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Budgeting Department - Wichita Public Schools

These are pictures from the Halloween Day dress up from the Wichita Public Schools Budgeting Department. We were and are a merry crew of misfits. Ronda, Kim M, Kim C, Elizabeth, and Alison were a mighty group of five to be reckoned with back in 2003!

Here's the Crew

Left to right, back row: Alison, Ronda, Kim M; front row: Kim C, Elizabeth.

Alison - Budget Analyst Grants

What I am trying to say is 'World Peace'. That's a little miniature globe in my hand that is actually a stress relief toy my mother gave me. This was my office before the wallpaper was removed and it was painted yellow AND while I was still in suite 605. I moved to suite 604 in June 2007.

Ronda - Budget Queen - Da' Boss Lady

Ah yes, gotta love the 'Make Love not War' jeans and my borrowed tie dye on my pal Ronda here. Talk about a killer smile!