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     NO damned drums! NO damned incessant beat! NO damned raucous chanting! Just imagine a guitar or piano, starting to play low, clear and logical notes and then fading behind a cool pleasant voice just conversationally but mildly insistently articulating a set number of words, i.e. 50, 100 (as in the first rap below), 125, 250, etc. up to (as in the second rap) exactly 1000.

I Am The Word(s)
  -in response to a phone call from Adriana

    As for my bones not yet scattered across life's desert, if you think you want to see those before I die, don't bother. I can tell you in an e-note that, while still technically me and looking "OK," I'm just a body soon to be burnt, not very talkative.
    More importantly, I'm now the unvisitable words marching through my head, and I'm also the same words, polished and printed and running very visibly across your own internet screen - a tenuous monument - not exactly a pyramid - only temporarily immortal but still easy to visit without traveling or renting a hotel room.

-Glen Roberts,
still outliving Ozymondias at

An Ideal Deal 'twixt Ma Nature and Civilization

        God's a thin concept so absurd it's undignified to talk about it. But Mother Nature's a heavy metaphor for something real. The personification is appropriate and handy. It's mystical nonsense to say, "God is dead," but it makes perfect sense to say that Mother Nature as goddess-in-chief should be cautiously impeached in all civilized sectors of the world.
        All revolutionaries should understand this. Civilization is a revolt against Mother Nature, a brutal, nearly omnipotent bitch with no self suspicion and no mercy, whose only agenda is survival through relentless reproduction and growth. She's an anarchist, not a communist - a laissez-faire Social Darwinist - the rightful mother of mean self-righteous capitalists who are comically shocked by her while growing up in her distorted image. They're her favorite children, but she'll eventually eat them for stepping on her flowers. She's also the mother but jealous antagonist of nature taming scientists and communists (the logical architects of civilization). When they go too far, she'll eat them, too.
        When the seldom-right right stupidly declare communism "too" ideal because it's against human nature, they're for once partly right. Nothing is too ideal, but the barbarism of the right does lie in their UNcurbed human nature; while civilization, because it's NOT barbaric, IS unnatural. I'm trying here to clear up some seriously INconvenient, probably dishonest, often stupid confusion by leftists about what THEY are (or should be).
        Rightists HAVE TO BE confused and dishonest to live comfortably with their bloody agenda. Their confusion obscures their primitive purposes from themselves and their prey. Chaos is their rightful milieu, so though it seems contradictory that Republicans wear shoes, live in houses and covet high tech products while their rightful mother, Mother Nature, lives barefoot and naked in a cave or tree, modern ways of killing with bullets and bombs and the use of cunning contractual ambushes to tear money from the throats of the weak exactly reflect their mother's style. Taking baths, going to the theater and blubbering about the plight of the poor while brutalizing the poor shouldn't, but hypocrisy and deceit do. When she finally smacks them down, it will be for stealing from HER, not for being unlike her.
        Leftists need a clearer view. When they're cunningly told communism is "too" ideal (by those who DON'T consider equality ideal), they should reply: "Nothing is TOO ideal!" Living in houses, learning to read and being vaccinated against disease aren't TOO ideal - but they ARE unnatural. A civilized community of neighbors living peacefully together in modern, comfortable, pretty but equal little houses with easy-to-clean tiled bathrooms and kitchens, each with a yard and a garden, all working together in safe conditions, not competitively but as participants in a rationally organized state, to produce and willingly distribute the goods and services a good life requires - equally - constitutes a rebellion against Mother Nature - not TOO ideal at all - but certainly unnatural.
        Nature is a battlefield. Civilization is a peaceful enclave. To keep that good and clear, Mother Nature needs to be impeached in all civilized sectors of the world.
        But there's a condition. Civilization is UNnatural, but its raw materials and life breath are born from and irrevocably tied to nature. So having been deposed as dictator of the world, Mother Nature has to be reappointed Secretary of the Jungle, where her savage and destructive tendencies are checked and balanced and ultimately productive instead of fatal, as they necessarily are to civilized enclaves. Seemingly paradoxically, we need her natural products, but don't need either her or her more natural human children running or subverting our civilized clearings.
        Civilization is impossible without the jungle, which Mother Nature runs best. We can't live on a naked rock planet. We need the green dynamically sustained and balanced eco-system we came from and are psychologically part of. Maybe we could survive in some ugly plastic way not yet invented, but it's not necessary, because Mother Nature, bitch that she is, is a good organizer of jungles. And her now unhealthy jungle, which wasn't sick until we started "improving" it, needs to be given back the space to heal and flourish.

       (1) Civilization is an UNnatural aberration that won't work unless the natural jungle is mostly kept out of it's clearings. (2) Too much civilized clearing is a threat to the essential natural balance of the jungle that humans need as a resource bank and esthetic backdrop.

        Without letting in the lions and tigers, our enclaves have to be flexible to a point, just as Mother Nature's domain is flexible and can accommodate deserts and civilized enclaves to a point; but the limit is set by the laws of physics and biology, not by us. We have to keep the size and population of our own domain well and safely below the limit, lest we anger Mother Nature whose goddess power to eat us is not the first but the last law of physics and nature.
        We have the right to insist on civilization and make any intrusions of nature including overly natural humans behave themselves inside our enclaves. Our enclaves, to be civilized, have to be unnaturally socialist and ultimately communist. To escape Mother Nature's bloody "free"-for-all and achieve a civilized life, humans must suppress their natural piggishness and understand why. Leftists, if they're to lead the way to the UNnatural ideal of civilization, have to clear away their counter-productive chimeric pseudo intellectual chaos of "you-know" democratic mysticism and understand that civilization, being unnatural and prone to dissipation, has to be organized in a different way from the natural jungle from which it is hacked out.
        A "sustainable" clearing in the jungle can't be a slob's encampment carelessly sprawling into and fucking up the jungle around it. A "sustainable"* civilized enclave has to stay an enclave, creatively flexible but clearly planned, constructed, and maintained, its size and population permanently BOUNDED.

*The word sustainable correctly modifies the word enclave here; the phrases sustainable growth and sustainable development are language abuse.

-Glen Roberts

Talking Back to Walter Scott

     Breathes there a man with brain so dead he never to himself has said, "Hey! If this is my own, my native land, why the hell is all the land around here fenced off and posted NO TRESPASSING! PRIVATE PROPERTY! by a few people who think it's only THEIR land?"

-Glen Roberts

No, I Don't Support The Troops

        I support everyone's right to good health and a good home, including the rights of vets who've been used, broken and discarded sick and homeless by the war industry. But AS the "troops" of that war industry bombing OTHER people's homes and killing and crippling OTHER people they don't know in places they know nothing of for reasons they don't understand, NO! I don't support them.
        Of course, unlike thoroughly confused bumper sticker Republicans and many of the "troops" themselves, I don't imagine they're fighting THEIR war. They didn't declare it and they're not banking the profits. It's no more their enterprise than the United Fruit Company ever belonged to Guatemalan pickers or California cannery workers. The taboo against NOT supporting the troops is like taboos against disrespecting people's religion or the "cultural integrity" of the poor. Religion is force fed to the religious, picturesque poverty is dumped on slum dwellers, and the war the troops fight ISN'T THEIRS.
        Or mine either. If you think it's rude to say so, I think it's stone stupid, when the one tenth of one per cent insiders who own America, its oil, its banana plantations, and its arms factories, bill YOU for their war ventures, share their enemies with you and send your children to do their fighting for them, to respond by saluting their flag without even questioning why it was THEIR World TRADE Center - their world corporate pyramid scheme headquarters (tragically with a lot of innocent hired money-mill workers like you inside) that was targeted by THEIR enemies. Maybe criticizing the willingness of victims to be victimized is rude, but it's worse to bless their sacrifice with diplomatic silence.
        That the always eaten dogs always support the always top-dogs in all the dog-eat-dog systems and scams in the world doesn't mean I have to applaud. Soldiers proud of fighting for the rich are like wives who defend the husbands who beat them. Their stupid pride in their black eyes and broken teeth doesn't justify their abusers or them, either. I don't support suckers who give their integrity to religious fakes or poor people who idolize the rich. And I DON'T support the troops.
        I'll support any troop who comes to his senses and says NO! But I don't support hollow uniforms who accept their "duty" to bully, torture, and kill as ordered. War isn't always wrong, but when it's cynical and barbarous, the soldiers who fight it are almost as indefensibly at fault as the government they allow to misuse and waste them.
        I'm sorry some people think they have to take any job they can get. But I have to live in the uncivilized world mass stupidity allows, so, while I'll reserve most of my anger for the high priests of stupidity, greed, and war who blind them, bind them, and tear out their hearts, I refuse to romanticize or idealize or support the willing gullibility and cooperative self-abuse of the victims.

-Me, for sure - Glen Roberts

Isn't It Nice In America

     Isn't it nice for the insiders who profit from the outsiders' acquiescence that it's not considered nice in America to ask unpleasant questions or be negative or refuse to change the subject?
     Well shut my mouth! Am I saying Americans don't speak freely? Well they don't. Not from fear of the cops. Cubans don't watch what they say from fear of the cops, either, unless they're working for the US State Department to sabotage Cuba. You know, don't you, that they'll arrest you in America if you're working for Cuba to sabotage America?
     But, besides that, in America, just like in Cuba, if you speak openly against US ideals and for "enemy" ideals, people who hear you may look upset, change the subject in your face, or even get nasty. Only an occasional redneck will actually threaten you or smack you, but the inevitable warning that only in America are your sort put up with will certainly scare you if you have any sense.
     Oh, you can speak freely if you want to, can you? Well, let's hear you. Oh, I forgot. It's not nice. Hmm.
     Isn't it nice for the insiders that it's not considered nice to speak out against the flag in America? I mean isn't it nice for the rich insiders whose very profitable flag it is?
     Isn't it nice for the insiders that it's not considered nice to speak out against democracy in America? I mean isn't it nice for the rich insiders whose democracy it is and who always win its phony elections?
     So why's everyone in this blue-collar bar frowning at me?
     It's very nice for the insiders that I'm the only one not being nice, and that it's folks who aren't insiders at all who do the job of angrily defending their free country from me for the insiders. Isn't it?
     But why are the outsiders so angry at me?
     The insiders' pictures in the papers never stop smiling at me.

-Negative Glen Again

HOW TO SAVE ONE LIFE FOR SURE   -to all the girls

    Back in the days when it was possible to escape thick crowds without going to another planet, as a frequenter of empty coastlines and beaches, over a period of years, I came close to drowning (maybe) let's say a "bunch" of times, but, obviously, never drowned.
     My experience suggests that, while finishing the job and actually drowning is certainly more likely than being hit by lightning or a terrorist, still, some lives a lifeguard counts as saved may be more embarrassed by the attention than actually saved. And I'd bet that each fireman or policeman saves few lives and may not save any. - in his lifetime.
     I don't doubt that there are lifeguards and some cops and firemen who have saved a "bunch" of lives, but that's not as sure as THIS:
     YOU, just by NOT reproducing - i.e. not "having" a child,      will definitely save one person from both life and death.

-Glen Roberts

In The Green Zone   -to my daughter and some others

        Wise youth,
        Since the world ends each time anyone dies, the fact that the world at large is virtually ending (since it's gone past saving) doesn't matter to anyone but those who love their children and to those who find the slow rotting phase unbearable.
.         But it's a reality that affects the importance and unimportance of how you live your life and how you choose to consider, live with, or react to the pigs who've taken control of the world and who are responsible for its death.
        If you and I went to any of the current Middle Eastern "news" zones and looked in some doors, we'd probably find them to be a good though exaggerated metaphor of what all wise youth has to put up with. I think we'd find people who keep going through the daily motions of pretending to participate in the screaming, tail-spinning charade that's all that passes for civil life there just to collect their salaries, so that in the spaces between the bombs and bullets they can keep the insides of their homes clean and quiet and their gardens tended - pseudo citizens with semi-civilized hide-outs.
        Here, too, to go on eating good meals, drinking good wine, and getting what good you can from life in the ruins (no individual having a broom big enough to sweep the stupid self destructive capitalist system crowding the world it's already ruined out of the way), you can't help having to go on wresting some kind of perhaps disgraceful but expedient living out of the mess.
        But, hey, if with geographical luck you can at least avoid participating in any brutality, there's no dishonor in trying to survive, and I won't blame you for choosing to endure what you've decided is a necessary measure of tedious participation. In a civilized socialist state, any work would be honorable participation, doing one's part to keep the system going - actually for everyone's benefit. In a world-wide capitalist dog-fight, since, to survive, participation is a necessary evil, there doesn't have to be any dishonor in that. And if you know why you're doing it, it can be done impersonally with your eyes and ears and mouth mostly covered.
        As a wise drudge, you take the Monopoly money out of your pay envelope, leaving all the unread blather still inside, mentally mark the envelope "return to sender" and drop it into the recycle can on the way back to whatever living room your drudgery buys. It's good to have work you can stand. It's probably best to have a tedious civil service job that guarantees (for the time being) the security of your refuge...
        ...even if it's in the green zone.
-Glen Roberts

Hail To The Chief

                It's a good sign the world's still barbaric that almost every feather bonnetted chief of state still thinks he must confront his neighbors with a strong military. It shows he's tough!
        Chiefs without coasts command navies. Chiefs of tiny countries without enemies command airforces. Chiefs elected by pacifists, once empowered, cry "national security" and take command of their own 30,000 troops. Tough!
        And all the tribal editors, whose pay checks are traceable to the arms industry, love most to hail their black or white or woman war chiefs by the talismanic adjective, tough.
        Waa wa wa wa wa! Waa wa wa wa wa! Waa wa wa wa wa! Waa wa wa wa wa! Waa wa wa wa wa! Waa wa wa wa wa! WAH!

Glen Roberts

Hitting The Walls

         While the universe has to be infinite because it can't have edges, an Earth with no edges to sail over is nevertheless finite and locked in by hard factual walls against which a Colombian humanity sailing ever and arrogantly onward had to at last crack up.
       Whoopee! We did it (decades ago)! The proof is overwhelming to anyone but the deliberately and stubbornly deaf and dumb. Good grief! The ice caps are melting. Ozone holes, acid rain (HEY! ACID rain), and pollution of everything pollutible are rapidly increasing. Deserts are spreading. Large lakes are dying - or dead. Whole rivers are poisoned and even flammable. Water tables are sinking and turning salty. Forests, coral reefs, birds, animals, and fish are disappearing. Vital resources are becoming precious. And ALSO, while timidly talking about it excuses us from talking about anything else, our eco-world is dangerously warming, TOO.
        Meanwhile, excess human numbers, the cause of the catastrophe, are growing faster than ever. The asphalt and concrete deserts of the human encampment are spreading faster than humanity. Once-wild, now rapidly developing and growing countries are demanding resources already overgrown countries thought were theirs. Refugees of wars for space and resources are flooding across all the borders.
       And politicians, who aren't philosophers and became politicians only to be big-shots and get the influence to smooth the way for their businesses to "freely" GROW and make them and their friends richer suddenly have to deal with a reality they've never even acknowledged in which "free" growth and blind human business activity have deadly limits and consequences. And they don't know what to do.
       They thought they wanted more people to sell things to - "the more the merrier." They thought "freedom" and "growth" "made the world go 'round." But they were blind to the real world's finite size and limits and unprepared for the mathematical results when the separate whirling edges of all the separate ever-growing merry-go-rounds, none of whose politician operators gave a shit about each other, filled and then jammed and then exceeded their no-longer separate spaces and gridlocked.
       Now the mythical national boundaries they foolishly took seriously are overlapping and disintegrating, and the real natural physical limits of "free" enterprise they've always foolishly dismissed are in the way and their"free" business juggernauts are piling up and they aren't prepared for it because they never thought about such things before and they don't know what to do.
       So Senator Cheerful and Governor Forceful and Secretary Slick, when asked by reporters, turn out not to HAVE an immigration policy or an energy policy that has anything to do with the real world. They always thought the world would stay the way they used to think it was. They thought a packet of signed and stamped pieces of paper they paid good money for would, with lots of cops to enforce them, make fancied lines around mythical countries work.
       They thought everyone knew they were the good guys. And now that millions of people are ignoring their imaginary borders, including bombers sent by foreign clones who don't like them, they don't know what to do. When the very ground and water revolt against their pissing and dumping too much on what they thought was their god-given private property, and zoning changes don't help, they don't know what to do.
       They thought nature was in the zoo and on educational TV. They still don't realize Mother Nature has her own merry-go-round, older bigger and more presumptuous than theirs, and that She doesn't believe in their gods or their flags or their property rights, is sick and tired of their "freedom," and doesn't give a damn about their business interests, either.
       Hey, humanity! You're in a mess, and you don't know what to do. What you've been doing doesn't even SEEM to work anymore, and you don't understand it. There are TOO MANY of you and you've got TOO MUCH junk and you're bumping into each other and fighting each other for space and resources that are running out, and you still don't get it. It takes realism and logic and organized thought, and you've always hated those things. But the mess is real and smiling and coloring it "green" won't make it go away. You can't keep "sustaining" growth and "sustaining" development. You've got to UNgrow and UNdevelop. And you don't know how to think about it, because the problem is real, and your habitual thinking processes aren't.
       Hey, humanity! Pay attention! There's no god who loves you. And all the diplomacy and positive thinking and smiling that win you points with each other don't even phase natural reality, which is deaf, blind, and even dumber than you. There's not REALLY even a Mother Nature, arms crossed, clucking her tongue, who might give you another chance. There are only natural forces that (luckily for your ancestors but not your descendants) accidentally formed a construct of real substances and conditions that you could have lived in comfortably for eons, if you hadn't fucked it up. But it's a SYSTEM - coincidentally yet logically organized, and freedomanddemocracy won't fix it. And neither will praying. And neither will the Democrats or Republicans. And neither will buying low energy light bulbs and hybrid cars and even MORE hi-tec "green" gadgets to very slightly slow "global" warming - only one facet of the problem.
       If your whole world eco-system can be fixed at all, it'll take a hair-pin U-turn in human thinking and behavior, a huge reduction in human numbers and human encampment size (a 100-year project 100 years late), and a new and inhumanly logical compact with the ecosystem, IF the ecosystem can be restored. It will take logical realistic organization and international cooperation, which can't be "free" and which group humanity has never been any good at. It won't happen.
       Hey, Humanity! You say you don't know what to do? Oh, you didn't say that? You said you're going to, by golly, do whatever it takes?
       I bet.

-Glen Roberts

...from "Dover Beach", by Matthew Arnold

... the world, which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

-Matthew Arnold

Ever After

       So many fairy tales end with the wedding imminent or just over and the last words: "And they lived happily ever after." Wow! Even if things go relatively well, it can't be for ever after. In fact, the happy couple will grow old and die; that much is for sure. But also one is sure to die first, after being a burden for awhile.
        But before that, even, the most beautiful girl and the handsomest boy become old and ugly, fat and gross, bored and hateful. Often, if not usually, but pretty often, the "happily ever after" part ends the day after the sappy ceremony, which is why the fairy tale always ends the day before the day after.
        The strangest thing, though, is that the con job keeps working. Even though most of us know better, probably a majority still feel an urgent, irrational duty to hurry up and embrace their own phony fairy tale endings and join the crowd by getting married before it's too late.
        Too late? Too late for what? Too late to punch headfirst through the movie screen and into their final though tediously stretched out abysmal destiny?
        Of course there's denial, and not having a denial bump brings the dreary picture into sharper focus for me. If I was normally groggy, I'd think nothing of it. But I'm not, so whenever I read of a character or actually hear a real character fretting that he might fail to do, before it's "too late," what he appears to consider his human duty: to hook his life to another's - to double the complexity of life's tarpit - before youth goes off and leaves him with the forbidden freedom to buy a gun and a bullet and kick back with no obligations until, at the first hint of pain, he can freely choose to pull the blessed trigger, I almost cry.
        The only thing dumber than the marriage wish is that other much romanticized but actually just Darwinian compulsion to spawn a successor to carry on one's misery when one, oneself, can't stand it anymore.

-Glen Roberts

Talking Back To Walt Whitman

        "Take me, Lord," the religious say, when they're ready to "go," but a more accurate prayer to Mother Nature might be, "Drop me into the grinder, Ma."
       No matter how fervently they believe otherwise, the pre-dead, when their prayer ends, aren't going anywhere. As thinking beings, they're just suddenly going to drop into nowhere. So there's nothing important to pray or say about that.
       Once dead, though, the thoughtless lumps of newly dead matter still bearing the names of certain thinking beings of yore will slowly drop into Mother Nature's meat grinder, a disintegrating and redistributing process that provides building materials for grass and other new or growing entities, including lumps of un-dead matter hosting other temporary thought tracks that think they're going somewhere.
       T'would be truer then, on one's death bed, were one's last words, not to any other "lord" but Mother Nature, "Drop me into the grinder, Ma."

-Glen Roberts

Equal Opportunity

       Though glib embedded pundits like to string the words "free" "enterprise" and "democracy" together, there's a disconnect between America's democratic myth and it's capitalist myth.
       The cuddly fantasy of a partnership of equal citizens all running the country together is in a different movie from the brassy saga of no-holds-barred economic competition always starring the same few John Wayne doubles to whom "freedom" definitely means license to get away with what they can.
       And as for any nicer kinds of capitalism, the only phony touch point between the two myths comes when, to kid the suckers or to kid themselves or because they can't plug all the leaks, the insiders coldly forfeit only to the toughest, slickest or luckiest of the economic lower classes what is cunningly called an "equal opportunity" but is really only a token slim chance to try to fight their way to the inside.

-Glen Roberts

The Underside

       There's an old counter-myth about the devil being the good god and the supposedly good god being a fraud - evil cross-dressed in a brass halo. There's a lot to it.
       There's something like that going on in the real world of political and social classes, where power is usually inherited and can be risen to only by those stupid or cunning enough to go along with the crooked game being played, while honest potential leaders must accept suppression or, against all odds, take up arms.
       I've got a note buried in my heap of "Notes to Nowhere" about the necessity of at least ceremonial stupidity in "high" places, which credits some bigshots with the low cunning and purely political determination it takes to just continuously pretend to be popularly stupid for ceremonial purposes.
       But I don't really think city hall and capitol hill pols, their courtiers, the embedded rich or even their embedded bards are often faking their regressiveness. The topside definitely stinks of a kind of evil behind its mask - not just religious in nature (only the brass god's minions care much about that) - but anti-intellectual, counter-ethical, and philosophically inept.
       Good realistic writers have always been onto this reverse negative reality. Realistic literature disguised as fiction is rife with reliable blue-collar heroes, gutter saints, and even low-life losers, lunatics, and crooks who are better than the puritans who despise them. There's a whole genre of gin drinking, wise cracking p.i.'s fired from the police force, endowed by their creators with convincing contempt for the establishment cops.
       The masters of noir regularly tease their readers' suppressed rebelliousness with barely masked offers of hope that the supposedly bad anti-heroes will get away with their crimes against the supposedly good establishment. And, in some of the very best books, they do. I relate better to Wolf Larsen, Ahab, and Meursault than to Robin Hood, but there's catharsis for me in even a fairy tale revolution that defies the cloudy throne to mete out fictitious reverse justice that real world media and politicians would ceremonially deplore.
       Of course, in the real world, the supposed underside doesn't always or even often fit any good devil role, though you can't tell about people whose worth has been wrung out of them or who think they have to cover it up in a world that won't stand for any smart talk. But sometimes even anti-heroes escape from the bookshelves and earn real underside acclaim. The officially unrecognized idolization of The Great Randy, Jello Biafra, Fidel Castro, and now Hugo Chavez are dramatic examples.
       But it's only logical, or reverse logical that the best examples - the real elite among good devils - have to be more completely unknown (like me, of course), because, while it's only bullshit religious morality that's reversed in the Satanic mass, it's a whole reversed value system I'm talking about, and the grasp as well as the granting of worth, recognition, and influence are among the concepts mirror-reversed.

-Glen Roberts

The Use, What's It?

        What's the use? You think there's no use? You're wrong. Listen! There are "uses" to be made of various supposedly useless whats.
        If people would listen to and understand and act on intelligent advice and willingly carry out logical plans, I know very well what the use would be of saying certain very useful things.
        So far, they obviously haven't. I've struggled forever to clarify the ends and the means; and the well conceived means I've endlessly set forth WOULD - if undertaken - lead to the well conceived end - a better world. But humanity keeps thrashing about as aimlessly and as destructively as if I hadn't made the effort at all.
        But that's what humanity has done - not what it could do. Humanity couldn't talk on the phone until it did. Now it talks under water on the phone. Humanity couldn't say "fuck" in public until it decided it could. Now it fucks every other noun it blabbers. Protestant America wouldn't allow over-the-counter birth control, but now it's going to - and it still won't sack a sitting president until it does - then it will.
        Of course, the question, "What's the use?" doesn't mean: what's the use of doing the right things? It means: what's the use of telling people who are too stubborn to listen to do the right things? But whether the answer is "None!" or "Who knows?" only time can tell. A much more rational question is: "Is there enough time to wait until they get around to doing the right things?" which obviously seems to equal "What's the use?" I grant you that.
        Still, there are uses and uses - some time-tied - others not, and there's what's of use to others and there's what's of use to ME. If some things that could be done were done, it would be useful to "the" people. But, setting the people and their death and deaf wishes aside, it's of some use to me, myself, aside from any value-to-others factor, to write what needs to be written, whatever good it does or doesn't do. I do what I do for the same reason a robin bobs. He's a bobbin' robin. I'm a philosopher.

-Glen Roberts

The Indignity of Dollars*
To Edna St. Vincent Millay, who died at her harp spinning syntax into gold.

This you can say for capitalism:
It's a goldmine of sentimentality.
Without dire economic need
And equal opportunity,
Where would we dig up
So many bittersweet tears?

-Glen Roberts
* Title stolen from Jack London.

Death After Birth

Is the insanely violent death infliction
by the eager suicide bomber
not like the violent life infliction
by the willfully birthing mother?

Is there a more telling indictment
of ugly religious stupidity
than the damned bomber's belief
that his death gift is constructive?

Is there any dumber hypocrisy
than to call it a miracle of life
when billions of redundant new victims
are born to be sacrificed?

-Glen Roberts

I A Pariah?

    A pariah isn't, by definition, one resented for clear thinking. Used loosely about any despised individual, it's the Indian name of an outcast caste.
    Nevertheless, it's just about certain that a person who knows and says things that are clearly and unpleasantly true, which most people don't want to know, will be treated as a pariah, for sure by the media that define and dictate mass thought; therefore by the masses; probably, foolishly, by other resentful intellectuals; and even by some of his embarrassed friends, who hopefully won't initially join in stoning him - but eventually might.

-Glen Roberts

No Denial
and other bumper stickers

    You see No Fear stickers on macho car and pick-up windows. I bet the owners are plenty deep in denial. And I think no fear is kid's stuff compared to No Denial.

My freedom could be your oppression
Your freedom could be my oppression

Free love & free fire are incomparable
Capitalism doesn't work for the losers
Democracy works for the insiders
Capitalism and democracy are comparable

Truth is not a matter of opinion
You can't elect the facts

The majority is sometimes right
Most voters know the TV schedule

In America we have government
by and for our representatives
and their rich friends

Democracy is a sustainable scam

Free enterprise means nothing is free
They'll never sell immortality to the poor

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