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Unspinning Official Stories 2017

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   27 Oct, 2017: This website has changed, and, after 10 years of more or less regular news commentary, this will be the last "Unspinning Official Stories" post. The only reason for this last post is to repeat myself and tell you AGAIN, that whatever the nerds, the currently embedded "scientists," or your never changing misleaders and THEIR leaders say, the ONLY way you can "save" your world now is NOT by unchanging the climate with MORE FUCKING technology BUT BY REDUCING HUMAN POPULATION AND ENDING CAPITALISM. Of course, I'll keep telling you THAT because, whether you like being told that or not, that IS the truth about which you are in your most stupid and stubbornly on-and-on-and-ongoing denial. I'm not wrong. You're wrong!

   For instance, I didn't decide to change this site NOW from a newsgathering journal to a fixed guide to realistic thinking because I was embarrassed by any failure on my part as a misfortune teller. In my last pre-election "Unspinning Official Stories" post, in June, 2016, I correctly predicted that the American lumpen would follow orders from insider owned media and elect Hillary Clinton as their first woman president, which they did.
   I didn't anticipate that an insiders' star chamber would then cancel that election and appoint another more business friendly moron in place of a mainly self-friendly crook, but I did correctly predict that the supposedly (YIPPEE!!) democratic American masses would obediently stay on social media and off the streets (i.e. accept the double-cross without any effective complaint) and that the election would be followed by the "same ol' same ol'" supposedly democratic comedy, which, unless you're as unconscious as you pretend, you know very well it has. U.S. Media will go right on calling the election tune, nobody will ever win but the rich (until Mother Nature wins). The oil will keep overflowing; all the same wars will go on and on. America may never get socialized medicine. Everybody, ironically including the rich, will go on dying without ever even sensibly trying to make this tired overloaded old world into at least a better place to die in.
   And I , besides continuing to fail for 77+ years in a row (ever since I finally got a typewriter at 14 in 1950) to tell you that the sky IS already ecologically falling, will undoubtedly go on bumping my head hopelessly against that bumper, too.
   BUT I've always gotten to a few people, and, whether it matters or not, I actually hope that, with a more boldly flagged site, I may help a few more - just a few more - people to become graduate realists, which may at least be satisfying to them.
   I don't care! I'm getting old and tired and when Fidel died, I rolled over and went back to sleep, which is why this site may have recently appeared to have died. In fact, I'm keeping my daily population post going only to keep my news-reporting status "regular" - because I still intend to go back to Cuba one more time - for my own purposes. But there is another reason that might not shock you so much.
   There's a rap poem on this site comparing myself to a robin who keeps bobbin' because he's a bobbin' robin. A compulsive truth teller almost since birth, I've always served as a private Epicurus for a small audience. Some, who resent me for that, may accuse me of thinking I know everything, and, in fact, I do know more than Stephen Hawking or even James Randi knows, or even than Epicurus did, but (except that the stupidity of it all keeps ragging me) the only goal I've seriously pursued since I matured enough in 1970 to give up caring much if people keep squeezing themselves to death or stupidly selling themselves to the rich has been to round out and articulate my not-quite-perfect (but closer than anyone else's) philosophy - for MYSELF.
   So that's what my new, slightly re-named site is going to do, if I ever finish it. Having recently survived a stroke, I may not and if I don't, I don't. The world can obviously go right on fucking completely up without paying any attention to me, and a few hopeful wannabe realistic philosophers may coincidentally benefit, too.
-Glen Roberts

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