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Hey Hey! This is a new story I am thinking of and I'm not sure if it's good yet gimme feed back people tell me what you wanna read. And I will give you credit if I get good Ideas and put them in the story. It will be like blah blah(lol Chick. OK?

HEY!! I updated!! Ch. 7 is now there!! ENJOI!!!

Well I'm Tati and I hope you enjoy the story. Ok here is the stuff you all know...I don't know the guys, I'm not related so if you send me love mail the guys won't get it. Sry. but If I knew them I would deffinatly give them ur mail but I donm't know them.-k-? Well now that that's taken care of...lets get on with the show...
OH plz sign my guestbook, k? thnx a bunch P.S ok I've been e-mailed by ppl and my computer was an A$$ so I lost your e-mails...could you plz send them to me again so I can continue tellin' you about updates. thnx and soo sooo sorry!

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Hey guys I just got a new e-mail address so if you want to e-mail me suggestions e-mail me at :