Angels + Beasts

Welcome to the Angels + Beasts Main Page. This is my first series, still in progress. It is YAOI, and has a base rating of "R".

By the way-in reference to the title, it has nothing to do with Angemon fighting some evil monsters or anything like that. It based on a quote from someone that I can't remember (my History teacher said it once...) that "Mankind lies between the angels and the beasts", and it means that sometimes people can be kind and humane, and other times, perform atrocious acts. The story's more about internal struggles between good and evil.

+Part 1: Dreams

+Part 2: Visitor

+Part 3: Fire

+Part 4: Blue

+Part 5: Memories

+Part 6: Fireflies

+Part 7: Makurayami / Hikari

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about this fic, and enjoyed it, I really appreciate it! And I'm really glad that I finally got it finished!

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