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Links to My Pictures

Well, here are some groups of photos from my life. You should certainly check out the photo album for recent photos.

Please note that the link to Our Wedding Rings will take you to the site of the jeweler who custom made our rings for us. My mother supplied most of the gems, diamonds from her wedding ring and black sapphires from a 'dinner ring' my father bought her when they were first married in Okinawa. The wolf design is for the tremendous wolf like spirit that resides within my amazing husband. It is his personal totem. Fiercely loyal and devoted, he is the alpha male to my alpha female, the leader of our pack.

Links to Pages Within My Photo Gallery

Wee Baby Pictures
Childhood Pictures A Plenty
Pictures from Yester-Year
Marching Band Years
Graduation Pictures
Places I Have Been
Pictures From Europe
More Wedding Ring Photos
Pictures of Kyle & Michelle
Opera Pictures
Recent Pictures as of 2002
My House In California in 2000
Wheel of Time Roleplay Friends as of 2002
My House In Wellington Kansas 2005
Michelle's First Concert Dec 2006
Michelle's Spring 2006 Picture
Kyle's Spring 2006 Picture
Family Portrait October 2006
My Younger Sister Shurree
Links to the Photo Album - The Robbins Nest - CHECK THIS OUT

Links to Our Wedding Pictures

Wedding Rings
Wedding Pictures

Halloween Pictures from the Budgeting Department

2003 - Hippie Halloween
2004 - Budget Princesses
2005 - Budget Bookies
2006 - Disney Halloween - Your Fairy Tale Budget
Coming October 2007 - Budget Department or Fire Department - which puts out more fires?