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BIENVENIDOS! TADA! THIS IS THE LONGEST TEXT EVER EVERYONE! THE ALMIGHTY HERMNERP ALLIANCE WAS FORMED AFTER AL'S LTE MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED (IT WAS PHI!!!) THE FIRST PART IS TIFF'S PREVIOUS LTE BEFORE HERMNERP, FOLLOWING THAT IS THE HERMNERP LTE! ENJOY!!!!!!! ~~~ 1*19*04~~~Okay maaaaawn gonna make the LONGEST TEXT EVER RIIGHT HERE!! yeah sure ya betcha! -inspired by www.angelfire.com/falcon/flamingchickens **doo doo!! and by my friend Al who WAS inspired by www.angelfire.com/falcon/flamingchickens **doo doo!! alrighty dighty then. I know how to spell HEINOUS see there I did it HEINOUS MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! creepy huh? hehe yep today me and Al and Josh went bowling and then we went to Al's and watched Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. In a creepy shaky voice::"HEHEH! I am the grim reaper I have come for your souls! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH come heeere.." The Grim Reaper is AWESOME! Yeah I was happy ya see cuz today I got a 93 in bowling which is my best score so far (WOOT! WOOT!) and yeah I was happy lol. ANYWAY!- tomorrow we all go back to school arrr! stinks I HATE school...GREATLY LOATHE! ya see right now (8:42 pm) I sit here in me chair writing tis here text when really I am SUPPOSED to be babysitting-heheeheheheheeh eeviiil!! whahahahahah! WHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA! PEANUT!PEANUT!PEANUT!PEANUT! -times infinity- WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I changed my imood from delighted! to bittersweet ~thats sad, mood is going down, bittersweet I like it better actually but still not as happy and DELIGHTFUL as delighted:D. I can't remember why I was delighted actually.........bittersweet is because school tomorrow waaaah! lol I always complain about everything sheeash..ow..I poked myself in the eye....ow that hurt...OWW!!! lol ya see if I type here everyday (yeah..I'm that pathetic..) I will be able to get the LONGEST TEXT EVER!!! whaaaaa heheehehaaw! Me and Al are gonna join the bowling team and Ngoc maybe too..yep next year...spanish...bowling team WOOOO!! bowling is awesome ppl kinda think it's retarTed but really it's fun! ^^fun fun fun til her daddy takes the t bird away FUN FUN til her blahdy it's tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme thats right on time It's Tricky! Tricky Tricky Tricky Tricky!^^ NERP! NERP! Al already said in her LTE lol, BUT yeah were going to Colorado to go to college to become what?--no idea!! hah! but yeah and we are naming our dogs ( the ones we sneak into our apartment lol TEHE!) Herm, Nerp and Duder! --cool eh? yeah I know...we need to pick out what kinda dogs Herm, Nerp and Duder are gonna be. Herm will probably be a Corgi hee and Nerp a Border Collie but I just don't know if I could sneak a Border Collie into an apartment lol probably not but hey it's worth a shot and duder..hum we don't know...maybe a poor little mixed breed that we save off of the streets ...awwwww poor little puppy all alone on the cold lonely streets. I just thought and someone who came to this site could learn a lot about me lol, and someone who went to Al's too could learn a lot about her...hmm kinda creepy..lol like someone emails me and they know all about me..HAAA but no one would care about some complete stranger would they? ACTUALLY ya know I tried to read the LTE from the other person (flaming chickens) but I couldn't I can't read that long brain fries *keeerssshhh!* --no I don't know where keeeersssshh came from..just leave me alone!!! GOSH!! eh heh eh heh YES HAW! lol This is sad Al's LTE so far is longer then mine AND I didn't even count that her font was smaller, I'm embarassed..thats really sad lol. My life is just boring and I have nothing to say I don't know why I bother doing this anyway no one will read it probably..except Al and she might get bored and quit lol. You know I really love getting emails, and little notes too, don't they just brighten your day?!?! They brighten mine! see but I barely get any *HINT HINT GUYS C'MON!!* lol jk actually lately I've gotten a lot just ya know I'm never satisfied! This is sorta like a blog cept all the quizzes are on the first...um 7 pages then yeah this lol talking, I'm gonna date it, then I can look back and laugh at how incredibly stupid I was lol. I think that I will do this forever and ever lol-yeah-I'll be in Colorado and still be workin on my LONGEST TEXT EVER (w/Al) yep yep CAN'T WAIT!!!! OUR AWESOME FISH TANK WALL!!!!! AHH AWESOME!!!! lol. I'm gonna try to put pictures on my other websites see if it works, but..OF COURSE...I's a be back!!!* NOPE! no worky too bad. I had the notebook ALL break and I only wrote 7 pages--sad--agh herm..oh well. Ha babysitting kids (my cousins Brittany and Danielle) got picked up ~ got $10 now, cool. Listenin' to music...^^lalala ladeda^^ fun de fun fun! argh can't wait til the weekend!! lol and the week hasn't even started! ^^I've dealt with my ghosts and I've faced all my demons, finally content with the past I regret. I found you find strength in your moments of weakness. For once I'm at peace with myself. I've been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long. I'm movin' on. I've lived in this place and I know all the faces. Each one is different but they're always the same. They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it, they'll never allow me to change. But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong. I'm moving on.^^ hum that reminds me of the Stephanie thing a little --grr made me MAD.^^At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me, and I know there's no guarantees, but I'm not alone. There comes a time in everyone's life, when all you can see are the years passing by, and I've made up my mind that those days are gone...^^ 1*20*04 and now for the little kiddies out there..a STORY! ~This is about a little midget man's adventure! (no offense to any midgets). A little midget man sat under a bridge. "Oh no! Oh no!" said a frog in the creek. "The evil troll is going to come and bite off your ears!" he told the little midget man. "Whaaat?!? froggy, froggy, froggy you're obviously mental -trolls do NOT exist! It's all your imagination." said little midget man. Then from the forest came a big ugly troll stomping through the grass. His hair was green and his eyes were red. He had humongous feet - longer then his arms! "ARRRGH!" he roared. "Who is under my bridge!!!?!? I CAN HEAR YOU!!!" "oh no! I told you there was a troll! I told you!!!" squealed the little froggy. The little midget man said calmly "No problem!" he pushed a button on his coat and wooosh! Jet pack! The blue fire spurted out of the bottom of the pack in two long flames. The little midget man flew into the sky. He was going all over, circling, circling, circling. While in the sky he ran into a pretty bluebird. The bluebird yelled "Ahh! Watch where you're going!!" They rammed into each other and came tumbling down into the woods.--thats as far as I got sorry kiddies lol. I wrote it today 4th period in English. She said just write whatever comes to your head, yep thats what came to my head...you're jealous eh? wish ya had my HEAD DONTCHA!!! don't lie...LIAR!New classes for the semester today -hah schedule change, and I got tons of hwk...geez teachers sheezer louiser. Al-don't complain that I used louiser..you do the same thing lol. We should make a pact or something that we can use each others things..huh yeah how about it?? huh huh yeah lets lets. Gala costs 24 buckeroonies 12 for both ppl and the girls have to buy them too..heh funny...only funny because Al's broke..heheheeheheeheheheheheeh lol. Shoulda thought of that before HE asked YOU HAWHAW you were supposed to ask him HAW funny HAW lol jk..I'm a retard. I need to go to Wal*Mart to get my stuff for social studies. Mr.Pagan is VERY VERY VERY ORGANIZED!!! EXTREMELY, so I got to go buy this notebook binder with tabs and special paper and ya know the works..white out and stuff lol. Check it out! cool eh? yep there's tons!!! hah cooool. ^^I really don't mind the rain, kinda feels like we're drowning in the Lord's pain. Til the sun comes out and shines again, smile, give me reason to keep believin' that everything ain't misleading and I kiss the clouds on rainy days and smile for you when the skies are gray babe. Cuz I'm a teardrop away from crying and a few shots away from dying, dear Lord would you shower my pain, let it rain, let it rain on me while I cherish the air I breathe. I'm an angel that can't soar, can't fly, and I've mastered it, Lord knows why.^^ I love the rain...<3*<3*<3*<3*:D :D :D 11*21*04 What's his name?? What's his name?? Rosco?? huh..I have a friend who has a dog named Rosco...actually I have 2 FRIENDS whose dogs are named Rosco! hah wow, Rosco is his name right? what?? whaaat?? Rascal??? like the Little Rascals??? ooh THATS his name? what are you laughing at?? WHATS SO FUNNY!??! Rusty?? whaat? I thought his name was Rascal!! WHAT IS HIS NAME?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!!!!!!!lol okay anyway (hah that was funny today at lunch heh heh heh) SOOOooOooOOOoOoOOOOoooooO I've just been adding to my picture collection tonight. I go on google click on images and look up stuff that I think is cool. Josh and I have both been looking for pictures of lightning, they're pretty cool. There are some where the sky is bright red it's awesome. I looked for some stuff about Colorado too (WHERE I WANNA MOVE!!:D) hehe but all to no avail, for I found no information.. boohoo..I never find information about Colorado. I gotta write a boooring business letter for eng. strat so I'm gonna see if I can find a cool college in Colorado that I can write too for information..hehe. I hate doing boring stuff like business letters though I'd MUCH MUCH rather do a creative writing assingment (MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH FUNNER!!) hehe funner, more fun, funnerer..lol. AHEEEM. SAVE THE RAINFOREST! 137 species (animals, plants and insects) are lost every day! Rainforest used to conver 14% of the earths surface and now only a measly 6% thats pathetic!! oh and I hate the number 6 (eeee!!!) so for now on instead of that number I will put E or e..stands for EVIL MWAHHAHAHAH because that number is evil I hate it and NO it's not because of 666 being the devil number, everyone always thinks that. You know experts predict that in 40 years there will be no rainforest left!?! RAAARR!!! STOP!! REEEECCYYYCCLLLEEE!!!! Someday I want to visit the rainforest ...traveling! fun! I think it would be awesome since I love rain and they get like 9 feet of rain there compared to the 2-4 feet here in the midwest (blaaah I hate it!!) I also wanna go to Ireland..see the castles and stuff and since I'm irish..a lot..I wanna yeah go lol. Yes and the other place I would like to go is Mexico because I wanna practice my spanish speaky ability...maybe like Cancun or something..hah coooool Spring break wooohooo Cancn Cancun..hum idk which it is....el acento? s o no? hehehe. I'm trying to get my LTE longer then Al's lol we're seeing who can ramble on longer hah I'm pretty good at rambling, but she is too so it's a pretty close race at the moment..hum oOoOoOo I should change my imood! I'm not pissed anymore! yay! lol 1*22*04 yo...lol it's 8:57 p.m. and I got some time to add to this (since Al's in Nebraska I need to beat her SOOOOOO BADLY!!) welp welp welp my LTE is pretty short I just looked at Flaming Chickens and Star Glazers lte and they are ummm yeah a bitty bit longer makes me and Al's look really really..pathetic lol. WHICH THEY ARE BUT DUUUUDER we just started like 4ish days ago..I don't know maybe more I don't know but come on give us a break! geez! SO now we're all gonna start a LTE webring YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! cool duder lol works for me get my website all OUT THERE~ ya know. Heh I'm gonna get way ahead of Al...HEHEHEHEHEH! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I AM BEATING YOU ALREADY AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT YET!!! HWAHWAAAH!!! hehe. ^^Why don't you and I get together, and take on the world and be together forever. Heads we will and tails we'll try again. So I say why don't you and I hold each other, and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven cuz without you they're never gonna let me in.^^ I always sing songs on here thats like what I do. HAH! go to www.thespark.com and take the IQ test they must have messed up on mine cuz it was way higher then it shoulda been..I'm a huge retard idk how I got it lol COOL! so now I'm gonna say big words ahem *PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT* lol and act smart. AYE! I have to remember to bring Nick next time I see Al or she'll have my head! crudder dud cracker nut!! hum..HOW shall I remember...dooo...Moving on to something else. I'd like to encourage everyone out there to make a LTE! page so that I can link you to mine and that we can be buddy chum chums and link each other and all that great stuff..so yeah e-mail me (RexRocks72@yahoo.com) if you're gonna make one so I can link ya..not like I'll give you anymore people or anything but ya know..lol it's just to make my page look a little snazzyER k? cool cool dum dum de dum YESSS!! TOMORROW'S FRIIIIIIDAAAY!!!! oh and if anyone has surveys in there e-mail send me them GOTTA LOVE THOSE SURVEYS! I should make a page dedicated to surveys! ah what fun what fun! lol my friend sends me emails where she's all pissed cuz I send too many surveys.HWAHAHWAH! and yeah she won't read this because NONE OF MY FRIENDS SUPPORT ME! lol jk if someone actually does read this..........(shhh!!!!) yeah I was jk there are like some friends who do like 2..lol SHUT UP LEAVE ME ALONE! 2 is a good number..I like my friends..okay so just ya know I DON'T CARE! lol yes I do like my friends the ones who read my LTE..yeah none of the other ones though lol JK JK gosh simmer down simmer down don't get so worked up guys ya know I'm kidding (SUUUURE) no no jk again HAH! see laugh HAW HAW HAW that Tiff what a joker *punches me on arm really really hard* 'YOU ALL ARE SOO ABUSIVE!! BOOHOOOHOOO' *hides in the closet, bawling* heheheheheheheheheheh AHHHCHOOO ew boogerjuice all over my sweatshirt..oh well!!Well thats a lot of rambling for one day lol not really but ya know I got stuff to do (REALLY!) not really actually I'm lying, but yeah I'm still gonna leave and just like stare at my wall see if it changes colors or something (YA NEVER KNOW!) here's hoping...1*25*04 crud crud lol I was supposed to make this really really long ya know while Al was gone in Nebraska *hAH!) but I didn't, never got around to it so now I need to be working on it now hehe. Well hmmmmm last night was freaky I ran to McDonalds and this lady the whatever "what do you want" lady was creepy she kept staring at me. Then she's like where did you come from???? heh heh um that way *point* "oh" then she just stares at me some more it's freaky dude wths lol. CREEEEEPY geez man. Then yeah it was freaky I don't know she was freaky dude. FRRREEEAAAKKKKYYYY. WELL as of now I sit waiting to get in the shower cuz it's taken and yeah since it's my mom it will be like a couple more hours..ar. School tomorrow man Sundays are so sad...ya know that Monday is tomorrow it sorta ruins it. Today I'm at home alllll day. garrar. lol sound effects again heeh.*SPLOOSH SPLOOSH* ar! today isn't very good so far better work on it, hum what should I do? I should go somewhere or something idk but I should ya know yeah yeah I should. I need some cash though. The only thing I can do in this place is going bowling or see a movie thats about it in winter at least. In summer you can walk around all over like to 5 points and get some fortune cookies yeah 10 cents each. It's pretty fun actually, I enjoy it. I'm sort of easily amused I'd say though because just sitting in my room staring at the wall was funny makes me start cracking up just sittng there. Tell myself a joke and hah it's funny I laugh. lol. ^^You mighta heard I run with a dangerous crowd. We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud. We might be laughing a bit too loud, aw but that never hurt no one.^^ohohohoh^^Your mother told ya all that I could give you was a reputation. aww she never cared for me, but did she ever say a prayer for me ohohohoh^^ arrooo ROOOF whoo whoo whoo whoo WHOO haven't ate barely anything today sheez I need a mt.dew, mmm ahh thats good me & Al have a SPECIAL Mt.Dew (that is currently in MY possession MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!) ever since the exorcist-dang been a long time...SHEEZ. hum just named the 4 golden retrievers on my mousepad Ricky, Leo, Jazz and Jag. cool eh? lol MAN I'm bored! I haven't NOT dont something for an entire day in a long looong loooooong time. Tomorrow's Monday wow that sucks penguins, Gotta babysit too argh need it to pay for Gala (haHA!) dude seems like everyone was gone all day today and I am the only loser stuck at home all day with nothing to do. (no offense to any other losers) lol I was jk geez don't take everything so personally! Tina keeps givin me flower kiss candies man those are really good! most people haven't had any but yeah dude they're good. I have lots of the wrappers all over my desk here because yeah I just keep them and glue them to stuff sometimes lol. Today I thought about counting all the stickers on my sticker door but never got around to it..eh I have tried before but I always lose count..it's hard.I'm gonna make an estimate at like 700 or 800 cuz I really don't know. Mt.Dew is easier to chug when it's warm. 1*26*04 HEEEYA! I have a sad away message that someone at intyjunk wrote and I liked it so I had to shorten it to fit into an away message and make one. YEP! Hey just want to tell anyone who got this far to read this in my LTE and would like to comment to send me an email even if it's an angry you're a retard who is rambling for no reason whatsoever and just taking up precious air on this planet e-mail I'd still be very greatful for you sending :D :D :D you see this is because I do not receive emails very often and get very excited just to get them..so yeah you know my email down at the bottom of the page -don't hesitate JUST DO IT. Birty Birty Birty!!! Tigah Tigah Tigah!!! you're clothes are RED!!!! MWAHAHAHHA you're clothes are BLACK!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I love that movie! hwahaaaaah even though I only saw it once..dude I'm poor I need money for a bunch of stuff right now and I don't have it..lol. ya know important stuff like Gala and to go to the movies and to buy that Birty Tigah movie! arr! ^^Vacation all I ever wanted! Vacation have to get away! Vacation wish it would never end! yeeaaah!^^ I always sing songs on this thinger.. a lot...lots lots lots sing sing laladedoo! Okay I'll come back and add to this later tonight. WOOOOOOOSH!!! Okay, ya know what I notice is that I have the same old problem a lot. I seem to be able to get along with many different kinds of people. The different kinds of people I can get along with tend to not get along with each other. I've found that this is a common problem for me. The people I'm friends with don't get along, they don't like each other, then they want me to choose between them..ouch..usually hard not always but sometimes yeah it is because I don't want to have to choose between them geez gosh people always so competitive. Yeah just thought I'd say that because it's something that I've noticed over the many years (ooo 14) that I've been alive. Holly Toledo I'm 14 thats old geez I remember in the days that I thought 14 was ancient. One time I remember arguing with my mom about candy bars I wanted a candy bar but she said no you can't have a candy bar but she got one. Then I complained because she got one and I didn't then she said when I get old and have a job then I can buy my own candy bars...huh I was little like 7 or 8 lol then yeah I really really wanted to be old so I could have candy bars..lol. Interesting isn't it? Yeah thanks. 3 more days and it will be my 10 day anniversary since I started the LTE! wooooooo! lol cool. :D Alright 1 of the kids is here now, yip! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I get KUNG POW for my bida!!! yipeeeeee!!!!!!! uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh. I snatched you right out of the air! and when it arrives I'll smash it with a HAMMER!! Subway, Good so you don't always have to be. Today I heard that the meatballs at subway were made out of bread crumbs --yeah from somebody who works there HAH! Oh I ALSO learned that this guy who blows up cats lives by me, but I'm not exactly sure WHERE..kinda creepy eh? yeah I know...EEEEE! hehehehe I just went to the Flaming Chickens Website and found her philosophy thing it was very intriguing (sp?) you should check it out I liked it.HEHE By George I've gawt it! sorry just wanted to say that. I learned more today too, like they make thongs that play music when you sit down..cool eh? cept thongs are gross..hah I watched the Osbournes..well it was a long time ago but I remember and the Kelly girl lol hah this is great yeah her thong was so far up her crack that she couldn't get it out, and she shares thongs with her friend...thats pretty gross but ya know whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote. ^^I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck so I shaked my butt bum bum bum bum!^^ I like bum better then butt, but butt rhymes better (actually it doesn't but I was just trying to think of an excuse) MWAHAHAHHAHHAHHAAHAAHHHHAHAAHHAAH! Okay in respondence (lol um yeah) to Al's LTE I'm going to say that I used to watch a movie with a rabbit who ate worms and yeah I think it was The Big Rock Candy Mountains??? and I used to eat chocolate koala bears but now they're pretty much impossible to find and very costly -oh it's a sad life. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." hum yep yep. I think Al's LTE might be beating mine now..MAN! lol I got to keep up! arr! it's difficult though because I don't have much to ramble about since my life is so boring and my brain is so small lol. OPE! guess what everyone I'm reading a BOOK. yep I am really REALLY lol cool eh? HAW yeah I know.. It's called Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn and it's about some popular guy who has a good life pretty much except that his dad used to abuse him. He had this I guess really good girlfriend and he slapped her once and she took him to court and got a restraining order. I don't know I'm only on page 59 out of 263 so yeah but it's okay, it's pretty easy though not very challenging to your brain the words aren't hard or anything lol. Well at least I can understand it and I'll finish it in the 3 week period that I have, I hope. I only read it during school never read at home so yeah I might have to cram a bunch in at the last minute. I'm somewhat interested in the story it isn't terrible the abuse thing is interesting to me I like reading about that but still it's READING which I haven't done recreationally for quite a while but this isn't recreational since I have to write a book report on it. I have wanted a book though because I always seem to have free time in classes where I'm bored and so I can sit and read now but ever since I got new classes for the new semester I haven't had as much free time as I did to last semester. Stinks, I can't write note as often..cept in study hall I guess. Also I'd like to complain that they are making us take swimming a SECOND TIME (Evil) WHY do we have to take it twice?? Why don't they just put it all in one big clump and get it OVER WITH! I guess because of the girls having their periods so missing 2 weeks (approx.) instead of 1..but still ICK why do we even have to take it two times why not just once? I'd also like to say that yes most girls can wear tampons easily..I don't know how they do it..yes I'm sorta weird but I don't wanna stick anything up there it freaks me out ew what if it gets stuck or something and I can't get it out!!?!?! eeee lol yes I am immature but yeah skip it I don't care. I'm not the only person I know with this problem! I've heard that you're supposed to find the right 'angle' eheh eheh uh angle? oookaay and yuck when you pull it out does it all drip and sploosh all over the place?? and if it's made of cotton then can little pieces sorta fly off and then they just sit in there? and I mean if it's INSIDE of you then when you walk can you feel it rub against your insides??? I mean all these questions and I don't have the answers and sometimes idk if I WANT TO KNOW. OOOOHHH well. Feel free to email me with any answers you have. I feel really kiddish for asking this stuff like I'm old and I should know but yeah I don't lol I think I'm pretty immature for my age..HEHE XD good for me! Just got a phone call I guess the other cousin is coming over now too..yep yip yep yip. I didn't know if she was coming or not but now she is! not gonna make a difference though she just sits and does homework anyway. Then Danielle just plays with my brothers so it's pretty easy. I think that I've done a good job rambling today, I actually had a good topic that I can just type and type and type about lol without having to think about what I was gonna say about it, just flooooows out of ya sometimes. Okay I have this really annoying canker sore on my gum and a cut on my toungue owwie PAIN! Josh told me to add SALT to it lol (yeah I know what you're thinking OW) yeah it sorta hurts a little bit EHEM lol but it sorta worked...except mine is in the worst place because it hurts whenever I talk cuz it's right in the space where your lip attatches to your gum so ow my gum rubs accross it whenver I talk eck stinks. 1*27*03 HELLO ALL EVERYONE...welcome to my chambers MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH what interesting things happened today? nothing that I can think of. My life is so boring. My stupid canker sore still hurts. My friends are weird. Josh told me to put salt on it, now Al told me to put ear wax on it LOL...eh taking a quick little break I's a be back! -------THIS MARKS THE SPOT THAT THE HERMNERP ALLIANCE WAS FORMED!!!YAY CELEBRATE MT.DEWS ALL AROUND!------- 1*27*04 *AL* WOOHOO Yipper Skipper me and Tiff got an LTE that is gonna be very very loooong!!! 1*28*04 *TIFF* WOOOP! WOOOP! here we go! dun dun dun, it is 7:02 aweeeesoooome. Well here's the deal okay so me and Al both started LTE's ya see and somehow mine got on to hers like where my ENTIRE LTE page was on her LTE page and totally erased all of her rambling and her lovely story about the old man...tragic isn't it??? WELL we decided to make an LTE together that would be TWICE as long as the other ones (AND it will be, you just wait!) I decided to give it a kick-off this morning with a little rambling of my own. SO I'm planning on erasing my LTE so I can spend my full undevided rambling to THIS one. doo doo! I got like 15 minutes left to just ramble ramble ramble! YaY! I probably won't spend 15 minutes HERE rambling though because I'm supposed to be getting ready to go to school. (oh yippity skippity school BLAH) Well I'll probably just have to type later so yeah gotta go get ready (put my socks on lol) for school! adios! I'll type when I get home. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! LUUUUUCY I'M HOOOOOOOME! BYE! I'll write later and Al gets home at 4:30 and I'm sure she'll be on. HEHEHEHHEHEEHEHEH!okay nvm HEHEHE I'm back hum hum me and Josh are gonna watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail cuz Al let me borrow it..thanks...lol yeeeah. 1*28*04 *AL* OOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEAH I'm all revved up and ready to get this brand new LTE going!!!!!! Ok, so I sort of came in during the middle but who cares????? WHO TOOK MY OTHER LTE???????? It was a good one cuz it had this great story about an old man....... that was two days ago... now it has dissappeared into some other celestial world....hmmmmm... I wanna watch Monty Python!!!! Nothing to do tonight.. so sad. I haven't seen that forever- only like once. But Ilike the torso dude! I will bite off your amrs and legs!!! this fight is not over!! We are the knights who say NEEEEE! Bring us a srubbery! So anyways.... yeah okay I'm bored... I get bored VERY easily... maybe I have ADHD who knows??? That would be sort of cool though ya know??? Oh yeah today I was on complete withdrawl from Mt. Dew because ya know I hadn't had it since Monday which is a really long time for me.. TWO DAYS!! Gah the torture! But anyways after school I had to stay for play practice and being me I was completely broke- so I told my friend Stacie to tell my mom that i was on complete withdrawl from Mt. Dew and ihad a HUGE headache and I was dying! So she did, and after much much much convintion from Stacie my mom brought me $1.25!!!! Isn't that great??? So I got my Mt. Dew after all! I was soooo happy! 20 great oz of delicious yummy great Mt. Dew. But now I found out that it only costs $1.10 at school instead of $1.25 so I got back 15 cents how wonderful!!! Oh I am hyper!!! Heh yesterday I got a T shirt for Asian club which is supposed to have BAMBOO on the back but instead somebody made it to look like WEED! Isn't that great geez and the School made them- what a great role model. lol. Hm I'm sorta cold. ya know it's cold all lonely down here in my basement because I am a deprived child who doesn't have a computer in her room . Waaaa oh well I'll get over it. Shooby Doo. WOOOOOOOOOOSH YEEEEEEEEEEAH! Guess what??? I CAN FLY!!!! I really really can! For real! Nobody believes but I can. Tiff should belive me cuz we're sorta childish like that heh heh he but she dosn't! All I want is one beliver!!! Jus one!!! Email us if you belive me!!!! Ok actually everyone email e and tell me yes or no and then after a while I'll tell you the results- like how many people belive me and how many don't. Hm I might update you every day maybe too. So anyways here's the story. when I was about 5 or E my grandma pulliam would babysit me and my brother after school on Fridays. This is the only time I could fly- when she babysat on a Friday. So I would stand at the top of my stairs- there were about 30 of them- and i would blink my eyes and be at the bottom. So it was like a flying/transporting type thing. But me and my brother still remember it to this day. Cuz he would watch me do it and be like WOAH! I did it twice. And that's the story!!! i think it's pretty believable..... how about ya'll????? i KNOW it happened too- It WASN'T a dream!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how would me and my brother both have the same EXACT dream??? Just way too weird... But I've been having a lot of de ja vu lately.. de ja vu is soo much fuun- HAH sort of creepy but fun!!!!! It's a glitch in the Matrix lol. i wanna see The Butterfly effect and 50 First Dates REALLY bad!!! but I'm broke grrr I'm always broke. And I gotta save money for Gala. I still don't know where I'm going to eat.... with tiff, Rusty, and Josh... blaaah Ikeep thinking about how I'm sitting here being bored rambling while Tiff and Josh are watching Monty Python soo sad I wanna see it!!!! :( lol hmmmmm maybe I'll watch Kung Pow!!!! That movie rocks my socks!!!! That's an awesome saying duders!!! I like a lot of sayings: rocks my socks, holy toledo, cheezer louiser, niiiiice, ladeda, haha Tiff likes By Goerge- hah sort of cool- hmm I never know how to spell Goerge- like this George or Goerge? I think it's George. yeah probably. Hey do ya'll belive in aliens???? I DO!!! duders- why would there be a whole huge humongus universe with nothing else in it besides US????? there's gotta be SOMETHING out there SOMEWHERE!!!! oh yeah- tell me what ya'll think about that too. how much fun lots of little survey type questions. I wanna meet an Alien. But nit if they're weird like the ones in Galaxy Quest. HAH I wanna meet one that pees out of his finger like in Scary Movie 3!!! That movie rocks my socks too! I like movies a lot heheheheheh this is how i think you spell supercalafragilisticexpyalladocious. yup yup I've spent many many years studying that ya know. MANY!!!!! I DID TOO! geez nobody believes anything I say around here.. AND I DID TOO FLY/TRANSPORT!!!! I'm a true blonde.. yeah just letting ya'll know.... OH YEAH!!! I got this awesome dog named Blossom and she's just like ME! One time she pretended both of her back legs were hurt and she drug them around like a seal or something and when we took her to the vet she was instantly all better. lol I think she just wanted attention or something. But she's really blonde too. Actually theres a lot fo CARTTON peole like me hmmm- Dory from Finding Nemo, Deedee from Dexter's Laboratory, Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls, uhhhhh Amanda from the Amanda show, Phoebe from Friends, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, yup yup there's more but OK OK so they aren't all cartoons! Who cares? They're from TV. Bwahaahahahahaha hehe i spit a lot when Italk. lol if I talked this much to you in real life.. man I'd stay far away.. lol this morning I was pretending to cry to be funny cuz my website was gone well my LTE part.. and then I started laughing and laughing and I couldn't stop and then i slobbered all over my paper that I was holding and people were grossed out. lol it was funny though. So I had to air it out. yup yup. Oh another thing- it's impossible for me to burp. tiff told me to drink Root Beer cuz it's like the easiest thing to burp from and I chugged it and I still didn't burp. Weird huh? I don't think I've ever really burped before. I DON'T KNOW HOW! lol Did you know that the average person swallows a cup of snot a day???? yup yup it's true it's from this book my brother has. I'll get it and tell ya'll some more gross stuff.. ummkay?? ok actually I can't find it. I've rambled a lot today. Tiff will be proud. lol she's better at rambling than I am. I wanna go skydiving and bungee jumping and parasailing and hot air ballooning, and sky screaming, and surfing, and waverunning, and learn to skateboard and EVERY extreme sport there is in the WORLD!!!!! Do you here the woooorld wooosh BAM the woooooorld. yes the world. i have a friend named Larry. Well I used to. He ran away. he was imaginay. Butshhhh don't tell him cuz he didn't know. Smeeeelly Cat Smeeeeeelly Cat.. What are they feeding you?? Smeelly Cat Smeeeeelly Cat it's not your fault. hehe that's a cool song! Ahppy happy birthday! fromall our friends to you! We wish it was our birthday so we could aprty too HEY! The most awesome movie in the universe is TENG- The Emporer's New Groove!!!!! Me and Tiff both Love that movie duders!!! i'm Tipo from that movie and Tiff is Kronky. hehe awsome huh? Did ya'll know that Tipo actually means Dude in spanish?? Awesome huh? Spanish is awesome! When I'm in my 4th year I'm going to Spain! Tiff is too! It's gonna be WAY fun! And then when we graduate off to CO university(or some CO college) WE GO!!!!!!! WOOHOO! man oh man do i gotta pee! ok all better but the toilet is like OUT OF ORDER or something so I made an OUT OF ORDER sign for it. heh clever huh? Oh yes I am veeeery clever. I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW!!! Hmmmmmmmm what else shall I talk about?????? I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy! heheh Dory rocks- so does Crush- tat's who Tiff is. Our other websites whish our the home to our beloved online quiz websites are (Mine) www.angelfire.com/crazy2/dudedothedewnow and Tiff's is wwww.angelfire.com/scary/straitjacketchi feel free to visit there anytime you wish. I give you MY permission. i think we need to start an advertising company for our websites though cuz we're the only people who visit eachother's and Josh sometimes. But that's like it. Isn't that sad??? Oh so very very sad. yeah you might hea us talk about a Josh* lol name changed for personal privacy lol no it wasn't but anyways yeah it's Tiff's friend and yeah sort of mine too now since I know he's uh yeah lol AHEM actually I think that was a long time ago and I just didn't know and I was pretty mean but yeah not gonna get into that story cuz it's totally none of your guys' business! YEAH! So hmph! Anybody know of a good restaurant to go eat at??? We can't decide! or anybody heard of a place called Granite? I have no idea what the hecker that is. None whatsoever. None. None none none... Do you? whatsoever is a cool word cuz its like 3 words combined into one. Isn't that awesome??? Well I think it is anyways. Umm hmm Wanna know something cool? me and Tiff's names almost have exactly the same ammount of letters in them (ya know first, middle, last) hers just has one less. I think mine has 18 and hers has 17. yeah we figured that out one day. Oh yeah in RESPONDENCE to Tiff's LTE before the were MERGED together if you GIRLS have questions about ya know YOURSELF lol then go to www.beinggirl.com. it's this really great place that answers all your questions. yup. I reccoment it. bwahahah anyways... am i scary? I seem sort of scary. Sometimes I get so weird- I even freak myself out and laugh myslef to sleep it's my lullaby.. Sometimes I drive so fast just to feel the danger i want to scream it makes me feel alive... that song is creepy cuz it's totally me. i know it's Avril Lavigne- but who cares? I like the lyrics ALL RIGHT???? i am insane and psycho and I practiacally never stop laughing. freaky huh? maybe I really DO have ADHD. how fun! FUNNESS *pronounced FUN-NESS* that's me word. I made it up. I like to make up words. It's ver much fun... soo much fun. tiff made upa secret code that only i can read and her (duh) cuz she wrote it. lol We did teach our other friends but they sort of forgot. lol but it's easier to write than it is to read. I memorized it. WOOHOO I like to say mesmorize rather than memorize sounds much more cooler. could ya do me a flavor???? hehe S bueno! Awesome huh????? I know. Tiff already showed it earlier but ya know what?? I wanted to show it again. mwahahahahahah anyways I think I've written enough for today. yup yup but BEWARE for I a=shall be back tomorrow mwahahhhah mwahahahahaha mwhahahahahah Tiff should be back tonight. Adis! (for now) *TIFF* HEYA DUDERS! Now it's me!! hah yeah you know you're excited phhttssheeaashh lol dang Al wrote a lot like 10 K she said yeah I'm so very proud! *tear tear* what a momentUH YEAH so anywayzzz I have decided to get on and BLAB SOME MORE! hah yeah Monty Python was cool I really like that french guy and yes of course the guy with no legs or arms is cool too. Well I know you all read my other LTE (of course you did!! hehe UHUH) so you probably know about me already kinda sorta but okay just ya know for the heck of it. I'm Tiff. NERP! I like dogs and squirrels a lot. I love border collies. I like red and orange and blue lol. I need a haircut. I like Kung Pow! a lot sorry to all my friends who think that it's racist but yeah I don't really think it's racist and I'm not racist or anything ya know it's just the movie is so stupid that it's hilarious! I LOVE that movie! It's totally awesome! Give it a chance lol it's really funny. Oh and to any racist people you shouln't be! RAR! NO! lol people are people just because they look different on the outside doesn't make them not as good as you. LOOKS ARE NOT IMPORTANT! They fool you! Get to know someone before you pass judgement don't just ASSUME. Don't ASSUME it makes an ASS out of U and ME. hah thats kinda sad I learned that a few years back from the foods teacher in Junior High lol she was my advisor class. Which was really stupid!! RAR! I love complaining and debating so anyone who gets annoyed or would like to comment PLEASE feel free! Email us our email is HermNerp@yahoo.com !!! THANKS!!!! No seriously send us a really long letter we'd really appreciate to hear from you...a lot...since we've *NEVER* received a letter from..anyone. I think I'm gonna go on intyjunk and leave a thinger for people to come to this website..I'm gonna go find TONS of message boards! and I'm going to tell them all to come HERE!! but WHY would people want to hear about our lives? WHY would anyone want to know about the lives of 2 complete strangers?? No reason, THATS why I need a MASTER PLAN!! MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA or as Al would say BWAHAHAHAHHAHA! okay now HOW SHALL I DO IT. I know! I'll turn him into a flea, a harmless little flea..then I'll put that flea in a box, and I'll put that box inside of another box, then I'll MAIL that box to myself..and when it arrives MWAHAH I'LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!! It's brilliant brilliant brilliant I tell you, genius I say..or to save on postage I'll just poison him with THIS! ooooo FEEL THE POWER!...Oh...I can feel it. Our moment of triumph approaches..it's DINNER TIME!!! DUN DUN DUN DUN! okay sorry went off there a little guys woo okay I'm back. OOOOOOKAY the way I can get people to come is to tell them to start their own LTE's and then we'll list them on our big LTE GO-TO listing webring..thing. MWAHAHAHHAHA BRILLIANT! I know it's lame and sad and not going to work..but I can TRY!Okay guys I'm not going to be able to ramble as much as I'd hoped...but INSTEAD lol I'm going to go advertise (because we need it..a lot...)ADIADI BUUUUUBYE! YIPPITY SKIPPITY! 1*28*04 *TIFF* ya know what guys? I really am tired of winter, GEEZ! It's so coooold!!!WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY must we freeze? Why do I have to live in Iowa home of the corn? It just isn't faaaaaaaair! IT's 7:00 a.m. before school (I keep getting on before school, bad habit) and I'm sittin typing on the LTE. Where is my work ethic? shouldn't I be doing all the homework I put off last night? No I'm putting it off..again. Well I didn't have a lot of homework just english and hey thats EASY. I have heartburn after I just woke up isn't that sorta weird? I haven't even eaten anything this morning (I am now) but I had it right when I got up....creepy...it's a PRECURSOR! nernerner! It's telling me I'm going to have a bad day. NOOOOO!!! no no no! I don't want to have a bad day ar lol Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It should be a good day not a crummy crap day. I'm eating a cereal bar - cinnamon toast crunch! and I'm drinking milk good for your bones and teeth! :D :D lol WHOOOA okay sorry I'll stop. AHHH THE LITTLE KILLER WHITE BUNNY WABBIT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Crap tomorrow is Friday and I have to turn in my paper for what classes I'm taking next year and I haven't picked out my exploratory classes yet.argh..usually I do it really quick because I'm all excited yayayayayayayay! but this time I'm not, none of them really sound that good lol. Maybe intro to acting and computer graphics..but then I need 3 more if those don't work which is a lot and there aren't even any good classes lol BLAH!! oh well I'll just have to fill it out tonight but I'll probably forget. My canker sore is starting to go away good maybe now I can actually EAT! and yesterday of course I had to have a freakin black spicey chicken ger because they overcooked it JUST A LITTLE ..arrrrr all the edges were crumbly and you couldn't barely bite into them I had to peel them off then eat the crunchy, crusty center..man thats crap I payed like ..a lot...lol, for that stupid sandwich and by George (George is right Al) I should have enjoyed it! I was mad..I wanted a cookie too cept no money but Al gave me half her cookie so it's all good they're really good chocolatey with frosting on them. They taste good even without the frosting. I remember in elementary school having those they called them like Chocolate Suprise Cookies. I looove chocolate suprise cookies LOL even thought the name is a little iffy yeah I get it but still they're so gooooood.7:10 now and I'm not ready to go to school stupid school screw it lol at least next year I can miss without having to worry about taking finals. This year I'm not going to miss at all because I DO NOOOOT wanna take finals they stink sit in a class for an hour and a half and take this 100,150,179 etc question test. A lot of them are scantron tests too and I HATE scantrons lol. Most people like them because they are multiple choice and all but I do bad on multiple choice tests because I think skip that..multiple choice is EASY I can pass so I just yeah have that BAD ATTITUDE and fail lol karma ARGH!! my special little pirate sound ARGH! Someone should come to this website and leave a message on our tag-board...PLEEEEEEASE!!!!! no one ever comes they don't leave messages or anything we're all alone in the world. Josh and Huong sometimes come but not really many messages on the tag-board lol. PLEASE! WE NEEEED YOU GUYS!!! lol it's such a lonely world boohoohoo. ^^Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known. Like a drifter I was born to walk alone, and I've made up my mind, I ain't wastin' no more time.^^ I love that song. lol doo dee doo! yo..lol...I'm back from school! YAY! and tomorrow is Friday..coooool. I'm sittin on the com talkin to Josh on im asking him all his pin numbers and locker combs and stuff from this year and last year just for fun and he's getting all creeped out wondering WHY I'm asking -it's fun..hehehe I'm gonna go do it more lol. Okay he left to eat supper at 4:25?? yeah right you big fat liar! lol simmer down geez just kidding gosh (but you are lying AHEM) so today was pretty boring and normal. BLAH! On Monday I have to swim for gym eck eck lol I hate it, it's freezing cold outside! (literally though) and they're going to have us SWIM! The evils of the school system...ar...man no one (very few people) come here..argh...lol after ALL of that advertising too! geez WHY NOT! lol yeah I know reading about the lives of complete strangers isn't exactly the funnest thing to do but gosh I WOULD DO IT lol yeah shut up no rude comments there buddy. You think I don't know what you're thinking..but I DO lol and I don't appreciate it much..gar. Oh well. You know the snow is nice on Christmas but I think once Christmas is over it shouldn't snow again until like..December lol. Thats how the weather should be snow just 1 month and it has to rain at least 1 day out of every week..I love rain. I'm looking forward to summer in 4 more months..just to get school off! and I kinda miss the sunshine a little bit. I really like summer at nighttime with all the lightning bugs and it's really nice and peaceful..just thinking of it makes me happy. Like sitting on the porch with a couple friends and looking at the lightning bugs maybe catching a few and pulling there butts off (ALLISON lol) or just name them and let them go. You have to name them when you catch them don't just catch them. I also have a fettish of naming fire hydrants. My favorite fire hydrant is over by what used to be a big field with a bunch of trees where people always rode bikes but they sorta screwed it up, stupid people always do that. Wouldn't it be freakin awesome to live before there were any roads, sidewalks, cars and buildings?? I think it would be awesome! I'd like to go back to see what it was like lol...what is was like when everyone wore loin cloths. Too bad, it would be cool to still live like the indians did (in my opinion..but don't just listen to ME! send YOUR opinions!!!:D we'd love to hear from you!) 1*29*04 *AL* Ok yeah I was reading through the LTE and I noticed I spell a lot of crap wrong so just CONFIRMING that I'm not stupid and I do know how to spell (most of the time) and I DO know that BELIEVE is spelled BELIEVE and NOT BELIVE ok??? yeah just making sure so yeah hey start glazer your I wish Iwish Iwas a Fish is awesome cuz I kept saying it today and annoying people! Mwahahahaahhaahah man I got homework to do then off to show choir practice then back here to finish homework and take a shower and clean the house blaaaah I hate when my nights are pre planned out with crap I gotta do. I just wanna play on the computer all night... ARGH- ARGH is awesome cuz I say it all the time like in real life ya know??? Oh yea hthere has been no results to the survey because uh duh nobody's visited our website besides me and Tiff but I guess Tiff could have responded but she didn't- oh well she SAYS she believes me but I don't know if I can trust her... lol ya know what i want to accomplish in my life????? Not something great but I WANNA MEET MY TWIN!!! Not my REAL twin cuz I don't got one- but ya know how they always say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world?? well, I wanna meet mine- that would be oh so much fun!!! watcha guys think? haha I don't know I believe in weird stuff. lol LADEDA ok I like chicken- chicken is good yum yum yum yum I wonder where everyone is???? because once again I am all by my lonesome... awwwww maaaaaan I feel so alone.. heeh no really. Hmmm man I'm not really in a rambling mood today!! Oh yeah I did get another Mt. Dew today after school cuz Kjirstin bought me one cuz I was going insane but it was only a can- 12 oz. It's actually cheaper to buy two cans of Mt. Dew than a bottle cuz for $1.00 you can get 24 oz in cans and with $1.00 you can get 20 oz with a bottle. See? more with the cans. Plus it tastes a lot better out of a can. Um ok I sort of have to eat something before I go to practice cuz ya know I'm kinda hungry???? So yeah gonna eat and stuff maybe work on my crap science homework who knows??? i hate science blah blah blah see ya round town........ Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when they come for you??? People say I walk funny.....this is freaky I think me and Tiff are doing stuff to the website at the same time cuz stuff just keeps popping up.... woooooooooah. *Tiff* AHH MAN this stinks!! raaaaar! why why why!?!?! lol that was CRAP! I just wrote a bunch then hit the wrong key accidentaly and the whole thing I typed WOOOSH gone ARR! NOOOOO! not fair! grr mad! lol I'd like to encourage all of our readers to PLEASE send email we'd love to hear your thoughts! Lets be penpals come one! PLEASE! lol we need to socialize we live in our basements on our computers (well at least Allison) mine is in my room...lol, really though it would be greatly appreciated! We always say that don't we? yeah it's sad..lol we're just really desperate ya see? Well I just got off el telefono w/ Al cuz she had to go to show choir..heheheheheeheh fun fun! Hmmm I'm thinking about the St.Patricks Day party that I'm havin' this year..it's gonna be a big thing now I'm making a tradition of Tiff's St. Patricks Day parties! lol YEESSS! because of the whole Irish thing yeah. I think geometry is getting easier now because of all the formulas and stuff..it's kinda nice..but embarassing see I got in trouble and got moved front and center and I STILL can't read the overhead! lol it's really sad ya see cuz I mean I'm RIGHT THERE NOBODY is closer then I AM..and I can't read it and everyone else can lol. I'M BLIIIIIIND!!! well I can if I squint my little pull your eyeskin over to one side thing works but kinda hurts your eye after awhile. Well the lady DOES write small but still it's just sad. Evil Flinker..she hates me lol...she moved me to the front because I "obviously can't handle the BACK!" rararrararr geez settle down gosh no need to get angry, I'm goin', I'm goin'!! All my friends think I'm gonna have a bida party too..but I don't want to lol because bida parties go bad lol they ALWAYS go bad..ALWAYS lol it stinks everyone fights it's just no good nope no good at all eck eck bad bad bad I have no idea what we'd do..THAT'S what I can do! Okay to all my buddy pal chums out there reading this (like 2 of you) lol, just want to tell ya that I WILL INDEED have a bida party IF you guys give me a COUPLE ideas of what we could do...if we do what I wanted to do then only me and Al would participate lol...(AHEM gluing cotton balls to our face and trying to pop balloons in our shirts by jumping on top of each other) because thats FUN lol. Oh and we'd have Mt.Dew and some food..idk what..like...quesadillas or something YUM!Okey Dokey Josh decided to make a website too, the LTE is making a difference! such an inspirational peice of work isn't it???? 1*30*04 HEY! man January is almost over yeesh..time just flies doesn't it. One time I figured this out okay, days go by soooo slow (well, the ones when you're at school) but weeks fly by really fast and months yeah they go by kinda fast..before you even notice the month is over! lol thats what happened this month man I mean it's February now. I got stuff to do this weekend though to thats good lol don't gotta be bored! woop! Usually on weekends I do stuff now, not just sit at home like I used to..hah wow that was sad. I used to be pretty depressed and lonely and angry. I was looking through some of my old notebooks in like E grade and yeah ARRR!! anger, and 7th even too I was pretty angry and even in 8th grade I was more then I am now. Now I am happy lalalalala! lol I feel happy, I know GOOD FOR ME right..hehe YEP! ^^Here I go again on my own ner ner ner ner going down the only road I've ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone...and I've made up my mind..I ain't wastin no more time!^^ I always sing that song. HUM well I'm gonna go eat (7:10) need to leave in 10 minutos about so yeah need something to eat..even though that will just make me hungrier all day. That always happens I eat but it doesn't make me full until lunch it just makes me hungry for more food. Once I start eating I want more and more and more lol. Stupid crunchy spicy chickens again yesterday hopefully they're not today. Well okay gonna go now then..adiadi. 1*30*04 *AL* HELLO! yeah I feel kinda BAD cuz I'm not a full fledge contributor like Tiff is cuz she writes much much more than I do.... I don't have that much TIME see? tomorrow i got a show choir competition and then I gt to babysit and then Sunday I gotta go to church and then get Gala stuff and then babysit some more... sorry duder heh but I'll be bback sometime soon... yeah. Nobody has responded to our surveys.. how sad.. not even Josh and I thought he read this??? What the heck? where is everyone when you need them? ok I'll be back in like 10 minitos but to you it will seem like nothing ya know.....ok I'm back- had to unload the dishwasher...yum I got a cinnamo pop tart while I was up there too- HAH retart tart tart like a POP TART! lalala I'm having so much fun..AHH I got a crumble inside the keyboard! hehe man I can't even think of anything to ramble about? what shall i ramble about who knows who knows... I WISH I WISH I WAS A FISH! and I really can fly ya know......well could. I'm gonna go check our email real quick- maybe somebody answered our survey!!! :D ok sad news.. NO MAIL-NONE WHATSOEVER!!! !GAHHHHH I'm really beginning to thinkthat this website reaches NO ONE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had this great idea where we could advertise it by makin glittle advertisments on the computer and then going to like Wal- MArt or somewhere and sticking them into the top-selling magazines and then when people bought the magazine they'd see the advertisement for our website and be like "Hey! That sounds like FUN! i've always wanted to read the Longest Text Ever!!!" Then we'd have lots of visitors and who knows maybe the guiness book of world records guy would buy a magazine with one in it and we'd be discovered except I think flaming Chicken's is way longer so she would probably win dontcha think? yeah... but still we'd have visitors!!!! Cuz I know that that works cuz i went to a website after seeing an ad in a magazine! In fact it was that www.beinggirl.com place I was talking about cuz it said "Are you more likely to get eaten by a skark when YA KNOW?" lol and I REALLY wanted to know the answer so I went there and guess what I found out??? The answer is YES!!!! scaaaaaaaary lol ladeda hmmmmmmm that was interesting. Today we signed up for classes for 10th grade. How exciting huh? yeah except Tiff got to be in the class I really wanted to be in- Computer Graphics- GAR I have to wait until like 11th or 12th grade when I have room to take it. argh luuuuucky! That's what I want to do- computer graphics. WOOHOO fun designing movies and signs and ads and stuff. That would be cool and I would buy all the movies that I designed and I would know HOW I did it bwahahaahahahaahh lol my fingers are cold from sitting in my oh so cold basement. YUM we got some Mt. Dew to drink tonight yum yum yum yum yum but of course we would buy it! heeheh but of course is fun. but of course! but of course! Iwanna get my permit. Me and Tiff and another friend were supposed to get them in the summer but ya know we sort of procrastinated about it forever and like E months later we STILL don't have tem. But ya know I think we're gonna get them in the spring. WE THINK. Have faith in us geez. heh actually I dunno if we'll REALLY do it either. Maybe Tiff will and then she could just bring me even if I really didn't study and then I could just mesmorize all the answers for the secind time. thats' what I heard everyone else does. yuuuuuuuuupperoo WOWZERS! ZOINKS! JINKYS! hehehehehe funness! :D XD :D XD :D XD :D XD follow the yellow brick road.. I wonder where Tiff is anyways.. she said she was getting on- maybe she IS on and we're doing stuff to the website at the SAME EXACT time again woooooooah creeepy lol I like stuff like that- like stuff that happens in Final Destination or weird coincidences and mysteries no one can explain that send a CHILL down your spine! AWESOME! Or telepathic people! Sometimes I'M telepathic! yup I got that power too! One time Ipredicted that Tiff was gonna say EGGROLLS! yeah there was other stuff too.. just cant remember. lol I forget stuff really easily. REALLY easily. lol hmmmmmmm ok welp I didn't really type much but uh yeeeeeeah ok wait I got a cool idea from Star Glazer to do a WORD OF THE DAY!!!! So here's the word of the day- umkay? dude (dood, dyood) n. U.S. 1. A man who dresses in a flashy or extremely fastidious manner: dandy: fop. 2. U.S. Informal A city person: especially an Easterner vacationing on a ranch. [Origin Unknown] -dud'ish adj. WOAH weird I didn't know that. well that's not how I or anybody else I know use it... weird. that was fun let's do another one! Strait jacket A tight jacket of strong canvas, for confing the arms of violent patients. yea that was a no-brainer heylook! what-so-ev-er (hwot'so-ev'er) adj. & pron. Whatever: more formal usage. Also poetic NUH UH! It doesn't mean whatever! this dictionary is stupid! I have a spanish dictionary! it's fun to look up stuff! MWahahahahahahah hehe anyways guess I'll type more later!!! See ya later alligator! After a while crocodile! See ya roooooooound toooooooooown that's fun to say! Dd you know that i laugh at everything??? Ireally do cuz in SS today Icouldn't stop laughing cuz one of the "jobs" of our little law debating team was to mark down each time someone made a positive contribution to the team and I thought that was sooooo sstupid that I cracked up about it the whole entire time and people thought I was insane. anyways I'll be going now. lol 1*31*04 *TIFF* LAST DAY OF JANUARY! AH man I have to write later me and Josh are NOT ARGUING we're DISCUSSING lol about the universe being infinite and all that great stuff so yeah bbl..alrighty guys I'm back! Now now now YAY it's the weekend, what I've been waiting oh so long for. ^^You are the one that I've been waiting oh so long for^^Okay don't know the other lyrics to it sorry. I kinda have to go pee but I'll hold it for a little bit. I'm going to have to type a lot today ya see cuz we have like 59K and I want to type enough that I get to 70 because I DO NOT want to have to stop in the E's lol. EEEEVVVVIIILLL. Okay now I'm going to go pee. Alright I feel better, had to run all the way downstairs because my brother is stinking up the upstairs one..ee oh crap he just left nasty yuck that took WAAAY too long. This is going to be pretty difficult..gotta type A LOT. Sorry to flaming-chickens about the infinite stuff because she had that on her lte but I really found it very interesting..I like it lol. So lately I've been talking about it with people like seeing what they think and stuff, it's interesting. FUN! Crapper doo! I don't have much rambling done yet today...need to be working on it. Well okay then hum this is HARD lol because my life..so dull so very very dull. Tomorrow I'm going to church with Al then we're going to the mall to look for stuff for Gala..except the little problem that I don't have any money lol. So we're really going to just LOOK..probably at least, really don't think that I'll BUY anything hah oh well..nothing I really need anyway-I hate dressing up ewwwwie ew ew I hate it. I'm mad they're having gala in the cafeteria at our school..thats retarded because we have to pay 12 bucks to get in to the cafeteria?? wth...lol ar. Still gonna buy the ticketes..I'm paying for Josh MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA it's funny..hehe. He left his little money clip thingy with the dog on it here (yeah ya did..just so ya know) there it is sitting there, isn't that nice lol. Money Clip..thats weird..why not just put it in your wallet? I mean the dog is pretty cool but still...I guess if you don't have a wallet it would come in handy, keeps your money all organized and stuff. Well hmm idk where this came from but yeah I think I'm probably gonna be moving sometime over the summer like August probably and at my new house I get to have the basement to myself except my dads computer room. I guess my bedroom is gonna be downstairs but we have to BUILD it so for the first couple weeks I'll have to sleep with no walls..which I hate a lot lot lot because it's hard to sleep in a big room where people could..come..lol. My dad plays his computer a lot too which will suck because he plays it really loud...rar. Well though still cool because were gonna have like a guest thing downstairs where people who come from out of town can go and it will have a tv and couch and bed I think idk I think so (bed), I think it will be cool because when no one is in town lol which is most of the time..like all of the time..then I can get the whole thing to myself like a little apartment..HAH AWESOME! I hope it works out though cuz that would be cool..but yeah my dad always says we're gonna move then backs out then again and backs out again again again over and over he always does it but this time he's pretty sure because my mom is going to graduate in a few months so we'll have enough money and they really like the house. My mom is in college by the way to become an RN (nurse) right now she's one of the lower nurse thingies lol but yeah so yeah. I HOPE IT WORKS YAAAY awesome my own little living quarters wooop wooop. I'm excited!! hehehehe lol watch it won't work out now hah, best not get too happy cuz then yeah it won't work..just my luck. I SHOULD have really good luck because I'm IRISH :D :D :D hehehehe -which yeah I can't complain because I do get good luck a lot of the time. Oh yeah I'm a lot Irish and a lot German...thats pretty much what it is theres other things but like just little teeny bits of it like 32nds lol which yeah doesn't really count that much because thats barely anything. Oh my gosh gosh gosh I felt like I talked forever and it was only 3K's lol. Thats said I was thinking at least 5! cheezer louiser. I need something to eat I'm really hungry. I'm listening to Def Leppard..I like it..cool. Thinking about being Irish and then St.Patricks Day and my party lol ...gotta have it...EVERYONE'S COUNTING ON ME!! AHHH SOO MUCH PRESSURE! lol. Okay I really am really hungry..I haven't eaten like anything all day it's 5:59 (no seriously..it is not just doing it because of E..EEEK) but yeah what should I eat? I think I'm gonna have ramen noodles..HEY! they're good! and only $1.37 at Wal*Mart!!! doo doo! cool cept Wal Mart is too far for me to walk. Over by Al's house, which if I move I'll be able to walk to Wal*Mart, right now I really don't wanna because of the brr cold of the winter..brr tomorrow is February! month of looooove lol I guess since it has Valentines Day in it. Valentines are always so sad, you just watch all the happy couples being..happy...bleh then ya think whoa..I'm a loser..(LOSER PRIDE!! LOL). I need a new hairbrush..have you ever had a hairbrush where little gray lint things grow on the bristles?? well yeah mine is like that probably because I don't pull the hairs out enough and just let them sit til they coil around the bristle thingies well not bristles but they're pokey things ..w/e you wanna call them. Then it is all gray and linty and people come over and see it and they say "ewww gross! what happened to your hairbrush?!?" hehe then I laugh MWAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHA nasty isn't it?? HEH HEH... Okay my stomach's growling so I'm gonna go start boiling my water...doo dee doo. Okay I got up to 5K..hah the here I go again on my own song is playing again.. I like that song. oo Yeah that reminds me I sent a survey out (don't worry Huong I didn't send it to you lol) COOL! maybe I'll get a fun little email to read. I also sent Josh an email about his LTE so maybe he'll maybe answer me...(PLEEEASE I'M DESPERATE!!!) hmm and okay yeah thats all but still. I'M AWAITING YOUR REPLIES!!!! lol okay now for serious I'm going to go boil some water. I got some bread..hehe. I eat a lot of bread. Just plain. It's good like that. Oh yeah I want to report on the status of my canker sore..lol it's STILL VISIBLE but doesn't hurt very much, it is going away YAY! it only hurts when I like pour salt on it lol. My cans are starting to collect all on my desk. My shelf is full and now becoming unrecognizable. OH how sad, I have but only 1 pack of yummy beef flavored ramen noodles left...boohoo. The reason I eat ramen noodles actually is so I can use chopsticks. I love chopsticks..they're FUN! It makes eating your food into a game..I like it..I really enjoy it, a lot, so when I go to my friends houses and they have oriental food and they give me a fork cuz they don't think I can use chopsticks..it's a real let down. Cuz I look forward to getting to use the chopsticks..I really do..it's AWESOME you all should try it if you haven't..woooohoooo okay beeep beeeep beeeeeeeeeep..I'm coming I'm coming sheesh. Ramen noodles fill ya up for about an hour but then after that you're hungry again. hah always happens to me except usually I don't get full I'm just always hungry. Always eating..yum yum yum. Okay I'm gonna eat them now I'll come back and ramble on later, when I'm done..hehe. Okay I'm done..dee dee. WTH is with the sound effects anyway? huh..I'm weird sorry lol. ^^Monday he woke up and hated life, drank until Wednesday and left his wife. Thursday through Saturday lost everything, woke up on Sunday miserable again.^^ My toe is bleeding..cool lol. Yeah I used to think it would be awesome to be a surgeon but naw I decided no because thats too many years of college! AYE! Don't want to go that long, and I'm not smart enough lol. Holly toledo my room is a disaster argh..I'll have spring cleaning this year I guess..yeah..thats it..lol SURE I WILL. Just like I'm going to get my permit in spring..heh..NO REALLY I'm going to, you don't believe me, do you? errr well I'll prove you wrong! ^^Educated, with money, he's well dressed, not funny. And not much to say in most conversations, but he'll foot the bill in all situations cuz he pays for everythiiiing. Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money. Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny. Paper or plastic, don't matter, she'll have it. Vacations, and shopping sprees these are a few of her favorite things. She'll get what she wants if she's willing to please, his type of girl always comes with a fee, hey now theres nothing for free.^^ I wonder..is there anything for free? I don't know..in a roundabout sense nothing is for free right? lol wth I alsways go on these weird things lol I'm weird okay man I'll stop. ^^The girls with the bodies like boys with ferraris.^^ haah thats funny. Ya know what that bugs me, people who are really materialistic..I think it's stupid. Clothes and stuff is stupid lol. You don't NEED THAT STUFF! and being popular would SUCK...seriously dude..it would. I've listened to those girls talking about guys and all their friends behind their backs. Wth yeah everyone probably does that but they ALWAYS have something bad to say...and why does it matter what other people are wearing? come on be a little mature lol. HAH thats funny I say that because it's those kind of people who call me and my friends immature-which we act immature a lot yeah but actually I think we really aren't as immature as some of those people, we may act like that but it's for FUUUUN.. lol Yeah sorry just thought I'd go on a little shpeel about that maturity and materialisticism and stuff ya know lol. ^^Can you feel the cold tonight? It sets in, but it's alright. Darkness falls..I'm letting go. All alone but I feel fine.^^ MAN MAN MAN I hope that we have a snow day tomorrow..PLEEEASE PLEEEASE PLEEEEASE PLEEEEASE! lol I HATE school and going one extra day in summer won't kill me. Actually I'd really like year long school because instead of going a HUGE chunk of the year then getting a little chunk off, you get it evened out-so you can go 3 weeks get 1 week 2 weeks off idk how it goes something like that though..I'd like it. If theres still year round school then I'd like to start earlier in the year like once August comes go to school lol. By the time August rolls around every year I always want to go back to school because I'm always soooo very very bored of summer..nothing left to do, I've done it all! So I want to go to school again (sad isn't it) yeah it is. Then in May I'm dying to GET OUT of school! ^^It's been a long hard road without you by my side, why weren't you there on the nights that we cried? You broke my mother's heart, you broke your children for life..it's not okay, but we're alright. I remember the days you were a hero in my eyes..but those are just a long lost memory of mine. Now I'm writing just to let you know I'm still alive, yeah I'm still alive.^^ HAHA I keep singing Good Charlotte..thats who I'm listening to..GO FIGURE.. but yeah I liked some of there songs actually -no new stuff though that I know of. I don't know how I'd know though ..don't really watch tv..or listen to the radio..ever lol. Hum thinking about when I get old and have kids..lol. I want like 2 kids but I really kinda want a boy. I don't know why, I just do. Either would be okay but I kinda want a boy..lol I'm weird..people always talk about how boys being little terrors lol. A girl would be nice but yeah I never really like the girly stuff-I was always weird, people used to make fun of me..boohoo..lol. For wearing boy clothes and not playing with dolls. My cousins made fun of me a lot lol. Oh well SKIP YOU GUYS! lol. ^^Some friends become enemies, some friends become your family. Make the best with what you're given, this ain't dying, this is living. We're moving on, and we ain't got nothing to prove..to anyone..we'll get through.^^ Alright I'll stop really lol. Duuuuuuuuuuuuder I wanna put 1 more K so I can have 72! 72 is my lucky lucky number! lucky..reminds me of Shamrock McShelby!! elevator fixer! hah from D.I. hehe. I was in D.I. in 7th grade so was Al and she was a clown and I was an elevator fixer awesome eh? yeah lol except the fact that everyone hated it..I sort of enjoyed it. A bunch of our other friends were in it too yep! Huong and I having a spot of tea in the elevator lol. That's my favorite memory from it all. We ended up doing the whole thing wrong though-can't blame it on ME because I never even got to read the DIRECTIONS! rar! geez. ^^I'm happy, feeling glad, I've got sunshine..in a bag. I'm useless, but not for long. The future is coming on it's coming on it's coming on.^^ Me and Al are going to have a fish tank wall in our college apartment. We went to this spanish club party thing to these peoples house and they had a fishtank built into a wall and we thought it was cool so we're gonna make an entire wall out of a fishtank COOL HUH! except easily broken..uhoh oh well lol yeah with us there it probably will break (especially Al)..HEHEHEH JK cho well ..sorta..lol. Those people were rich they had a lake with a swan, a golf course, planes and a home for their mobile home..lol. YaY! I'm at 72K! I feel in a singy mood today. doo doo..grease hah. ^^You better shape up! cuz I neeed a man and my heart is set on you. You better shape up, you better understand to my heart I must be true. You're the one that I want woo oo oo honey. The one that I want ooo oo oo the one I need oh yes indeeed. If you're filled with affection, your to shy to convey..meditate in my direction, feeeel your way.^^ I don't even know if those lyrics are close to right lol..hah OH WELL barely anyone comes here anyway lol and after all that typing I doubt anyone made it down this far lol. I sorta like grease..hah..weird huh? Now hug your bobble head dog and tell him you love him! Does that ball..bounce?? OOO LET ME SEE LET ME SEE!! BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!! Tigger..hehehe, do I bounce when I walk? maybe I'm just feeling very joyous sometimes so I bounce..maybe thats all. bouncy bouncy bouncy ^^Another turning point a fork stuck in the road, time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right...I hope you had the time of your life.^^ Well if you did make it this far.. I'm going to leave (finally..I know) buuuubye! ^^For what it's worth, it was worth all the while.^^ 2*2*02 *TIFF* TODAY IS A HAPPY HAPPY DAY! SNOOOOOW DAAAY! School is CANCELLED!! WOOHOOO! yes yes yes yesssss! Tomorrow we get out early too HAH AWESOME! We get out at like noon! YAY! we don't even got to go to our classes either just taking the ITED things then leeeaving yay! ^^Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night, dance until the morning light! Forget about the worries on your mind, you can leave them all behind! Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night, oh the rhythm of the niiiight ooh yeeeah!^^ lol, well a day off and idk if I'm even gonna do anything but it doesn't matter becuase it's STILL A DAY OFF OF SCHOOL! yipeee! So so so so very very happy! Gonna go get a mt.dew! Speaking of Mt.Dew where did Al go? cho you're SLACKING OFF! You haven't added anything here for a long long oh so very long time!? What happened? Just making me do it all by myself yeah uhuh I see how it is ..FINE! lol. You need to get on and add something cheezer lousier. I wonder if people read my whole 15K thing that I added in 1 night..hah thats a lot, geez...RAMBLE POWER! WOOP! yeeeeeah. Huh pretty cool..not too many people could do that, they'd get bored..and wouldn't be able to think of anything to ramble about. Lasagna! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA okay adios I'll probably type on here later though...Josh is the perfect girlfriend...wow..lol. Hoooollly toledo what is the world coming to???? 2*3*04 *AL* Ok i'm baaaaaaack did you miss me?!?!?!? Here I come to save the daaaaaaay!!! Anyways sorry I've been gone so long everyone I've uhh just been sort of busy? lol not really just haven't gotten on... OH YEAH! Since I wasn't here yesterday I want to say HAPPY GROUNDHOG'S DAY yesterday but bleh he saw his shadow so that means E more weeks of winter. argh argh argh I hate winter... it sucks. I got a calendar that says like every holiday almost so I'm trying to say Happy something whenever there's a holiday!!! I wanna make everyone feel included ya know. lol o.O bwahahhaahh GUESS WHAT????? i was so very very very very very happy today because my neighbor got this HUGE mt. Dew beach ball at a super bowl party and she gave it to ME!! It's awesome- all big and balck and green and saying Mt. Dew one it. It made me happy. Oh with all the future stuff- it makes me seem like a sad person or something lol. Cuz I never really WANT to settle down or anything- I think it would be awesome just to always have fun and travel the world or something- but hey I'm only 14 I might change my mind. If I have a kid- I'm tinking I might adopt (cuz ya know AHHH scary) I'm gonna name him/her Tipo!!!! That's an awesome name for a guy or a girl!!! lol it means DUDE in spanish. OOOOOO DI haha i was a stupid clown hahahah i wrote the script and people added to it- i don't think Ishould go into script writing or anything- it was a pretty weird play- all about a lawyer who goes into an elevator and there's a clown in there and the elevator gets stuck so the lwyer has to learn to put up with him like all night and in the morning the lawyer's gone completely insane and changed in to a clown himself. But we had to do this thing where they give us some random object and we have to incorporate it into the play 20 different times and we didn't do too great on that and w eforgot to do background changes and we didn't do our wood sculpture right at all- the wood was like 100 times too big lol so yeah it was all messed up. We actually DID buy the right wood atfirst but then people thought it was wrong and blah blahb lah but one time we were tasting the blasa wood (the right wood) to see how soft it was or what it tasted like. we were like eating it. a lot. it was sort of good. I didn't remeber that until Huong emailed us and told us about it. lol but yeah we sort of dropped out of the state compettion. i really want some KFC and Mt. Dew........oh yea hthe other day (the SNOW DAY) i went to Wal- Mart and bought some awesome Valentines! Ias gonna get the Scooby Doo ons but they were pretty retarded- like more for lovey stuff than friends so I got these other ones like deformed cats and dog ones lol they're just like made weird on a computer so they look funny ya know? but they're cool. I LIKE THEM!!!! Aww yeah and then I read my email and Tiff set these awesome astrology things- like compatability friend things- they were fun to read! even if ya don't belive in it it's just fun to read it and think about being magic and stuff!! that would be totally awesome to hve magic powers!!!! And I think there are aliens out there somewhere. MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAH i just thought of something.. it's funny- you'll probably find out about it sooner or later cuz it's just totally great!!! tiff will tell ya proabbly next week- I just can't tell ya now cuz ya know I can't. Man show choir try outs are tomorrow-I gotta practice my song still. i'm only gonna be in it if I make it into the higher show choir though- connection. Cuz it's worth summer school i guess... we're getting cool t shirts for my current show choir (Harmonics) they're like black with gold lettering and they have some sort of picture or something on them and they say our nicknames on the sleeve. I'm just putting Al on there- couldn't think of anything else. hah I just noticed you guys don't even know my real name!!! Awesome i'm just Al to ya'll- I mean it's sort of easy to figure out Tiff's real name but mine could be anything!!! this is cool so mysterious!!!! i wonder how much I wrote? Aww only 4K. it felt like more than that. suckolla. we had these stupid ITED's today- like ITBS and I didn't know what any of the vocabulary meant- I mean how are we supposed to know some weird words??? geez and plus they like go onto our permanent records and help choose classes for us cuz of that stupid No Child Left Behind Act- grrrr Bush makes me mad. I'm a DEMOCRAT!!! And very proud of it!!! I want John Kerry to win!! That would be cool- but any of the Democrats winning over Bush would be good. *cross your fingers* lol I sound like Tiff. Mt. Dew...... I got this awesome Zobmondo book and it has great stories in it. I'm gonna get it. Ok a man from Maine heads down to florida for a weekend trip; his wife is coming to meet him the next day. he gets to his room, sets up his laptop computer, nd sens her a short email to let her know he has arrived. Unfortunately, he makes a typo in the address and his note is sent to the elderly wife of a minister who just died. When the grieving widow checks her email later that day, she lets out a scream and falls to the floor. Her children come rushing in to find the following on her screen. Dearest Wife, I have just arrived. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Can't wait to see you. your loving Husband. P.S. It sure is hot down here! LOL funny ok here's another one- On the first day of school the first grade teacher announced to her class that they should put the baby talk of kindergarten behind them and start using grown-up words. She then asked them to tell her what they did over the summer. The first little one said he went to see his nana. The teacher said, "No, no, you went to see your grandmother. That's the grown-up word." The next little one said she went for a trip on the choo-choo. The teacher again said "No, no you took a trip on the train. That's the grwon up word." Then the teacher asked the third little one what he did during the summer. He proudly said that he'd read a book. The teacher asked what book he had read. He puffed out his chest and in a very adult way replied " Winnie the Sh#t." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAH i love that one. i got more but geez they take a long time to copy. Ok here's a blonde joke. A breasttroke race was being held from Santa Monica to Cataline for femal swimmers, and a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde were the competitors. After about 14 hours, the brunette staggered up onto shore and was declared the fastest breastroker. About 40 minutes later, the redhead crawled in for second place. Nearly 4 hours after tha, the blonde finally came ashore and promptly collapsed in front of the worried onlookers. When the reporters asked why it took so long for her to complete the race, she replied, "I don't want to sound like a sore loser but I think that those other girls were using their arms." heheheheeh ok I better go I'll be back tomorrow. i promise. 2*4*04 *Tiff* HEY! WELP..I just made a quiz and sent it out to everyone gonna see what everybody gets on it. I have a feeling that people might not do as well on this one even though the questions are pretty simple. Hmm I got 100% on Tina's heheheheh WOOHOO! okay I don't really feel like writing on here maybe I will later lol I know I know that was so extremely short just I'm in the middle of a conversation and I don't FEEL LIKE IT! lol good for you readers out there (all 2 of you well maybe 3..MAYBE) OKAY! Still have homework to do. Okay today was funny because for Texas Roadhouse (where we're going for homecoming) yeah everybody keeps asking to come with us...An wanted to come but today found out nvm she doesn't. Stacie wants to go with her date now and yeah Al's making sure it's okay with everyone, doesn't matter to me. Welp yeah lol it will be funny HEHE. I'm 'discussing' with Josh about Heaven and Hell. Any Christian believers out there who would email me and please tell me how is it fair or just that people who do good things and are good people all around just aren't saved go to hell and people who can do tons of bad things but just ask to be saved are saved and get to go to heaven so easily? I don't think it's fair because I mean some people are just introduced to it when they are little so they learn it their whole life then are saved, even if they are bad people who do mean things and sin they only have to ask for forgiveness and get away with it? I don't know that much about this subject just trying to learn so anyone who knows tell me please. Don't get offended by anything I say, I just don't understand it all. People who aren't brought up that way, and are brought up to believe something else are just sent to hell because they never ask to be saved? They were taught to believe something by their parents, and they trust their parents (there's even a thing about supposed to honor thy mother and father right?) okay so they do and they trust them so they are sent to hell? Alright just wanted to babble about that I know a lot of people don't even believe in it sorry lol but yeah it's MY LTE (and Al's of course) so I can type whatever I want to! I don't like that people who are nice and do good things end up in hell when complete jerks end up in heaven. Not saying that everyone in hell is good and everyone in heaven is bad no no no no no NOOOO don't believe that at all, so don't get me wrong. Not saying Christians are jerks woo I really am not just making a point (trying). SOMEONE help me I don't get it at all I'm uneducated lol. 2*4*04 *AL* I know I promised I'd write today so I couldn't break my promise but I don't got time to write much cuz I gotta study for a science test I forgot about. AHHH science scary!!!!!! science is evil. adios duders! 2*5*04 *Tiff*!!! HEEEEYAA!!! How is everyone TODAY? thats great! (I think) ^^Your love is like a roller coaster baby baby, I wanna ride. Your love is like a roller coaster baby baby, I wanna ride. Move over there cuz I'm a double dipper. Upside Down on the dip dip dipper. One, Two, One Two Three, oh I've got a ticket so ride with ME. Merry go down on the Merry go round, all is fair on a big fair-ground. Lets go slow, lets go fast, lickery split gonna whip your WOO WOO WOO WOO!^^ Hah I like that song it's awesome. Okay gonna go to the mall quick (I think) for stuff for gala ...yep last minute ooofff coouuurrssee. hehehhe. SOO anyway I read Josh's LTE the ending part it's pretty confusing but I liked the part about people always having to destroy everything..we do. It reminds me of the saying 'rules were made to be broken'. Which is party true I guess. Rules were made to be obided by but the consequences were made for when you break the rule...eh w/e idk what I'm talking about g2g p then leave but yeah I'll probably come back later and type actually I'm pretty positive that I will so I guess I'll be..yeah back later. Gonna leave my away message up the entire time hehehe...it's a cool song too. ^^Who said that I wasn't right? I've lived for years without a life. Don't have a soul on my side. Still ridiculed despite how hard that I have tried. Don't take me under your wing. I don't need a hand, don't need anything. I've got a roof over my head, as if I'd rather be alone with me instead.^^ Doo Doo Doo woooooosh! AWESOME! It's 7:11 COOOOL, Al's favorite time lol. ^^Hit the road Jack, and don'tcha come back no more, no more, no more, no more, hit the road Jack and don'tcha come back no more!^^ BUFFALO! I'll swashbuckle any land lubber me sees ye scurvy dogs!! WELL WELL WELL what do we have here...looks like a trio of TRESPASSERS! and quite by accident let me assure you..a simple navigational error. OH-oh-oh wait wait, you're Mufasa's little STOOGE. I madam am the Kings ____ dodo! and that would make you. Future King! and do you know what we do to Kings who step out of there Kingdom??? .....WHO YOU CALLIN UPIDSTE?!! I feel bad..I brought Douglas home and I'm not even going to write in him. Drives me crazy when people do that they just keep it..don't write in it. DO THEY KNOW HOW EXCITED I GET TO HAVE THE NOTEBOOK???!?!?!? why!? very excited yes indeedy doo. lol. hum I'm going to look for a new icon I've had the same one forever, geez. Today in 4th per. English I was singing home on the range, I always do that, always tell Bailey to draw buffalo because she always shows her drawings..she's good. She won't draw buffalo though..geez not one measly little BUFFALO? come on..DRAW A BUFFALO!!!! she knows she wants to just in denial. DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL! like Josh, says he can't bowl but really he can he just wanted to trick us..evvvvviiiill!!! lol CoOL I saw one (buddy icon) sugar rush neeeato cheetos! think I'll take it! cooooolio. ARGH! not working not working Commooon oh well (all well) hehe I might be back later chos adiadi buuuuuubye! 2*6*04 *AL* Coolio tomorrow is Gala and we're going GLOBOWLING!!!! Awesome I can't wait- I love to bowl- but yeah Josh he lies ooo big time cuz he said he averages 50 in bowling and he was getting over 100 cuz he doesnt hold the little hole thingers he just throws it but we both know he's lying he just didnt want to seem like this awesome bowler or anything so if you ever happen to see him just say DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL heh i love to say that. anyways babysitting tonight. lalala I don't really have anythign to say- this LTE is dwindling away.... ummmm oh yeah I found out for sure now that it WAS Phi who hacked my last LTE and ruined it. EVIL PHI!!!! I gotta get more quizzes for my website. *TIFF* HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHAH! no no no the LTE MUST NOT DWINDLE AHHHH!!!! just that it's a slow time because all that we are talking about is gala. Gala, gala, gala, gala blah blah gala gala lol, umm yeah cuz that is the only interesting thing going on in my life and yeah so thats all I talk about lalala. Well hm yeah so yeah lol she SAID EVERYTHING! thats all thats going on in my head but yeah ya know I'll write lots after gala talking about how it goes and stuff. I need something DRAMATIC to happen so that Ngoc can get her story lol. She wants to know if something dramatic has every happend in my life and well nothing I really want to have her write a paper on lol..it's a little bit personal ya know? but yeah oh well this would be a good paper. It is a phase biography so has to be on someone else. I'm writing a phase autobiography --and yeah since my life is so extremely boring I have nothing to write about, but Melissa came up with this idea to write about WAFFLES. Ok WHAT IS WAFFLES YOU ASK? no, NOT the breakfast food. Waffles is the Williams Association For a Free Lunch Environment...socks. lalala. lol. OKAY what it was was a revolution against the system last year in 8th grade at Williams Intermediate. It was made up by me and Kehlie to change the system! Ya see in 8th grade 1st semester at lunch we could sit WHEREVER we want, with our friends and everything BUT 2nd semester they CHANGED IT!!!! *gasps!* They made us sit with our CLASSES ..eww...lol. Well we made up ideas to get back at them and TRY to make them change it back. We wrote this threatening letter and glued ham to it...under the ham I wrote "jiggle jiggle change lunch back or this will be YOU..FOOLS!" well not that exactly except the jiggle jiggle part. Kehlie and I got quite a chuckle thinking of our associate principal at the time lol JIGGLE JIGGLE, she did the pop after lunch when they did The Casper Slide and it was quite disturbing lol. ANYWAY~ another idea of mine was to stick pizza and french fries down the toliets til they were clogged - mostly just cuz I thought it would be fun but ALSO to DISTRACT the opposition. Mwahahahhaahhahahahhaha! okay soooo. Well it never worked but I'm remain a PROUD WAFFLE! (I wrote that at the end of my paper..because..I AM a proud waffle!) hehe, yeah that was fun...wonder if I have to read it to the entire class. hehe. Nobody is online to talk to. argh. and no one ever leaves tag-board messages on MY site..it's sad..really sad...I'm soo looooneely!! HAHA Huong ^^When I was young, I never needed anyone. Making love was just for fun...those days are gone. Living alone, I think of all the friends I've known, but when I dial the telephone...nobody's home. All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself..anymore. Hard to be sure, sometimes I feel so insecure and love so distant and obscure, remains the cure. All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself..anymore.^^ I kinda like it okay so just yeah I know you guys all think I'm stupid (yes all of the millions of readers out there!) lol but I don't care. BOOYAW! lol. ^^All things considered I'm doing just fine, even though ya left a hole the size of Texas deep inside, and my heart the way I'm feeling should be losing my mind but all things considered..dun dun, I'm doing just fine!^^ I still have a butterfingers on my desk from Christmas. I offered Josh the butterfingers but NOOOO he doesn't want it. He should want it. His e-mail says butterfingers in it so WHY WHY WHY doesn't he want the butterfingers? WHY? I don't get it. It still has the wrapper and everything..mint condition..not like I peed on it or anything. It's not contaminated or poisoned..it's a little old but I mean what is the butterfingers expiration date? a long time isn't it? yeah probably let me check. Okay it doesn't tell me but it's probably still a long time away ya know? right? HAH me and Al's sacred special mt.dew expired on June 7th. June 7th we gotta get together and savor it hopefully it will still be good it says til June 7th so it BETTER BE! Ya gotta have the willpower man! Yeah then after we drink it we got to go get another one HEHE to be the *ALL NEW* sacred Mt.Dew. 2*7*04 Tiff here, 11:34 ahh thats creepy!!! wths lol okay nvm anyway..wow thats weird wth. YEAH well it's the day of gala. Gala sounds stupid why can't they call it Sadie-Hawkins anyway? thats what it is...oh well. Just finished my 1st mt.dew of the day. Josh wants to come over early so he should be here in like 2 or 3 hours I guess. Thinks he's gonna do my hair AHHHHHHH thats really scary but I don't think I'll let him. lol. Welp I got time to kill now. This always happens before some exciting event. The day of the thingy you just sit around and do nothing before it starts -there isn't anything to do! I can't get dressed yet I'll end up getting the dress icky before I go out and eat (where I'll double the messiness) and I don't want to wear panythose and heels for 12 hours so no. ^^Tell me that you're happy that you're on your own. Tell me that it's better when you're all alone. Tell me that your body doesn't miss my touch. Tell me that my lovin' didn't mean that much. Tell me you ain't dying when you're crying for me. Tell me who's to blame for thinkin' twice, Cause i don't wanna burn in Paradise Oh, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go...^^ Aerosmith awesome. Yeah I'm always bored before I go somewhere and I'm bored now-don't you hate it? all full of anticipation and not being able to do anything just makes it worsez! rar! My fingernail polish looks really creepy..lol COOOL heheh. Well I'll tell ya how it goes....doodoo! 2*8*04 *AL* well heeeelllllooo there everyone yup we're back from Gala- it was fun! Especially the Glow Bowling part!!!!!!! i love to bowl AND Tiff looked all tan under the black light so that was really cool too- but uh ok here's how it went--- we went to Texas Roadhouse Grill to eat and we all ordered (ALL is me, Tiff, Josh and Rusty) chicken critters and mashed potatoes and baked beans except Rusty had a salad. Yeah so anyways we're talking we're talking and ya know Rusty has to go to the bathroom so while he's there we tell the waitress that it's his birthday ( ya know it's really not until August 14 but what the heck) so the whole rest of the time we just laughed at our clever selves but I don't think the waitress believed Josh cuz nobody ever came out with the horse to sing to him. So then we left to go to the actual DANCE. So we get there and we get in and then we get pictures and then we dance but a lot of the songs were like slow boring ones-so sorta blah ya know but then they had some fast fun ones like at a dance club which sound like fun and we were swing dancing and square dancing type dancing yup- cuz me and Tiff requested COTTON EYED JOE!!!! That song rocks!! ^^(cool) if it hadn't been for Cotton Eyed Joe I'd been married a long time ago! Where'd ya come from, where'd ya go, where'd ya come from Cotton Eyed Joe???^^ AWESOME!!! So yeah we danced our socks off and rocked our socks until it was time to announce the Gala King and Tony Johnson was SUPPOSED to win cuz he puts the "T" in "cool" but there was some kind of mistake and some other guy won. SO I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!! lol so then we left the dance sort of early cuz it wasn't all that great and we went and changed out of our dresses(HALLELUJAH!) and went GLOW BOWLING!!!!!! We got awesome shoes with glow in the dark shoelaces but me and Tiff had to trade one cuz one pair didn't have glow in the dark shoes and she needed some too right?? But I kept getting gutter balls- I think I came in third the first two games and wee were really craving some Mt. Dew too but there wasn't ANY so that was sad but we ended up getting some later. Then we had a tournament between the guys and the girls and me and Tiff won totally!!!!! :D :D :D :D yeah so that was the night and everyone was really hyper that night too- like we couldnt stop laughing and Josh couldnt stop screaming. lol But ALL IN ALL it was pretty darn fun. i think we're gonna go Glow bowling on a regular basis. This weekend there's a party gonna be going on at Tiff's house. IT'S GONNA BE SOOOOOO MUCH FUUUUUN!!! I can't wait! :D XD! yeah I'm gonna be all excited all week. But I can't say aything about it right now. You'll find out later. heheeheehehheeh But for all you people who aren't in high school- I would RECCOMEND not going to Gala and Prom and stuff unless you're like going with a guy- cuz they play a lot of slow songs and stuff which aren't very fun- especially Gala cuz it's a like a Valentine's Day Dance and all. But Homecoming is REALLY fun. Lots of good songs and stuff. But that's just my school. Maybe yours is different. Idk. I'm very immature. MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHHAH heheheheeh anyways i gotta go look up lyrics for Cotton Eyed Joe. ^^What's the D-D-D-Dilio Dilio What's the D-D-D-Dil? what's the D-D-D-Dilio, Dilio? What's the D-D-D-Dil?^^ That song is cool but that's the only part I know. heh *TIFF* THE DILLIO SONG IS AWEEEEESOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah so yeah gala was fun actually gala was kinda stupid EXCEPT for like a couple of songs (COTTON EYE JOE!) otherwise yeah DUUULLL lol. Glow Bowling was the BEESSSTT! AHH MY GOSH lol it was awesome chos, I WAS TAN!!! WAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO LOL it's IMPOSSIBLE and really really..not fair, so yeah now we have to always go glow bowling because it's fun and cool and yeah it's really fun lol. ME AND AL beat Rusty and Josh SOOOOOO BAAAADDD they're embarassed so they're going around saying they one..pathetic FOOOLS! lol eee don't hurt me lol. Yeah me and Al and Josh were just cracking up at dinner when Rusty got back from the bathroom cuz Josh told the lady it was his bida. It was retarTed (retart tart tart like a poptart!) because she didn't even do anything..ar! Dude glow bowling's music was WAY better then the crap they played at the dance! eww that wasn't worth the money I paid lol ... like REALLY we shoulda just gone glow bowling because that was awesome!!! lol yeah if you can't tell I really really enjoyed it. WOOP! I love to bowl lol it's fun! haaah lol but I don't know if I'd really like to be on a team because I don't like to compete much, rather just like ya know mess around its way funner. HAH it was cool some guy came over from a different lane and was like holly toledo! did you pick up that spare!? that was the best I've seen all night GOOD JOB! then yeah he gave me a high 5 it was cool because I got this spare smack on it was awesome I felt cool for a few seconds lol MAN! then when I got a strike no one was watching they were all *chatting* lol so everyone missed it! and dude me and Al need to work on our awesome handshake! HAH! she forgot to take the **SACRED MT. DEW!** home but now we are gonna switch off ya see cuz she has this cool spongehammer that we got at youth group tonight so we're gonna switch the sacred mt.dew with the sacred sponge hammer!!! WOOOOP! cool huh? yeeeah I know lol. ^^Chickity China the Chinese chicken You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'!^^ hah I thought it was starts clickin' oh well lol either works. 2*9*04 *AL* haaaaalllllloooo party party prty on Friday night- yeah we're gonna play superheroes- I want flying, invisibility, laser eyes, trasportation, and lightning strikes! AWESOME! I wish I had a blue boot!!!! I wish I had ze hammer!!!! Awesome my Windows Media Player actually found Cotton eyed Joe. I'm gonna put it on a CD over and over and over!!!!!!!2*10*04 HEY! okay I got like 7 minutes to type and I'm going to try to get a little bit added. It's been hard to add to the LTE for Al because she's busy a lot always gone and me? no excuse..just don't know what to type. SOOOO instead of typing on here I just sit at home and whine about how incredibly dull and boring my life is when really it doesn't HAVE to be that way? Life is what you make it right? right so if I could just find something to beleive in and something to do then I would always have something to think about and always have something to do and yeah I wouldn't have to sit at home and mope. wah wah wah my life is so boring. wah wah wah. When really there are people who are never bored, there's always something interesting to do. I'm thinking about doing soccer this year at West but I'm not sure if I will or not. I kinda just want a hobby, something to do, SOMETHING and I feel pretty out of shape and unhealthy and I think doing soccer would help me out. Only cons is that it takes up a lot of my sit at home and do nothing time which is so very important to me :D lol. I feel happier now then I did before. herm...NERP! hah. Nothing really to add though, nothing interesting happens. I CAN'T WAIT TIL SUMMER! Ah oh my gosh I've been like saying that all the time lately but it's true! last summer was sooooo mucho fun-o lol and I want to have another mucho fun-o summer! No school! yesssss! This summer I THINK I get to move too! cool! YAY! lol I'm excited! if you can't already tell which yeah I think you can. hah. I already talked all about me getting to move. It's sorta weird writing here because I don't know who is reading it I'm just writing to the air. Hey! whoever wants to read about Tiff or Al's life you can find out here. Hmm. Makes you feel weird like very exposed (even though very few few few people even come here) hah. I wonder how much I've typed so far. I think it's actually almost been 7, oh it's been 5. Well ya know I am going to type 8 because my other clock lets me have 2 extra minutes. hehe. Well I was gonna type until 10:00 then just go to bed (nothing else to do). 2*14*04 *AL* Happity Valentines Day everyone or Feliz el dia de San valentin! Yeah I forgot how to do the accents (I lost the code sheet) Anyways just thought I should type something here cuz I haven't in a while but there's really nothing interesting going on.... we had the party for Josh last night and we gave him the special present!! It was funio! and then when we came in from playing outside in the snow, I got charlie horses in both of my legs at the same time and it hurt REALLY bad like I was gonna die. GAAAAAH soo very hurtful!!!! And we got spun upside down- sooo much fun YEAH summer that was fun lots of fun stuff but ya know we did have a great summer jumping off cliffs and stuff!!! :D I also got chased by this dude yesterday, cuz Iwas gonna walk and meet up with Josh and Tiff and this guy was coming one way and I was going the other way and I passed him and he turned around and was like HEY! so i walked over to the other side of the street and went the other way and he was gonna start chasing me but this lady saw him that was delivering stuff to people's dorrs so he got scared and ran off but ooo it was scary. lol but yeah that's my exciting life right now. lol i think I'm going to a Mallards game tomorrow hmmm don't know for sure. President's Day off!!! Awesome- I think friends and me migt be going over to Huong's. Not sure yet though. yup yup talk at cha'll later. adios 2*15*04 hey guys! ahh man I know it's been forever since I've typed on here aye aye aye I know. blah. Well I've been busy lately ya see on Thursday me and Al went to buy stuff for Josh's party which was on Friday and we also got to pick up little teeny pieces of styrofoam and put them in garbage bags! Oh and I had coffee that made me really hyper and yeah WAHHOOOOO!! when I got home it was good TONS of sugar and yeah cream and yeah it was actually good just tasted like straight sugar though. Welpers I just got home from church it's AHHH 12:34 how evil 34 but how cool because 1 2 3 4 hah awesome even though yeah 34 is evil. Josh started that 34 thing ya see it's evil because 11:34 is hell and now he always see's 34 whenever he looks at the clock even though that is only "he" but yeah still creepy because it's ALWAYS something 34. eeeeek! Yeah and I made this cool CD for Allison has cotton eye joe on it! even though it has the second verse twice but it's still cool. Has It's Tricky, pussycat song (lol), all things considered, uhh chickity china the chinese chicken, have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin! and a bunch of old songs..kung fu fighting, drift away even though it's not really that old lol, Mr.Vain, Wanna be my Lover yeah etc... can't remember. I'm eating those red hot thingies they're good mmmm but yeah not hot lol. They're in this cup that Josh gave me yesterday that we made at the firworks place. It's cool it's red and has a storm on it, black clouds and lightning and weird trees lol because I can't paint a tree and a funky lookin' cave lol. It looks like an igloo..sorta. Yeah last night I went with Josh to blackhawk state park and we went on this trail in the woods it was cool yeah but we saw this rat and he got scared so I had to carry him all the way back. It was one of Mr.Weber's rats that he collects. Didn't I tell you? Mr.Weber is a rat collecter he has those little tube thingies running all through his house..the entire house is wired. They're all attatched to the ceiling. So ya see now when HE is in the bathroom he can watch his rats go to the bathroom TOO. When he is sittin' back watching the ice skating tournaments, his rats can sit back and watch "the power of cheese" commercials. Turns out that rats aren't into ice skating. So they leave during that and come back for the commercials. Okay yeah back to my ORIGINAL story. So I was carrying Josh back to the car and we got in and yeah zoom zoom zoom and we're back at his house, then we watch this movie and I fell asleep on his couch and when I woke up he was staring at me with a freaky look I was scared lol. Right now as I write this I'm wearing his sweatpants because my jeans got all wet, they're really comfy, I think thats what made me fall asleep because the sweatpants are so darn comfy. I don't think I'm gonna give them back, I'm just gonna steal them and keep them forever MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAH! my sweatpants!!! MWAHAHAHAAH! naw thats not nice, I'll give them back but I got to go out and buy myself a nice pair of gray sweatpants. Oh and yeah back to Friday at the party and I skipped some stuff I got to do Saturday too, I was busy busy busy hehe NERP!. Well ya see on Friday me and Al had this party for Josh just to give him his bobble heads Ike(his alien wife), Jimmy (his alien child) and the fireman which uh idk if it has a name. WELL! yeah the party was cool we played outside and it was fun hacky sack, and we spun around in circles upside down weeee! and we made snow angels and my toe hurts and Allison got charlies horses (uh I think) in both her legs and collapsed onto my floor lol it was funny. Ok then on Saturday (I found your hacky sack Al it was behind the couch) anyway yeah everyone came over and we just sat there for a long time because no one talked at all but then we started getting into it talking discussing and yep. Well I'm not gonna really get into it. Huong wants to be a cocoa bean. lol. Alright I got to go look for Allison's book thinger but ya see I think she's wrong because I was pretty sure that she brought the book home but yeah maybe I'm wrong so I'm gonna go look. Man man no one ever leaves anything on the tag-board and Allison has had forgetful as her mood FOREVER! lol CHOSTER is gonna be on our liscense plate cool huh? yeah heheheHEH! My room is a huge mess eeeeek! idk if I'll be able to find Allison's book that is at her HOUSE! lol watch me be wrong heh great. Oh yeah at the party thing Friday we played with the balloons we put them in our shirts then sumo wrestled to see who's would pop first it was funny. For some reason Josh got really lucky and his didn't pop as easy as me and Al's. It's not fair just cuz he's taller so we can't get the full affect on his balloon ya know. That's when I hurt my toe it bent like funky yeah all they way I was standing on top of my toe that was smooshed under my foot yeah it just hurt okay still hurts. I keep getting hurt lately. I hate the word cream. Dictionary.com does exist! and vacuum cleaners are evil I have 2 scars both caused by evil vacuum cleaners, vacuuming is the worst chore in the world...well idk about cleaning the toliet or vacuuming okay hard choice herm I'll have to think about that one...2*18*04 *Tiff* ey! I know I know eeeeek I never type on here anymore aye! told you though my life is so dull and nothing happens and just gosh actually I don't think my life is that dull..to be honest with ya, I think it's pretty interesting and I like it but yea other people would praobably say that my life is boring but yeah thats them soo BLAH I don't care! lol Al said she was gonna type on here and she uh never got on lol. Must have been busy or yeah something. I think I'm gonna get a Mt.Dew. Waaaaaaaah! this is sad while I was gone everyone drank all of the mt.dew this is really sad gosh people come on be a little considerate. Got water instead. My tastebuds are all owwie from eating red hots tons and tons of red hots and hot tamales I've been living on them lately oOoOoOo so good. The water is really cold kinda hurts me teeth owwie lol I don't like my teeth can't bite into ice cream either ow hurts brain freeze eeek! sad so sad. So I had this creepy dream last night with yeah Josh he got in a car accident and so he had to go to jail,lol hey things don't always make sense in dreams. Yeah so he was in jail and he got beat up by this huge guy it was weird it was like this really tall huge fat guy who punched him and he went down with only one punch and then the fat guy jumped on him and punched some more. But he lived! lol. Okay then erm yeah I was at 5 points and I was looking for Josh in the prison (taking my time though hahahahahahaha!) yeah and I went on the little stairs but couldn't go over them they kept going up and up and up and wouldn't stop! ahh neverending stairs. The sky was red too like bright red and everything kinda reflected off of it so it looked all bloody everywhere. Yeah then I woke up. I woke up a few times during the dream too mostly during the beat up part so when I went back to sleep it just repeated Josh getting beat up only like yeah 3 times though lol. HAH! lol yeah but I was pretty freaked out it was a scary dream. Red sky and neverending stairs and having to save Josh from jail. It's supposed to rain!!! YAY! like at the end of this week I guess like yeah Thursday (my favorite day :D) lol or Friday yeah. hehehehe! I'm excited it hasn't rained in a long time and I love the rain, so much I love the rain. It's cool it's like you can go out and walk in the rain and you feel relieved? everyone is going to think I'm a big retard for saying this lol but ok it is therapeutic, it lets the sadness out. Watching rain helps relieve sorrow lol. The rain is like teardrops that let all of the sadness out so then when the rain stops you feel better? I like during best though. I like to be sad sometimes actually, I listen to sad songs and just be sad for fun because yeah I find it fun. It is fun. Actually not fun there's a different word fun isn't it. Rain is wonderful! If you have no sorrows you can just go out and run around in the rain and play in it it's fun. You don't even have to be IN the rain you can just sit on your fron porch thingy (this is what I do) and watch it from under the roof thingy lol. Or I go in the garage and get a little chair and just sit on it and watch the rain and write. It's cool I enjoy it a lot. 2*19*04 *Tiff* hey again guys >me Tiff, putting off hwk so yeah hello. I have nooooooodles! yum I love noodles. Noodles and milk because yeah no mt.dew yesterday evil Roberta takes them and doesn't finish them. I can't stand him grr I want outta here. Math hwk today is evil I really really really have no clue how to do it! ahh I'm gonna die lol, I won't get 1 right it will be extremely sad..I wonder if thats ever even happened to anyone before. Miss EVERY problem? dang sad lol and it's going to be ME. I changed my whole thingy to green like the computer layout color for St.Patricks day I'm not really a huge green person it's okay but not like my favorite color or anything its alright. I think it might get annoying and I'll end up changing it after a month of torture lol. It's not torture just different and really bright and yeah. Lots of hwk tonight. ARGH! Thursday is the good day too I shouldn't have tons of hwk on Thursday rarg lol this is crap. YaY! Friday tomorrow yippity skippity! Naawsty tuna casserole for supper tonight argh I'll have to have more noodles I guess lol. I'm ready for February to be over. Seems like the older you get the faster time passes...I think. I mean January went by pretty fast and February has been going pretty quick too. Everybody's been getting bored of the computer. I'm all alone! huhuhu! 2*19*04 *AL* hello hello hello happy days!!! See???? Tiff- I really am writing on the LTE just like I promised- I got too bust yesterday cuz it was my dad's birthday and I did feel bad cuz I PINKY SWORE that I would write on the LTE, the pinky swear lady will come hunt me down for denying the promise/swear/oath thinger. AHHHHH ok really good joke- I bet Tiff is getting tired of it cuz I keep saying it but I think it's great- compliments of Masha (my cousin) What did the traffic light say to the car???? Don't look at me!!! I'm changing!!!! Ahahahahahahaahah I love it!!!! So herm nothing really interseting going on in my life right now.. just kind of hyper ya know. lalala I love the song Cotton Eyed Joe- it's by far the BEST song ever!!!!! ahahah ahahaha ahahha go Rednex!!! Oooooo feet are cold no socks in the basement ahhhhh my hair is sorta greasy ick havent taken a shower in like two days cuz we have swimming today so what's the point in taking a shower when I'm just gonna get dirty again right? But I ended up not getting my hair wet... soo yeah it stayed kind of nasty all day. lalala the new AIM version 5.5xxxxxx idk the rest lol but yeah it's sort of weird- I kind of like the old one better.. why did I upgrade you ask then? lol because the thing kept bugging me too so I did and I didn't know what it was gonna be like until I did it. yup so now it's kind of weird... I got a new SN today too- cottoneyedjoe711! Im me sometime but I wanted mountaindewfreak or mtdewfreak but somebody already had them AHHH i will curse the one who stole it! lol why why why woohoo I'm gonna learn how to do the salsa tomorrow at these dance wrokshop things I HAVE to take for show choir ARGH but yeah I guess it'll be sort of fun- at least I get to miss school!! :D :D :D happy happy joy joy herm math homework is confusing- it sucks basically I HATE PROOFS!!!!!!! so I gave up on it blah I'll come back to it later besides I have all weekend to do it since I don't have school tomorrow!! :D ^.^ haha cool face- did you know if you line up EWE, WAG, and EGG up underneath eachother that they'll spell ewe, wag, and egg across ways and up ways??? cool, huh? yeah Josh showed Tiff who showed me who showed you!! Awesome a cycle!! cycles are cool!!! Ok i need help- Christian belivers out there- I'm wondering if we're supposed to belive in fate (yeah supposed to lol) but yeah fate is cool- i wanna believe in it but I don't know if it's going against our religion or something? anyways nobody emails us anyways so what's the point??? Helicopter is the most addictive game I've ever played and even after I played it a kazillion times ina row I only went about E00 feet. blah lol And never ever ever ever buy wrapping paper from the dollar store!!! GAH IT'S EVIL I TELL YOU!!!!!!! EVIL!!!!!! GAH herm in a thinger today we were talking(well, I was lol) about goals in life!! heh mine are cool: Goal #1: be in a Mountain Dew commercial Goal #2: Travel to the Bermuda Triangle and come back alive Goal #3: Try every extreme sport there is Goal #4: Create my own way to eat a Reese's and have it be in a commercial Goal #5: gah I forgot it i don't have the thing I wrote it in but Goal #7 was a long inspirational goal lol yup yup yup yup yup ok welp better go I know I didn't write that much but yeah I'm not even supposed to be on the internet right now.. ahhhhh lol farewell fellow friends. heheheh guess what? the longest word is antidisestablishmentaryism!!! It's 26 letters long! 2*22*04 *AL* Hello everyone once agin- wow nobody's wrote here for about 3 days- maybe 2 idk lol but yeah I was at a show choir thing all weekend- on Friday from 7:45 in the morning to 7:30 at night and on Saturday from 6:00 in the morning to 12:00 at night- it was the longest two days I've ever had. lol but- being the good friends that they are- Tiff and Josh came to keep me company on Saturday at 2:00 so we went over to the Blackhawk Hotel to go up to the 11th floor to see what it looked like and then we went to like the 10th, 9th and maybe 8th floor too not sure, but then we rode back down to the 1st floor- oh yeah we went to the Eth floor too to see if they skipped room number EEE but there wasn't that many rooms- but anyways when we got out at the 1st floor there was a guy standing there and a lady from the hotel said she's had kids running around all day on the elevators screaming down the halls and dumping over ash trays and putting chairs on the elevators and stuff and we said it wasn't us cuz ya know it wasn't but they didn't believe us and had the PD come in and call our parents and Tiff and Josh had to go home after they'd only been there for like 30 minutes. But even Mr. Weber saw us get on the elevator too and he didn't say anything and he got on the elevator too and was riding it so we thought it would have been funny if HE was the one who was running around screaming and dumping out the ash trays and stuff and riding from floor to floor lol and then it was his evil plan for us to get caught and not him. lol yup and then today me Tiff and Josh were gonna go bowling cuz it's like our favorite thing to do so we went to our trusty Leisure Lanes but they had league bolwing all day so we couldn't bowl so we started walking not knowing where we were heading and then along came one of Josh's friends and he gave us a ride to the mall so then i got some orange chicken and Tiff got a Super Burrito (she's had one every day this weekend) cool huh? lol thenI got some Mt. Dew and then we went to Toys r us and walked around and bought some balloons which we WERE gonna play balloon sumo wressling with but then we couldn't cuz Josh ended up having to go home after we walked from Toys R Us to Bowlmor Lanes where we actually got to bowl 4 games except I don't think that we are gonna go back there cuz it pretty much sucks- all the lanes are messed up and it's really small and it's pretty much cursed cuz these two boys had shirts with the numbers E and 34 which is Tiff and Josh's evil numbers- I don't have an evil number- maybe I should get one lol. So yeah then I went back to Tiff's for like half an hour and we talked and then I came home and ate and now i'm sitting here typing lol and tomorrow is Monday so we get to go back to school- YAY not. man I cannot wait until summer- it's so much fun- but hah probably won't type on the LTE much. in summer we go exploring all the time and walk around everywhere- the creek is really fun to explore- fun times, fun memories. ahhh man I just want it to be summer even more now. The winter sucks and so does the spring mostly. In spring all it does it rain rain and get muddy and blah but Tiff likes the rain but hates Spring- lol doesn't really make sense. we have like E5 days left of school still- ahhhh too many!!!!! save us all please!!!! hm I might have already said that lol. I have a tendency to reapeat stuff- like a lot. At the show choir thing yesterday Ilearned this really annoying rhyming ting- it goes Hey (name)! Hey what? Are you ready? For what? To jig! Jig what? Jigallo! i put my hands up high and my feet down low! This is how I jigallo! S/he puts his/her hands up high and his/her feet down low. This is how s/he jigallos! jigallo! Jig Jigallo! jigallo! Jig jigallo! heheheh anyways it's pretty annoying...did you know in Me, Myself, and Irene there's a cow that doesn't die? I saw that movie a really long time ago nd I forgot about the non- dying cow. that's the funniest part though. lol shooby doopy doop welp I gotta study for tests that I missed for show choir- blah too many tess- the torture the torture!!!! lol see ya around hm actually probably not lol. 2*23*04 heya heya hello weekend didn't go well and neither did today BLAH! oh well what can I do? yep exactly. My computer is still screwed up so I'm on my dads..hah. Figures he got on mine because HIS was messed up, now his is fixed and mine is broken THANKS A LOT. So negative..sheesh. Well yeah the thing Saturday with the police was retarded. We didn't do anything and right when we got to the bottom floor there are a buncha people yelling at us, came out of no where. hah I was thinkin' what the heck are they talking about. Yeah so we had to sit there while they called our parents. Al's were there so they just took her away to them and me and Josh had to sit there FOREVER ahh! lol yeah the lady got pissed because we were laughing- we were NOT supposed to be enjoying ourselves!!! bad children naughty naughty. Yeah then Jody came and was mad and we had to write sorry cards lol. Then yeah we left BOOYAH! you stuuupid people! garrrrgaarrr!! This is really short. I have nothing to do...boooored bleh. herm I should prob change my imood I guess yeah probably. I tried to get on here Saturday but couldn't..password troubles. Man I wanna listen to music but idk where my dads music is...and I'm scared of what he will have in his music file. eeeee. OH WELL can't find it anyway just going to have to sit here bored and musicless oh what fun. Doing laundry...fun. Got to babysit tonight bleh just another crappy thing to add to my crappy day..crappy last 3 days. Well okay yeah they actually were okay woulda been pretty fun but each day seems like there was something to ruin it. Curse of the E and the 34. hahahaha Josh hasn't typed on his LTE forever. Man I want a pretty candle..I think I'll steal it mwahahahahahahhhahahahah! being evil on the LTE makes me feel better about my crappy day sorta lol. Whoa wths creepy my dad has lots of lightning photos ..I wonder if he looked through my stuff and stole those from me lol. Some of them look familiar and some don't so yeah I don't think so. Thats a weird coincidence though cuz I have lots of lightning pics on my computer because one day me and Josh were on google looking at lightning on the images thing and I saved a bunch of the cool ones. Creepy why does my dad have those..creepy. I don't HATE Spring I just don't like it that much..I love rain though thats the only good thing about spring is that it rains, and that it's closer to summer which is closer to fall. I love fall. It feels like I've been typing and typing but haven't gotten anywhere because I don't think I have 2K even maybe I do. Idk but yeah feels like forever and I have basically nothing to show for it. hehe I'm looking at the pictures on the computer...hee it's fun..:D okay gonna go do that for now adios until I get bored and come back! mwahahah! hehe 3*1*04 *Tiff* Happy March. I wrote on here yesterday but it didn't send. I'm been having lots of computer problems lately so I couldn't login to angelfire and type on here - always got messed up unless I was on my dad's computer. I want to move out of this house I hate it. Hum. What to put? Allison said that the LTE was dwindling lol HUM I WONDER WHY. lol -errr I went to internetjunk and put that I think gays are wrong lol and yeah they're going to be mad I can't wait to see what they say. Josh made me do it..he sorta persuaded me to put it. Like everyone on that site disagrees with me haaaaaaa. Funny. Don't ya think? I do herm..NERP! Isn't life funny...idk what is getting me on this subject but yeah you know a lot of people think they know people but really don't lol like okay most my friends don't know me very well at all they just *THINK* that they do-it's actually really sad when I think about it. Really sad. You don't know how little people know until there is one person who knows A LOT-thats just me actually who knows about everyone else. I don't know my friends very well either so it all evens out. If everyone was gay then humans would be extinct..eventually..wouldn't they? I have the urge to take some quizzes and put them on my website but I don't know if I'll get around to it. School is alright lately actually-even though I hate it. lol. I like social studies..I actually learn in Mr.Pagan's class. I really dislike math..have a C in there. Hate Acapella and DEFINITELY don't want to be in it next year. Don't like English Strategies because they lady doesn't teach the way I like teachers to...teach lol. She isn't clear enough she just like gives us a paper then we guess when it's due lol. She also gave me a C when I turned everything in and said the reason is because we haven't done much in class? wths? Yeah whatever thats retarded so I'm mad lol. I am not against C's or anything I just think it's stupid that I'm getting a C for no reason because I do a lot of annoying crap in that class. It's too unorganized..I don't like classes like that. Then Spanish sucks I don't know why I hate it I like spanish the actual language just the class sucks it seems like it drags on and on and we do too much work we have to think too much lol. I liked last semester better because yeah she just let us have a free period pretty much except for writing Vocab and taking tests lol. Then Science is alright I guess...nothing really extra special there its just another class..yeah..uhuh lol it's alright. So yeah just went through my schedule and whined about my stupid school life blah! I really want school to be over, I'm ready for summer vacation. I wrote on the internetjunk site about abortion too-it's weird, I used to be very very much for abortions but now I am completely against them..weeird. Now I don't even understand how someone can be for them really? I sorta do but I think that it doesn't make near as much sense as being against them. I don't know what I think..weird. My reasons aren't really religious even but they were saying on the site that they were moral reasons. I didn't think so. Just that killing is wrong but yeah okay lol is that really a moral reason? Are there people who think that there is nothing wrong with killing innocent babies? I am for the death penalty so it's not like I think killing is completely wrong -but I think it's justifiable in some situations..like Saddam lol. Well I'm not really sure haven't really talked to anyone about it before where they disagreed and I could see their views. I have a little I guess but not too much. Alright I might get on later. I love thin mint girl scout cookies <3 <3 <3 like really a lot so very much so so very much. I ate almost an entire package of them yeah like yeah just now ew just sneezed out of my mouth lol...ha! E-mail us! and tell us if you stare at your poop as it flushes down the toliet! I sure do watch poop spin in circles as it flushes down the toliet! Say it loud and say it proud! :D lol why are people embarassed? Everyone poops! Do you think that no one else in the world has ever pooped? Well they have! Everyone poops! POOP! POOP! POOP! Hallelujah! lol okay thats a good place to stop..see ya later alligators! woop! hehehheheheheh I feel hyper now..DA! hahahahaha. well basically.......HA! Okay I'm done. 3*2*04 *Tiff* heya chachis! Guess what I found? My old dictionary! ha! me and Kehlie made up last year. (Whoa just had a huge burp guys that was awesome just had to mention it-Mt.Dew and thin mint girl scout cookies :D). You lucky lucky people! I'm going to list out our dictionary! haaa theres a little under 50 words. Not many. Idk if my version is the updated version or not so yeah just gonna go out on a limb..well yeah whatever sorta. Okay 1. chittle -hock; chittles/chittlen -hockin' 2. (stolen from Gabe/Mrs.Mckay) widget -bothersome person, 3. Widgety - normal, 4. cheeto-cool person, 5. squeer -guy that looks like a girl , or is naughty, E. Friday -person with shaggy hair, 7. Quackers -cool shoes, 8. quirly -psycho, 9.Na-worse then widget, 10.Ralf-person who doesn't care, 11. Nui -person with a unibrow, 12. Zifferz -preps, 13. Coop-Nerds, 14. Scub -picky eater, 15. snuffers -seem nice but really are very creepy, 16. smuck-buddy;friend;chum;cho, 17. ifix -drugs/druggies, 18. roachees -sluts, 19. people w/ lotsa spit -sloops, 20. crips -too much school spirit, 21. snazzies - cool socks, 22. hoovers -humongous feet, 23. sniz-midget, 24. zaeiounz -tall person (zah-ee-o-unz), 25. kripomalous -math, 26. spizzy -bathroom, 27. fluzz -hair/fur, 28. shabooze -poser, 29. sneakernogan -evil, 30. spam-phglem, 31. bloop-blink, 32. quiralfs -psychos who don't care, 33. quiralfy-perfect, 34 (uhoh Josh lol). spluma -union, 35. charnappy -justice/liberty, 36. zozz -cool;calm;collected, 37. splink -good/cool, 38. chill center -current sorroundings/our neighborhood, 39. Large Chill Center -this country...it's quite large..larger than our neighborhood BAHAAA!, 40. foop -lunch, 41. joosiper -science, 42. chachi-someone living in mental institution,43. klebit -evil possessed duck, 44. sodgochunk -evil possesed dude, lestat -evil cow, larcho -scab or booger or nasty bodily substance. bwahahahahhahahhahahahahhaha 3*3*04 *AL* Man I haven't typed on this thing forever geez... too busy with the play and everything-----premeiring tomorrow!!!!! wths? How do you spell premiere+ing? cuz that looks messed up.... yum I'm gonna go to Wally World tonight and get some gum cuz I haven't had any since forever... I just had a craving for it today cuz it seemed like everyone had gum and I'm stuck having none!!!!! yum I love Girl Scout cookies too!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D thin mints and peanut butter things and caramel delights and pinantas- those are the ones we have. Idk what the pinatas taste like cuz I haven't tasted them yet.... they got starberries on them. blah blah blah school- couldn't wait for it last summer cuz I got bored towards the end but now I can't wait for summer!!!! molecular biology is okay but Brooker is always saying "Onward class" and thinking up labs that don't work- like today we were supposed to get DNA from a banana and then say "Look it's DNA!" and then do nothing. lol idk kind of funny.. but Strunk was way cooler. Acapella and Show choir ahhh don't get me started Weber is scary and I'm quitting both next year. phew. Band- ya know just normal- okay. ummmm Geometry- boring- who needs to know how to write proofs??? are we gonna prove everything in life? why can't people just accept that it's true??? geez and Flinker... Spanish is ok- the most exicting class of the day almost besides Brooker's and his labs. American Studies- AHHHHH I HATE history! So boring.... ok well that was exciting- I'm sure you all wanted to know that... heh gays getting married- hm well it's their life and if they want to screw it up and sin big time then that's their choice and besides they're really not hurting anybody anyways. yup me too totally against abortion- Pam Stenzel "My father is a rapist. I don't even know my nationality. Do you really think that my life is worth less than yours because of how I was concieved? I didn't deserve the death penelty for some crime my father committed." yeah I totally disagree with it- the baby doesn't deserve to die- and I believe since I'm a Christian that everybody has a purpose in life- so what if the baby that was aborted was meant to be somebody special- or make a huge difference in the world? Or save somebody from an accident or dying? Now they won't be there to do all those things and more people will suffer from it than if the baby was there and lived their life. That's just what I think though. This is sad- I can't even think of my own topics to write about- just responding to Tiff's. Nobody's ever emailed us responding to anything on here. That's really sad. I wonder if anybody even reads this besides our friends. Probably not. Argh we need to reach the world!!!!! lol it's almost St. Patrick's Day!!!! Tiff's having a party except now my show choir show-off thing is that same night so I don't know f I'm not gonna be able to go or she's gonna have it on a different night or what. i'm gonna go check the mail. I love mail!!!! lol maybe I'll get my YM magazine that's LATE by the way. Blah it's not here yet. Uually it's here by 4:00. GRR maybe we got a substitute mail dude. Substitutes are always late. yup. It's raining. MAybe I won't get to go to Wally World. Man that sucks. I bet Tiff is playing in the rain. Or not. I went to see The Passion of the Christ. it's good but really brutal. That whole movie is basically beating Jesus. It's really sad- not an uplifting movie at all really besides the end where he comes back to life. I don't like depressing movies. Just comedy and stupid humor. Like Scary Movie 3!!! I love that movie!!! Scary Movie's ok and Scary Movie 2 sucks. But Scary Movie 3 rocks my socks!!!! I'm buying it when it comes out on DVD. I heard that Simple Plan's making another CD too- GOTTA BUY THAT!!!! :D :D :D :D I'm excited! Herm I'll see if my brother wants to go to Wally World with me- it's too boring to go alone. Going alone is just... lonesome. lol So I'll talk at ya'lls later. 3*5*04 *Tiff* heeeeeyy! hows everybody?! thats great! lol I'm waiting for Al to pick me up to go to the lock in tonight at 10 until 7 tomorrow mornin'. lol hoping that it's funnerER then conversion-conversion was depressing, no mt.dew ..like a teensy cup lol. Nothin to do either..argh, well what can ya do? I don't really got nothing to say ew 8:34 it's seriously haunting me this is creepy geez. I already feel tired lol not good gar probably just because I'm home and not doing anything at all I just need to go somewhere and DO something yep thats what I gotta do yep yep I can cure this. I had to pee a lot today like a lot lot very lot idk why just did hm yeah why did I mention that? because I feel the need to pee again lol. Room smells a lot like febreeze very springtime fresh lol I love febreeze especially since my house always smells like dogs ya know? yeah maybe you don't yeah if you had a dog THEN YOU WOULD KNOW except just seems like my house smells so much worse then everyone else's (um probably because it does..lol). I wonder when Allison will show up herm herm herm nerp! idk whoa cool moodring is really blue. ^^I broke a thousand hearts, before I met you. I'll break a thousand more baby before I am through.^^ haha listening to B-B-B-Bad to the Bone. Okay really gotta go pee now lol. Weird, pee was clear..weird lol-happens when you drink lots of water but yeah I don't think I had that much water hmm.weeird. I lost my sheet with the way to make the cool little lines over the letters-the accents for different accents I think Josh stole it he needs to give it back..lol. I have too much free time. Oh my gosh how did I ever sit at my house all day? I used to ALWAYS be home when I was little-ALWAYS ..man I NEVER went anywhere lol except school..thats sad, I don't know how I did it man I mean I've been here for like 4 hours and I'm dying of boredom..can't take it..AHHHH! Somebody save me! Time goes so slow. haha just heard a weird saying last night "A watched pot never boils" I guess it's common but yeah I've never heard it lol. I like saying it's fun to just go around and say a bunch to people and see if they get annoyed or if maybe they'll think you're smart lol. I'm gonna try to memorize a bunch by time I get old so everything I say can just be some weird mind game-ya know like all those really wise old guys in movies..wouldn't that be awesome? I think that it would be. 2 weeks to spring break YAY! gonna go booooooowling! woooop! 3*8*04 *AL* BOWLING!!! Awesome!!!! Today is the day that I got my permit!!! Woop woop!!! I missed 5. Then my mom let me drive the van around the block and I almost ran into a parked car. That would of been bad so good thing I didn't ya know? lol We're gonna go to the creek over Spring Break too!!! The creek is fun- you get all dirty and stuff then we all look homeless lol. I'm bored today so I can't think of anything to write. Sorry- LTE really is dwindling- good thing Tiff writes on here too or else it might be gone!!! AHHHHH 3*9*04 *Tiff* Dang Al like 4 lines here I go to write my 4 lines too. I got my permit today too yep (1st try hahahahahahaha) lol yeah but I missed 7 so I BARELY passed the thing..eeek. I'm an organ donor! :D lol so when I'm there dying on the street they're not even gonna attempt to save me just ya know kill me steal my organs and stuff to give away. Ha, yeah but yeah oh well I'm dying anyway might as well. Hmm yeah hard to think of stuff idk what to put sorta hungry but not really just ya know lol want to eat since I'm at home and er thats what I do when I'm at my house isn't it? yeeeah...my dad finished all the chimichangas they're GOOOD they look sorta narsty but taste good..like a burrito sorta. Yum...too bad Tiff they're gone. I like Huong's idea with the song thing it's cool to have a song every week that you like because yeah I like lots of songs and I always just sing them on this..to make it longer lol..and in the ntbk too w/ everyone because yeah I just like songs. Well maybe I'll write later since I typed so very very little (yeah sad I know..oh well) alrighty! YEEEEPPPERS! I came back! here is my song for today that I like lol I like lots of songs but yeah man everyone is gonna make fun of my song lol. ^^I've dealt with my ghosts and I've faced all my demons, finally content with the past I regret. I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness. For once I'm at peace with myself. I've been burdened with blanks, trapped in the past for too long. I'm moving on. I've lived in this place and I know all the faces, each one is different but they're always the same. They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it, they'll never allow me to change. But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong..I'm moving on. I'm moving on at last I can see, life has been patiently waiting for me, and I know, there's no guarantees but I'm not alone. There comes a time in everyones life when all you can see are the years passing by. And I have made up my mind that those days are gone. I sold what I could, and packed what I couldn't. Stopped to fill up on my way out of town. I've loved like I should, but live like I shouldn't. I had to lose everything to find out. Maybe forgiveness will find me somewhere down this road. I'm moving on. I'm moving on....I'm moving on.^^ That's the entire song..it's good I like it, so shoot me lol. 9:44..herm Wednesday tomorrow..lol hump day! middle of the week we're coming towards the end. Yay! then next week is the last one and then spring break yippee! but IF me and Allison (Tina maybe too) do soccer we might have practice EVERY DAY oh wow every day lol. Haha I remember last spring break when I was in "track" lol thats when I quit because I didn't want to run 10 miles over break! ah no! hehe but soccer is better then track much better still mucho running but yeah it's way better..more then JUST running. Haha I wonder if Allison will even be able to play..lol..that would be bad if she bought all that stuff then quit haaah. 3*10*04 heya duders! I took some more quizzes alrighty so yeah check my thinger website okey dokey? yep! Hm nothing interesting going on well sorta. Gotta get my 50 bucks by whatever um Sunday lol for the trip to Colorado! hehe...and dude man I need to get new soccer shoes for soccer (dur for soccer whats my problem). Mine are a size 4!! my goooosh lol I wore those in 8th grade! holy cow! geez..can ya believe it? they are big for 4's though dude that is pretty small..ha. Grasshopper cookies oOoOo dude this is hard my life is so incredibly boring. Hey did EVERYONE know that the goverment built a big underground city thing so if we got into nuclear war they could all go live underground?? like so the goverment would still be running - I thought it was selfish yeah but I guess it makes sense since yeah you'd want the government working so it wasn't complete chaos even though it sorta is huh. 3*11*04 SCHRINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! Read this >>>>> Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. >>>>>>>>>>>Al showed me it isn't it cool? heheh 3*13*04 yeah me again. I'm dying of boredom...SOMEBODY SAAAVE MEE!!! can't take it!! waaaaaaaaaah! yeah okay sorry about that guys. I really want to put a page for lyrics on my website but I can't figure it out! It doesn't let me have any spaces so I can't get it to work! garrrrarrrarrr why not? I'm listening to poison..something to believe in. It's a sad song. Listening to morningstar by A.F.I earlier it's sad too..I made it into an away message. When my dad messed up my computer I lost all of my away messages..and I had a lot. Most of them were songs that I liked and I took all that time to type them now they're gone. ^^Well I see him on the TV. Preachin' 'bout the promised land. He tells me to believe in Jesus, and steals the money from my hand. Some say he was a good man, but Lord I think he sinned...^^ continue on and on. I don't really type that much on here. Whenever I get on I only put a little bit and then yeah nothing. I wonder who reads this. No one sends us emails telling us what they think about the stuff we bring up. BLAH getting a headache from being bored..eh..all I did today was walk up to McDonald's and get a chicken sandwich..on the dollar menu $1.07. Mayo all warm from the chicken. Took me 27 minutes to walk up there and go in and order and get my food and walk back home. Was it all worth it?? lol. Sure why not I was bored anyway. My mom came home and got Randy starburst, and Robby some weird candybar..and herself a 3 musketeers but yeah didn't bring me anything. I was watching her give them their candybars and didn't say anything. They all hate me lol. They favor the little boys. Blah..gay. lol. I was mad..lol. Man I'm hungry! Yeah see we have no food at all in our house so if anyone wants to eat they have to leave and go somewhere and get it. Boys are still whining about my parents not going grocery shopping when they got candy bars. Ungrateful little vermon..lol. I was on intyjunk a lot today. Didn't really post anything just reading a bunch. I should read my book, but I don't feel like it. Spring break in only a week! awesome! Oh yeah the variety show was really good. Me and Al and Josh all voted for the cowbell one number 4 it was awesome. Except! if anyone asks Al voted for number 1 okay lol. Oh well no one is going to read this anyway right nobody evil enough to be that evil...right? Okay. I wonder if people DO read this..hmm...I wonder lol. Why would they? probably not intersting just all about other people's lives..I read all of Josh's LTE and everything that Al writes on here of course but yeah I find it interesting lol. I wonder if anyone else is like me...lol easily amused (HA!) actually idk if I'm that easily amused..I always thought that I was. Maybe I am sometimes with certain things but other things I think are retarded. I wonder if my grade in English went up from a C. I shouldn't have gotten a C. I did all of my work and all of it was on time and none of it was THAT crappy lol it wasn't THAT good but not THAT crappy. A couple of my papers were pretty good -for me- well so I thought I guess. She told me it's just because we haven't done much in that class so everyones grade is low. If we haven't done that much then wouldn't the grades be higher? hmmmm. We have JA in that class now but the guy is pretty good. He is a hairdresser lol...he gave everyone his business card..heh. He says he's a very social person and loved school when he was a kid...weirdo lol I hate school it's so boring. I updated my site a lot today too. I put everything into little groups like the quiz group and the choster website group and the website website group. I've been on aim ALL DAY...ar but NOBODY is on! everyone always asks why I'm not on and now that I am on they aren't on..well not everyone just SOME people. I gotta go pee, guess this is a good ending spot lol. 3*15*04 *AL* HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUONG!!!!!!!! ok hey hey hey everyone I know I haven't typed forever Lo siento Lo siento okay herm we're singing these stupid songs in acapella by these King's Singers people and it's E guys and they all look gay and one of them wears girl sandels and sings really really high. And all they do is take other people's songs and arrange them differently so they sound stupid. yup yup But there is this one cool one called Blackbird- blackbird singing in the dead of night... spread your broken wings and learn to fly.. all y life.. blackbird singing in the dead of night.. open your sunken eyes and learn to see... all my life... yeah nerp herm nerp herm oh guess what?! I went driving yesterday- my first time. I went over to K Mart and drove around the parking lot and around some neighborhoods and then I drove fromK mArt to my house which isn't very far but it was good for my first time. And I practiced parking and reversing and turning and blah blah blah.....it's hard to stay under the speed limit though WOOHOO this is the last week before spring break AWESOME!!!! We're going bowling and creeking, and 5 Pointing and walking and all kinds of fun stuff IF it doesn't snow all week cuz it snowed today which is retarded cuz Spring is in E days- so it shouldn't be sowing! iowa is retarded. St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday coolio- even thought I'm only like half Irish and you can't even tell hah Tiff is way more Irish- at leats she has red hair. OH YEAH I remembered something- on some IQ test thinger the two top scores were girls and out of everyone redheads scored the highest then blondes and then brunettes so blondes aren't so stupid after all!!! It's all those brunettes out there! geez lol And bald men scored the highest for the guys. Interesting huh?????? :D If your IQ is over 130 you're considered a genius but I don't think I'm a genius and I got like 164 on one and 142 on another- I think those were messed up though cuz they were on the website- like at Spark and stuff. Shoop doop- ahh my parents are lucky!!! They're going to Mexico over Spring Break!!!! I wanna go!!! lol I'm gonna be doing soccer everyday with Tiff- man I'm gonna die I havent playeed since 2nd grade!!! I need cleats and shingards and shorts and socks and get a physical- ahh lots of money and then what if I don't like it??? Tiff's gotta help me lol- maybe I should go running before conditioning or else it might like be too much since I never exercise or anything. 4:47- hah cool time I like it I like it a lot!!!!! ok I'm retarded- maybe we won't do anything this Friday- that would be cool if we just had a bunch of parties and stuff :D :D :D :D I like parties- maybe I'll have a birthday party forever- like at my 127th birthday Iwould still have one- maybe if I have some money I'll get everyone a granny skateboard- awesome lol. I probably won't have money though cuz I got this new idea that I want to do mission work. I've always thought that every job sounded boring or had no purpose and then these people came to my church and talked about missioning and it was like THAT'S what I want to do. But idk it might change. And Idon't think you have to go to college for that and I want to go to college so I might pick a different job. Alrighty I'll write more later....adios! 3*17*04 *AL* HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!! 3*19*04 *Tiff* HeYa ChOsTeRs! do you all think it's annoying when people do that or cool? just wondering, it's okay sometimes but yeah too much is annoying I guess. Well YAY! Spring break! my goosh they made us go to school for 4 straight weeks thats like a month! geez. I bought my cleats for soccer they are blue nike cleats ..my red ones were better oh well only came in E 1/2 too small for me. We have practice all spring break bleeh bleh bleh at Jackson elementary school. The goonies stay together!~ cool. SoOoOoOoOoOo what is everyone doing over spring break? Maybe you should EMAIL us eh? yeah I think yeah. Man man why does it take so long to be able to talk on this thing..like I get an idea after so much suffering of what to talk about oo soccer soccer! why would you guys care about soccer? you aren't playing?! so why do you care? why would you want to read about soccer? thats like my little thing I'm doing..I bet no one cares lol. I mean yeah I care because it's me dur but you all probably could care less gosh why do you even read this! It must be so incredibly boring reading about someone else's life!!! Hey I've got an idea why don't you TELL US what you think of our rants about things about whats going on in our lives eh? EMAIL US! lol the email address hermnerp@yahoo.com is at the bottom of the page! please tell us what you think please! OH I'd also like to recommend a good website internetjunk.org it's cool we both go there now and yeah like talk. You know if you all actually do the stuff I say and read this lte then thats sorta creepy I mean you must know a lot about us? freaky..sorta stalkerish actually lol..not really I guess since we post it online for the entire world to see and beg you all to go and read it but still...it's creepy I mean like you know so much and we know..so very little...freaky. I need a shower lol. I'm in a gang! heheheehehehe we meet every school day and we're a big cool intimidating gang. The schkrickers/shkrinkers yeah my word is the first one but my gang can't say it right they say it the other way...oh well thats cool too. Schkricker is an awesome word! Dude! It's awesome! 3*20*04 *AL* hehehe I'm on at 7:55 AM and nobody else feels the need to be on at this exact moment I guess cuz all that's on my buddy list is computers... ahhh ....I feel so alone! HA not really I just feel cool cuz I'm here and nobody is...yeah. Schkricker- I can say it- idk if I spelled it right though. I don't feel like going back and checking how to spell it. Yup along with Tiff's reccomendation- I would reccomend going to internetjunk.org too highly exciting FOR SERIOUS and you can chat with people from all over the world about debatey type stuff hmm not really chat but post stuff back and forth kind of- it's called forums but that word just doesn't make sense...... except I've only done 11 posts and Tiff's done like 80 something so I'm only a Jr. Member and she's just a Member. oh well I'll be there sometime- someday I will have the honor of being a member and when that time comes oh I will be so happy. LOL yeah my parents are in Mexico right now having a great time while Im stuck in crappy Iowa!!!!! AHHHHHHH save me the torture!!!!!! But yeah I'll have fun cuz today Tiff is coming over to play soccer around sometime I still gotta call her and tell her to bring ze hammer!!!!!! :D :D :D :D We haven't traded in a while. And I'm going to Wisconsin Dells for two days and we're planning on going bowling sometime and i might be going to a movie too so yup should have some fun over Spring Break yip yip yip My throat hurts and I keep sniffling and coughing and it's really annoying REALLY annoying!!!! AHHHHH cold's suck I like to be healthy and ENERGIZED!!!!! exclamation points are so much more exciting than periods. UMMMMMM my favorite smell is laundry detergent and Tiff's driveway always smells like it. At the mall there's this one cadle that's called clean cotton and it smells like laundry detergent!!!! Tiff likes Febreze- pretty smelly good too. Somebody let off a stink bomb at our school the other day and it smelled like sewer or dead people or something but it smelled really bad. really really bad..... it was nasty. yeah Anyways I'm kinda hungry so I think I'll eat some breakfast! I'm proud to say that I DO NOT skip breakfast like most people do- I'm a full fledged breakfast eater!!!!!!!! *Tiff* same day -I had 91 posts on inty junk :D. heheheheeh!!! I haven't eaten breakfast either...but I don't know what I'm going to have..maybe my parents went grocery shopping last night while I was gone -COOL then maybe we will have something good like Reese's puffs or something. Hey know what breakfast food is gross! The only good breakfast food is like yeah cereal what else is there? waffles no I don't like them pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages etc..all nasty. French toast no. Toast is pretty good but only sometimes, but I LOVE cereal ....love cereal yum yum cereal is the best! heheheh! okay yeah so today I'm going to go play soccer today I don't know where...hmmmm. Yeah cuz Al hasn't played for years and years so now we are going to go practice.Cut off -nerner *AL* huh? yeah same day again lol I saw Tiff and Josh walking down Kimberly today and we honked at them and I was waving at them but they like didn't recognize the car cuz it was my sunt's and then we pulled into Walgreen's and I jumped out of the car and waved at them but they just ran away and came back and stood there so idk if they knew it was me or not.. but who else would wave at them anyways like a crazy person????? lol And then jump out of the car while it's still driving? cool I think I'm gonna go see Secret Window today- looks cool. yup yup extremly bored- we didn't get to play soccer today cuz I thought we were gonna go see a movie but we still haven't and it's 5:00 so I guess we could have played soccer but it IS really windy the ball coulda blown away maybe but err I hate when people say they're gonna do something and then they don't but I think we might still go to the movie idk I'm not really making sense just a big run-on sentence. So yup catcha later Bill and Ted!!!! oh yeah I lost my cool sheet that told how to do the accents too. :( yummy grapes........ 3*23*04 *AL* hallo again everyone!!! So my spring break's been ok.... lol I don't really feel like complaining. Today's my first day of soccer practice since I was in Wisconsn Dells yesterday. So hopefully I don't die from running so much. That would suck. lol Ok I really have nothing to write. Tiff hasn't been here in a while AHHHHH she has caught my syndrome thingy..... yeah 3*24*04 *Tiff* What're you talkin' about? I get on and type more then you do..I think so..well actually probably not. Dude it is spring break I don't want to sit at home and type on the LTE.. but of course look what I am doing right now..lol. Yeah of course. It's only like 10 am though so it's early doesn't mean that I'm gonna be stuck here doing this all day. I could find something to do. Doubt that we can go bowling blaaaaaaah gar because of weightlifting at like 2:50..too early. You know I really like playing defense...I enjoy it a lot more when I play that and not forward. Defense is way funner you just have to go and get the ball away from the person and if they pass you, you just run really fast and catch up and try again then kick it really hard wooohoo! Where is everyone? I'm on aim but nobody is on..argh. I added a quiz to my website! wooooop! Man man if I wrote on the LTE each time I got online then it would probably be really long but usually I don't because my mind is blank and I can't think of what to write about. I went to see 50 first dates last night..heheh I liked it..cute little penguin Willy and that one creepy dude. There are some parts that are pretty corny but I've seen WAAAAAY worse. I'm going to collapse at soccer practice today while we are running because my ankle is messed up and hurts and it's hard to walk even so yep definitely dead. It's supposed to rain today! AWESOME! get to play soccer in the rain..fun fun fun cooooool..heheheeheheh! 3*27*04 HEY everybody yeah no soccer in the rain but yesterday we got to jump in a huge puddle! It was cool..yesterday was cool..hm...except for like yeah it was sorta hard I guess, it didn't FEEL hard but it should have felt hard because yeah we ran 2 laps bending over and jumping up and high knees and butt kicks then had to jump over the ball back and forth and spring (I'm not so good at that one lol) and THEN we ran the mile and 40 meters and got timed BLAAAH..gar yeah then we scrimaged so actually we did a lot but it was pretty fun. ^^Take your records, take your freedom, take your memories I don't need 'em. Take your space and all your reasons but you'll think of me.^^ sort of a weird song but I got it stuck in my head yesterday. I woke up somewhat early today like 7:30 ish and yeah I like it a lot more then waking up late..it feels nice, I wish everyone in my family like didn't live with me because yeah then I could wake up like that every day and it would be nice. Wake up on my own instead of everyone screaming and yelling and waking me up blaah I hate it. GAR! I hate when they are loud before I go to bed too..I want to cut their heads off..RARR! This sucks though..spring break coming to a close..wah. lol I don't want to go back to school, 2 months left...ah my gash thats too long. Weird I just noticed at the bottom of the page there is this big thing for advanced editor? Okay I don't know what that means. Weird...where did that come from....weird. MY BROTHERS ATE MY COCOA PUFFS!!! WAAAAAAAAH!!!!! booohoooooooohoooooooooo!! I was yeah..deeply hurt..I really was...they always eat all of my cereal, like all of my food actually..it's sad. They ate my colby jack cheese too..so sad..now I'm left with nothing to eat. Don't you all feel so sorry for me? lol yeeah I'm sure. Okay I keep THINKING that I'm done typing and go to check how many K's there are and there is always 156 it's impossible to get to 157 (a way cooler number). That's FRUITY lol. heh. I kind of have a craving for bagel bites, weird isn't it? I haven't had bagel bites in forever. I think I'm going to write them on the list thingy! Yay! but we all know what will happen if I do that....they will be eaten..and not by me...RARRR!!! Stupid orangehead and that other nasty one..ew. Nerp Nerp Nerp. YaY! guys I got to 157! yay! 3*27*04 *AL* HEYA haven't written in a while.. I'm gonna try to write 13K so Tiff won't see the thingy in the E0's but idk if I can- maybe. heheh hmmmmmm blah my parent's flight got delayed- they were supposed to come home yesterday at 8:00 then it got delayed until 10:30 and then there was no more flights so they had to spend the night in the hotel and come back at 9:30 this morning but then that got canceled so now they're driving home in a rental car at this very minute. yup yeah so I haven't seen them in lik a week now- you people will probably think I'm weird for missing them but yeah I do-I like my parents. Most of the time lol. freaky it's EE degrees outside. We went bowling on Thursday and played 5 games cuz at Leisure Lanes it's only $2 per game and $1 for shoes. really cheap and way better than Bowlmor. But I got like 82- that was my best score and Tiff had like 90 something but josh got like 150 cuz he was really good that day for some reason and could do these cool spinny things where the ball curves around right by the gutter but then turns and makes a strike. yeah kind of confusing to explain- ya gotta see it. Oh yeah we made it through our first week of soccer and good news- I didn't die!!! See I'm still here typing lol. But we did the mile yesterday and it must have been a messed up mile cuz me and Tiff both were faster than we ever had been but I got like 7:25 and the fastest Iever had was 8:49 and that was in like 4th grade. Iusually get 10:00 now but not yesterday. I was proud of myself. lol yup yup yup lol ah my gash hehehehehe funny......... only 1 1/2 days left of Spring break boohooooooo argh but then we get a 4 day weekend over Easter so that's cool. Josh's birthday is April 12th so it would be cool to put stuff in plastic eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. lol maybe like some PLASTIC GRENADES!!!!! lol we got an evil bug in my house cuz it bit me or something and left this rash thing on my back that looks like a rabbit head. It's weird..... evil thing. nothing to do.... so bored where is everyone????? oh man there's physical fitness testing on Monday and all through next week gaaaaaaaah noooooo all I can do is the sit n' reach and MAYBE now the mile halfway fast but the pull-ups are impossible- never got one in my life- and the shuttle run is stupid and sit ups are just tiring. BLAH stupid things. I can't wait until the summer so we can go walking and exploring and swing on willow trees!!!! that was fuuuuuuun. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO excitement time!!!!woosh woosh yippee yahahahahah yippity skippity ok that was fun. Herm ya'll should go to Tiff's evil page on her website- it's actually cool even though it's supposed to be evil so it kind of contradicts itself. Bit that's ok- that's what makes it cool. Iliek when stuff doesn't make sense. Like my signs on my wall that say No Parking and Private Drive. See? They don't make any sense. heheheh The whole back of my door is covered in the magazine pictures from the Buckle. I was really bored so now it's like a collage. They're not even that cool of pictures either. And my closet is covred in Pokemon cards. lol I'm weird. Pokemon are really old- I just like the cards. oh yeah I saw lots of movies this week- Secret Window- really stupid, don't see it, the ending sucks. umm 50 First Dates- awesome, go see it, really funny. Cold Creek Manor- stupid, boring, not what you think it is. Dickie Roberts Former Child Star- okay, kind of funny in some parts. yeah see the only one I liked is 50 First Dates. :D yum I want some spring oreos!!!! herm I'm really bored- maybe I'll get some more quizzes for my website. Wonder how much I've typed? only 160K? that's crap. I just noticed the Advanced Editor thingy too. Weird I never noticed it before. Okay it looks like I've failed my mission cuz I've run out of things to type. sorry for the evil numbers Tiff. lol *Tiff* lol Josh's birthday is April 10th not April 12th. Yeah anyway ..we have arrived at the end of Spring Break. (Oh yeah Al btw I read your email that I was supposed to read by E:00 at about 9:53 lol sorry yeah stupid Roberta never told me, oh and yeah that kind of stuff like youth group and stuff yeah better if I know in advance otherwise I'll be gone like I usually am). I went walking in the rain today, rain was nice but it was CHILLY brr, me and Josh talked about this -it's sort of weird lol- but okay what if YOU were a parent and your kids were sexually active? what would you do? I mean that is a hard situation when you think about it because theres not many good ways of handling it? WELL I only brought that up so I could ask people to send us EMAILS about what THEY would do! Thanks! Yeah even though I already know no one will answer. Okay well I think that I would have a big talk about how easy a girl could get pregnant and I would ask them if they were going to do it to just make sure they would use protection and I would even offer to buy some if they wanted me to, yeah then talk about like STD's and how about why it would be a nice choice to wait for marriage because it would be special - and if you really cared about that person -then you would wait. Yep and all that stuff like the people who go in to classes like for health classes and talk about pregnancy and STD's and all that good stuff yeah just like one of those people lol that would be me hahahahaha, but ya know the parents who would ground there kid and stuff like from seeing that person -it's sort of stupid because then the kid is just going to try harder and start going totally against the parent -it would at least be better to talk to the kid and like be on the same page and stuff rather then against each other. Hey I thought of another one -what would you do if your kid was gay? (or lesbian) thats a weird one..man..that would be uncomfortable lol. I don't even know what I would do..hm...weird. Well of course I'd accept it and stuff but it would be weird..lol. Yeah but thats your kid and if thats the way they are theres not too much you can do about it..whoa weird- hm..okay theres another one if you have an answer for the what would you do if your kid was gay question then SEND US AN EMAIL telling us in GREAT DETAIL about what you would do. Thanks all of your emails are greatly appreciated! 3*30*04 *AL* Ok hey yup I knew Josh's birthday was April 10th just a typo ya know- I always have typos... man the 2 is really far away from the 0 though- that was a really crappy typo! lol Um yeah anyways guess I'll answer these "topics of discussion" lol Um okay- if my kids were sexually active... yeah I would be REALLY disappointed because I'm hoping I'm going to be the kind of parent who talks enough to their kids and teaches them about it enough so that they don't do it until marriage and I'm planning on bring ing them up in a Christian enviroment so that would also be really disappointiong to know that they were doing that anyways. If it was my daughter and she got pregnant I would for sure have her keep the baby and help her raise it but I would have a hard time forgiving my daughter or my son but I wouldn't stop talking to them or anything or "disown" them- that's a little too harsh for your own kids. But I think that everyone can start over- and I'd work hard on helping them stay unsexually active (?) until marriage- Ialso belive that it's important to save it until marriage and have it be special for that one person. Idk I could really get into but yeah it involves a lot of my personal beliefs and I don't want to "impose" them on anyone- people sometimes get mad. lol okay If my kid were gay or lesbian.. ah man that's really hard... I would have a really hard time accepting it but I guess I would have to eventually since their my kids right? lol no I would... but yeah once again it would be realy disappointing to find out that they chose to go that route- for more than one reason... and I mean it's not that I'm discriminative against gay people or anything - it's just that I don't believe it's morally right- but I accept them and talk to them (yeah I know one gay guy) but... yeah idk it would be really really hard. bleh I don't really even want to think about it. herm oh yeah I was reading Leviticus in the Bible the other day for some reason and idk it's really weird-like kind of freaky. It talks about sacrafices and rules and stuff- it's the only Book that's ever kind of freaked me out. lol I'm planning on trying to read the whole Bible. I kind of feel bad for never doing it... okay sometimes it's hard to know what you can and can't write on this thing cuz you don't know who's reading it- I mean you'd think you could write anything right- since it's yours and all- but you can't cuz people get mad....lol today in school we did some Career Interest Survey- and you had to put your top two choices in careers- and I don't have any idea so I put Graphic Design (kind of interested in it0 and Movie Director- lol sounded cool to me even though I never plan on doing it lol. And then we had to put our top two hobbies and Iput languages and travel- there wasn't much to choose from. Yeah- we had litte choices for everything- you didn't just get to make stuff up. There was world wide web surfing too but eh I don't really like to surf- just put stuff on this website and mine, go to intyjunk, and talk on AIM. lol >>>>>>> cool <<<<<<< little arrow things.. heheh So soccer was freezing cold tday- it was like 30 some degrees out and I had shorts and short sleeves on but then Tiff had extra long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt and then my mom brought me some pants and a sweatshirt too. :D lol But yeah my body doesn't really function in the cold. AHHHH need to live somewhere warm!!! Not in stupid freezing cold Iowa!!!!!! I can't wait to leave this place- and go to Colorado!!! But hm not much warmer huh? lol oh well so yeah me and Tiff both got put on the Junior Varsity team for SOME reason- okay well Tiff's actually played before but me??? NO never played since 2nd grade!!! WHY somebody tell me WHY am I on the JV team??? I have no idea what I'm doing and the coach wants me to play some position that tells people when to move and stuff and "talks" to everyone! AHH I can't talk to people! I can't tell them what to do cuz IDK!!!! lol Idk what I'M supposed to do so how should I know what they're supposed to do??? argh it's so stupid. The sopomores should have been put on JV. Doesn't that make more sense than freshmen? yeah... but grr oh well maybe I'll get the hang of it by the end of the season! :D lol but all we do is run and do drills every single day... man I can't have repetition to much or I get BORED- yeah I get tired of stuff REALLY fast hehe but not Mt. Dew... lol I get bored and I'm impatient.. but I'm really hyper- maybe that makes up for it lol. Oh yeah we played human foozball in soccer today too- that was easy- way easier than regular soccer anyways. lol. Maybe I'll check the email and see if anybody sent anything. lol 3*4*04 HEYA! Okay getting right into it. I am feeling happy for spring coming. Usually I don't like spring, it's like a ick stupid season but this year I'm seeming to like it a lot. Weird? yeah I know. I think now that it's a happy season and I like it. I still definitely like fall muchos muchos times more because it's cool but yeah Spring isn't as bad as I always made it out to be. I really love colby jack cheese. I'm eating it now, it's good. Colby Jack stuff in case you don't know is that cheese with the yellow/white AND orange. hah awesome -it even looks cool. Like a cow sorta...a orange and yellow/white. I don't know if I should call it yellow or white because it looks more white but it feels weird saying white cheese. lol. Yeah it shouldn't I'm just weird thinking all cheese should be yellow. I checked out a Steinbeck book from the library on Friday and yeah I'm on like page 30 something and I'm already bored. BUT ya know actually I'm not sure if it's that I'm actually bored rather then just wanting a shorter book. Ya see this book is E01 pages..thats a lot. I don't want to read another book thats that long. Thats long lol. It's not AS interesting as Desperation (my Stephen King book) was either so I don't know if I'd get it done as fast as that one. That one was 547 pages and yeah I read the last 200 pages in like 2 days haha. I wonder what I'm gonna do today..no school Sunday woooohoooo! yay! I got 100 posts and Inty Junk! cool huh? I'm not very good at posting because I always think everyone else is way smarter then me and whatever I say is gonna be REALLY stupid lol which it is but I try not to sound as dumb as I am. hah. I finally got 100. Sheesh. Yeah when I first joined there I never typed anything on the message board thingers, all I did was take the quizzes from test results..heheh and put them on my website. I've been adding some quizzes lately I don't know how many there are but just saying I added some. hm I kinda want the trees to get leaves..I miss the leaves..lol. I like leaves. Leaves are nice. If you think leaves are nice then send us an email about how much you like leaves..we'd be glad to read anything you send. lol. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. 4*9*04 *AL* hey hey hey cool we're up to 170K now!! hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! yeah not until tomorrow but hm I might not be on here tomorrow- so yeah just gonna say in advance! See I've got this thing where I wanna say happy birthday to all my friends on here on their birthdays- so far it's only been Nuong's so yeah not much of an on-going thing yet. lol But Tiff's birthday's coming up soon yeeeeeep I got her a cool thing she'll REALLY like except ya know other people wouldn't understand it at all. She already knows I got her Kung Pow- one of the greatest movies of all time along with TENG!!!!!! :D :D :D Yup tomorrow we're gonna give Josh a birthday makeover!!!! hehehe...... it'll be awesome!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH YAAAAAAAAAY WOOOOOPPEEEEEEEE I'm so happy!!!!!!! We don't got no soccer game tomorrow cuz somehow we don't have to go!!! yip yip yip I don't think the people like us there. lol So now I'm all happy and GLEEFUL!!! lol yahoo yahoo yahoo yep yep okay I ain't really got anything to write so I'll whoosh back later uh huh uh huh uhhuhuhhuhuhhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Tiff* Cool I get to type on the 172K page...yay! Josh man I never even got you anything because I spend all my free time with you or playing soccer so yeah it will be a little late lol. MAN! I'm all sunburned already and it's like April from playing soccer..everyday...EVERYDAY. Yeah I know it's awesome we don't have to go to the jv tournament tomorrow! yippppeee! I don't want to go at all blah! YaY! I don't even want to play JV I just want to play fresh soph because yep it's waaaaaaaaay cooler! JV is too serious and I'm too jokey to play it, I'm not as worried about being a really good player as I am about having a good time! A bunch of people on our team always get mad at us for laughing and stuff and talking and they yell at us and seperate us and then say they're going to make us run if you don't shut up. Yep. They get mad..eh..too serious about it, I guess some people are playing to get good but gosh..don't have to ruin ALL of my fun geez. lol. Eric is trying to get me to play forward now..I suck at it..suck at defense too though lol..but maybe not AS bad...no not as bad as forward definitely not...heheheh. Forward is hard because yeah I have problems trying to get the ball past the defenders..it's hard. I need to learn some tricks that I'll actually be able to use..heh. We learn them but I'm too retarded lol. Ah oh well. I kinda wanna switch some freshman who actually WANTS to play on JV just so I don't have to. I really don't want to, the jerseys are kinda cool but yeah I DONT CARE! Still stinks. heh I said stinks. 4*11*04 HEYA! Happy Easter Everybody! :D :D :D ^^I believe in a thing called love!^^ thats all the lyrics that I know. Okay need to get ready to go to church so I better go just wanted to say happy easter to everyone..bye! OKAY I'm back! Glowbowling was awesome! Only crap thing was that we got the last lane..maaaan. So it wasn't as black lighty as before..next time we go we'll have to reserve a lane. Oh yeah and at the beginning they were playing music that was sorta retarded. I like when they play songs I know because I sing along..heh it's fun! I'm going to Al's in like an hour for Easter cuz my family isn't doing anything..we don't ever do anything anymore with the family (YAY!!!!) hah. ^^How can I help it if I think you're funny when you're mad? Trying hard not to smile though I feel bad. I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral. Can't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve. I have a history of taking off my shirt!^^ Chickity China the Chinese Chicken, you have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'! 4*14*04 *AL* Heya everybody!!! yup haven't typed in a while- cuz yeah just been sort of busy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFF!!!! Actually it's tomorrow lol but I'm not gonna have time to type tomorrow cuz of the JV game. BLAH!!! I don't like the games- I just wanna go to practice cuz then when I play in games and I mess up people yell at me and get mad. Soooo yeah games suck. And it's sort of hard for me to play in a game because there's not like one little bit of competiveness in me at all so I don't really care if we wein or lose- Ijust wanna have fun but other people kind of get mad when I think that way. Oh well too bad for them. hehehe Yup so the four day weekend totally rocked man! LOL okay well Friday we had soccer practice so that wasn't all that great but Saturday we didn't have to go to the JV game and me and Tiff and Josh all went to Tiff's house and had some fun taking pictures..... not gonna elaborate on that lol it's not gross or anything just yeah I'm not gonna say anything more lol then we went to Josh's birthday/Easter party and had jello eggs! YUM! :D and some good jalepeno cheese bread. Then glow bowling like Tiff said! I love glow bowling- it's my favorite thing now!!! then Sunday went to church and Tiff came over after that and we watched Kung Pow!! And then hahahahahah my grandma gave me this purple sweater thing- AHHHH it was really ugly and she kept telling me that I wouldn't like it even before I opened it so then I DID open it and I DIDN'T like it so I just started almost cracking up and I could tell Tiff and my cousin were gonna start cracking up so when she left the room we did and she heard us- oops. lol but then they put the stupid thing on me. AHH scary.... then Monday more soccer practice- fun fun yippie! not geez. So then we had a soccer game on Tuesday- and Tiff played for like 15 minutes and I played for 5 out of a 90 minute game- what a waste. And plus it was freezing to death so we just sat all huddled in a blanket the whole time. lol and then we stopped by Tiff's grandma's house and took a picture and stole her candy. lol So yup and now it's Wednesday woop woop man I like updated you on my whole life. lol i wish it was summer. yeeeeeah awesome song!!! >I belive in a thing called love! Just listen to the rhythm of my heart!< >Touching you... touching me.. touching you and you're touching me!!!> yeah something like that I don't really know it- just little parts of it. lol oh yeah I forgot to tell you about Brunswick and Len and Ebonite! Bruswick was this really cool bowling ball at glow bowling and Len was cool for me and Josh but Tiff didn't like him- she liked Ebonite so then we just ended up getting rid of them cuz they were repelling eachother or something. lol so yeah anyways guess I'll be backaround Saturday probably yuuuup adios!! 5*2*04 *Tiff* MAN! no one has typed here forever! It's not our fault! My whole computer got the trojan horse virus lol. No I didn't make it up, so my internet was screwed up there for awhile. I wrote a big long thing too and it didn't even save it dagget! Well hum YEAH it's May now. Only 20 days left of school (wooohooo!!) it's Sunday morning today 7:47 am. I have to leave for church in a little while so yeah not gonna really spend too much of my time on here I don't think. I'm really thirsty. Man what has happened? We went to fun night and skipped a soccer game...lol. Al quit soccer lol. She quit Monday last week I guess. E days ew gross. Hummmmm I went to famous Dave's and had ribs it was really good lol. I don't know what else. The weekend is already half way over it's Sunday now..booohooo. Hey! after next week there will only be 15 days of school left...hehehe coooooool!!! Well unless you have finals which MWAHA! I don't hahahahaha yay! Oh I'm reading a book and I've only got like 150 pages left which is pretty good because yeah it's E02 pages long, and I like got really bored in the beginning and didn't think I was gonna even read it and now I'm just about finished! yiipppeeee! Things are going good. Alright LTE works now cool maybe I'll come home and type some more but yeah not sure I mean this is my weekend if there is somewhere I can go then I kinda wanna go ya know. Alrighty! adios! 5*3*04 *AL* Hey everyone! I'm typing at school. I wonder if I'm allowed to. Anyways I'm really hungry. rumbling stomach.... okay well I'll type more when I get home. Adios! 5*7*04 *Tiff* HOLA! que tal amigos? WELL it's 11:30 (night ha) and I got back from the overtime thinger at church (I think it's cold overtime) lol..sounds sorta wrong to me though. We played basketball and volleyball and soccer and carpetball! Carpetball is awesome! Busy weekend. Oh yeah I had a soccer game too and we won! crazy huh because yeah we don't win...often...ha lol. So yep AND hm...oh yeeah tomorrow, OKAY tomorrow we have to go to an acapella thinger and yeah I have to be their at 7:30 (geeeez!) and yeah so I'll be there like 7 or 8 hours haahahahha. Al is coming at like 10:30 so for her around 5 hours, we're gonna go to eat at Fazoli's (I don't know the spelling) Yeah so that will be a long day..lol. AYEH! 11:34 scary! eee thats an evil time..grody. Oh and yeah Sunday..no idea what I'm doing. okay whew 11:35 thats better much better. Sell. Duuuude I need a shower. 5*9*04 *Tiff* HEY! I did end up taking a shower! Now my hair is all poofed out! WAAOOO! I just switched my profile. Al told me this AWESOME JOKE YESTERDAY! It was AWESOME! *Why did the cactus cross the road??? .........lalallala....lallalala....do you know? do ya do ya? * because it was stuck to the chicken!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA LOL THATS AWESOME! ^^Spinnin' out of control! out of control!!!!!!!^^ thats an awesome song! WAHOO! Okay gonna go SEE YA LATER ALLIGATORS! OKEEEY I'm back! Listening to music on my computadora. I'm gonna make an awesome CD with AWESOME songs on it..wahoo! Just have to pick which songs to put on it. ^^He's everything you want,he's everything you need,he's everything inside of you that you wish you could be, he says all the right things at exactly the right time but he means nothing to you and you don't know why.^^ I went on inty junk and got a bunch of instant messenger sns so I can look at people's profiles and stuff. I think it'd be fun. FUN FUN FUN. I always do that, just have people on my buddy list so I can look at their profiles. It's fun to read people's profiles :D :D :D. ^^Have you ever felt abandoned? felt so lost that you were stranded? just like all the walls were closing in and you were left inside. Have you ever felt like your days were numbered, stuck under a tree in thunder..seems to be no way out but there is one when in doubt.^^ Dude you know what there are only like 3 or 4 soccer games left that I have to go to! Isn't that cool? I know. Unless we go to regionals which I doubt it..sure hope not lol. I don't wannnaaaa! Today I'm going to something with Josh cuz yeah was gonna go to youth group with Al but there isn't youth group lol. Huong went bowling with us last night it was awesome it was her first time bowling and she got like E0-something! lol I did really bad the first time I went bowling lol...hehe. Allison did really really good it was because of Larry the awesome ball someone was going to throw away. CRAZY! Larry's cool. Brunswick was good for me last night he was magical lol. I think maybe Brunswick just felt a little left out because of Larry being so cool lol. He just wanted to get a little attention. Brunswick is a nice ball. lol. 5/12/04 *Tiff* HOLA AMIGOS! again! I decided today that I'm done with soccer, I'm just tired of going..it's the end of the year and I just want to be done with school and anything that has to do with school. I bet you all think I'm retarded for quitting so close to the end..like I should have just finished it right? but NOPE I don't feel like it. Dude if I'm not having fun then why in the hacky sack should I go? I shouldn't! My point in life isn't to torture myself with boredom! lol I mean geez. I don't want to waste my time out on a soccer field when there other stuff that I'd much rather be doing..which is like anything lol. No actually it's not, just that everyone on my team is too serious and stuff they all freak out if we're losing and it kinda annoys me. I mean I don't really care if we lose or not. I'm thinking that I'd be better suited playing dads club lol, yeah you think I'm stupid because it's dads club but you know what at least I'd be having fun, instead of getting all worried about losing and stuff lol. Sports in high school just take up too much of your time...they take too much commitement. I'm not a commitful type of person I don't think lol I remember Allison saying something like that before. It really depends on what it is though I mean sports? a sport isn't something thats important..it's a game. Not life or death. Yep just thought I'd update everyone about that. So what am I doin' tonight..I am DEFINITELY NOT going to the stupid awards ceremony! lol Allison is going but yeah she has academic excellence so she probably should but me psssshhh no. I think I have like Academic Recognition..I thought actually I did better lol but that is the sad truth. I'm even dumber then I thought lol. I finished my East of Eden book..I probably already put that on here huh yeah well anyway yep! Timshel means thou mayest. That was a long book duder E02 pages. WAHOO 12 more days of school thats so awesome! YAAAAAAAY! I'm also writing a story about Weber lol..it's retarded lol. I'll type it on here. **RATS AND OPERA** - Young Bryce was born many years ago to Frederick and Eleanor Weber. At their first sight of him they were filled with shame and embarassment. He has beady little eyes and freakishly curly hair. Frederick and Eleanor were rich folks and couldn't afford to be looked down upon for any reason. Frederick ran his own cottage cheese factory and made a lot of money. He was a very respected businessman. There was no need for Eleanor to work since her husband could easily pay all of the bills and still have tons of money left over. "Oh Frederick I just can't bear to look at him any longer!" "I know my dear, it's absolutely hideous!" "Oh darling please, please rid me of this disgusting thing" Right away dear! All we have to do is sign these papers..I'd be happy to dispose of the little creature." "Frederick we must be certain that no one will ever be aware of his existence!" "Oh Eleanor I would never tell! How embarassing would that be?!" *Puny little Bryce was left at the adoption agency. There he lived for the first 8 years of his life, they were just about to put him to sleep when Bob (the hillbilly who lived out in the country, sorrounding the city) came in drunk one night and said that he wanted a puppy. Bob drove a harley, drank, smoked, chewed and was absolutely obsessed with kitties and rainbows. He was a cat breeding redneck. "Well sir, this is the closest thing to a dog that we've got here." She pointed at Bryce. "Do you want it?" "I dunno ma'am that there mutt is perdy ugly and awfully hairy...I'm my afraid my ma will get her gurtle all tied in a knot if I take that one home." " Sir..please..PLEASE TAKE IT!!!!...eeehem, all it needs is a little grooming." "eh...I guess is alright. * Ma' I's gone down to the pound and those nice people gave me a pup for free! Is a hairy one! You wanna pet em?!" "Howdy sonny, where in corn tootin' didja pick up that there dog, look at theres a fleas all over that thing." Hurry up an' put it in the tub fore those fleas spread all over the house." "Alright ma'" (The next morning, at breakfast) "Well call me a foo' that thing ain't no dog is a boy sonny!" "Fool me too ma'" "So whats is name sonny?" "Came with a weird name, Bryce..sick huh ma'? "What kinda name is that? Who in the worl' names there kid Bryce?" "Tha' sounds like lice huh ma!? ha ha ha ha das funna." "I don wanna call it Bryce." "I got an idea ma' les call it ROVER! ha ha ha!" "Good one sonny! ha ha!" *Bryce-Rover had to do all of the chores that his adopter parents didn't feel like doing. He was the official pooper scooper of the house. He woke up every morning with the rooster and did all his chores..then..it was to school. Bryce-Rover was the nerd at school. In elementary and junior high school the kids would make fun of his hair, and his beady little eyes, they made fun of him because his feet were too big for his body and he was skinny and easy to push around. They also made fun of his allergies..because he was deathly allergic to cats, at home he had many coughing fits and had to be rushed to the hospital because of his Uncle Bob's cat breeding business. It got so bad that Bryce-Rover had to sleep in the barn with the cows..eventually he got fleas again which was just another thing that the kids made fun of him for. *When Bryce-Rover went into high school the jokes got even worse. He never could get a girlfriend..or any friend at all. The kids brought cats to Bryce-Rover's barn just to torture him. Many more runs to the hospital were made. He didn't participate in anything at school except for track. Bryce-Rover was a good runner, he could run fast. He became a fast runner from all the times in elementary school when the kids made fun of him and tried to beat him up. He always ran away from them. He ran away from Uncle Bob's evil cats also..because if he didn't..he would surely have been dead. * Bryce-Rover watched the evil cats (from a distance of course). He watched how they would attack the little rats on the farm. They were evil to the rodents..just like they were evil to Bryce-Rover. Bryce-Rover began taking rats from all over the farmhouse and bringing them to his barn to live with him. He'd try to save them from the evil cats. The rats were his only friends..and he longed for their companionship. *He never had gotten along with either of his adoptee parents. Grandma was obsessed with being a cowboy (or cowgirl..however you want to look at it.) Even at 78 years old she still wanted to ride the bull in the rodeo. She sang country music every night before dinner..which was always pork and beans. She tried to teach Bryce-Rover to be a good horse rider but he definitely sucked at it. She also tried to teach him the banjo and how to sing country songs but he sucked at that too. She told him he was a loser and he'd never amount to nothin'. One night she brought him to a country concert and took him up on stage to sing a duet with her. When it was his turn to sing he busted out some opera and thats when she kicked him out of the barn. It was the only time Bryce-Rover had ever stupid up for himself to anyone. He finally got out of his cowardly shell and rebelled..that was the only time in his life too..he never again would stand up for himself. He's a wishy washy pushover. Before he left the barn he went back and took his friends (the rats). *Bryce-Rover went to college and dropped the Rover. In college he majored in singing, he sang opera and listened to classical music. He hates country music. He was in the choir at his college. He now teaches in Iowa. He sings opera still in his free time and is on a quest to save all the rats of the world. He has rats from all across the globe shipped to him. He goes out looking for rats on days he doesn't have to teach. He has little tubes running through his entire house, and furniture in them so the rats stay comfortable. The rats can stay in the tubes or run around freely, whatever the choose. He names each rat in his house and knows them all personally. They have access to his fridge and his bathtub. They watch his TV, and get to control the remote. Bryce would never argue with his rats, for he loves them too much. The rats are treated like royalty which in his eyes they are. Weber lives like that for the rest of his life and when he dies he leaves everything he owns to his rats. He sure does love them rats..the only friends..he ever had. THE END! I might change some parts later..idk...it's sorta messed up and kinda short maybe I'll add to it eh? HEHE 3*13*04 *AL* ah my gash I haven't typed on here forever! Dude! Tiff your story so totally ROCKED! lol Crush... umm yeah but it was really really cool- my Flinker story really sucked. I can't write at all. Blah. Oh man this stuff I'm drinking tastes like beer. It's sparkling white grap juice but bleh it's kind of nasty. Larry is awesome! I swear he's gotta be magic cuz I never even got over 100 before and I got like 130! And everybody else did really good too. I can't belive someone was gonna throw him away. Geez. Hmmm we gotta but our amiga Cong a bida present tomorrow... hey Tiff wanna just ride home with me and then we'll go from there? I heard she wants the Usher CD and monkey stuff and a hat...... okeeee ANYWAYS me and Tiff and Josh are all planning on making this awesome movie about either 3 armless people or I'm the armless person and they're the people from Josh's stories. (Refer to Josh's LTE. lol) Yeah but the three armless people story would go like Josh finds out that he has magical superhero powers to he calls this meeting for all the armless people of Davenport. It turns out we're the only three. But on the day we're supposed to meet only Tiff and Josh show up so they go looking for me and they find me and I'm a hobo and i'm pretty what the hacky sackish ya know, but we all have powers and we all turn into superheroes. And since we can't use our hands we got special types of shoes- like a whole closet full- and some our jet-pack shoes and some are eating shoes and some are parachute shoes etc. But they all got special air posket hole things that hole stuff and we can put stuff in. yuuuuup yipper skipper! 11 days left of school! Freshman year went by really fast. On Saturday I go to E Flags from E:00 am to 2:00 am but it takes 4 hours there and 4 hours back so we're actually THERE for 12 hours. Superman's gonna awesome and the giant drop. i'm going with Asian Club yip yip! But Tiff's not going cuz E is Evil right so there could be evilness there. She wouldnt go even though I tried to convince her we'd protect her from the evil. Flinker fell off the crappy bus! hehehehe that's what you say when something is crappy- it fell off the crappy bus!!!! lol hahaha she reminds me of this retarded joke that was on my Laffy Taffy the other day- What did the tree say to the math teacher? do do do dododo do do do do do do do dadadadada do do do....(Jeopardy theme) Gee! I'm a tree! (Geomety) yeah hahahahaha idk I guess it's sort of funny- but the cactus/chicken one is way cooler!!!! ahhhhh there's a breadstick on my plastic Olive Garden cup!!! Now I'm craaaaaving breadsticks! Breadsticks are muy muy riquisimos! i was thinking about nasty meat and I think the top 5 grossest meats are: 1) hot dogs! AHHH the nastiness of cow pig and chicken combined into one! 2)brown shwager/liver- groooooooosss need I say more? 3) bologna- also all kinds of animals mushed into one- and it tastes really gross too! 4) meatloaf- yuuuuuck the old fashioned home-made meat but it tastes so disgusting and dry that it would make me sick! 5) ummmm well I can't really think of a 5- I could say steak but ya'llmight maul me so um yeah. lol (Secretly though, that's number 5) oh man 2 days ago I was dumping my tray at the flowing river of garbage and my baked pasta/strawberry syrup/milk/potato/potato gravy mixture splattered up on to the lunch lady's chin and she was like "Thanks a lot!" So I got freaked out and ran away but I was cracking up the whole time- haha it was really funny. But now I'm freaked out by the lunch lady- so I run and dump my tray into the flowing river of garbage really fast and hope she doesn't see me. Scary Movie 3 came out on Tuesday and I bought it right after school! It rocks my socks! I think like the funniest part is when Cindy and Brenda are talking in Brenda's classroom and all the sudden a box of crayons whams against the wall and Brenda says " Now who the f*** was that?!" Yeah sort of bad but idk the way she says it is really funny so me and my brother watch it over and over. lol Ahhh the breadstick is still staring at me! He's torturing me... please make it stop! Gina Grape is also staring at me but she isn't torturing me as much as Bene Breadstick is. Oh okay I guess there's also Ollie the Olive, Ricky Ravioli, and Tonya Tomato but the only one I noticed was Bene Breadtsick and now he won't leave me alone. I wish I could drive because then I would go drive up to Olive Garden and get me a breadstick. Haha I remembered this weird dream I had last night- I was at my grandma's house for some reason and I had to sing Cotton Eyed Joe in front of these judges at her house. Well I had searched and searched for the Cotton Eyed Joe music so that I could sing to it (I guess it never occured to me in my dream that I have it on a CD) but anyways I went around looking for it everywhere and I finally found a music video of Cotton Eyed Joe so I put it in and get ready to sing it for the judges but the music video turns out to be this old guy playing on a banjo singing this really weird messed up version of Cotton Eyed Joe and all the judges give me really weird looks and I start making up a really weird dance to it and start knee-slapping around the room. hehe lol oh what a messed up unconscious brain I have. We were thinking that Flinker's gonna assign us this huge assignment over the summer-like a review so we don't forget or something and then leave us her address or something or she'll some to our house and demand the review and when we don't have it she'll get her shaky mad voice and go all psycho on us. I really could imagine her doing that. Freaky. Okay doke type more some other time 5*18*04 *Tiff* HEY! everybody hows it going? I'm drinking mt.dew and it's 3:07 and I'm definitely not playing soccer right now isn't that awesome! DUDE it's so nice not having to go everyday anymore! Don't get me wrong or anything heheheheh I do like soccer it's fun, I enjoy it, but everyday is too much especially since there isn't really anyone on the team I talk to..so yeah this is great. I am doing this blunt truth thinger...it's weird but yeah asks you 20 questions and you answer them, everyone should make one then send it out in an email alright? so I can do it MWAHAHAHAHAHA! http://www.blunttruthgame.com/showratings.cfm?uid=1062733 that one is mine)stupid thing has to have an E in it arrrrgh! but it has a 27 thats pretty cool because yeah it's like almost 72, that can cancel it out..lol. Hum what to write on here now? There are only 8 days left of school! Dwindling down..hehehe coool! I'm so happy! lol yeah pathetic I know okay I'm gonna go to the bathroom quick and maybe come back..just maybe. Okay I'm back. You know what? All this time I have been spelling Britain wrong! AH my gash dude. I always put Britian and just today I learned that I am a retard and I always just thought I was right when really I'm just wrong and stupid and wrong. It's Britain not Britian. Agh. Britian looks better to me. Oh well. Looks aren't everything ;D lol. I'm on AIM and I'm actually on RexRocks72 man I haven't gotten on that for awhile now. Holy Toledo huh?! Yeah I know. I have too many screen names to count. Not really..but I can't really remember them all. 391-8384. ^^Shot down said you never had the chance took a ride on a suicide romance.^^ 5*22*04 I had a funny dream where yeah it was funny..hehehe. Al and me were going into Toys R Us and we went to the candy machine and I went and just pulled one and tons of candy came out so we went around and pulled them all and all this candy came out it was cool. Then yeah her grandma (but it wasn't actually either of her grandmas) told us that we couldn't have any candy and so like we decided to leave it around the store for little kids to find and be happy because they have candy.Okay then evenentually we left the store and it was all wet outside with lots of puddles and we were playing in the puddles. Then right by toys r us was some kind of really long race track all you could see was how it went off into the distance ya know. Then we got put into a race and it was like a tag team thing like yeah it was cool. There were 4 other teams and they all sucked. We had go carts and had to race them in one race and in a nother we had like these motorized scooters and you had a passenger on the scooter it was cool lol. Then whenever I finished the race I always was running instead of driving and I always flipped to get one of the flags and I'd get the high one but it would be the wrong flag because for some stupid reason each team had there own flag and I never got MY flags team....ugh...lol. Yeah thats the dream pretty much ...weeeeeird. 5*23*04 *Tiff Again* hehehehe LTE WOO LTE WOO LTE WOO!!!!!!!!!! Gotta get pumped up! WAAAHOOOO!!! I'm listening to yellowcard they're cool. They are. I mean yeah haven't really heard much by them before but now I know that I like them. Maybe today (since I have quite a bit of free time) I'll burn all my stuff onto actual CD's. HA! Yeah because all my music on my computer just isn't that much eh? EH! thats right. I'll download the people that I like a lot okey dokey! Youth Group Tonight and um yeah thats all I'm doing for the rest of the day! and I did my homework this is crazy there is nothing to do! OH MY GOSH GOSH DUUUUDE there are 5 days of school left! Thats so freaking awesome! It's almost summer! YAY SUMMER! Last summer was lots of fun (for me at least) I had loottttsssalooootttssaa fun! WAHOO! We can have fun again. Maybe we can go to the creek again! WAHOO! All this excitement made me have to go pee! I am gonna go pee! OKAY! Done peeing! WAHOO! Pumped Pumped Pumped! Alright man I remember those expages that we made last summer cho...holy toledo! Wow. I cleaned my room a little yesterday guys! wop wop! Heyyyy let me think. Oh next Monday not tomorrow but in summer I am taking Al to Hungry Hobo to PROVE to her that they have pepsi products not coke. IT IS PEPSI! and that there bread is so extremely way better then subway. HA! MAN. Cho was talking about going to wacky waters and it reminded me that my swimming suit is stupid pink! GAR! Well just so everyone knows I did NOT buy a pink swimsuit it was red when I bought it. boohooo hoooooooooo. But okay see yeah I left it wet in my gym locker with a white t shirt and the white t shirt turned partly pink and it turned the swimming suit pinky where the white spots were it's huge crapola man. I have an annoying itchy mosquito bite on my neck that Al said looks like a zit. lol. Ain't that great. It's annoying me...ugh. OH WELL. AYE! So hot in my room. eeee! Okey doke well guess I'll type on here later I'm all typed out lol. ADIOS!!!!!!!!!! 5*24*04 *AL* HEY!!!!! WOOHOO YEAH 5 days left of school! Summer will be fun..... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D man this is like my last week of typing on the LTE though because I don't want to waste my time inside on the computer during the summer... but I might still get on if Tiff types on it cuz I will be COMPELLED to read it or else yeah I might go crazy or something. lol but yeah Ihaven't been able to type lately cuz our computer got the stupid sasser worm virus and the trojan virus and all kinds of viruses so we had to do a full system recovery and we lost everything that was saved on our computer and yeah it was all really freakin stupid. I wonder what we'll do this summer..... YEAH go to the creek again! That was AWESOME! We were all stepping in the FARTING MUD! hehehe oh yeah and in July me and Tiff are going to COLORADO!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO rock repelling and horseback riding and white water rafting! It's gonna be totally awesome! For 10 whole days in Colorado and NOT in Iowa! WOOPEE! YEAH YEAH YEAH man I can't wait to get a driver's lisence so that me and my friends can all go on a ROAD TRIP! :D excitingness.... hmmmmm I need a shower..... lol welp I don't really have much to say... but adios good bye 5*25*04 *AL* Just typing to say ADIOS for the whole summer! I'll be back around MAYBE for a few visits during the summer but most likely around the beginning of September. So AAAAAAAADIOS! 5*31*04 *Tiff* Happy Memorial Day!..it can be a happy day if you want it to be. Summer is here at last..ah freedom, feels so good. Except right now..because I'm pretty bored right now..nada que hacer! Man I missed an entire little section thinger of my leg when I was shaving and it is driving me crazy! ahh my gosh. Yet I am too lazy to go downstairs and just shave that little part really quick even though I have absolutely nothing to do..yeah..retarded. Maybe later. Hah we just talked about procrastination in church and I'm doing it now how pathetic. I wonder if Al had to go to Scott County Park..this morning when I woke up I figured she wouldn't have to because it was raining (we prayed for the rain) but now it stopped so idk. MAN! am I bored! I want to go somewhere or do something...or something aye! *June 3* *Tiff* HEEEEY! Have to put June for all of June so I don't got to put E heh. ALRIGHTY THEN! Hmmm I'm all out of blank CD's I need to get some more. I have 10 whole CD's now. CRAZY. CRRAAAZZzYYY!! ^^We were more then this world's got to offer, we were more then this world's got to offer, we were more then the war's of our fathers, and everything inside screams for second life. We were meant to live for so much more, we lost ourselves..^^ Al and Josh and I made a movie yesterday about Farm Flakes it was COOL. COOOL. Then idk if we're doing anything today or WHAT we are gonna do today...hmmmmmmmmmmm. This is really short so far..lol. Want to hear my CD's? lol RHCP, Al's best bud CD, linkinpark, nirvana, Shakira, Aerosmith, Irish Drinking Songs (lol), Dashboard Confessionals, New Found Glory and Thousand Foot Krutch. I'm gonnna make some more idk what of...yet..heheheeheheheheheheh. I want an AFI CD and a yellowcard CD...hm, yep thats what I'm making next..yeeeeeeehaaa! *June 3* *AL* Hmmmmm CDs welp I got nothing better to do and I bet um the nonexistent people readng this have nothing better to do too so I'll list my CDs ahhhh so sad I can't even come up with my own topic. I gotta babysit from 12:30 to E today and 8-4 tomorrow so can't do nothing those two days. oh well. anyways I got some really old retarded CDs I don't really listen to anymore... oh well here goes- Now 4, 5, E, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, 100% Dance, 1990's Dance, Shakira, Avril Lavigne, All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank, Pink, ZoeGirl (hah I bet nobody's ever heard of them lol) Rachael Lampa (or her) A Walk to Remember Soundtrack, On the Line Soundtrack, Freaky Friday Soundtrack, Baha Men (lol), Spice Girls (WOOHOO! haha) Shania Twain Up!, Charlie's Angels Soundtrack, Weird Al, Simple Plan, Best Bud CD, Trapt, Disco Duck, American Wedding Soundtrack, Mix of stuff, Tiff's awesome CD she made me, and Sum 41. Wow exciting huh? very very..... I think I'll sell some in our garage sale yip yip! welp gonna go adios *June 9th* *Tiff* Hey chosters! So I just got back from the mall and I want the Train Cd...I don't think anyone else likes them...or at least no one has ever told me that they like them...but I like them..lol. I have a killer sunburn ahh the pain the PAAAAIIIN. I'm a wimp. Huong's in Iowa City I wonder what for I don't even know. SOOOOOOOOOO Summer is going pretty good, drive-in's, swimming, long walks, parks, mosquito bites and sunburns..yep sounds like summer.. DUDE how long do retarded sunburns last because yeah geez it's been 2 days which is HUGE CRAPPPP! OoOoOoOo so me and Josh were in the mall and we were sitting in a chair reading the Guiness Book of World Records and STUFF so then these 2 er..ladies...come and sit in the chairs like by us and yeah eventually one gets up and goes to the sexuality section and picks up a bunch of books about sex and they start laughing like little middle school kids about these sex books..lol. They like talk about positions and there husbands and stuff..ha it was funny! Like dude to get that position the girl would have to be 100 pounds and the guy's weiner would have to be 2 feet long! AH it was funny. *June 10th* *AL* Ayiyiyiyiyi so so so so so so so so so BORED! Nothing to do...... yesterday I had nothing to do.... today I have nothing to do- just BAYSITTING all day until 3:00 then come home and have nothing to do. Tiff and Josh are at the zoo and I'm stuck at home doing nothing. Bleah. Okay.. oh well enough complaining I will surely have SOMETHING to do tomorrow. hopefully.... yeah I'll call mis amigos and we could go to see The Day After Tomorrow or something.... hmmmmmmm. Sounds cool. AY! I'm gonna eat the whole bag of Fritos I gotta get rid of them! okay I put them over on the couch... away from me so I can't eat anymore... but they're so GOOD neeeeeeed lol hm I'm actually sort of full. I made some really good lemonade! HOMEMADE yum- tastes like the fair's. Okay yeah I really don't have anything to write... just bored.... ahhh so sad.. my mom is making tortalinni tonight YUM :D see? I'm so bored that's the highlight of my day. LOL see ya'll later 7*3*04 *Tiff* HEY! Haven't written on here FOREVER. So how is everyone who doesn't come anymore because we never write? not that anyone ever came in the first place..I guess a couple but yeah pretty sure no one does now ..lol. SO Al is off to Arizona today and Josh is at some golf thing so that leaves me BORED. July is a busy month all of us are gonna be doing stuff. SO! summer has been fun so far, trying to think of stuff to do everyday is pretty hard you know since it's IOWA and all but we manage lol :D. Huong's bida is coming up and me and Al got her a present already (together). It looks really small but there are a couple of thingers in it..so yeah it isn't as tiny as it looks. Man I forgot how hard it is to type on this thing, it's hard coming up with stuff to ramble about. It's hardER now since it's summer and there isn't school, usually during school I can at least blab on about the Flinker or something and her evilness but nope because I haven't seen Flinker in a month! (YESS!!! PARTY!) It's raaaaaining out :D man I don't know what to do! I should play in the rain but don't really feel like doing anything because of my sunburn. DUDE I'm the hugest wuss, I can't stop whining and complaining about a stupid little sunburn ugh! I'm annoying myself so it probably annoys everyone else too. OOO I have to tell about Larry's bida party! His bida is like May 1st but we had the party like June 27th or something but yeah whatever anyway it was AWESOME! We made a cake that was supposed to be the shape of a bowling ball but kinda wasn't really it sorta was retarded lol, but still COOL, and it was extremely rich like extreme extreme like Al got sick from eating 1 piece and even Josh could only eat 1 piece. I didn't even finish my piece lol. We fed some of it to Larry lol, we got pictures. haaa it's sooo coool! :D :D :D Everyone probably thinks we're all retarded..heheheh :D. Then the next day we went bowling with Larry. Allison made him a blanket for his birthday...haaa awesome. It was lots of fun! Okay thats enough for today just updating everyone...=] 7*17*04 *Tiff* Hey everybody! again! I'm just typing on the LTE before I go downstairs to take a shower. Josh left for his camp thing last night, it sucks. Now me and Allison are here for like a week then we leave and will be gone for 10 days. In COLORADO! SO COOL! Tomorrow at church we find out the details, hopefully. lol. Were gonna be camping in the rocky mountains lol. Cool duuuder. I haven't typed on the LTE forever, I just keep updating my xanga lol. The poor LTE is like gone man.. I need to make LTE page 2. I think I'm gonna do that (maybe) after I take a shoer, if I feel like it. If you come on, however, and there is no LTE page 2! Then it means I didn't feel like making one. If there is then that is a suprise lol. So I guess we are all moving ya know? so my parientals lol told me that by time I get back we might be selling our house. So I have to take a bunch of pictures off the walls and I have to take all personal items down, which hugely sucks! RAR! I gotta pack everything up in boxes and the house we are supposedly gonna move into but not positive isn't gonna be done being built until the end of September! GAH! lol No personal stuff til September gosh darnit that sucks lol. Then I don't even get my room I have to wait until they build me a room. Rar. lol. Okay I'm gonna go take a shower then adios!7*17*04 *Tiff* Okey then! HOLA! Look like I made a page 2 after all. I wonder what Allison is doing right now. I am kinda bored, I think she is busy today though like her family wants her at home. Yeah, I don't know. I should call and ask. LaLaLa I'm trying to fill up the page! Yeah right! Not gonna work! Doo-Doo-Doo. Our iMoods have been the same mood forever!Maybe I should change mine. ha. Okay I'm gonna try to call Allison and yeah see what she's up to today. Okay gonna go, but I'm pretty bored so I might be back here later. Adiiiiiiiios! Okay nevermind. I called and she isn't home. Argh, now I'm bored..lol. 7*21*04 HALLO! HUM. We leave for Colorado in 2 days and yeah I have this big old bag full of stuff and I don't know what I'm gonna do because it's humongus and yeah how am I gonna get there. Oh my gosh. Allison is not contributing to the LTE, she is writing some story for some reason I think it's like to get back at Josh idk what it is, and yeah I am gonna read it when she is done then I can tell you all what it is about or maybe she can just tell you except no because she isn't going to contribute to the LTE, oh my gosh. lol. Lalala. I want to leave for Colorado nooooow! lalala! Oh my gosh. I am so bored, my house is so boring, there is nothing to do, oh my gosh. Lalala. 7*21*04 *AL* Hey I just got done writing my story. It's awesome. Tiff's reading it right now. It's a story about trolls. Well yeah I was just writing it for no reason mostly. but yeah I was sort of pretending to be mad at Josh cuz when I was in Arizona I sent him and Tiff a postcard but when he's away I didn't get a note blaaaaah. oh well I wasn't really mad anyways. I like never get mad. If I do it's not for real just sarcastic madness. I'm going crazy.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D YUM Tiff brought in some scrumptious bread! lalalalalaalal better go eat some. *Tiff* Hey guysssss I'm BORED. It's later, it's like 8-ishhh now. Al's gone. YIP YAP. Sooooo hum. lalala! I've been doing that a lot lately. Alright so I made the LTE part 2 isn't that cool? because I always try to go to our LTE (yeah right, now always, rarely) but anyway yeah and it never comes up because there is SOOO much to load and all ya know? yeah. It takes too long and it started to bug me so I decided instead of making it take longer each time by typing more and more that I'd just make a different page..nifty huh? :D :D :D Yep. I wonder if I already talked about this..lol. That'd be funny, I just repeat the same thing over because I can't think of anything else..hah. It tis hot my goosh gosh gosh. Well I packed today. For my tripper to Colorado. 10 days. I love Colorado. The trip is pretty strict though. They have 11 amendments lol. The ride there is gonna be really really boring too..ha. I can't wait to go to Colorado! I can't wait to get back either! lol I am looking forward to both! :D :D :D Alrighty then dudddderrss I'll MAYBE type tomorrow, idk, depends if I have time..lol, yeah right I'll have time, depends if I remember! Okey then chosters see ya laaattteeerrr! 7*22*04 *Tiff* Hey buddies! lol I'm back again. 11:23 am. Haven't eaten, or showered, or done anything except play on my computer of course, oh Josh called too and I talked to him for 2 minutes lol but yeah otherwise haven't done anything. So now I'm typing on the LTE page 2! because we needed one! I have nothing to type lol...tomorrow at this time I'll be on a long long long long boring ride to Colorado..and it's going to be very boring lol. Maybe I'll get to know some of the people that I'm going with, that would be good, since yeah I don't really know them, never really talked to them AND I have to spend 10 days with them. So yeah...should get to know someone. Sooo I actually have some stuff to do today! It's raining...hehehe isn't that cool? rain rain rain. Okay yeah I have to go to the bank and get mula for food and showers lol. I have to take the book and the notes to Josh's house that me and Al did/made/wrote. I NEED to take a shower tonight, kinda late, so it will last a few days because yeah showers cost $2.50! Holy cow! Yeah I know. I have to clean my room and put all the stuff away in like shelves and stuff, well not everything, just some stuff...I already took everything down. So just whatever is left..Yeah and I have to go buy 2 waterbottles lol to bring on the tripper. Then I have some extra stuff to pack too. Then I am gonna call Josh and talk to him because yeah it will be 10 days til I see him. So gonna talk to him a little bit. Then yeah I'm gonna hope that Allison can give me a ride because if she can't then I don't know how I am going to get to church...uhoh! Alright I should get something to eat. Thats enough rambling for now..eh? lol yeah alright I'll type later like maybe later today or maybe when I get back. Adios! 8*24*04 *Tiff* Heya Heya everybody I'm back again. School starts on the 30th...ahhhh!!! School is the gayest thing ever. Ommmmmygooosh I'm so bored. Josh is out golfing and Allison is in Illinois with her mom idk what for but yeah, so I have absolutely nothing to do today and it's so boring. If I had a posterboard then I could make a clue game but I don't. My parents can't drive me anywhere either because we don't have a car that can drive because it has a flat tire and so I'm stuuuck here!!!! noooooooo! Darnit. lol. Booooring Booooring just sitting here. So I decided to come back to the ever-famous LTE. We don't type on here much this summer, I type all the time on my xanga site instead.. HEY! Thats a pretty good idea, I could make a xanga out of the LTE, then everyone would know what went on everyday. DARNIT! I can't because I don't have the right dates...darnit! lol. Oh well...maybe we can make another LTE for this upcoming year except it can be on a xanga site because that would be easier but nah not really though because that wouldn't really be an LTE...man. All my ideas aren't working. I was going to go play clue at Allison's today except her brother couldn't play anyway so we wouldn't have been able to play. She made her clue game with Her, Angie, Chad, Josh and me in it as the people but yeah idk who the other one is because there is supposed to be E but oh well. Better without E anyway. I am going to make mine out of like Flinker and Weber because that will be funny. I don't know what other people to put in it...just know Flinker and Weber mwahahhaahhahahahahha! welp anyway I am gonna go on xanga now and I have nothing to do anyway so yeah guess I'll go on there and do absolutely nothing in my boredness ahhhh! lol 9*11*04 hey everybody... it's the third anniversiary of the Twin Towers fall down. I haven't heard anything about it so far though. I gotta go to my aunt Becky's wedding reception tonight. That should be fun. Man I haven't typed on here forver. I kinda lost interest. If we printed out our Lte page 1 it would be 75 pages long. pretty cool huh? well yeah I'm bored. lol adios 9*12*04 *Tiff* as you all should be aware, school has started up again, so the LTE! (AWEESOMENESS) lol I'm so retarded, but anyway should be back! except Allison is bored of it so it might be a solo trail for awhile ahead. Homecoming is this upcoming Friday, I'm going with Josh. (yay) and we're gonna have an awesome time. I am wearing Sara's awesome Mexican red dress thingy it's soooo cooooL! lol I'm excited! :D yay! Well anyway, need some more rambling to prolong the LTE even more. Gosh, the LTE is so classic. HM. New news? well, I've been going to Pine Street for abouta month now. Coolio, lol. ANNND... yep. 10*25*04 Heya guys. School has been obviously torturing us all, and idk why but I just decided to come here. It's a stupid Monday. School is retarted. I don't have much to say. So this is just going to be a short little entry thing. 12*15*04 *Tiff* Oh my Oh my! How I forgot the woundrous LTE!! How dare I?!?!?!?!? Thats just terrible. Well today I was in 2nd period, which is Mr.Wolf, which is Computer Graphics, and we went to the art show thing...and so we were in this computer room that is actually for "advanced computer graphics" blah...but we were there and on the computers and I kept trying to go to a bunch of websites but I couldn't! It was just crrraazzzyy! lol. heheheheheh. Anyway though all my websites were blocked but then! I remembered! Angelfire isn't blocked! So I got on there and then I couldn't even remember the password to hermnerp, man I still got to find it...but anyway..yeah..whatever..I wanted to write on the LTE really bad because it's been a super long time, but I couldn't so now I have JUST gotten home from school and I am writing on the LTE. Isn't that wonderful? I think so too. Well whats going on in my life? I don't know...everything is pretty fine and dandy I guess. Winter break is in like a week...YAY. So I am excited for that! Ummm..I'n kinda feeling for some food right now. I almost don't want to go to Pine Street because there is going to be a cookie eating contest, I hate eating contests..ew..make me want to puke. So I'm not going to do it. BlAHH. I don't even want to watch it. Hopefully the cookie thing is BEFORE 7:45 and then after it there will just be a nice normal thing like every Wednesday...I hope so. The food fight thing would have been fun though! Weeeee. I got my Christmas Cards! and I sent Tina her Christmas card too! I just realized how bad I got at babbling. My LTE is like down in the gutter because I haven't been updating it...and well Allison hasn't been on it for like a year..lol. I think I got on it at least..once..during summer. Oh yeah and the LTE2 I got rid of because the point of the LTE is to be all on one page, so yeah the second page was just messing it up...so I had to fix that. Now it's all on one page 217k. We haven't been bowling in forever. It's so funny how everything is named Larry now, all after Larry the wiffleball from that one day of gym..way back in 8th grade. 8th grade, ahh those were the days. I decided that Mrs.Mckay was really cool, probably one of my favorite teachers...she was neat, and nice. I have gotta keep going! practice by blabbing. I have a xanga now. I've had once since May. It's pretty close to the same thing as this, except just a titty bit different... hehehehehehehehh. Oh well... So Tina moved to California! I didn't update on that...um...yeah. We'll just have to wait and see if I type on the LTE again, or if it ends up being a one-time-thing..where it'll be like 2-3 months before you hear from me again..ooooo mysterious!!! eat.your.heart.out. :P hheheheheehe. I'm back already! Hah! It's been like 2 minutes or something! Hah! I'm so crazy! hah! Okay whats up again everyone. Everything is good over here and stuff. Lets see Lets see. Oh yeah man I never even told you all that we go to pine street I don't think geez what kind of crappy informer person am I anyway? Pretty darn CRAPPY! Whooooo's yooour dddaaaaaaaadddddddyyy!!! Who's your baby, who's your buddy, who's your maaaaan!! lol don't comment on that guys, it's a song that none of you will know, just me becaues I'm a loser. Hey guys I had 2 planerians Pablo and Bartholomeu, I like Bartholomeu spelled like that more then like Bartholomew...so just...spell it my way..lol. Then guess what? they died, and I was sad, seriuosly, I almost was crying about having to cut them in half, even ask Josh! He was there..I was breaking down over some planerians and they're like teeny tiny. We dissected a bunch of stuff in that class. <>. Like, a squid, a clam, starfish, earthworm, ascaris...none of you know what an ascaris is, it's a worm, except without segments..lol...it's really not all that great..lol. Earthworms are cooler. They should have named it buttpoop instead of ascaris, because it is a buttpoop. Actually I don't hate them that much, I just over exaggerated, I always do that. lol. I said I ALWAYS do that, and when I said that, I was overexaggerating again. Ha.Ha.Ha. You know I'm spending my time typing this when I already have a different paper that I'm supposed to be typing. Kinda..dumb...isn't it. My poor typing fingers are going to be so tired! Gosh! lol. Allison's tradition-annual Christmas Party is this Friday and I'm PuMpEd!!! booyaaa! sHIZ bIZ..lOl. hahaha Josh says that a lot. I bought Josh a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shirt for Christmas. John said it was b/a...I hate when people say b/a. like they actually say B.A. though...it's like man man if you're gonna do that then you might as well have just said it....shut up. Oh you know whats even WORSE!!?!!?!??!? When people say J/K. but they SAY J.K. oh my gosh don't ever do that or I'll eat youuuuuur eyeball out of it's socket then puke it up into your shoe then you'll step into it BAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHA! seriously though, actually don't ever do EITHER of those...EVER. heh. "Well have a good day everyone, I'm going to type my paper! Bye! :D 8*17*06 *Tiff& Does this thing still work? GUESS WHO IS BACK! It's me!!! HA! Dang it has been a stinkin' long time since I have been on this thing. I can't believe that we gave up on the famous LTE. All of that junk mail from our fans is piling up in our mailbox... wondering why it has been 2 years since we have been on? It was just a long lunch break guys, but the dynamic duo is back in action..ready to please. So what has been going on I know you are wondering? WELL.. NOT MUCH at all! It's Senior Year now! Which sucks. Allison and I still suck at life! We have a couple new friends, lots more enemies.. you know, life is life. We work at a racist..sexist.. ice cream store! I just drank a strawberry soda and went glow disc golfing. I am not as good at rambling as I used to be, because it is hard for me to think of something to say on this right now...it has been so long too, and I still can't think of what pointless thing to say? UHHH... I don't know..this is hard. School is about to start, sucks, Flinker retired... DID YOU KNOW~!?!?!?!? I kNOW!!!! She did last year.. it is crazy! As sad as it sounds, I miss the Flinker. She wasn't so bad...esp after Scovil almost failed me in precalc. lol. That's a good story, if you like me enough, you should ask me to tell it.... UMMMMM blah blah blah. bye guyses. 5*21*07 *TIFF* BoO! 7*14*07 *AL* Hey guys!! It's good to be back. This thing has so many good memories stored on it. Tiffany and I graduated! It's crazy. She's going to St. Ambrose and I'm going to UNI but I know we'll still be going strong all through college. Don't worry, loyal readers, we will keep this thing up for years to come. lol until next time...adios 10*1*07 *AL* Oh my goodness, when I read this thing, it makes me want to cry. It makes me so happy. The years documented on this LTE were the absolute best years of my life. Tiffany, Josh, and Allison. We had so much fun... as you can see from reading this awesome website. We did so many crazy things... dead frogs, sewers, watermelon fights, farting mud, cliff jumping, Maquoketa Caves, the drive-in, Social Circles, the dance channel, garage sales, 5 Points, the train tracks, Farm Flakes, Tae Bo, the Sacred Mountain Dew, Ze Hammer, Larry the bowling ball... it makes me overwhelmingly happy to think of those years of my life. We didn't have a care in the world, and we just hung out everyday and loved each other to no end. We didn't have to worry about jobs or college or any of that. I would give anything to go back. I miss doing random things and acting like little kids. I miss having only enough money to buy one Choco Taco to split bewteen two people. I miss having to walk everywhere because we couldn't drive. I miss going to Pine Street High every Wednesday night. I miss going to the drive-in with Jody and Brian. I miss having garage sales and being psyched that we made $80!!! I miss it all. Why do we have to grow up? Getting older just really isn't any fun at all. Not as fun as these years of my life. I am so glad we are all still friends because I don't know what I would do without some piece of this part of my life. I love them both. Josh and I don't talk that much anymore, but when we all hang out, it's still so much. Tiffany- I love her so much, and I know we'll be friends always. We're already making plans for her wedding.. I'm pretty excited to plan some kickin' parties. haha I can imagine the three of us... maybe four if my husband is cool... but we are all sitting together when we're like 90 and laughing about all the good times we had when we were kids. Maybe we'll get out Social Circles to play or maybe turn on the Dance Channel and dance our hearts out. All you need in this life are true friends. I'm so glad I found them when I did because they made my life so unbelievably memorable. I wouldn't trade that part of my life for anything. We'll try to keep up this website, so all of you, our dedicated readers (haha) can know how things pan out for us throughout our lives. I can tell you with no doubt, that anytime you check back, we will still be great friends. :)11*17*09 *TIFF* Hey there amigos! I thought I'd do an update on our lives now! Hahaha. SOOO. Allison and I are roommates up at UNI, we're both juniors. I'm going to be a spanish teacher and she is a spanish major and she just switched from teaching so she has got her own stuff going on but all she really wantsta do is open a Mexican restaurant or a pet shop or something. Anyway! As you can see we haven't changed very much! I see Josh a lot lately, he is thinking he is going to go into the Air Force this spring and I'm pretty sad about it but I try to be a good support! I don't know how I used to type so much on this thing I am having a hard time thinking of stuff right now and it has been years since I've talked to you! I have been teaching at a school and it's pretty weird cause it wasn't that long ago that I was in high school! Some of the kids remind me of me and my friends. It's pretty funny, sometimes I hate it, but I hope it turns out for the best because I've already put a lot of time and effort and MONEY into it so I don't want to turn back now! haha. Anyway we're all healthy and sane as ever ;)

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