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Graduation Pictures

Graduation from Venice High School Class of 1990

Kim & Me

This picture was taken on the front lawn of Venice High School. Me and my good buddy Kim Kennedy. We had been friends since the 8th grade when we first met at Marina del Rey Junior High School.

Kim or "Kimbo" as I alone called her was one of my dearest friends through the trials and toils of the teenage years. Kim and I had French & Italian classes together as well as many other silly commonalities.

A true friend over the years, Kim was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding January 1997.

Emi & Me

My good buddy Emily Kariya happens to be the most intelligent, spontaneous, and fun loving person that I have met in my life. I love her utterly! Emily, Kim, and I were the terrible trio in Junior High, and even in High School we were close friends.

Emily also shared in my love of music, for she played the saxophone and agreed to join the marching band our senior year when I was drum major, enabling her to come to Hawaii with the band in Spring 1990, even though at that time she was on the swim team.

Ed, Me, and Christian

Ed and Christian were two guy buds of mine that I became close with in my senior year in Dale Stuck's Sociology class. We had a good time at a few parties and loved being 'abnormal'.