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Xena: Lucy Lawless
Gabrielle: Renee O'Connor
Eve: Adrienne Wilkinson
Ares: Kevin Smith
Virgil: William Gregory Lee
Didus: Chad Thompson
Guard: Anthony Ward
Claudius: Mark Underbridge
Michael: Charles Mesure
Augustus: Colin Moy


Eve is arrested and put on trial in Rome for her past crimes.



Jessica Housden, September 2001

Montage by Aurora>



Eve dreaming--but the camera opens straight onto her flashback. Flashback is quite brief: some shots of Livia murdering various people, very chaotic and disorganized. Eve is clearly upset about something. As she awakes, we see a fairly peaceful campsite--Xena and Gabrielle are sleeping. It is a calm forest clearing and there are enough gaps in the trees to see the moon and stars.

EVE (suddenly sitting up, as she awakes, very shaken):
     Gods... (she breathes heavily in an attempt to calm herself, and shakes her head) It has to stop soon.

She gets up and walks some distance away, pacing around and shaking her head again, still very jumpy. She eventually sits down and puts her head in her hands.

     What is wrong with me?

A hand touches her shoulder, she jumps up very startled--she goes into a fighting stance from sheer reflex--to see a worried looking Xena. She quickly drops her hands and looks down.

XENA (concerned, but not openly showing it):
     Are you all right? What are you doing up?

EVE (forcing herself to calm down, sighs):
     Nothing. Couldn't sleep. I-I just had a bad dream. Nothing's wrong, honestly. Did I wake you up?

     Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Want to talk about it?

EVE (quickly--a little too quickly):
     No! No, I'm fine. (turns to leave) C'mon, let's go back to camp. Gabrielle will worry if she wakes up and we aren't there.

     Sure, let's go.

They turn to leave.


A campsite. Both Eve and Xena are now in bedrolls, near each other. Gabrielle is still asleep.

     Sure you don't want to talk?

EVE (forceful):

XENA (calming):
     Okay...okay...calm down.

     I'm sorry. (swallows)

     No, no, it's fine. Are you looking forward to the festival tomorrow? (turns over and lies down) If you want to talk, let me know.

     Thanks...but I doubt it. I am actually--I think Gabrielle will enjoy herself more than you and I though. It's her type of thing. Night. (also turns over, but does not try to sleep)

     Good night.


Daylight. Xena, Eve, and Gabrielle are walking up a hill. Gabrielle is a short distance ahead of Xena and Eve, and is walking quickly. She is obviously excited. Eve is quietly watching her mother.

XENA (noticing Eve's gaze):
     Are you okay?

     I'm just glad to have you back. I was so worried when Gabrielle told me you were... I was worried. But you're back. I didn't get a chance to tell you before. (smiles)

     I'm back. And I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so don't you worry, okay? (she stops and cups Eve's cheek in her hand)

     I won't.

XENA (hesitant):
     You want to talk about last night?

     No... You wouldn't understand.

     Of course I would, if you tell me.

GABRIELLE (calling from the top of the hill):
     Are you two coming? I see Nicopolis!

Xena looks at Eve.

EVE (nods):
     Yeah, we're coming. (to Xena) Should be a fun festival, huh?

XENA: (smiles)
     Yeah. Let's go.

They join Gabrielle at the top of the hill and look down at a large seaside town obviously ready for a big party. Snatches of music can be heard and there are people everywhere.

GABRIELLE (obviously impatient):
     C'mon, let's go! I want to see Virgil.

She starts off down the hill towards the town. Shaking their heads, Eve and Xena follow as we:


In the time of ancient gods...warlords...and kings-- a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. {Starring - Lucy Lawless as Xena} She was Xena--a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle-- {Also starring - Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle} The power... {Adrienne Wilkinson as Eve} the passion... {and Kevin Smith as Ares} the danger... Her courage will change the world.




Shots of the town. It is crowded, with everyone enjoying themselves. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve enter the tavern. There is a brief shot of a warrior sitting in the corner, in a subtly Roman style outfit. He has a very gruff demeanor and has several scars on his face. As Eve enters, he gets up, leaves some money on the table for his drink and leaves. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve sit down; each now has a drink. Virgil enters.

VIRGIL (coming over to where the other three are sitting):
     Look who's here!


She smiles warmly as Virgil and Gabrielle exchange a hug, before standing up and hugging him herself. Eve stays seated but Virgil hugs her quickly as well; it is obvious that while he doesn't hate her anymore, he is still a little uncomfortable with her. Eve smiles tentatively.

     Want a drink?

     Ale would be good.

GABRIELLE (calling, so as to be heard above the noise in the tavern):
     Barkeep! Another ale, please! (normal voice) How've you been?

     Great! Great. There was a storytelling competition in Thebes a week ago, I wrote a poem especially for it--won first prize. You can read it sometime if you like--I'd love to hear your opinion.

GABRIELLE (pleased):
     Congratulations! I'd love to read it!

Barkeeper comes with Virgil's ale.

     Thank you. (to Gabrielle) Sure, just let me know when you want it.

     So, how are Kara and Theon? Better, I suspect.

     Yes, much better as a matter of fact. Whatever it was that you gave them, it sure did the trick. Thank you again.

Eve nods. Suddenly, the same warrior we saw earlier, plus about ten others all in Roman clothing comes in and heads straight for Xena and the others. All four stand up, Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil drawing their respective weapons. Eve just stands there, obviously recognizing the stranger.

     We're not here to fight. We're here to bring Livia here-- (he jerks his head at Eve) --to justice.

     Didus, my name is Eve--you know that. And you don't need those thugs. I'll come.

She walks over to him, ignoring Xena's outstretched hand.

     Wait a minute! What's going on? Eve?

     Mother, I'm sorry! I should've told you before--

DIDUS (cuts Eve off):
     Tie her up. (to Xena) Did your precious daughter not tell you? She murdered Emperor Augustus!

Zoom in on Xena's shocked face.

     Eve...is that true?

EVE (looks down):
     Yes. I killed him.

     See? She admits it!

     That's as maybe. But that girl is my daughter and she's not going anywhere.

DIDUS (rolls his eyes):
     Get them--but get her out of the way first. We don't want her harmed.

An unresisting Eve is dragged out of the way by two other warriors, as the rest attack Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil. Didus stays back, keeping an eye on Eve. The other people in the tavern get out of the way as best as they can as Xena grabs a torch, takes a gulp of her drink and blows a huge flame onto two of the soldiers. Gabrielle is fighting two off--one with each sai--and Virgil is fighting one. Xena flips over Gabrielle and Virgil to punch out another man before leaping into the air and kicking one leg out to each side to knock out two more. Gabrielle manages to finish off her man before coming up behind the last one standing, whom Virgil is fighting and slamming her hand, braced by her sai, against his head. Xena tries to pull Eve away from her guards.

     Mother, stop, they're right.

     Oh good. Livia has more sense than she did last time we met.

     She told you, her name is Eve.

     Well, then Eve (he makes it an obvious insult), it looks like you're coming home.

     Which part of "no" do you not understand? She's not going anywhere and we'll take out as many of your thugs as we have to until you realize--

EVE (interrupts):
     Mother, wait. (to Didus) We're going to Rome?

     Where else? Emperor Claudius is looking forward to putting you on trial for your crimes. You should know, Eve, that the penalty for high treason is death.

Xena starts to speak, but Eve again interrupts. Gabrielle and Virgil are still standing, making sure that none of the soldiers get up again.

     I have the right to choose someone to act as my advocate, don't I?


     Then I pick Xena, my mother.

DIDUS (not happy at all):
     Fine. Let's go.





Rome. A few pieces of stock footage of the city in general--the ones used in "When in Rome..." and "Livia." Cut to a jail--a fairly large room, with several cells. The cells all have wooden doors so it's impossible to tell if there is anyone in them. The door opens and Didus enters, followed by Xena who is already speaking, followed by two guards roughly pulling Eve in. Gabrielle and Virgil follow.

     I told you, if she stays with us, she won't run away. She came willingly, didn't she? You have my word she won't walk out. And if you know her as well as you say, then you'll know she doesn't run from her problems--she faces them.

DIDUS (obviously tired of being asked this over and over):
     And I told you; it's the law that she is held in a Roman jail, watched over by Roman guards. Look, lady, I can't get you to go away, obviously, but I'm not breaking any laws for you. If you still insist on acting as her advocate, then you may speak with her alone--in the company of the guards, of course.

XENA (not happy):
     All right. (as she continues speaking, Eve is thrown in the cell. Xena follows her in and Gabrielle and Virgil stand by the door.) But she's to get anything she wants, within reason. I'm not having you feed her that mush that passes for food here.

EVE (sighing--they've had this happen several times on the way there):
     Mother, I'm a big girl. I can eat the food they give me. I survived on military food for years.

     I know...I'm just--

     Acting like her mother?

     Is it that obvious?



     All right. You and you-- (he gestures at Virgil and Gabrielle) --out. You've got twenty minutes with her. The trial will begin tomorrow.

GABRIELLE (hugs Eve):
     It'll be okay. Xena will get you out of this. I know.

     You don't understand.

     Maybe not but I know she loves you and she'll do all she can.

EVE (clearly worried):
     What if I'm beyond saving?

GABRIELLE (sounds certain of this fact):
     Eve, you're going to be fine. (repeating to emphasize a point) Xena will get you out.

VIRGIL (comes forward and also hugs Eve):
     I wouldn't argue with her. You'll never win. But she's right. You'll be fine. (Eve looks at him doubtfully) C'mon, with her (jerks his head towards Xena) on your side, how can you not?

     I said out! (to a guard standing by the main door) Twenty minutes. Not a second longer.

Eve and Xena watch as Gabrielle and Virgil are pushed out of the jail, followed by Didus. A guard comes forward and bolts the door closed on the two women. The cell is sparsely furnished, with a bed lying against the far wall, with a small table with an empty jug and a small cup on it next to it at one end.

     What if they're wrong? What if you can't save me?

They both sit down on the bed. Xena reaches out and lifts up the jug, putting it back in disgust as she sees it's empty.

XENA (now reassuring, she reaches and strokes Eve's hair. Eve is looking down at her feet.):
     Hey...it'll be okay. I'll make sure. I'm here for you.

EVE (now agitated):
     No, it won't, you don't know what happened!

     So, why don't you tell me?

     It was while you and Gabrielle were in the Norse lands. I had gone back to Rome to try and talk to Augustus--we'd left on a bad note, as you probably remember.


A throne room in Augustus' palace. He is reading a scroll, alone. Eve silently walks in. She is still wearing her rags from early season 6 and the wrap is over her face. She closes the door softly behind her and pulls the wrap off of her head.

     Hello, Augustus.

AUGUSTUS (looks up and is not pleased to see Eve):
     What do you want? What happened to my guards outside?

EVE (at first timid, then speaks in a normal tone of voice):
     I came to apologize. I told them that if they didn't let me in, my mother wouldn't be happy.

     Xena's here as well?

     No. They didn't recognize me, but they let me in. You might wanna make them pay a little more attention to strangers.

     You're in no place to give me orders. You're lucky I haven't had you thrown out of the palace yet. You want something, Livia?

EVE (walking towards Augustus, stops a few feet away from him):
     I'm Eve now. Tell me, Augustus, you trust Xena's judgment, don't you?


     Then, if she thinks I'm all right, why do you look so disgusted at my being in the same room as you?

AUGUSTUS (trying to think of a good answer):
     Li--Eve, I do trust her. It's just hard when someone betrays you to trust them again.

     She didn't--

AUGUSTUS (still sitting on his thrown holding his scroll, his full attention is on Eve, though):
     No. You did.

     If I could go back in time and stop that from happening, I would.

     No, it's for the best. If it hadn't happened, you'd be the Empress of the Empire and you'd still be murdering the followers of Eli.

EVE (walks closer to the throne, looking down at the ground):
     I can never forgive myself for that.

AUGUSTUS (his voice becomes more caring--it's obvious that he still has feelings for Eve):
     You shouldn't. But you should make sure that you never murder innocent people again.

EVE (becomes uncomfortable with the way the conversation is going, she abruptly changes the subject):
     Anyway, I came to apologize to you...and also to the people of Rome. I'd like to talk to them and publicly state that, (looks as though she has finished speaking but then adds) if that's all right with you.

     That can be arranged. I take it you want to do it as soon as possible? (Eve nods) Still don't like wasting time, hmm?

EVE (smiling a little wistfully):

     There's a gladiator fight tomorrow--you can talk then.

     Okay. Thanks. (she smiles)


     So, you and he were getting on all right?

EVE (smiling sadly):
     Yeah...we were.






Rome. The arena from the fight at the end of "Livia," again packed with people. No fights have taken place yet--Eve is to speak first.


The curtained Royal box, which opens to reveal Augustus and Eve, who now has on her green outfit from "The God You Know" onwards.

AUGUSTUS (stands up and speaks to the people):
     Citizens of Rome, before we continue with the gladiator battles, I have someone here who would like to speak to you all. She is... She committed some atrocious crimes in the name of Rome and would like to apologize for them. (he sits down.)

Eve stands up--the people in the arena start booing her and look very angry. Her obvious charisma shows through very quickly though.

     Please...let me talk.

The people calm down enough for her to speak, although still don't look happy.

     I...I know that most of you don't like me--and a lot of you hate me--for what I did in the name of this great city. But, I would like you to know that murdering the followers of Eli and countless, countless others are terrible regrets that I have. If I could turn back time and change my beliefs, my... If I could have caught myself before I became the monster that I was, I would have done it in a heartbeat. I can't ask for your forgiveness because I know how hard that would be, but I ask that...I ask that you give me the chance to try to atone for my actions. A good many of you may know that my mother is Xena, the Warrior Princess. I intend to follow her example and the teachings of love of the Elijians and try to help calm the terror I brought on the Empire we possess. I'm sorry.

She blinks back a few tears and sits down. The people do not react they just stay silent. It is clear that they want the fight to start.

     The first battle will be fought by...


Eve is a little teary just talking about it and Xena has her arm around her.

     So, I take it that was that.

EVE (sniffling):
     Not exactly...


Two warriors are in the arena, one with a sword at the other's throat. As Eve watches, Augustus gives a thumbs down sign. The warrior kills his victim.

     Why did you do that?

     Why not? I got the idea from you as a matter of fact.

EVE (shocked):

     You have to crack down on scum like them--you can't just let them off. They're criminals, Eve.

     What did they do?

     Them? (short laugh) I don't know. But I'm making an example of them. The other one will be killed too. I'm still not saying I agree with killing innocent people, but you had the right kind of idea with killing the followers of Eli.

EVE (very upset):
     What are you talking about? I murdered them--didn't you listen to what I just said?

     No, no, I mean making an example of people and showing them what you have the power to do.

     They know you're powerful--you're the Emperor! You don't need to prove it.

     What's power if you don't keep hold of it? You relax for a few months, the next thing you know, there's a Senate waiting to assassinate you.

     Julius Caesar got too power hungry--that's why he was murdered. You might be heading down the same way.

     Which is exactly why you need to show off your might.

EVE (shakes head and pauses):
     That's a risky bluff. I'd expect people to eventually try and see just how far you'll go--and you wouldn't kill them. Would you?

     I can't say.

     Would you?

AUGUSTUS (a little irritated):
     Eve, I really don't know.

     Augustus, please tell me that you don't think murdering people is a good idea.

AUGUSTUS (snapping at her a little--he wants this conversation to be over):
     If it serves your purpose, it can be. Any means to an end.

EVE (disgusted):
     You've changed--and not for the better.

Shaking her head angrily at Augustus, she stands up and leaves.


EVE (speaking numbly):
     And changed he had. Without me--without Livia--there to protect all of his precious Empire, he had to do it himself. (suddenly looks scared, as she twists around to look at Xena--who does not look happy.) And you know what the worst part was? He was right.

     Eve, you don't mean that.

EVE (shaking head, bitter):
     I do. (looks down, not able to hold Xena's stare) It's worked for me before--take the loudest of your dissenters and kill them in the most gruesome way you know how--in public. No one will step out of line for a while. And then, when they do, you just kill them too.

XENA (by the look in her eye, you can tell she is remembering a time when she did the same thing):

     But with Augustus... I should've left well enough alone. Should've let him dig his own grave. But I ignored Eli's teachings and took matters into my own hands.


The room in Augustus' palace where Eve is staying. Eve is sitting, holding a small green vial in her hand, looking at it.

EVE (as she speaks, she starts pacing around):
     I never thought I'd need this again. But...he has changed since I joined the Elijians. And it definitely isn't for the better. The God of Eli says that love is the way forward, not violence. I know that. So, my...stopping hatred can't be bad, can't be a sin. But he also says that you should love others--and forgive those who sin against you. And he forgave me. So maybe I am sinning.

In a spectacular flash of light, the Archangel Michael appears behind Eve, putting a hand on her shoulder to calm her. She turns around.

     Eve...my child. Don't be scared.

     Michael, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing what your god wants?

     Yes, of course you are. You are Eli's Messenger--you know his will as well as any of us in Heaven.

EVE (shaking head, turns away from Michael):
     Then why do I feel so afraid? So doubtful? Before, when I preached Eli's message of love, I had no doubt in my mind that that was why I was put on the Earth. I was following his command then, and you say that I am now--so why do I feel different?


A guard has entered. He has a very naive look about him, but looks quite brave. There are several soldiers in the background.

GUARD (warily):
     Okay, that's enough chat now.

XENA (standing up, is not happy.):
     We're not finished yet.

GUARD (defensively):
     Hey, I'm just following orders. Don't kill the messenger!

EVE (coldly):
     No pun intended, I'm sure.

GUARD (seeing Xena's glare):
     No, milady. (signaling to other guards.) Leave us for a moment. (he closes the door, not taking his eyes off Xena) Listen, like I said, I can't do anything about...this. But, if you wish it, I can arrange a meeting for you with your husband.

EVE (completely nonplussed):
     Who? What are you talking about? (looks at Xena, who has raised her eyebrows at the guard)

     Your husband...the fellow who came in here with you earlier. I know where he and the other lady are staying. You have to swear not to tell anyone though, either of you.

     But... (cut off by Xena)

     Yeah, she'd like that.

     As soon as I can get out then, I'll find him for you. Can't say when that'll be though. (remembering his reason for coming, he straightens and his demeanor changes.) But, you really must leave now, I'm afraid.

XENA (reluctant):
     Eve...it'll be okay don't worry. I promise you that. (they hug) 'Til tomorrow morning. (she leaves, followed by the guard, who is smiling behind her, fairly obviously falling for Xena)

EVE (chuckling softly):
     My husband, huh? Virgil will get a kick out of that one. Or the guard will.





Stock footage of nighttime Rome. Cut to Eve's jail cell, where she is lying on the bed, staring into space. A light knock is heard on the door, which opens and Virgil, wearing a hooded cloak is pushed in quickly. He pulls the hood away from his eyes.

     Virgil...the guard found you then. (smiles tentatively.)

     Yeah, he was babbling something about me being your husband--Xena said she'd explain later.

EVE (laughing softly):
     Mistaken identity. And another one fallen for my mother. (speaking suddenly, as if she is not sure of what she's saying and wants to get it over with) Virgil, I know that my mother and Gabrielle both think I'll get out of here, but they don't know the truth of what happened with Augustus. I... You'll hear it all tomorrow, but I want you to know something. (she pauses.)

     Is something wrong?

     I want you to know that... (shaking head) I don't expect you to ever forgive me, but I want you to know that if I could change one thing about my past as (voice breaks) Livia, it would be that your father could still see the wonderful man that he had for a son.

     Eve... (sits down on the bed next to her and wipes away the single tear running down her face.) I--

EVE (interrupting):
     No, don't say anything, please. Even if you did say it was all okay or something, I wouldn't be able to agree with you. And it shouldn't be okay, I just wanted you to know that. That's all.

     Do you think they'll find you guilty?

EVE (woodenly):
     I know they will. I did kill him. But like I said, you don't understand what happened.

     So make me understand.

The guard who helped them enter opens the door behind them.

     I'm afraid that's all the time I can get for you. Didus needs to see me and I don't trust any of the others to see you back to the inn. (Virgil stands up)

     Virgil, tell my mother and Gabrielle that if I am found guilty that they shouldn't worry about me--I will deserve it--and that I love them both.

     She's your mother--she'll worry. Trust me. But, I will tell her that.

     Thank you. (Virgil pulls his hood back over his face and leaves.)


A large, open room filled with people sitting in rows in pew-style benches. In the front row are Gabrielle and Virgil, who are holding each other's hands for reassurance. There is a stage-like area just in front of them. Eve is seated in the far right corner, facing the crowd, with two guards on either side of her. In the opposite corner are thirteen standing men, all wearing togas that are acting as the jury. Just in front of them is a throne that Emperor Claudius is currently occupying. Facing Eve is a bench with Didus and Xena sitting at opposite ends of it. Next to Eve is an empty wooden stand for witnesses.

CLAUDIUS (stands up):
     Citizens of Rome, we are gathered here for the trial of Eve--formerly Livia--of the Elijians, who stands accused of the murder of our good Emperor Augustus Caesar. If found guilty, as I expect you all know, the punishment for high treason is death by crucifixion. (sits back down) Proceed.

DIDUS (stands up):
     Eve, do you plead guilty or not guilty to the charge? Before you answer, know that if you plead guilty, you may still be interrogated. You still possess property in Rome--villas, land and such. If you plead guilty, they may not be given over to the state if you are found guilty. Dead bodies have no need of expensive houses.

EVE (also stands):
     Then not guilty. For now.

     What do you mean?

EVE (shrugging):
     If you find me guilty, I'll have to change my plea to avoid my properties being given to the state.

Cut to Xena trying to hide a smile. Laughter can be heard among the crowd.

DIDUS (rolling eyes):
     Obviously she gets the smart-ass gene from her mother.

     I'm the one on trial, not her. Keep it that way.

DIDUS (pointedly getting the trial started):
     Is it true that...?


A point much further on in the trial. Didus is now questioning an old woman.

     And when you saw Livia and Ares and you heard them talking, did Livia seem in any doubt that it was her destiny to exterminate the cult of Eli?

WOMAN (looking daggers at Eve, who is seated and staring at her clasped hands):
     No, she didn't. She wanted to kill them all, all right. Ares practically had to hold her back from going right then in the middle of the night to their temple. I remember she said something about how Eli's followers were crazy heretics who had no place in the civilized world.

     So, you think that she is definitely capable of butchering innocents?

     Why, I've seen her do it with my own two eyes!

     Do you think that even now that she is a member of this same cult--excuse me, religion--that she still thrives on bloodlust and murder and could snap out of her pacifist leanings at any time?

     Of course.

     Do you believe she killed our Emperor?

     I have no doubts of that at all. If the whore could order the deaths of innocent woman and children who had committed no crimes, then I expect she found a very painful way to send the man who promised--and failed to give her--the largest empire in the world to the other side.

There is a trademark, familiar flash of blue light, which clears to reveal Ares standing in the middle of the stage. Murmurs go around the crowd, and we cut to Xena's shocked face as we:



[Virgil was shocked to find that he had been married to Eve without even knowing it during the production of this motion picture.]