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Memorial Day was great for us here in Clarkston. Nancy and I were able to sneak away and test fire the brand spanking new CZ 511 LUX! We then came home in time to catch a Red Sox game then settle down for a nice dinner and the Mariners. CZs and Baseball.. could Summer be any better? THE 511: while there seems to be a big rush on the CZ model 452 bolt actions. I noticed the newly re-introduced 511 Automatic in the 2005 catalog and website. Owning several CZUB bolt action centerfires. I thought an auto might be interesting, but would it be as wonderful as the other CZs in my stable? Appearance: Absolutely one of the nicest .22s i've ever came across. Unlike the pic on the owner's manual, this rifle has some gorgeous wood with crisp checkering. Just the way I prefer my rifles! Some .22 have tiny controls which can sometimes be a real pain.This is not the case with the CZ and makes for a quick loading and checking for an empty chamber, ect. Testing: We shot the 511 at 25 yards and kept most of the ammo in the Orange as we blazed away from Offhand with 3 different brands/boxes of .22 long rifle. I'm happy to say that the 511 went thru the rounds with 100% reliability.Slow fire and rapid fire didn't sem to faze it as we plinked away.The trigger had some creep but wasn't overly heavy and i'm sure as with most CZs, will improve with use:) The magazine release was push forward type rather than press inward. Nothing to complicated and allowed for secure seating of the neat little 8-shot magazine. The 511 features a rear sight that is of a flip over design which allows for 50 and 100 meter shooting. This might be unimportant to some, but is still a neat option in my book.We had an absolute Blast shooting this little CZ!! Final Note: The the 511 costs a bit less than it's bolt action (CZ 542 American) counterpart. For those of us that like .22 autos or something a bit different in the CZUB line, the 511 is a real contender.I hope to see CZF members and other CZ fans take a look at this newest offering. I think they will be soundly impressed! 1-800-955-4486 FREE 2005 Catalog.