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Welcome to Gohan's Dragonball Page!! This is my collection of Pics, info, and multi-media. I am always updating it with more info and multi-media as I get more. If you would like to use SOME of my pics(not all so dont ask)then E-mail me. You can also reach mah site by going to, www.gohanspage.cjb.net, instead of the longer one. E-mail me with any suggestions on what I should add next or change. Please Vote for me and please sign my Guestbook. Thanx and have fun! Keep checking back for more updates/changes.

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I just got my new site. It has unlimited space which means I will be able to add much more to my site. The new address for it is http://xdbgohanx.cjb.net It wont be up for a lil while, but it should be up in at most a couple weeks. I'll see ya guys there!

-11/2/00-SITE NEWS:Hey! I finished with the layout changes today. I think it makes it look a lil better but I will probably change it slightly soon. Tell me what you think of it and whether I should change it again or not. Thats about all for today unless I make some changes later tonite. See ya later. Gohan

-11/1/00-SITE NEWS:Yo peepz. I changed the main pic today and made some other small changes. I will finish with the change later tonite or tomorrow probably. Tell me what you think, and e-mail me with any tips or ideas on what to do next on the site. Thats about it so I guess I'll see ya later peepz. I'll try to update some stuff later on. Later. Gohan

-10/28/00-SITE NEWS:Waz up peepz? Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I was just looking at my site and I don't know what else to add so if you want to E-mail mewith some ideas of stuff I should add/change. I put up my Disclaimer today(at the bottom of the page) and made some other minor changes, but guess that is all for now. Oh, and an extra note to everyone who plans on e-mailing me: 1.) Please do not e-mail me with stupid stuff like "Your site sux", or other sh*t making fun of me. 2.) IF YOU DO e-mail me, please make sure it at least makes sense. I dont want to waste my time trying to figure out what you are trying to say in your e-mails. I don't have time for any of this stuff to deal with so please don't do it. If you want to say something about my site please sign my guestbook. I get enough e-mails a day about that kinda stuff and I appreciate it but I don't have time for them all. I am not trying to be mean about any of the above, but please don't do it. Thank you. ~Gohan

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