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Kyle and Michelle our pride and joy!

Here is a retrospective of the last three years. They are growing up so fast. Michelle is currently five foot three inches tall. That's as tall as my mother as well as Matt's mother! Kyle has finally lost the majority of his baby teeth. All of his front teeth are just about in - a perfectly crooked smile just awaiting braces like his father!

Summer 2003

This was taken on Michelle's birthday, July 13, 2003, when she eight years old. The kids are in front of our old apartment's nasty green front door.

Summer 2004

This was taken on June 1, 2004 with my new PDA that had a camera. Not the greatest picture, but it worked. Again, they are in front of the apartment door. Kyle is wearing a tye dye shirt that we made together the previous summer when his grandparents visited from Pennsylvania. He has several others and they are among his favorit things to wear. Later this summer we traveled to Bethany Beach, Delaware where he wore his tye dyes most every day if we'd let him. They got a little ripe after a few days of beach sand and ocean smell.

This was also the year Michelle got glasses. We welcomed her to the family as all of us wear glasses. Kyle is still lucky and doesn't have glasses yet.

Fall 2005

This was taken in the tv room of our new house on Veterans Day 2005. The kids are on the couch with my mother who was there visiting for the first time. She had just woken up and I grabbed her and dragged her in there to get a picture. This was taken with my mother's camera which doesn't do well indoors, so it is a bit fuzzy.