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Our Dream Home!

These are a few shots that my mother took of our house in November 2005. They are Fall pictures so you'll just have to imagine the amazing Victorian roses in the flower beds and the brilliant green of that huge tree out front. We LOVE our 1892 Folk Style Victorian home and carriage house.

Our house

This picture was taken from the corner across the street from our house. It gives a good picture of the scale of our home. You can also see the barn/carriage house on the far left side. We have two outside parking spaces next to the barn. We are eventually going to get an automatic door opener if we can get one that won't spoil the antique building. We are on the corner and only have one neighbor. Across the street (which would be to the left in the picture) is the City's brand new fire station and police station. We are in the safest possible neighborhood in town. It helped our homeowners insurance too!

Dining room with view of laundry & library

You can see the half bath laundry room in this picture as well as the door to the library, which is the open door next to the laundry. To the right of the piano (in the picture) is the door to the upstairs which we keep closed all the time. Helps with the heating and cooling bills. We have forced air heating and air condictioning on a zone climate control, so we can 'turn off' the upstairs when the children are not visiting. Continuing to the right of the upstairs door is the double doorway that leads to our game room. The dining room is 15 x 15, the library 12 x 12. The library is painted a deep burgundy color. Very soothing and warm.

Dining room with view of laundry & library

The Game Room currently has our eight foot long custom built pool table. We picked out the wine felt to complement the wallpaper in the dining room and the antique rose mirror in the Game Room. If you look on the other page I have called My California Home, you can see a picture of the very large rose mirror. Yep, it survived the move to Kansas. The Game Room also has a bar and four leather stools. The bar converts to a blackjack table, a craps table, and a roulette table. We are looking for just the right dartboard to help round out the pub-like feel.

Yes, that is a real castiron stove. We don't use it although it works. You can also see through the open door the living room/tv room. We don't spend a lot of time in there since we don't really watch a lot of tv. I am waiting a little before redecorating in there further. We've painted it a deep hunter/forest green and purchased a new couch and loveseat in tan ultrasuede. We are waiting until prices drop on plasma tv's and then we'll make this a real movie room with blackout curtains.

To the left of the stove in the game room is a square hallway that leads to the library, the main bathroom, and the walk in closet (which has its own door). Our bedroom is off of the library.

The Game Room is approximately 17 x 18, the living room is 12 x 15, the main bath is 12 x 13. The entire first floor including the kitchen and butler pantry have original hardwood floors the same color as the Game room shown here. We have several Oriental rugs in places where we sit, such as the library, the dining room, and tv room. The bathroom of course as hexagon shaped mosaic Victorian tiles, each about an inch large. They form various flower and diamond shapes on the floor in white and a teal green color that matches the exterior color of the bath tub and the walls.

One thing that you may notice if you compare pictures of My California House with the Kansas house is that there is color in the Wellington house. My wonderful husband Matt doesn't mind painting and loves color as much as I do. Our bedroom is two colors of blue, the library is burgundy, the game room yellow olive and burgundy, the tv room dark green, the bathroom is seafoam teal, and the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room have wallpaper!