Baylee: The Digidestined

By: Kelly

I thought my day wouldn't have become any weirder when I first came to his new world called the Digitalworld to become a Digidestined. That's how I met Cunomon; a female Digimon with no body but a head, cat like ears, a tail and old blue eyes. She had a frisky demeanor and a sharp tongue; Cunomon never failed to meat my expectation's (witch where very few) and she was all way's there for me when I needed her.
I'm sure that you're confused, so let me begin at the beginning, It all started when I was walking home from school in the rain. The rain never bothered me but with it coming down like cat's and dogs it was ridiculous! I watched people run for shelter with newspapers on their heads; I stopped and turned to look into a brightly-lit shop and saw computers for sale. I decided to walk in and look around, if only my income wasn't so damn low I could get one.
I walked out opened my umbrella and put it over my head when I heard a big splash from the top of my umbrella. I lowered it to see what looked like a. I picked it up and looked over my shoulder to let my eyes scanned the building to see were it came from. I frond in confusion when I realized that there was no second story to the computer store; hmm, I thought, this is weird.
I turned the device over to see that there was no description where the thing was made. It can't be a stopwatch, I thought again; it's to advance to be one. When I turned it over the second time the device started to glow, my eyes grew big with fear, I was about to drop it when I noticed from the corner of my eye the computer screen was glowing too.
I turned as the color drained from face; my body felt like it was being pulled into it, before I was sucked into the computer I heard people screaming in fear. The next thing I knew I felt my body rolling like a tire; I had no idea where I was or were I was going. Just right then I saw a strip of light, and I was heading straight for it; I closed my eyes when I came to the light and remembered nothing more.
It must've been two hours when I realized that I wasn't dead; I lowly opened my eyes to see that my gaze was meat by cold blue eyes. The figure had no body but a head and cat like ears; I pushed it off and moved back with a disgusted look on my face. I had no idea what I was looking at. It bounced toward me with a friendly look on its face; my heart was pounding really fast and for some reason, I couldn't move.
"Don't be afraid of me, Bail I'm your friend Cunomon."
"What are you and how do you know my name?" I asked feeling calmer.
"I'm a Digimon," Cumomon answered hopping into my lap, "I was told to meat you hear and protected you...dissipate the fact that your landing was a little rough."
I starred at her for one moment feeling really weird, was I dreaming or was this real? Something's not right I'm going to find out what it is. I allowed my eyes to look around to verify where I was, needless to say, I was in a forest millions of miles away from my home town in Japan.
"Where am I, Cunomon?"
"Your in the Digitalworld," She answered hopping out of my lap as I rose to my feet, "a place here good and bad Digimon grow up."
"Okay," I said picking Cunomon up and shaking her, "I don't know what's going on here but I..."
Before I could finish my question the ground started to shake, I lost my balance and fell on my butt. I turned to see that part of the bar ground has been moved upright. My mouth dropped open when I saw a holographrogecor and a hologram of an old man standing on top. Cunomon hopped out of my lap with a lid up face to stop two feet away.
"Gennai, I found her," She said hopping up and down with excitement as I walked up and stood next to Cunomon.
"Yes, I can see that," He responded, "Welcome to the Digitalworld my young friend..."
"Thanks...but who are you?"
"He's non other then Gennai...the oldest being in all of the Digitalworld."
"I can see that Cunomon," I groaned, "so what do you want from me?"
"The reason you are here is that you are chosen to save the Digitalworld from distraction...."
"Why me? Why couldn't my..." I paused when I saw that he was going to interrupt me.
"My signal is fading....good luck."
"Wait!" I panicked when saw the hole system disappear, "great! That's just great!"
I took the exclamation points off my head and slammed them down to the ground. Cunomon told me to calm down; I was about to tell her that she was right when more strange Digimon's came from either side of us. They had an interesting features about them, bat wing like ears, gray fur, long tails, and sharp claws. The only thing that all most made me laugh was that they didn't look all that scary, the creatures looked sort of cute.
"You don't know who you're dealing with, Gazimon's!" Cunomon growled.
"Wait!" I panicked.
Before I could stop her, I saw, from the corner of my eye that the device I had in my hand was glowing. A beam came down from the heavens and it started to make Cunomon glow. I stood there as I watched her go round in round, what was going here, I got to help her before that energy beams hurts her.
"Cunomon digivole to..."
Her body started to change right before my eyes, she started to grow a white body, spanned-decks, fingerless gloves, followed by a bra like armor around her chest and a black mask. Boy, She must really like black, I thought. She hissed and wiped the air with her whip. The thing I didn't get was that she was no taller then the Gazimon's, are all Digimon's three feet tall or do they have a growth problem.
"Bontymon," She said roughly, "stay back Baylee, this could get messy!"
"Messy," Said a voice from behind, "I was hoping that it would start off that way."
I turned around to see a Monkey like Digimon walking up, he was tall and slander with really dark shads. Bontymon stepped right in front of me, she looked like she was ready to fight.
"I was hopping that we would never met again, Etemon!" Bontymon coldly.
"I'm flattered that you remember me." Etemon replied fanning himself with his hand.
"Oh, I remember all right," Bontymon hissed, "I remember how you took advantage of me! You would have killed me right after words if it wasn't for Gennai and...."
"Memories smemories! Are you ready to hear my latest song or what?"
Bontymon showed her fangs while she hissed, I got between them saying that there was another way to handle the situation then fighting. One of the Gazimon's took a hold of me and pulled me back. Pain shot though arms as I tried to pull away, now what, I thought, this Digimon Monkey guy will hurt her if I don't do something.
"You leave Baylee out of this, Etemon! It's me you want! Let her go!"
"I don't have time for this! Are you ready to fight or not!"
Bontymon growled whipped her rope around Etemon's neck and pulled down; she pulled him across the ground close to her. Bontymon put her hand around his thought digging her claws into his neck. The Gazimon's gasped in fear, from my prospective; I could tell that they were trying to keep their cool.
"You're really starting to piss me off! Are you going to let Baylee go or not!"
Etemon drew his hand back and punched Bontymon in the stomach, I wanted in horror as Etemon got a hold of her by the neck and picked her off the ground. He started to punch her really hard in the chest; I closed my eyes as my face turned dark. There was nothing that I could do. The Gazimon's had me and all my fighting power was pined down all because I felt insonifagent.
"Howling blaster!"
My eyes shot open as I turned my head to see two cute boy's riding on a fairly large wolf accompanied by a seven story tall Digimon. The Gazimon's screamed and ran, Etemon dropped Bontymon and ran after his followers telling them they were cowards. I ran to my Digimon and scooped her in my arms; one of the boys hopped off. He had rich brown hair, goggles, short sleeve blue shirt and brown shorts.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Tai," He smiled as the other boy hopped off, "and this is my best friend Matt."
I wanted so much to introduce my self but getting Bontymon back on her feet was my first priority. Tai's friend Joe and Izzy were the most help, they helped me bandage her up; I took my coat off and rapped her up and laid her horizontal on my lap.
"Thank you so much for helping me..."
"It's been your pleasure," Said Tai with a smile.
I looked into his eyes to notice something, I felt as though my own sprite was free like I had the right to have freedom. I immediately extended my hand and introduced my self and Bontymon, he clasped onto my hand and gave me a nice firm handshake. I told my half of my story how I got here and they told theirs.
"That's completely different from how I got here," I said one minute later.
"Yea, but Gennai said nothing about this to us." Izzy responded.
"I know..."
Right then I noticed that Bontymon was slowly regaining consensus, my face lit up when her eyes opened. Everyone crowed around me as she looked around and said hi. I wanted so much to hug her but I controlled my self and told her that she need some rest.
"Wait! There's something that Gennai wanted me to give to you..."
Bontymon reached in her pocket and brought out what looked like a necklace with a shine tag on the end of it. Everyone gasped in shock, from with I could see was that they were shocked to see one of this. I was too but I was more confused than shocked.
"It's a crest tag..."
"We know that! But how come we went though a lot of trouble finding ours when she didn't have to brake a sweat?" Gonamon complained.
"...All I was told was to give this to you and we were to find the crest..."
"I think Etemon hit you to hard---" I interrupted.
"No," Said Tai as I looked to see him reach down his shirt to bring out what looked like the something Bontymon showed me, "she's telling you the truth, See? It's the crest of courage. Matt has the crest of friendship, Nimi as the crest of sincerity, Sora has the crest of love witch in my opinion is perfectly for her. Joe has the crest of reliability, and Izzy here has the crest of knowledge. Witch means that there are other crests scattered about Server."
"Whoa! Time out," I said confusingly, "could you explain that in English please."


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