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Medical Properties of Henna:
The henna plant has several medical properties, chief among them is its ability to cool down the human body.
It has long been used as a treatment for sunburns.
Henna paste is commonly used for coloring hair, not only to cover up gray hair, but also acts as a hair conditioner. If you add a little lemon juice and yogurt to the paste it helps control dandruff.
Because of its soothing qualities, Henna is traditionally applied on the palm of the hands. Since the palm contain numerous nerve ending, when henna is applied to that area it helps to relax the system.
Henna mixed with a little vinegar and applied to the head is reputed to heal headaches.
In addition to its cooling properties, it can be used as a coagulant for open wounds and a soft heated mass made with henna leaves sooth burns and certain type of eczema.
It is also used to cure liver problems.
Henna plant’s flower oil has been used as a perfume for many centuries.


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