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In Loving Memory of
Chrissie Carrigan
November 14, 1986 - December 6, 2001


Behold, what God has created,
Wonders remaining unseen
To look upon the lights of night,
In a clear transparent sky.
Visions of life dance for us there.
With flickering sparkles, so clean,
Our eyes only see a far away star,
Never asking just how, or why,
Then a gift from God fills our heart,
To open our sight within,
His creation takes a whole new shape,
Beauty, that can make us cry.
Then, look upon those lights of night,
As Gods eyes, seeking us again
Surrounding us with a silvery mist,
From angels wings as they fly.
That sparkle bouncing from their silken wings.
With a soul, they are guiding home,
You will be blessed with the sound you hear,
It is our angels who start to sing.
By: Paul D. McCutcheon


Of all the priceless treasures,
You have left behind,
I have found the stream of dreams,
Throght the mystical memories it drifts,
With depths no one else will ever know,
For beneath the current lives peace, and calm
You have placed within my mind,
And as the water ripples within my soul,
Your vision washes over me.
And upon the sparkling waves,
That bounces atope the crystal crest,
I see your precious love for me,
And, only I can rest my tears.
Upon those reflections inside,
So, rest my weary heart from pain,
With comfort as I dream
Of your life that flows so free,
Through this stream of dreams,
That falls from heaven above.
To, forever, flow in me.
By: Paul D. McCutcheon

CHRISSIE, You are Loved & Missed So Much...

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