Digisex: 101

Digisex: 101-A do it yourself approach

By: JamiE and Honey-chan


So, you've traveled to the digiworld and have received you're very own digimon! Now, what to do with your little monster? Well, you could digivolve it and fight evil monsters and save all of the different worlds, but that's just silly! Why go through all that junk when there's an easier, more fun use for them: using digimon for sexual gratification!

This self help booklet will help you get the most pleasure from your new digimon. It will explain the best types of digimon to use and how to get the most out of the ones you already have.

We have studied and used hundreds of different digimon and after years of intense practice with the monsters we have developed the best techniques and positions to give you, and your digimon partner the ultimate pleasure. These tried and true methods used to be available only to the most experienced owners but with our down to earth, practical approach to digisex, you too can enjoy your digimon in the most intimate of ways. This booklet is also a handy refrence tool. We have included the basic information of all the digimon and placed them in an easy, convenient chapter by chapter form. We hope to answer such difficult questions as...

*Why do Gabumon have horns?
*Why do digimon as small as Patamon have such large mouths?
*Poison Ivy seems like an intresting attack. What other uses does it have?

All these questions and more will be answered in Digisex 101: A do it yourself book.

Part 1: Patamon

Patamon-the tiny little digimon with the enourmous tempting mouth and fair ittle wings. It is generally a calm digimon; become "friends" with it and it'll do anything you want. Without it's ability to digivolve, the Patamon is also a weak opponent, wose only attack is a very interesting "Bubble Blow". This digimon is also a favorite for sexual fun, mostly because of it's passiveness, and will keep quiet to your "doings" with it to other digimon or humans. This is a very helpful attribute, because really, do you want all of your friends to know that little twinkie with wings is becoming your personal vacuum?

Patamon's large mouth, apt for sucking or blowing, is a handy asset for the male looking for sexual stimulation. Although you cabn't really expect the Patamon to readliy "do" you, it can easily be drugged or lied to, if it must come to that. After all, it's not rape if it's made of digital data!

Part 2: Lillimon

Lilimon is the floral digimon with smooth creamy skin, large liquid eyes and a beatiful foliage. The intoxicating scent of her 'Flower Cannon' attack can be quit arousing and indeed, the highly erotic scent has long been cultivated in the Digital world for its aphrodisiacaly puprposes. Equally arousing, however, are the voluptous curves on her amazingly shaped body.

Lilimon is the digimon for men or women who simply can't find a human partner to suit their needs and there will be no 'surprises' as there often are with human-type Digimon when they remove thier clothing. She also makes an amiable bad companion with a quick wit and a chiming laugh. Many may find her naivity charming but her innocent nature can be very trying at times. It is best to be very forward and dierect with Lilimon about exactly what you want from her as she can be very ditzy at times and may become confused during a complicated seduction. But once you get past the airheaded-ness and into the bed it will be well worth the effort!

This fic isn't finished yet, it's a work-in-prgoress. As soon as new parts are finished I'll put them up.

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