Summary: An original poem that I wrote for English class.
No sex, no subtext. The poem is quite dark, however - but nothing graphic.
© Mike Quick.

The Cage

By XenaAmber (

I wait for a hand to guide me
To pick me up and show me the way
Every time I open my eyes, the fingers jerk away from mine.

I search and search, There must be
A light somewhere in this tunnel
A flash. I see it. It is a "no exit" sign.

I cry out, wish so badly to share my pain
Listening for a reply, knowing it won't come
I am proved right, left alone, nowhere else to go.

I hear a noise, raise my head
Don't dare believe it, please, no more
But you are there, looking at me.

What do you see?

I breathe in cool air. You sigh. I wait.
You turn on your heel, leaving behind you
Your creation, sobbing, broken and caged.