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last updated on january 28th

the revolution has begun. come on in.

Music is the goddamn greatest gift we as people have! Hoarding it
and exploiting it for your own personal gain is the very antithesis of
what music should mean. It goes against the very morals and ethics
of why people make music! It's to be shared with everyone and for
everyone who wants to enjoy.

We're all here because we love Weezer and think they make some of
the greatest music ever. You fucking traders are keeping people from
experiencing music of Weezer in it's prime, and thus, you keep them
from experiencing emotions and memories of the moment, and what
seperates us from common dogs are those very two things.

It's not just FOR YOU, it's FOR EVERYONE. Once it's out of the artists
hands, you have no fucking right to say WHO gets to hear it and
WHO doesn't, and who's worthy enough and who isn't. You are truly
the most disgusting aspect of humanity.
- gogokain, rebel weezer board