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  my collection
I collect coins not only by-type !
I collect circulation world coins that are different in the minting year ,
or different in the minting place , or different in any other aspect .
And i collect also variation coins & errors .

I don't collect bank-notes ,
I don't collect stamps ,
I don't collect telephone-cards ,
I don't collect bubble-gums ,
         I collect only coins
In order to make our swap as big as possible ,
i can offer you such items from Israel ,
but in return , i want from you only coins .

  my coins
I offer israeli circulation coins (and only israeli coins) .
Some of them are nicer and more shining than the other ,
but , most of them are simple circulation coins .
No cut , no big stains , no hole and no other obvious damage ,
just common circulation coins .

  my swaps
I prefer to swap with other by-year collectors ,
and i prefer to swap 100 coins in each swap .
But , i enjoy talking and swapping with other collectors .
and i'm ready to listen to any swap suggestion you have .

Since i'm interested in circulation coins only ,
and since i'm offering circulation coins in return ,
i prefer to swap coins on "1 for 1" terms .

I want to emphasize that i want only circulation coins from you .
Please send to me coins that are not worse than "VF" grade ,
but are not better than "XF" grade .

I send my coins by Registered-Mail , and i expect you to do the same .

To assure you that i'm an honest collector ,
i can give you details of world collectors that swapped with me in the past .
You can check with these collectors about me .