Disclaimer: They're not mine. The poem, however, was a school assignment that has been slightly edited and is mine, mine, mine.
Rating: G.
Summary: A poem written from Xena's POV.
Images: © Mike Quick.
Dedication: To Tango, for some invaluable help and comments on this.

Night-time Musings

By XenaAmber (xenaiscool@hotmail.com)

Why can't I just hate you?
It would all be so much easier.
All of the things you've done to me,
The games, the tricks, the lies, the deceptions,
But then I hear your voice calling me back,
And I want to run right into your arms.
And I want to believe that everything will be all right.

Why can't I just hate you?
Feel nothing - just repulsion for you?
Because life is never that simple.
The Fates' game hurts; you almost always lose.
But then you come to me, appearing silently,
And I want to be able to look into your eyes
And to believe that this time there will only be truth.

Why can't I just hate you?
My friends all say "You can't love him!
You're insane. He'll just hurt you again." I know.
My mind agrees and it wants me to stop,
But I breathe you in with every word you speak to me
And all I seem to want is to get close enough to smell
The promises in your words, close enough to breathe together
And believe that merged like this we can't lie.

Why can't I just hate you?
Just forget that you were ever in my life?
Every minute I dream of you and I hope that
Somewhere, you're dreaming of me as well.
And then you appear in my mind, the taste of your kiss,
And I want to go off looking for you right now
And I want to believe that that dream can come true.