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The Realms of Rorschach

I am the Dungeon Master and I welcome you to The Realms of Rorschach. This is my own roleplaying world which I am creating. This is still under construction.

A creative writing roleplaying website for me and my friends to express our Literary Nerdishness!

No real rules other than traditional D&D character generation rules. There are two acceptions below. Create a character using a character sheet, role up stats, select an alignment, etc. This will help guide you while you write.

I am the DM and world creator, so I have final say. So there!

Here are the exceptions:

1. Every playing character really needs to start as a peasant or lower, so there is someplace to go in development.

2. Every character must have a god or goddess that they worship or if and when they die, they will go to the void and be lost forever unable to be restored, reincarnated, etc. So be sure to read the Pantheons and choose your deity.

I'll give out points and you can go up in levels just like regular D&D.

Also, be sure you check out the various races, their histories on my world, and the kingdoms - who are the rulers, what there status is, etc.

By the way, the artwork I use is from very talented artists from Epilogue and Elfwood, two fantasy art websites.

Let the writing and creativity begin!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Saturday, September 8, 2007 - I have recently uploaded my documents on the various pantheons of the gods and goddesses. These documents are not complete. Thus, all the Greater Pantheon members should have complete information and a little more than half of the Lesser Pantheon members have their information. I believe Hostility and Suffering may be fully completed, while the rest are in various states of completment.

I am also in the process of scanning all of my maps of the continents so there is a complete view of the world. This will be available once I have everything colored and inked properly.

Creating a world is a huge undertaking. Thank you for bearing with me.

The Gods of Rorschach

The Pantheon of Creation
The Pantheon of Culture & Civilization
The Pantheon of Devotion
The Pantheon of Hostility
The Pantheon of Might
The Pantheon of Mortality
The Pantheon of Nature
The Pantheon of Suffering
The Pantheon of Transmutation
The Pantheon of Wyrmkind

The Kingdoms of Rorschach

City of Continual Light
Half Moon

The Races of Rorschach