Broken Angels Fall

By: RowenLover

The rain beat down, coming down from the heavens to the soft earth, colliding with the now muddy ground. The winds rushed through the land like nothing was there. Branches were breaking off landing feet away from their rightful spot. The ocean thrashed wildly, crashing against the sea shore.

Tai watched from the safety of a small cave, seeing the land being ripped apart. He sat there with his legs brought up to his chest, his arms wrapped around them. He bent his head down facing toward the raging storm outside, watching everything. The rain, the water, the trees.

“Tai, is something wrong?” Tai jumped at the voice. He had been so wrapped up in the storm he forgot about everyone else.

He turned his head and looked at his friend. It was Sora. She stood there watching him, waiting for a reply. \“She looks so concerned. Why would she even care about me? I have nothing for her, nor will I ever. I can’t belong to anyone. She’s just a friend.”\ Tai stopped and gave a small smile. “Yeah, It’s just the storm, that’s all. I hate being in small spaces.”

“Are you claustrophobic?” He gave a small giggle. He shook his head.

“No, I’m just use to being free. Running around. That’s all.”

“Are you sure.”

\“No, but I have to say something or else you won’t leave me alone.”\ He nodded yes and laid his head back down on his knees.

Sora sat quietly next to Joe watching Tai. He had been acting different lately. He was so down all of a sudden. It wasn’t like him. At all. He was always so happy, carefree. She signed. \“Maybe it is just the storm.”\ She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

\“I’m sorry for lying Sora, I just have to do this one on my own. That’s it.”\ Tai brought his head up looking about the small cave. Joe sat next to Sora, his eyes shut catching up with his sleep. Sora had done the same. He looked at the back. Izzy laid next to Tentamon and Gomamon. Biymon and Palmon balanced themselves on the wall, also sleeping. Mimi had taken a spot next to TK. Mimi let him sleep in her lap, holding him as would a mother. Agumon lay next to him also.

Tai looked across from him. There Matt sat his legs and arms crossed. His head bent down, touching his chest. Gabumon and Patamon had taken seat next to him.

Tai signed. Looking at the young boy sitting across from him was torture. \“NO! You aren’t going to think of him anymore. He hates you, he always has. Why would he want anything to do with you after what he said. H*ll, why would anyone like me? I’m nothing but a soul wandering the earth, aimlessly doing nothing more than living without a purpose.”\

\“So many people hurt, but why do I? I’ve done nothing to help, nothing to deserve anything unless I’ve done everything wrong my whole life. I can’t help but make mistakes. I’m not perfect but I’m not a fool.”\ He hated himself. Hating anything that he cared about. Izzy, TK, Mimi, Sora, Joe..... Matt. They mean nothing now. Nothing did anymore. \“Those words. Those words.”\ He gently began to rock himself back and forth trying to calm himself, but it didn’t work. Nothing would. “WHY??” Silent tears began to pour out of his stormy blue eyes slowly going down his pale skin, dropping off of his cheek and hitting the ground. \“I HATE YOU! How could you say those things to me? Only you could be so hard on me. My friends can accept me for me, but not you! WHY??”\

Tai lead the group into the forest following a small dirt trail. He looked back seeing everybody. Sora and Mimi were in the back keeping a small conversation. He heard Mimi start to complain. He shrugged it off. Joe and Izzy were just behind him walking in step with each other. Both had become real close these past few weeks. He didn’t blame them, times are hard now.?

Then there was TK and Matt. They were about in the middle of the group silently walking along. TK tugged Matt’s pant leg getting his attention.

“Hey Matt, can we stop I’m getting tired and my feet are hurting?” Matt gave a small nod. He turned and spoke up to Tai.

“Hey Tai why don’t we take a break for a while. TK is getting tired and we’ve been traveling a lot today.”

“Look we’ve only been going for about 3 hours, let’s just go a bit further.” Tai didn’t even bother to look back but kept walking. Matt stopped in his track.

“Well look Tai, people here are tired and hungry at least you could do is let us rest here for 5 minutes. GOD can’t you think of others but yourself??”

This time Tai turned around and yelled at Matt. “LOOK MATT! I think of everybody NOT just myself. We aren’t going anywhere if we sit here.”

“Tai, my feet hurt and it’s to hot out here. We need a rest.” Mimi protested.

“Mimi stay out of this, please, I’m talking to Matt.”

“Look you don’t have to be so hard on her Tai, we all are tired. Give us a break, we’re only human.” Joe defended.

“Yeah TAI! Just let us rest for once.” Matt yelled.

“Look I have a feeling there’s gonna be rain. Look at the sky, you can tell. We need to find a place to stay or else we won’t be very happy.”

“Tai’s right Matt. The weather is going a bit strange today. One minute hot and another it’s freezing. He might be right.” Izzy inquired.

“I don’t care! We can find a spot here. We need to get food and find our shelter. It can’t take to long.”

“Matt, why can’t you trust me for once instead of always fighting. You ALWAYS have a argument no matter how stupid the matter is. What is your problem??”

“YOU! You can never do anything right. Sometimes I don’t what to think, that I hate you more or I just plain can’t stand you!” Tai was taken back by the words. He stood there his face went pale. He stared at Matt. His eyes were daggers. The violet eyes looked almost red. The cold hard stare was full of hate.

“Fine.” He whispered. He looked away and walked off into the forest. Matt was caught of guard by the way Tai just acted.

“MATT!! You jerk how could you say that to him? He’s your friend.” Sora yelled at him. Matt didn’t reply. “FINE! God sometimes you can be a real asshole!” Sora took off running to get Tai.

“Matt, did you really mean what you said to Tai?” TK asked.

“I.... I..... no.” Matt walked away leaving TK standing alone with the others. Matt went anywhere but here.

\“Fine, you’ll have your way Matt. I can’t stand to be with you any longer. I have to go. Go anywhere but here. Fast.”\ Tai got up from his seat. He took off his crest of courage and his digivice, tossing them on the ground. He looked at everyone saying his last words. “Good bye, my friends. Bye Agumon. Take care.” With that he ran out into the storm leaving everything he knew, everything he cared about behind. Into the past,never to be seen again. Well.... if he could help it.


Morning came. The sun rose over the mountain hitting the face of a individual digidestin. He storm had gone away. Matt’s eyes gently fluttered open, the bright sun hitting his eyes, giving them a small sting. He lifted a hand covering the light. He groggily got up looking about. Everyone was still fast asleep. He looked around. Mimi,

Joe, TK, Izzy, Sora and ........ “Where’s Tai?” He wondered out loud. He looked about the cave found no sign of Tai. “Tai?” He called out but he just got a silence.

“Ugh.... Matt?” Matt turned around and say Sora looking at him.

“Yeah?” She studied his face. It actually showed a emotion, but it wasn’t a good one. His eyes were distant like he didn’t want to talk. She suddenly felt something terribly wrong.

“Matt, what’s wrong? DON’T lie to me cause I know something isn’t right!” She stared at him giving him a death glare.

“I can’t find him. Tai’s gone.” Sora’s face paled. She jumped up from her spot making Joe fall over and hit the ground.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this?” Joe sat up rubbing his temple. He looked at Sora. She had began to run outside. “Where’s she going?”

“To find Tai.”

“What do you mean he’s here.” Matt stayed silent. “Isn’t he?” Matt still didn’t speak. Joe scrambled up. “Mimi, TK, Izzy come on get up!” Three tired voices soon came giving small complaints.

“Tai, can we please have 5 more minutes?” Mimi snuggled up to the wall more dropping TK out of her lap.

“OW! OK, OK I’m up.” TK pushed himself off the ground. “Morning Matt, Joe.”

“Good morning fellows.” Izzy said walking up to them. Izzy took one glance at Matt. “What’s wrong?”

“Tai. He left us.” Matt turned away. \“He left me. I’m so sorry Tai, I didn’t mean what I said, I was just angry. I’m so sorry.”\ Matt took off to find Sora. He ran into the woods.

He finally caught up to her. She sat on the soft ground cradling something in her arms crying. Matt walked up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. She pulled away.

“This is all your fault! You said that to Tai and now he’s out there by himself. You’re one good friend Matt.” Sora threw something at him hitting him square in the chest. She got up and ran back to the cave.

Matt glanced at the object that had hit him. It was Tai’s goggles. He fell to his knees picking up the goggles. A single tear escaped him, sliding down his cheek. “Aw god Tai, I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” He let the tears come, not caring anymore.

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