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Colegio Americano de Cozumel Informacion en Espanol.

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School Philosophy

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We believe in an integral system of education which provides not only a high level of instruction in both Spanish and English, but also develops good habits, and study skills as well as a love of the arts and a strong emphasis on sports and team work.

We believe in instilling in our students an absolute respect for all religions and beliefs, with no discrimination at all due to class, race or creed. The American School is non denominational but constantly reinforces ethic and moral values.

We believe in enforcing reasonable measures of discipline and order but also keeping communication channels open between parents, teachers, and students at all times.

We believe that only by having a strong sense of civics, a love of country and a lifelong commitment to the protection of our environment will we help in inheriting a better world to the future generations.

cozumel american school turtle with diver
Turtle with diver on the Great Mayan Reef which surrounds the waters of Cozumel

the planting of the sacred La Ceiba tree
Planting of the sacred La Ceiba Tree

Our Mission To form a responsible, respectful and highly prepared group of young adults.

Our Motto "In Search of Excellence".

The  Sacred La Ceiba tree now
The La Ceiba tree now