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This is a little section where I can put up little stuff that pisses me off. Don't flame me if you dissagree with me about this. This is my own opinion.Don't you hate when PPL who like you treat you like TOTAL crap! >_<''' Some idiots (no names)*cough cough.."BRYAN!!"..cough..cough* cares only enough to taunt you as you walk down the hall. Hmm..familiar?? Of course THIS idiot will run from me when his 'widdle' friend isn't with him. HAH!!

Also, don't you hate when the BSB (BS boys, sorry Molly) bash *nsync?? >_< We had a sock hop at my school Friday, and it was TOO SHORT!! ^_^ " was fun, while it lasted! @~~)~~~~

Ian Ritter, if you are reading this, when I come to interview Dr. Silliman for Web-cats, DO NOT PLAY YOUR DAMN TRUMPET THAT FRICKIN LOUD! DO NOT YELL "HEY, look who's here!" I DID NOT COME IN THERE TO HAVE TO HEAR YOU TAUNT ME! And leave me alone, and stop calling April "Casper" You were nicer last year. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!!!??? Again, this is my opinion. If you have a problem, keep it to yourself.

Isn't Britney Spears (BS, hee hee) ANNOYING??? Her songs are pretty good, but her??? Don't get me started. AND DON'T ASK FOR A COPY OF THIS PICTURE...BOYS!!!!!

WEE! 11-30-01 I just had to put this on the internet for all to see....

I like this guy....Mike...he's a junior. I'm a freshman. He doesn't look at girls who are three years younger. This pisses me off, understandably. You know why...? In the book Damia, by Anne McCaffrey, this guy Afra is 30 when his boss has a daughter. When said daughter is about 30, they sleep together and end up having ten children and saving the world. And Mike doesn't even look at me.

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