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My Virtual Photo Album

These are our custom wedding rings that were made for us by Ahern & Buckner. My mother graciously gave us the diamonds and black sapphires that used to be in her wedding ring (to her second husband Dan) and a dinner ring that my father gave her when they lived in Okinawa - respectively.

Matt's Wolf Wedding Ring

Matt's ring has the largest of the black sapphires and only four small diamonds to it. There are a total of four wolves in various poses on this white gold ring, which by the way weighs a ton.

Alison's Engagement & Wedding Ring

This ring has a large diamond solitare that symbolizes the moon, three of the medium sized black sapphires- two that symbolize planets and one that forms the body of the comet, seven small diamonds that make up the sapphire comet's tail, and two small diamonds that are stars. There is also a single female wolf head on the engagement ring side of the ring. The two rings were joined together to form one thick and heavy white gold ring.

Alison's Engagement & Wedding Ring

Here is a wonderful view of both of our rings.