Baylee: The Digidestined - Chapter 1

By: Kelly

After hearing, that I was nothing but kilobits and Bontymon was nothing but database. I looked at the ground; Bontymon who was still lying in my lap took a hold of my shirt and asked if I was all right.
"I just feel ensonifagent, like nothing---"
"I know how you feel," Sora responded, "I felt that way when I first hard it. But I learned that love and happiness is more important."
"That's a good way of looking at it," I said, "but Tai, what did---Tai?"
I turned my head to see Tai resting his head on Matt's lap; the ideal of them being in love didn't pop in my mind but of Tai being tired it. The whole pose of Tai resting his head on Matt's lap and the blond haired boy having his hand on is friends shoulder was like one of those Kodak Moment things. Matt blushed and told Tai to wake up; he opened his eyes and sat up to rub one eye.
"Maybe I should ask in a more appropriate time." I said.
"Are you sure," Tai asked, "I could answer your question right now."
"Well, okay, here goes. Is the crest just important then the Digivces?"
"Yes they are and if it's important not to let anyone get a hold of them or Bonytmon will die."
"Then we have no time to waist, lets get moving!"
"Not so fast," Said Izzy, "your crest could be anywhere..."
"I'm sorry," I said lowering my head, "I just don't want anything happen to Bonytmon."
"There's nothing to worry about," Izzy told me, "no one will know if it is, and even if they did know, it would be hard to get it unless you have a crest tag."
That night, I couldn't sleep; I knew it wasn't what I eat, it wasn't what I was worried about the crest it was the knowledge of Matt and Tai. I opened my eyes and sat up to and noticed that they were gone. I got to my feet and looked about, I lied back down. I knew better then go snoop into their relationship; I put my left hand under my head and my right hand draped across my forehead.
"Baylee, you should get some rest." Bontymon insisted.
"I know. It's just that I can't help what I know about Tai and Matt."
"Does it bother you?"
"Hmm? Oh-no, it doesn't bother me at all," I responded nervously, "I'm just shocked."
"You don't have to try to understand it, the best thing is to deal with it."
"Your right." I smiled getting a worm fussy feeling in my heart.
It wasn't long before morning came around to worm up the night air; everyone was ready to move. We walked and walked and still no sign of a crest; I dropped to the moist ground and sighed.
"This is hopeless," I said angrily, "we'll never find the crest."
"Don't give up hope." Said Tk.
"That's right," Said Bonytmon taking my hand, "we'll find the crest and when we do I'll be able to evolve to the next level."
"Mmm," I groaned, "I suppose your right, thanks guys."
I got to my feet as Tai stepped up and smiled to me, I couldn't help but smile back. With that we continued to walk, I felt a drop of rain on my nose, I looked up to feel rain come down on my face. If I only didn't drop my umbrella before I came to this fascinating place.
"This sucks!" Nimi complained.
"I know, but..."
Right then I noticed that my crest tag is glowing, everyone gasped in excitement. Bonytmon started to run forward, we took off after to a cave, the crest tag was still glowing. The glow of the tag gave enough resolution to see down the tonal. We stopped to see a wall, on the wall was a beautiful carving of an oval and cat eyes right in the exact senator of the oval.
The whole cave started to glow right then; I looked around with fear in my eyes. The wall started to shrink right before my eyes; I backed up with big eyes as Tai said that it was a crest. It came toward me went into my crest tag, my face lit up with joy as I looked at it.
"Wow," I said excitedly, "my very own crest! It's beautiful!"
Bonytmon who was behind my hopped on my shoulders to give me a nooky and said that she was proud of me. I laughed and told her to get off as the others laughed too.
"Come on guys," Said Tai with a smile, "we should find another way out of here while the rain is still on."
Nimi collapsed her knees and said that her feet where killing her, Tai sighed and said that his was going ahead and see what they could find. I had no problem with that, but he shouldn't go off by himself in an unknown cave.
"Don't worry, I'll protect him." Agumon insured us.
"Okay," I smiled with my thumb up.
"Peace of cake. See you in two hours or so."
With that, they continued down the tonal, I sat down next to Bonytmon and we waited for Tai. We waited and waited; I rose to my feet and said that Tai and Agumon as been gone for a long time. Matt rose to his feet too and said that it was time they went to find Tai.
"Yea, and how do you suppose we do that, blow the place apart?" Gonamon teased.
"Does everything that comes out of your mouth has to be negative," I asked angrily taking off my backpack to get out a flashlight, "now lets find Tai and Agumon."
So there we where, walking down the hallway calling out for Tai; we g ot answer but it wasn't Tai it was Agumon Telling us to come quickly. We picked out speed, we all came to a ditch up head and sure enough Tai was down there with Agumon comforting him. I shined the flashlight down to see that the poor boy had slid down twisted his ancle.
"Tai, don't move," I said as Bontymon slamed the end of her whip to the ground, "we'll be right down!"
Matt took of the whip first started to go down and the rest of us followed down to crowed around him as Matt picked him up. I looked around to see what eveidets would show it's self to give the endiction how Tai fell, right then I noticed wholes in the dirt; farly large ones that snaks can fit though. I stepped up when I saw red eyes in one of the wholes, Bontymon jumped right in front of me. Kings Cobrus came out of the wholes, I backed up with fear in my eyes, never in my life did I see these things live, they were more scarier that they did on TV.
"Are they Digimon's too?" I asked in the shaky voice.
"Yes they are," Said Bonytmon furmly backing up as I did too, "now get Tai to safty! I'll handl them!"
"Just do it!"
I turned and helped Matt heave Tai onto his shoulders, we all climed up the whip and started to run for the entrice of the cave when there was a bright flash behind us. I stopped and turned to Cunomon coming toward me with joy in her eyes, I welcomed her in my arms. I held her in the air and spun around and hugged her tightly.
"You didn't have to do that," I said, "we could've tried to make peace with them before you descroyed them."
"I know," Bontymon responded, "but they could've killed all of us if I didn't do anything....and becides, they wouldn've listened to you anyways."
"We better get out of here and attened to Tai's wonds." Said Matt.
I was greatful that they helped me found the Crest of Peace, but how was this going to help Cunomon; but first thing was first, we had to make sure that Tai was all right. He slid off Matt's shoulder and said that he could take care of himself when he stepped onto his swollen ancal. Matt quickly turned and caught Tai before he fell, he put his hand under Tai's lags to cradle him in his arms.
"Tai, we all know that you can take care of your self but sometimes you just got to trust that we can take care of each other." Matt responded.
"Your right....sorry Matt."
"Shh. You should rest."
I was nice that Tai has such supportive loving friends, but I felt jealous for some reason, I just don't know why. I all way felt that way after my mom and dad dumped me off at the orfinage. My life there was not to bad, but I felt jealous of thoses who got picked or got further than I did. I would cridosize my self until I met a girl who was real nice, she told me that peace was the only way to get around.
It wasn't until I was twelve when a family took her away, I did miss her but question began to race though my mind, why wasn't I the only one who hasn't gotten chosen? What do I have to do to make ends met? It wasn't long before I decided to run away and make my own foundation; I lived out on the streets for away until I found a job working at a gas station. I started to save up some money and got an apartment.
"Well," I said, "good luck on your travels, come cunomon."
The vibes changed quite drasticly after that, I ignored it and turned around and started around, Sora stepped and asked if I really wanted to do this. Pain pearced my heart, I stopped and stood there for one moment as Joe stepped and asked why I didn't want to be part of the team.
"Let her go," Said Matt, "we can't make her no more than we can change her mind."
I was glad that he said that, I had my feeling hurt before when my parents dumped me and my friend leaving me too. I voued that I would never trust anyone ever again....we I can trust Cunomon because there was something about her that I liked. I walked away holding her in my arms but why was I feeling all these emosions in my heart. Was my intuion trying to tell me something or was it wrong just to leave all together.
"Are you all right?" Cunomon asked studying my face.
"I'm okay."
"Are you sure?"
"Not exactly," I sighed, "but a woman must trust her own heart before she can face the world. It took a long time for me to learn that."
"I think I know what your talking about." Cunomon smiled.
By that point, we were sitting under a big Ok tree, the tempiture was droping as the sun was going down. I was to tired to go on and see if there was any selter and I still couldn't get over the fact about that the other Digidestined cared about me. A tear ecept from my eye as I rapped my arms around my knees. My heart felt like it was tarn in two, I baured my head in my knees shaking in pain.
"Baylee? Are you cold?"
"Huh," I gasped rising my head, "oh Cunomon, you sceared me!"
"You need to rest. You had a long day."
''But I'm afraid..." I addmited.
"What are you afraid of?"
I picked her up and held her tight and told that I didn't want to her leave me; she giggled and asked why I would asked such a question when I know the answer. I couldn't help but smile at her and asked her she was my friend, Cunomon rose one eyebrow.
"Of course." She answered.
I closed my eyes and drifted off to dream land, still thinking about what I did. The feeling would not go away; the harder and harder I tried to think of good thoughts it just wouldn't go away. It started to grow into a nightmear in my dreams that would slowly turn into reality.

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