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The Pantheon of Hostility

Name of Worshipped Being: Brundin, Goddess of War – Outwardly True Neutral (really Neutral Evil)

Symbol: Two crossed swords (usually red) crossed by an upright double-headed battle-axe

Ancient Runes: Red War Horse

Goal and Purpose of Faith: The Goddess of War exists only to promote and participate in bloody battle.

Requirements of the Priest Hood: The priests want to and are required to accompany armies on the march of war. At every war, priests of this sect will be in attendance on the officers and rulers of both sides. The priests must keep their eyes open against complacency and the tide of philosophies of peacefulness. If a land is too peaceful too long, they must shake things up and get a war, even a small one, going.

Alignment Choices: Any (Although evil priests are normally publicly ostracized in good aligned settlements). Only the Chosen on the Goddess, the holder of the artifact, knows her true alignment. Although some who have had personal dealings with her know better.

Minimum Ability Scores: Wisdom 14, Strength 17

Races Allowed: All races. Dwarves are favored, and if join they priest hood are given special gifts.

Gender: All genders – males preferred.

Bonus Proficiencies for Evil Aligned Clerics: Dirty Fighting, Intimidation, Backstabbing x 3, Anatomy, and Sage Knowledge – Toxicology.

Bonus Proficiencies for all Clerics: Weaponsmithing, Close-Quarter Fighting

Non-weapon & Weapon Proficiencies required: Blind-fighting

Non-weapon & Weapon Proficiencies recommended: Animal training, Heraldry, Riding-Land Based, Healing, Reading/Writing, Religion, Armorer, Bowyer/Fletcher, Charioteering, Hunting, Running, Tracking.

Duties: Help train new warriors, teach battlefield tactics, and make records of any war or battle.

Priest Hood Weapon Restrictions: Battle axe, daggers, knifes, mace, lance, maul, polearm, spear, swords (all), warhammer. All armor and shields.

Spheres of Influences:
Major – All, Combat, Healing, Summoning
Minor – Necromantic, Protection

Granted Powers: Incite Berserker Rages; At 5th Level Inspire Fear; At 10th Level Power Word Stun. At 15th Level Brundin’s Battle Bester – when cast on combatants, gives a +5 to hit and damage, guarantee no fumble, and lowers critical threshold by 2. Can be cast only one person at a time, maximum of 5x per day. Lasts 1d4 days.

Bonus Granted Powers for Evil Aligned Clerics: Brundin’s Energy Burst – when the Cleric blesses the troops with this spell, they will immediately have morale of 19, always gain the initiative, and will be granted double the amount of their attacks. These bonuses will last 6d20 turns. The troops blessed with this will age ten years after the spell ends.

Followers: First followers are received at 8th level and they consist of: one 5th level priest, three 3rd level priests and six first level priests of the same order, plus two 5th level fighters who act as guards. At 20th level gain army of 20d20. 75% of army will be Fighters of 15th level; 10% will be 10th level Priests of War; 5% will be 12th level Mages; 10% will be either (roll 1d6 to determine): 1-Hippogriff mounts, trained and loyal to the priest; 2-Owlbear mounts, enchanted, trained and loyal to the priest; 3-Wemics; 4-Yogoloth Guardians (Least); 5-Dragonne; 6-Elephant mounts, trained for war.

Relations - Other Faiths, Aristocracy, People: The Goddess Brundin does not like the gods of Love, Peace, Dragons, or their children (Minor-Gods) or their Chosen. Brundin does not care for her daughter, Cavalerie, Minor-Goddess of Cavalry. The priests tend to follow their Goddess’ otherworldly alignments with various gods. Brundin and her clergy are on good terms with the gods of Blacksmithing, Strength, and the Hunt. Brundin is on tenuous footing with her other daughter Désordre, Minor-Goddess of Confusion, due to her current marital state to Paragon Argentus, father & chosen of the God of Dragons, Dalnoth.

Each nation/city may have priests of this god, and in each, the priests constitute a separate cult; they do not cooperate with one another in times of war, especially when their armies are opposed. In painful times of peace, these individual sects may cooperate with one another; however, they usually only do so to conspire and start up another war.

Requirements of the Followers:
Alignment Choice(s): Any
Races Allowed: Any. Dwarves favored.
Restrictions: Must use edged or bludgeoning melee weapons.

Brundin’s Dwarven Avatar Form Information –

Appearance & ‘Natural’ Abilities: Brundin appears as Dwarven female with flame red hair and black eyes. Ability scores: 25 all. Natural Armor Class: -25. THAC0: -21. Evasion 99%. Hit Points: 510. Regeneration 1d10+7 per round.

Armor: Armor of Red Flame – This armor appears to be full Dwarven plate mail. It is a weightless suit of shimmering red meteor metal. When worn in melee combat, it creates a vague shifting aura of heat giving it an other-than-solid appearance when the wearer moves. The outline of the wearer’s form becomes blurred, shifting and wavering. This distortion causes all missile and melee attacks against the wearer to be made with –4 penalties on the first attempt and –2 penalties on all successive attacks. It also grants the wearer a +1 bonus to saving throw for any direct magical attack.

The armor confers no AC protection, cannot be harmed, and does not stop physical attacks. It does not encumber or blind its wearer. Its aura conceals the features and mind of the wearer against magical and psionic scrutiny.

Another effect of the armor is that during melee a 1-foot fire aura surrounds the wearer’s body, providing complete immunity to all forms of fire, both natural and magical. A creature touched by the aura suffers 2d4 points of damage; also a victim who fails to make a saving throw vs. death magic is set afire with bright red flames. The flames persist for 2d4 rounds. Each round the victim’s attack rolls are made with a –2 penalty during this time.

Armor of Red Flame can be worn as long as desired and breathing is unrestricted. It cannot be removed unless the wearer does not resist, and can only be destroyed by a wish spell.

Armor of Red Flame protects its wearer at all times from all natural and magical heat, flame, cold, and explosive attacks. A blast might hurl a wearer of armor of red flame end over end, but no damage would be suffered. The armor’s weightlessness and total lack of encumbrance allows the wearer to swim, climb, and perform delicate tasks normally.

Weapon Powers in the hands of Brundin: Red Battle Axe of Brundin is a double-headed Vorpal battle-axe of quickness, +13 to hit, +13 to damage, goes Vorpal at 7 or higher, doubles number of attacks, improves initiative by 2. (THAC0 = -34) It also functions as a hammer +3 Dwarven thrower. Anyone hit by Brundin’s red axe must save vs. paralyzation or burst into flames. Those failing the save suffer an additional 2d10 each round and cannot cast spells, fight, or do anything but roll on the ground until the flames are put out. The flames can only be quenched through magical means; ordinary water, even holy water, has no effect on them.

Weapon’s Powers in the hands of a mortal: Acts as a huge Vorpal axe +5 that functions like a Vorpal sword. Brundin must give the axe to the mortal willingly. If someone not willingly given the axe attempts to wield it the axe releases a roaring spiral of red flame around the victim for one round inflicting 1d12 + 30 points of damage, causing all clothing, carried items, and other exposed flammable materials near to the victim to burst into flames. (Item saving throws vs. magical fire required). The axe then teleports back to the presence of Brundin no matter which plane she is on. If the wielder does not let go of the axe they will be teleported right along with it.

Other Abilities of the Red Battle Axe of Brundin: It confers on its mortal user the natural abilities of Dwarves – infravision, the ability to detect sloping passages, traps, and construction. After prolonged use, it tends to make its non-Dwarven mortal user resemble a dwarf; the user becomes shorter, stockier, and grows a profuse beard. Non-dwarf characters permanently lose 1 point of Charisma when first they touch the axe. There is a 20% chance that artifact transformation changes the user into a Dwarf instantly, losing all abilities not allowed that race. There is a 10% chance that any magical item possessed or touched by the owner is permanently negated. It also has the following abilities and penalties:

Teleport twice per day
Summon one 16 HD fire or earth elemental once per week
Mortal user sustains double damage when attacked while using this relic (This is a penalty Brundin sees as a test of the user’s fighting ability and worthiness to wield the weapon.)