Chatroom Fun

Chatroom Fun

By: Her Royal Weirdness, aka DD-chan


A/N: Just for those of you who are wondering, this is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Digimon crossover. Those who are in the chat room are Willow and Koushiro...the couples are Willow/Tara and Jyou/Koushiro. Have fun!

Oh, and about the 2 new episodes: HA! to all you Tai/Sora, Matt/Mimi, Mimi/Izzy, Joe/Mimi, Tai/Mimi, Matt/Sora fans! If that isn't evidence, I don't know WHAT is! Did you hear Tai?! And the tears in Izzy's eyes! And who's name did he scream out when the blanket was thrown over him?! And the little Matt and Tai dolls were...holding....HANDS!!! HA! I SAY HA IN YOUR FACES! And the Izzy doll was CRYING! CRYING I SAY! Why? MAYBE BECAUSE JOE WASN'T THERE!

All_Knowing_One has entered 'Angry Computer Geeks Strike Back' private chat

Willowy_Witch has entered 'Angry Computer Geeks Strike Back' private chat

All_Knowing_One: Hello.

Willowy_Witch: Hey. Anything up?

All_Knowing_One: Well...Jyou...he came back today. So did Yamato, and Mimi...

Willowy_Witch: Did you tell him...?

All_Knowing_One: I tried...everyone else was fighting...we where behind some rocks, I was scared...he held my hand...I tried to tell him...but I couldn't.

Willowy_Witch: I thought you told me that you would tell him.

All_Knowing_One: I can't! He probably doesn't even return my feelings! It would just be a waste!

Willowy_Witch: That's what I said about Tara...but, something happeneded...

All_Knowing_One: What?

Willowy_Witch: She told me, that she...loved me. And, now, we're...together...

All_Knowing_One: Willow, that's great!

Willowy_Witch: And now, Koushiro, it's time for YOU to get up, and tell Jyou how you really feel. You never know...he might...

All_Knowing_One: But...

Willowy_Witch: What? Are you afraid?

All_Knowing_One:...I have to go now. I'll see you....

Willowy_Witch: Koushiro?

All_Knowing_One has signed off

Koushiro slammed the laptop shut. Was Willow right? Should he tell Jyou?'s obvious that he feels for Mimi...telling him would only complicate our freindship. He kicked at a loose pebble, and started back for camp.

"Er, Koushiro? I don't think you should be up so late...and alone...and so far away from camp." someone spoke up. Koushiro turned slightly, and saw Jyou standing there.

"Jyou! Why are you up so late?"

"Well, why are you up so late?" Jyou respondend, walking towards him.

"No reason." Koushiro said quickly. A bit too quickly...

"Are you ok?" Jyou asked in a worried manner. Koushiro looked up at Jyou. Should I tell him? After all, there's no time like the present...

"Koushiro? Are you ok?" Jyou asked again, stepping closer to the boy. But, Koushiro, lost in his thoughts, heard nothing. But he won't feel the same way. It would just ruin our friendship.

Jyou..." Koushiro started, uncertin of what to do.

"Yes, Koushiro?" Jyou asked, worried about the younger boy.

"See, well, the thing is, I kinda, um, it's kinda weird, and a little embarrassing...well, it's um, I...well...I think I love you, Jyou!" Koushiro finally spat out. Jyou nearly fell over.

"" Jyou stuttered, not believing it. Koushiro nodded, looking towards the ground, and braced himself for the words he expected to come out of Jyou's mouth: 'I'm really sorry, but I just don't feel the same way...'

"Koushiro..." Koushiro winced, preparing for the inventible..."I....I...think...I might love you too..."

" me?" Koushiro asked, feeling himself go light-headed.

"You love me..." he repetead, growing immensley happy.

" love me..." he uttered one last time before collapsing onto the ground.

"I didn't know that you could pass out from being happy..." he mumbled as he awoke. It took him exactly 1.4 seconds to realize he was in Jyou's lap.

"You ok? You weren't passed out for a long time, but..." Jyou asked, rubbing Koushiro's back.

"I...I...passed out?" Koushiro stammered, flushing with humiliation. "Oh dear god..." Jyou laughed.

"It really wasn't that big of a deal. Come on, I'll walk you back to camp." Jyou said, sitting Koushiro on the ground, getting up, and offering him a hand. Koushiro accepted, aching with embarressment, greatfully.

"You sure you ok?" Jyou fussed. Koushiro smiled.

"You are cute when you fuss, Jyou..." Jyou blushed at that, then smiled at him.

"And you're always cute..." Koushiro blushed.

He looks awfully cute...blushing like that...Jyou thought. I kinda want to...but I couldn't. I just can't...then, another thought entered his mind. Carpe less than an instant, Jyou pressed his lips against Koushiro's. In exactly 1.4 seconds, Koushiro found himself kissing back.

To: Willowy_Witch@AOL.Com
From: All_Knowing_One@JOL.Com
Subject: What you said...

I told Jyou...he feels the same way! And after I regained consciences, and after he helped me up, we KISSED!

Willow smiled after closing the e-mail. Good. Koushiro had finally told Jyou how he felt...her smile widend as she felt a pair of amrs wrap around her.

"Hey." she whispered softley.

"Hey." Tara's soft voice came back.

"You know that kid I was telling you about?" Willow started.


"And you know that guy that he likes?"


"He told him that he liked him. And he likes him back."

"Good. That's one couple that you got together for the books, why don't we work on Xander and Spike together?"

"X-xander? And Spike? Oh, no, Xander isn't..."

"Well, if it isn't obvious that they like each other, I don't know WHAT is."

"I've known Xander for a long time...and..." a sigh was heard. "Alright, when do we start?"

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