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~ My Junk Page~

KUDOS to Quacky, Hope, Nahana-chan, Anja-sama, Rene, Molly, Alex (hope U C this!!), *NSYNC(!!!) and Dizzy. You know who U R!! ^_^ 5/12/Y2K Okay, this will also be a kind of diary for me. Not too personal, 'cause my friends have this address. Today we get our yearbook, and I 'DON WANNA!!! Yearbook mean Year-end, 'an Year-end mean NO MORE FRIENDS TO SEE! T_T WAHH!! Hey, check out! It's a kind of chat room. I'm signed up and I WON'T tell you my screen name, find out for yourself. Hey Dizzy, wish cartooning started earlier! ^_^ 5/15/Y2K Oh hey, the new Harry Potter book is coming soon! Can't wait!! 8-30 Wahhh, haven't updated in a while.. Check my soap box

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