thought. He thinks that I'm just a little kid. There is no way that he feels what I feel. Stuck for words, Koushiro remained silent.
"Um, I didn't mean that." Taichi blurted out. Great way to lift his confindence, Taichi. "What I meant, was, that, you aren't a little kid, I just meant that, uh..." he stuttered. Koushiro smiled at him.
"It's ok, Taichi." he assured him, giggling slightly. Taichi's face fell slightly.
"You know, you seem to be saying that a lot latley..." he mumbled slightly, guilt gracing his features.
"What?" Koushiro asked, curiostiy evident in his eyes.
"Well, you know, I have kinda been treating you..." Taichi started, scratching the back of his neck "Crappy, I guess, these last couple of weeks...first, there was that thing in the church, and then in the sewers...I'm sorry, Koushiro." Then, without thinking, Taichi hugged the younger boy. Koushiro tensed up, shocked by Taichi taking him in his arms. But, after a short while, Koushiro began to relax and enjoy the only hug that Taichi would ever give him.
"Mmm...this feels good..." Koushiro mumbled. Taichi's eyes went as wide as a Orgemon's open mouth.
"W-what?!" Taichi shrieked. Koushiro, after what he had just said had settled in, tore away from Taichi's arms, a hot blush spread across his cheeks.
"Uhhh...nothing. Nothing at all! You know what, you're right, I should try and get some sleep..." Koushiro babbled, walking backwards, away from Taichi. The back of his heel scraped a piece of loose concrete, stumbled back a few feet, and fell. Before his upper body came into contact with the ground, however, Taichi caught him with a arm under his back.
"You know, it's kind of a shame that you didn't say what I thought you said...I really wanted you to say it." IDIOT! a voice in Taichi's head shrieked. What if he DIDN'T say what you thought he said?! Then hell be wondering what the hell you meant by what you just said!? Or worse he could have got on! You okara na baka!
What!?" Koushiro squaked, attempting to sit up, but only slamming his forehead against Taichi's neck. "You-you feel the same way I feel!? Idiot! a voice inside his head told him. He couldn't feel the same way I feel! He was probably just joking! You okara na baka!
"The SAME way!? You mean that you feel the way I feel!" Taichi yelled in return. Both boys stared at the other in disbelief for a moment, then Taichi got off Koushiro, and pulled him up into a sitting position.
"You know, for your brains, you must be pretty dense to not figure out that I like you." Taici sighed, blushing at the words 'like you.'
"Me? What about you? You didn't figure out how...I felt, either." Koushiro pointed out, blushing as well.
"Yeah...but I'm a idiot." Taichi replied with a smile.
"Um...Taichi...does...this mean anything?" Koushiro asked, taking some time to get the full sentance out. Taichi gave a small smirk.
"You tell me..." he barley whispered, and pushed his lips against Koushiro's. Koushiro felt his boy go limp, then, after a while, began to return the passonite kiss.
Eventully, Taichi broke the kiss with a smile.
"Well...what do you think?" he said, with a teasing edge in his voice. Koushiro smiled slightly, then blushing, eased himself up against Taichi.
"I don't know...refresh my absent-minded memory?"


She awoke...and saw them. The one she loved...with someone else? No...no no no...this wasn't real...she was dreaming...she opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out...she closed her eyes to sleep, but slumber never came...she just let the tears steram...and ached for her...for...

I did it! I finally finished a series! Hah! Screw you! Screw you all! Hah hah! Well, yes, that WAS a hint of Yuri at the end...possibly leading to a Mimi/Sora sequal? Your choice...

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