The Drakened Message

By: RowenLover

The sun rose over the grassy hill, hitting the surface of a small pond. The
animals began to stir from the early light, awakening from the rays of life
and joy. Matt gently began to toss from the critters noises. His eyelids
carefully came up, only coming up half way adjusting to the harsh rays.
Matt looked about, TK was lying next to him giving a small snore. Izzy and Joe sat back against a tree next to each other. Mimi and Sora were scrunched together up against a fallen tree. Matt squinted, his eyes still not
adjusting to the rays. He looked around for their Digimon.
He turned his head to the left and found them. Patamon and Biymon sat in small tree, on a lower branch. Gabumon and Tentamon lay at the base of the tree, snuggling together to keep the warmth that they could get. Gomamon sat in the small pond rightnext to Tentamon.
Matt sighed and looked at the loner of the bunch. Agumon sat next to a log about ten feet away from the others. \“Poor guy.”\ Ever since that day, that night, when Tai left, he’s never been the same. He blames himself for no
reason. \“I’m sorry Agumon, I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t your fault...... it
was mine. He wouldn’t have left if it weren’t for me. I shouldn’t have said
anything.”\ Matt gently rolled over onto his back, careful not to
awaken TK.
He pushed himself up to his feet and began to walk to the pond. He stopped just before the water could hit his brown boots. he stared at the water seeing his worst enemy, someone he could barely stand to be around. Himself.
\“It’s been so long Tai..... can you come back? I can’t live with
myself..... not after what I did to you.”\ Matt glared at his reflection.
\“This can’t be right! I won’t let it be! If I just stand here, feeling
sorry for myself, I’ll never be able to see him again. I
can’t... No I WON’T let that happen. Not with what I did. You deserve to be
told the truth.... the real truth. I WILL find you.”\
Matt sat down on the soft soil, letting the rays of sunlight bounce off the pond and hit his pale face. Ha gave a small smile, finding the renewed hope. \“Well, now all there is, is to find you Tai. I hope he’ll forgive me.”\
Matt’s smile faded away at the word of
forgive. \“Will he forgive me? I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. I hurt him
and I knew it. Why can’t I keep my pride out of the way?”\ Matt thought back
to the day Tai left.
\“That awful day, was the worse day of my life.”\


Matt walked back from the forest, walking back to the cave where there was no hope, no life, just sadness.
He stepped in front of the cave entrance, fearing to go in. Izzy and Joe
stood waiting for him to approach, but he did no such thing. They walked
forward to him.
“Did you see him?”
“No Joe..... he’s gone.”
“Well, we could track him down with his digivice. Then we could find him.”
Izzy reached behind his back, retrieving his laptop. he laid it on the
ground, opening the top and starting it up.
“Do you think this’ll work?” Joe asked.
“This has to. It’s our only shot.” Izzy began to pull up files on the
screen, filling it with maps of the digital world, letters from Gennia,
information and a new tracking system. He began to type on the keyboard,
tracking down the digivice.
“Well?” Matt asked impatiently.
“That’s strange. It says here that Tai is with us..... Well, the digivice
at least.”
“Then that means Tai left it here with us!” Joe panicked.
“Where’s that signal coming from, Izzy?” Matt demanded.
Izzy looked at the computer and then around the cave. “To the left of you Matt.” Matt whirled around, looking for the gray device. He walked over to a small rock.
“Here it is!” Matt bend down picking up the muddy digivice. “What’s that?” He whispered. He extended his right arm out, picking up another object. “OH
“WHAT?!?! WHAT IS IT????” Joe practically yelled.
“It’s his tag and crest too!” Matt whispered.


Matt brought himself back to reality. He picked up a small pebble and
tossed it into the lake, letting it sink into the darkened water. \“Even the
brightest of days, can never brighten a darkened soul.”\ He glance upward,
into the morning sky. The colors were magnificent, how the red faded into a
orange and then into a yellow, covering the world around. Could life ever
really be this bright..... without someone to share it with? Could someone
live without that special person?
\“No more questions! If I doubt myself, then I will surely lose him. I must
think the way I used to, like the real me, not someone I’m not. To save him
and myself I must do it, or if I don’t then I’ll lose him...... and my
heart.”\ He closed his eyes bringing his head to his chest, taking deep
breathes of the morning air. So sweet, yet so..... strange. It was as if
this day had brought something new, and was going to bring it along with
another mystery. What were they? \“I can feel it in the air, that
something’s different, yet what can it be? is it a message?"\
He sat there for hours , trying to come to a conclusion but it just
wouldn’t come. He just sat there in a some-what of a trace, staring off into
his own world. He never noticed a person coming near him, and placing a hand
on his shoulder.
Matt practically jumped out of his skin. He whipped around and saw who it was. “Damn it Sora, do scare me like that.” Matt snapped.
“Sorry Matt, it’s just that everyone else is up and we noticed you sitting here all alone, so I came to talk to you. You don’t have to get snippy about it.”
“Sorry I just wasn’t expecting you.” Matt apologized. She smiled.
“Hey don’t worry, we can all be grumpy in the morning.” She turned on her heels and headed back for the camp site, just a few feet away.
“Well, I guess I better get up too. TK’s probably up now, too.” Matt pushed himself up off the ground, dusting himself off from the dirt. He walked up to the camp, making himself comfortable, leaning against a tree, crossing his arms over his chest.
“So Matt, where are we going today?” Izzy questioned.
Matt looked at Izzy. “I don’t know, I was thinking about leaving but then I
was thinking we should stay a bit longer. What would you guys like to do?”
“We-ell.....” Mimi began, “Since it’s a voting thing, I say we stay here a
little longer.”
“I agree with Mimi, I like it here.” Sora said.
“Yeah, sounds better then walking around all the time.” Joe piped in.
“Doesn’t bother me.” TK stated.
Matt looked about, focusing his eyes on Izzy. “Well, what do you think Iz?”
Izzy looked around the camp, taking in all the great qualities.
“Lets stay.”
“Then it’s settled, we stay here for a little longer.” Matt walked over to
the sleeping Digimon. “Hey do you think we should let them sleep a little
“Sure, it won’t hurt anything.” Sora said.
Matt walked away and sitting himself down, on the fallen log, next to Joe.
“So what do we do for food today?” Joe asked.
“We need to go out into the woods and find some. It shouldn’t take to
long.” Matt said matter-of-factly. He stood up and waited for the others to
follow his lead. Reluctantly they did.
“Hey what about our Digimon?” Sora asked.
“Guess we better wake them up.” Izzy stated. He walked over to Tentomon and shook him just enough to awaken him.
“Ugh, Izzy!! I wanna sleep.”
“Sorry. Help me get the others up, we’re going out to look for food.”
He and the Digimon began to wake the others up. Izzy walked over to where Agumon sat and gently shook him. Reluctaly, he opened his eyes and let in the light, waking up his senses.
“Come on Agumon, we’re all leaving to go find food.” Izzy turned around and walked back to the group. Agumon got up, slowly, and headed for the others.
When he got there he heard something. His ears perked up and listened. Matt saw him and listened as well. Then they heard it. Someone was screaming.
“Come on guys, someone’s in trouble. Agumon can you lead the way?”
“Yes.” Agumon ran to the left, dodging trees and bushes. He stopped in open field. “There it is!” Matt and the others caught up. Matt scanned the area and finally found the Digimon.
“I’ve never seen that Digimon before. What is it?” Izzy asked. The Digimon heard this, turning it’s body to face the Digidestines. It was a bear-like form, with the skin the color of the sky. It’s eyes were beat red, with a
small scar going across his left eye. It hadhuge paws, with claws that were 3 inches long. It’s back had blood red strips going from side to side.
It smiled at us, seeing us as open prey. “This looks tasty.” It picked up
something in it’s mouth and began walking toward us.
“Oh no!” Patamon panicked.
“What? What is it?”
“I finally know that guy! That’s Dubarenmon. He has a nasty temper and a deadly attack that can take down a Mega Digimon in the blink of and eye.”
Matt stared at him, trying to focus on what he had picked up. He just
couldn’t tell. “Gabumon get ready to warp!”
“You got it Matt!” Matt began to make his digivice glow and his crest.
Gabumon began to glow as well.
“Gabumon warp digivolve to........ MetalGarurumon.”
“Matt should we help?” Sora yelled.
“No. If MetalGarurumon can’t take care of it, then I doubt anybody else
can. Come on!” Matt ran toward Dubarenmon, still trying to figure out what
he was carrying.
“I wouldn’t come any closer than you are right now, Digidestine.” The large Digimon threatened, through the object in his mouth.
Matt stopped in his tracks, giving a glare at Dubarenmon. “Oh and why is that?”
“Because, one more step and I kill him.”
“Kill who?” Matt looked confused. \“Who could he have? Everybody’s here but....Tai.”\ His eyes widened. Could it be? Is it Tai?
“Have you figured it out yet? Do you wanna see him? Come closer, but not TOO close.” Dubarenmon narrowed his eyes at Matt. He smiled through the objected in his mouth.
“Stay here.” Matt walked forward slowly, without his Digimon for
protection. He walked carefully, as to not make Dubarenmon crush the object
in his mouth. \“Please, let that not be Tai. Please!!!”\
“Stop there, young one.” The Digimon walked forward, the object coming more and more clearer.
“Oh god, NO!” There in Dubarenmon’s mouth, Tai’s body hung loosely from his mouth. Blood ran down his arms and legs, some from his head. His eyes were closed, like he was trying to say it was a dream. His face was so pale.
\“No, no, no! This can’t be happening! NO!”\ Tears threatened to spill over at anytime.
Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and TK watched as Dubarenmon came closer to Matt.
They saw also saw the horrid sight. Sora was about to break down. Mimi
embraced her, while she cried on her shoulder. TK ran over to Joe and clung
to his leg, crying. Joe put a comforting arm around his shoulder. Izzy
looked on, with a worried face.
\“How could this happen? Tai you were our leader..... this Digimon will PAY for what he has done, I swear by it.”\ Izzy’s crest began to glow.... well
what looked like his crest. “Huh?” A orange light began to illuminate in his
right pocket. He put his hand in his pocket and retrieved a tag and crest with a digivice. “Joe, look.”
Joe watched as the crest began to glow brighter and brighter. TK looked up from Joe’s leg and saw the light. Sora and Mimi watched as well.
The crest and digivice floated up from Izzy’s hand, flying toward Tai’s
“Matt look!!” Izzy shouted.
Matt turned his head and looked as the orange light passed him and headed for Tai. “What is it doing?”
“What’s happening?” Dubarenmon yelled. The light came at full speed,
hitting him right in the face. He dropped Tai, making him fall to the soft
ground. His crest went around his neck, while his digivice went to his
The light grew brighter, consuming his body. The Digimon and Digidestined covered their eyes from the blinding light. Dubarenmon did the same, but his fury rising every moment.
The light began to decrease. Everybody watched as Tai’s body began to come to life again. A smile crept up on Matt’s face.
The others ran out to where Matt stood. They watched in awe, as Tai’s body began to glow a fierce orange, almost a red color.
“What’s happening to him?” Sora asked. You could detect worry in her voice.
“You will die, Courage!” Dubarenmon started to do his attack.
“I don’t think so, bucket head!”
“Ahhh....” Agumon fell to one knee. The power surged through his body,
forcing him to digivolve.
“Agumon warp digivolve to.........WarGreymonn.”
“Not before I get to it first!” Dubarenmon mumbled. “Feel my wrath!
GALAXY BLAST!!” Thousands of small orb-like shapes came toward WarGreymon.
“I don’t think so. Terrar Force!!” The Digimon began to take in a mass
amount of power. He began to spin and head straight for Dubarenmon.
WarGreymon made a direct hit in the others chest. He began to dissolve into nothing but black specs. WarGreymon turned around and faced the group.
Tai got up from the ground and smile. “Thank you. I’m glad I’m with you. Ugh...” His body shut down. He fell back to the ground, not moving.
WarGreymon, dedigivolved into Koromon. He ran over to Tai.
Matt jumped up and ran over to the fallen comrade. He fell to his knees
cradling Tai into his chest.
“Is he OK?” TK asked.
“Joe... get the bandages..... I don’t know if he’ll make it.” Tears spilled
over, blurring his vision. He hugged Tai with all his might. The outside
world meant nothing to him.
“Oh Tai, you shouldn’t have made me digivolve, then you wouldn’t be so
hurt.” Koromon let the tears fall, wrapping his ears around Tai’s arm.
“I’m SO sorry Tai, this would have never happened if I wouldn’t have said those thing to you..... please forgive me.....please....”

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