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Glen Roberts
630 Quintana Rd
# 251
Morro Bay, CA 93442

Mail to this website comes to the UPS mail box shown above
which accepts NO junk mail ever

    I'm giving up on e-mail and will just use the mail box address shown above for awhile (maybe permanently). For now, if you have anything to say to this site, or if you want to ask me a question, you'll have to use a regular tongue-sealed envelope with a stick on stamp and provide me with an actual mailing address for you.
    When they first invented hotmail, it was the best idea the nerds ever had, but since then they've buried the concept under so many apps and wonderful (they think) page make-up tricks that it's become impossible to face. Technology should make things simpler, not harder, so I'll try just plain mail at least until I'm offered an e-mail service like they had 25 years ago again.
    I'm actually only talking to myself these days, anyway, neither seeking nor rejecting input, still posting my soliloquies on the net, for reasons clearly explained elsewhere, about things often equivocated and lied about but usually off limits to public conversation that I want to clarify to myself (I mean me, myself) before I quit and/or the natural world falls on my head (whichever is first), but I haven't been trying to save or persuade the world of anything since 1970 when I declared the cause lost (see chapter 15, pp 208-9 of Prometheus Outnumbered). A temporary interest in the Sandinista revolution and in Fidel's efforts to actually create a civilized country on Earth may have made me seem seriously reform-minded again for awhile, but since Fidel retired, and since he died (when I actually rolled over and went back to sleep) I've only kept posting the world population every day (as the NY Times should) to keep my regular news reporting status intact, to license another trip to Cuba, if I decide I can manage that.
    But, starting in 2018, to ease my old age, I've been making my site more static. I've got a new provider and a relatively new purpose. Back when I was reporting objectively on places I was traveling through, for readers like the girl in "Missing" who was tired of embedded NY Times lies, I naturally motivated some interaction with readers. But that's over with. Now, living on borrowed time (I'm past 80), since I've always been (almost since birth really) very uniquely realistically, coherently, carefully articulating all the facets of a realistic philosophy for myself and, collaterally, IF it should happen, for others capable of getting it (who WANT to get it), NOW, that's all I'm doing. As I watch everything going to pieces, I still want to understand why and maybe you do, too. Maybe not. But I do.

    Meanwhile, if other equally objective and coherent philosophers find this site and want to initiate a posted dialogue (I don't necessarily), it'll have to be in good English. I'm retired. NO texters, tweeters, or macho blusterers will be welcome, and Miami gusanos will be ignored.     I always sign and take credit for my own words, I studiously refuse to read unsigned "editorials" in the newspapers, I'll never become another lumpen blog-board and, IF I decide to do any e-debating, I won't post unsigned material. While people without self suspicion probably shouldn't write, anyone who'd be embarrassed to be caught saying what he, for some reason, wants to say, definitely shouldn't write, either. Writing honestly is a more certainly courageous undertaking than war, and every writer should know that going in.
    I recently found two web-pages (look up anti-social images) (one more conservative, one more p.c.) full of colorful logo/slogans, some brilliant, some not-very-brilliant, posted by people as tired of the oppressive omnipresence of social media as I am. Ironically, several on the more conservative page, said, "I'm not anti-social, just anti-stupid," while, just as ironically, the more p.c. page coyly avoided THAT idea. I have to acknowledge that I am both anti-social (which is why there's no row of social media symbols at the top of this page) AND anti-stupid. But I'm still here, all alone and right out in the open.
    Now that I have a mail box, by the way, letters to me will have to come in ordinary envelopes, sealed by tongue, stamped with normal postage, addressed by hand to my name and my mail box address. Anything that doesn't look as it should will go into the nearest blue barrel. If you want me to post your comment and answer it on-line, type it on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and say so. -Glen Roberts