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My Favorites

I have many things that I like in this world. I was going to make a list of my favorite television shows, but that is hardly worth it anymore.

They were:

The Simpsons
The Sopranos
Sex in the City

Not a long list, but those are the only ones I watch that are still in real production and not reruns. *giggles* UPDATE June 2007: Only The Simpson is left on the air, The Sopranos having ended just this month. Do I have any new favorites? Well, not really, as I don't watch much TV, but a short list of shows that I will sit down and watch:




I am also a fan of the CSI and Law & Order shows but I don't keep track of when they are on so I mostly catch them just whenever.

My Favorite Movies

My Favorite Drinks

My Favorite Cities I Have Been To