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Hi peeps!

Here are some sketches Ash and I drew.
These were mostly drawn during class
(ya know when it gets kinda boring)
Click on the pics to enlarge them.

            Here's one on Lantis.                                One of Ash's April Fool's Day drawings                        Sailor lil Bunny :)
       Clef: create another Lantis?! You gotta
               be kidding!?
       Lantis: Heh, heh, they love me! They
                really luv me!
        Ash: <3 mine all mine (she's holding a
                tiny cloned Lantis)
        Aya: Heh, heh (*she's holding onto Lantis*)
        Lantis: *big sweat drop*

And... this is one of mi doodles I sketched and colored when
I was finished with one of mi finals.

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