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the world that needs to be saved

     The eco-system, the biosphere, not the planet, but nevertheless our world, is a complex construct of substances and conditions (including way more than the right temperature) draped over the planet, extending a little below and a little above the surface, like a slightly inflated baggy, without which the thin surface smear of living vegetable and animal scum called life on earth cannot survive.
    It's not a delicate construct. It's even self adjusting, and the fate of any specific individual species or element isn't necessarily critical.** But the over-all construct is certainly more vulnerable than the planet it clings to, its viability as a life host DOES ultimately depend on its proportionate make-up as a construct, and with one cancerous ingredient (humanity, their encampment, and all its side effects, not just global warming) already way overgrown and still growing wildly out of control, our eco-world, as a system, is obviously crashing.

-Glen Roberts

**Yes, that does mean that those who make a big to-do about least terns or eucalyptus trees instead of sounding a much louder alarm for the entire ecosystem may be missing their own point - but I'm not. And those who speak of saving the planet or the earth are only trying to avoid sounding like a boring scientist or the little man with the "Save the World" sign in Frank and Ernie and are only coincidentally abusing the language.