Broken Heart, Aching Soul

By: DigiStarDBZ

* * * *
(A/N: I was in an agnsty mood when I wrote this- Wait a minute- this isn't a lemon!! Praise Allah! (Thanks for the phrase, Magna Angemon!) Finally- a break from the kinkiness- but it's STILL yaoi! Jeez... why is it ALL yaois these days focus on death and tragedy..? Oh, well! Prepare yourselves, because DigistarDBZ is jumping in! ;))
* * * *

He paced across the hall, waiting for the lastest news on Myotismon's search for the eighth child. It had been what- 40 years since he left? He had been getting messages from him in 12-year intervals, each one showing signs of promise. He smiled slightly, knowing that any day now... he would return with the joyous news that he had destroyed the DigiDestined, along with their "Eighth Child". But... the last message he heard was from that DemiDevimon, whose transmission was abruptly cut short for some odd reason.... all he got was that Myotismon was finally able to Digivolve to his Mega stage at last... Then silence. What could have possily happened? He had high hopes that everything would turn out in his favor...
* * * *
Incoming Transmission: 6-2-7854
From: DemiDevimon/Rank: Rookie/Location: Unknown

"This is TOO unbelieveable!! The boss has gone Mega at last! I'm hoping he can smoosh those kids with those bigfeet of his, if he doesn't use his attacks first! Wait... what is he doing??? I'm... need *BZZT*..NO! *BZZT*

Error: Server Abruptly Disconnected.
End Transmission

* * * *

"Lord Piedmon! We have some very urgent news from Earth!!"

His trance abruptly ended when he heard LadyDevimon bounding down the halls, in an obvious state of panic. He looked at her quizzicaly as he turned to face her.

"Well, let's have it then. It is probably Myotismon's victory declaration." he said with a smug smile on his face. When she heard that, her face fell.

"I'm... I'm not sure if you should see this, m'lord..."

"Show me the damned transmission!! That's an order!!" he snapped at her, snatching the thin disk from her hand. LadyDevimon hung her head in sorrow, knowing full well what could happen... He pushed the small switch on the disk, and a small, yet incredibly detailed hologram/video shoot out from its center.....

* * * *
Begin Transmission: 4-27-7861
From: Bakemon#1425/Rank: Champion/Location: Unknown

"Great Lord Piedmon... if you find this transmission, I have some terrible news... The DigiDestined are defeating my master, Myotismon... I wish this wasn't so, but they have bound him with the light of their crests, and are preparing to strike the final blow..."

Sending Video Confirmation....
(WarGreymon's "Terra Force" Attack rips through VenomMyotismon, causing him to shriek in pain as he dissolves into trillions of bits of data...... the explosing heads towards the Bakemon as he lets out one short scream before the fire and light englufs him...)

Error: Server Abruptly Disconnected.
End Transmission
* * * *

Silence filled the hall. Piedmon stared with wide eyes at the images flashed through his mind. Even though that was his Mega form... it was still Myotismon that they murdered... his scream rang in his ears and refused to leave his mind, and his pain-twisted face was forever imprinted before his eyes... He dropped the disk, his shocked face turing to a horrified one.

"I'm so sorry, m'lord... There was nothing anyone could do... we couldn't go even if we tried..." she said, trying to lift some of the burdens.

".......I'm going to my chambers now. Tell everyone that if any of them try to bother me, they will be killed on sight." he said, his voice waivering slightly as he clenched his gloved hand in a tight fist.

"But Lord Piedmon--"

"You heard me."

She stepped back in shock-- his voice was sharp, yet slightly... calm... that meant he was VERY angry... Without saying a word, she took off down the halls, telling any Digimon she met along the way the news. As for Piedmon, he floated slightly off the ground, his head hung, hiding a dark expression....

* * * *
Incoming Transmission 1-25-7847
From: Myotismon/Rank: Ultimate/Location: Unknown

"Each day passes like some bad joke before my eyes. I wish I could be with you in person to tell you how much I miss you... It's funny though-- I am a Virus type Digimon, yet I feel that strange, yet wonderful emotion the other Digimon call 'Love'. It's a very strange feeling, but I'm sure I feel it for you... But how will I know you feel that way too? I long for the day that I am in your arms, feeling your soft touch easing all the pain and suffering inside me. I long for one moment in time with you... Until then, all I can do is wait to find and destroy the Eighth Child, so I can come back with a whole world... for you and you alone, my lord and master....
and my lover."

End Transmission
* * * *
He leaned against the west wall, still listening to the audio transmission that he had saved from so long ago... the voice's deep, soothing voice melting whatever barriers of pride he had left inside him. "Wasted... All that wasted like trash in a compacter..." he murmured at he stared at the disk, its image starting to waver as a hot, stinging feeling rose from his chest to his throat and eyes... "Gone forever... the only Digimon who coud truly love me more than anything else... dead..." Fire rose in his heart, taking one of his swords from his back after casting the disk at the other side of the room.

"GODDAMN FATE!!!" he smashed his sword into a mirror and toppled the drawer with a blast from his hand.

"FUCKING DESTINY!!" He smashed in the closet door with his foot and ran his sword into the wall, cracking the concrete and plaster inside.

"YOU TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME!!!" He blast a hole in the wall, taking a small stone pedestal and hurling it out the window. He sunk to his knees, breathing heavily as he dropped his battered sword.

"M...Myotismon... Why you... WHY YOU?!?!?" His scream of agony reverberated across the citadel, having many Digimon turn their heads in surprise and shock.

"...Gods... I..won't.. live without you..." he choked up, no longer holding back the uncontrollable sobs, hot tears dripping out of his mask. He finally decided that there was only one option left.... he picked up the fallen sword at his side, slowly walking towards his massive bed and sitting down, looking at his "pathetic-looking" reflection...

"I...I'll be there to join you, my love... just wait a little while longer..." he whispered, wiping some streams of bitter tears from his eyes. He then pulled down on his neck shawl so that his neck was visible, then put the sharp blade to it.

"I'll be with you..." he started to run the blade across his neck, but no sooner had he drawn blood..

STOP!! What the hell do you think you're doing?!?!

He felt an arm grab his wrist before he could slit the rest of his neck, suddenly looking into icy blue eyes... familiar ones... a pair of icy blue eyes behind a mask.

"M...Myotismon?!?!?!" He wasn't sure if he wanted to be horrified or elated that his love had returned... but.. there wasn't something right about him... "You... you're..."

"A ghost? Yes, m'lord, I wanted to stop you from taking your own life- if you did that, we'd NEVER be able to see each other again." the ghost said, smiling slightly.

"Oh, Gods...." he fell into his arms, though transparent, he still seemed to hold the distraught Mega Digimon/Dark Master, feeling his sobs on him. "I... I never told you while you were alive..." The ghost put his fingers on Piedmon's lips, making soft 'shh' noises.

"You know that I always understood. Although I was a little worried that you didn't feel the same way I did..."

"Why would you ask SUCH a retarded question? Why else do you think I would try to kill myself just to see you again?" He replied, smiling slightly through his tears. "I know we can't be together long.. but just once more... we can just hold each other..."

The ghost smiled and thier lips met, and as they gazed at each other with a burning passion, Piedmon knew that someday.. one day...

They would truly be together again.


* * * *
(A/N: *sniff* WAAA!!! My FIRST semi-tearjerker!! I'm SOOOO proud... :'D I hope everyone likes this one- IT'S NOT A LEMON!! It's yaoi, but NOT a lemon! I hope this makes people feel better... ~.^V Peace! -DigistarDBZ)

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