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This site houses Xena/Ares shipper fan fiction written by me - I hope you enjoy it. If you find the idea of Ares and Xena involved romantically objectionable in any way though, I suggest you find something else to read. :-)

I appreciate any feedback on my stories, positive or negative, although I would much prefer not to be flamed. If you don't like the fic, don't read it. Contact me at xenaiscool@hotmail.com.

Legal stuff: this is restated at the beginning of each story, but I'll put it here anyway. The characters are not mine, I'm just borrowing them for a little while. Please don't sue me. "Xena: Warrior Princess" and the characters in it are © Renaissance Pictures/Universal Studios/MCA. Most of the images used here are © Mike Quick.

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Summary: When Aphrodite misplaces a valuable object, guess who she turns to for help? (PG-13)

Notes: This was the first fic (shipper or otherwise) I ever wrote. It's certainly not my best work, but I'm very proud of it, even though I am tempted to go through and improve vast chunks of it.

Summary: Ares helps Xena out when she has nightmares. (PG)

Notes: I wrote this vignette at about 5am, so it's very short and doesn't have much plot. I make no apologies for mushiness and quality of writing.

Summary: A small insight into Xena and Ares' past. (PG-13)

Notes: Another midnight vignette - again, the quality is not what it could be. I'm not very attached to this fic, but maybe some of you will like it.

Summary: A reworking of the teaser of the episode MOTHERHOOD. What was Eve thinking before she was rescued by Xena and Gabrielle? (PG-13)

Notes: This isn't a shipper fic, but a vignette from Eve's point of view during the desert scene in MOTHERHOOD. There is a little bit of shipper stuff in there, but it isn't even close to being an Ares/Xena fic. However, to me it's very personal, and I'm proud of it.

Summary: A slightly different song-fic take on the end of Motherhood- mush. (But there is a plot in there somewhere!) Do not read if you're in a happy mood. (PG-13)

Notes: This is my tribute to Kevin Smith, who passed away on February 16th 2002. We miss you, Kevin.

Summary: My response to a message board challenge to write a scene between Xena and Ares at the end of MOTHERHOOD.

Notes: I really like this story. I was trying a slightly different style of writing to my usual one and, while I'm not sure if that is noticeable to the reader, for me as a writer I was really pleased with it.


Montage by Aurora

Summary: The Shipper Seasons 7.05. Eve is arrested and put on trial in Rome for her past crimes. (PG-13)

Notes: This is the first episode of a two-part story I wrote for The Shipper Seasons, an online continuation of the show. I encourage you all to check it out if you haven't already, as there is a great group of people doing some wonderful work there. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Montage by Aurora

Summary: The Shipper Seasons 7.06. Eve's trial for the murder of Augustus continues as events from her past are revealed unknown until now.

Notes: This is the second episode of a two-part story I wrote for The Shipper Seasons, an online continuation of the show. I encourage you all to check it out if you haven't already, as there is a great group of people doing some wonderful work there. I'm proud to be a part of it.

Summary: The Shipper Seasons 8.10. The act of killing leaves Eve questioning her choices about fighting and when she is captured by a man out for her blood, Eve is faced with a decision about the path that she has chosen and if it is even the right one for her.

Notes: Another episode for The Shipper Seasons, this one occurring some time after BLOODLUST. This is the longest piece of writing I've completed so far, and I feel that, unlike most of the pieces on this page, there is very little I would change in it. (That doesn't mean it's perfect, of course! :D) I especially had a lot of fun with Eve and Virgil, although there's no Ares.

Summary: What happens when you mix two crazy Ares fans, AIM, in one author's case lack of sleep, and add sugar highs and general insanity? (PG-13)

Notes: This is the first of many AIM role-plays between myself and Anaia (Madeline/Sugar Princess), so I'm putting it up for posterity. It doesn't have much plot, but it might amuse some of you.

Summary: A skit written for a fellow shipper's birthday - short, light and (hopefully) funny. (PG)

Notes: This was written for my good friend Tango's birthday. The summary pretty much explains it (how novel) - but this is a pretty rare stab at comedy for me, so be nice. I was also on antibiotics for an ear infection when I wrote it, so if parts seem weird... it's only half my fault.

Summary: A Christmas skit. (PG)

Notes: This was written over Christmas 2002. Happy holidays! The "ambiguity" is a running joke at Talking Xena: Shipper Heaven - go there and ask anyone to explain "the zebra thread" to get the basics of it. Tell 'em Amber sent you.


Summary: A poem written from Xena's POV. (G)

Notes: This was a school assignment I had, to write a poem about an emotion including the five senses, that I edited somewhat. Forays into poetry, either to read or to write, are very rare for me, and I was pleased with the end result of this.

Summary: A poem that I wrote for English class. (PG-13)

Notes: This poem is not too shippery (or obviously applicable to Xena, for that matter) but I like it a lot. I personally find that it applies to situations of domestic violence (although I have never gone through it, I had read two excellent novels about it when I wrote this) but you may have your own opinion.


Summary: A report of a convention in London in July 2002 for Adrienne Wilkinson's fan club, and an interview with Adrienne.

Notes: This was published in Adrienne's fan club newsletter, and I am really proud of it. I had an absolute blast at this convention, which I hope comes across in the writing. Adrienne is great to write about, and she was lovely when I met her... so thank you.

Favourite Links

Here is a list of shipper- and fan fiction-related links. They're in the order I thought of them, not preference - I expect you to visit them all. ;-)
  1. Xena Online Community: Shipper Talk - A FANTASTIC shipper board. I'm a regular here, and we have all kinds of discussions about Xena and Ares, with plenty of fic posted too.
  2. The Shipper Seasons - I contribute to this online continuation of the show and my episodes BLOODLUST I and II are posted above. Shipper Season 7 ran last year and SS8 is currently airing.
  3. Xena/Ares Fan Fiction @ Xenite Country - A great shipper fic index, with so many quality stories that I can't choose a favourite. Anything by Tango, LadyKate, Lexxie or Carly is a good place to start though.
  4. Thaliajen.com - This is some of the best Eve fan fic I have seen. It's very long, but more than worth the time you will need to read it.
  5. Illyandria's Enchanted Lands - This site has over 400 shipper stories archived; be prepared to spend hours reading them.
  6. AdrienneWilkinson.com - Adrienne's official site. I'm a big, big fan of this lady, so check out her site. Say hi to me at the message board!
  7. The Tango Scrawls - Tango's fanfic. There's some shipper stuff there, plus some original poems that are absolutely beautiful. She's one of my all-time favourite authors, online or not.
  8. Carly's XWP Fiction - When it comes to unique ideas, Carly has everyone else completely beat. How she comes up with such diverse things that work without fail is something I will never understand, but would love to be able to do.
  9. LadyKate's Writing - LadyKate writes in real life as well as online, and her site has shipper fanfic, newspaper and magazine columns and links to buy her two published books. My personal favourite of hers is "Second Chances", but her other stuff is not far behind.
  10. Latin Shipper - A Spanish-language site, with fanfic in English (including mine) and Spanish. Un sitio en español, con historias en inglés (inclusive las mías) y en español.

You can get to this site through Angelfire (https://www.angelfire.com/amiga/xalivia/fanfic/index.html) or you can go via a URL-shortener: http://www.xenaamber.notlong.com. They take you to the same page (this one), the second one is just easier to remember. The short address can be a bit wiggy with being linked from places like EZBoard though, so you may want to use the long one. Alternatively, you can add me to your Favourites. :-)

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