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Biography of Zyriam Collandra-Canter

Zyriam Collandra-Canter, Sister of the Green Ajah, Wise One of the Codarra Aiel and Roofmistress of the Goshein Clan, was born with her twin sister Jasmydt among the Codarra Aiel, to the Clan Chief, Ranchet Collandra and his mate, Desmora. Zyriam had a very happy and free childhood among her people, the Aiel, traveling frequently with her father and sister escorting merchants across the Three-Fold-Land to the Cliffs of Dawn where trade was conducted with the merchants of Shara.

During this traveling time period of her life, Zyriam and her twin sister, met a young woman by the name of Bonaiv Arra, and her father Josif Arra, as they traveled with their wagons to conduct trade in silk. Josif Arra had been an Andorian silk merchant and had made friends with Ranchet who had just been made the Clan Chief of the Codarra when the Arraís made their first trip across the Three-Fold-Land to Shara to trade in silk. Every year from the age of nine until she was 19, Bonaiv and her father Josif, had gone across the Three-Fold-Land with Ranchet, and his two daughters. Both Zyriam and Jasmydt were tough as any Aiel children were.

Zyriam chose to follow in her fatherís footsteps and became a warrior at the tender age of 15, Far Dareis Mai, a Maiden of the Spear, but Jasmydt held her motherís inclinations and became an apprentice to a weaver. The summer before their ninetieth naming day, both Zyriam and Jasmydt exhibited signs that they could channel. Zyriam left the Maidenís, Jasmydt her weavers apprenticeship, and both began training with the Wise Ones.

That following winter during Bonaiv and her Fatherís annual trip into the Three-Fold-Land, Zyriam, and Jasmydt adopted Bonaiv as their first-sister in a formal Aiel adoption ceremony.

The following summer, Zyriamís second trip to Rhuidean proved to hold the keys to the coming of the Caríaícarn, and Zyriam was forced to make a decision that she lives with to this day. Thankfully, her sister Jasmydt, and their new husband Brant Canter, Clan Chief of the Goshien, have forgiven her the great toh she incurred for marrying Jasmydtís fiancťe, Reut. Reut was Brantís brother, and Brant was Zyriamís fiancťe. This was done after a Foretelling came to Zyriam through the teríangreal of Rhuidean that said that her husbandís death would signal the coming of the Caríaícarn, something the Aiel people looked forward to and feared all at the same time.

Thus, Zyriam married Reut instead of Brant causing great strife among the Codarra and Goshein, and their families. Saffrona, Reut and Brantís younger sister and also a Wise One, was under the impression that Zyriam had toh to her for some reason. Zyriam knew she had insulted Brant when she did not pick up the bridal wreath that he had laid at her feet the day prior to Reut mistakenly laying his wreath at her feet thinking she was Jasmydt as Zyriam and Jasmydt were so similar as twin Wise Ones, not even he could tell them apart. Zyriam had often wondered if her life would have been different if she had chosen Brant rather than Reut. She had almost lost her sister Jasmydtís love when the honorable Reut fulfilled his pledge and married Zyriam. It had seemed odd, Zyriam and Brant in love with each other, and Jasmydt and Reut also in love with each other. Then Zyriam and Jasmydt had gone through the arches at Rhuidean. Everything had changed for both of them. Reut and Brant were hard to choose from, but she had chosen. If she hadtoh to anyone it was Brant, not Saffrona.

Zyriamís clan had chosen not to go over the Dragonwall to punish King Laman of Cairhien, of House Damodred, for his sin, only the Nakai, Reyn, Taardad, and Shaarad had. Zyriam had been visiting in the Wise Ones tents of the Taardad with her husband Reut who was a Stone Dog and whose first-sister had married a Stone Dog of the Taardad clan when the news came of the disgraceful action. Zyriam and Reut went with the Taardad over the Dragonwall at the request of her fellow Wise Ones due to her wonderful Healing ability, and it had changed Zyriamís life forever. It had ended Reutís though.

***Flashback to Zyriam's Trip through the third Arch of the Ter'angreal of Rhuidean***

Zyriam had left the second arch as was glad that it was over with. She could not bare to leave her Father in such a state. She told herself that it wasn't real, that it couldn't be real. Goutreen had said that the Third Arch would be the worst. Zyriam braced herself and approached the redish gold archway...she stepped through and the Light consumed her...

She was in her tent and among the Wise Ones...she could feel that somewhere back in the Three-Fold-Land that her twin sister Jasmydt was weeping. The wind blew the tent flap open to reveal the countryside outside of Tar Valon. A Wise One of the Taardad Aiel was speaking but Zyriam was not listening she was too taken by the sense that she had hurt her sister somehow.

"We know of the Foretelling, Zyriam." The Wise One's voice was grim and it brought Zyriam's attention back to the conversation.

"Does your husband know of the Foretelling?" Zyriam's mind questioned, My husband? What husband? Brant has not laid the Bridal Wreath at my feet. Just then Reut Canter entered the tent.

"Excuse me, Wise Ones," Reut's voice was strong and sure, eager for battle, "but the Taardad are advancing against the city. There are sure to be injuries and your assistance may be necessary." Reut smiled at Zyriam and she thought...ah, I love my husband, Reut. But wait...when did I get married...I was a Maiden of the Spear...oh, yes, then I became an apprentice to the Wise Ones she looked down at her algode skirt. She remembered where they were and why...

She had come over the Dragonwall to punish the Wetlanders as the Foretelling had said she would, and her husband's death would signal the birth of the Car'a'carn...but wait...she didn't want Brant to die...but she wasn't married to Brant...she had married Reut...but he was Jasmydt's man, not hers...what had happened...anything to save Brant...but Jasmydt...but Reut...Reut!

Zyriam rose to chase after Reut as he veiled his face and headed off to join the battle. He is going to die because I chose him to...NO!!! I can't let that Reut...poor Jasmydt...what have I the arches appeared and she remembered Goutreen's warning...she could not help Reut...the Foretelling had told her that and it was coming through the arch as a reminder to her of her duty...Zyriam jumped through the redish golden archway and was back in Rhuidean.

End Flashback

Not returning to her Clan at the urging of the Taardad Wise Ones, Zyriam entered the White Tower. Upon entering the Tower she had tested for Accepted without ever being a Novice and had only been Accepted two years before attaining the Shawl at the age of 29. Zyriam had come to the White Tower to prepare a way for the Aiel and to redeem them of their failures to the Aes Sedai.

Her strengths are (from strongest to weakest): Spirit, Fire, Earth, Air, Water , but thankfully even her weakest element Water is still very strong compared to other Aiel Wise Ones, and weaker Aes Sedai.

Her Talents are: Spinning Earth Fire, Voice, and Healing.

As with most Aiel Wise Ones, Zyriam is a Dream Walker, which has nothing to do with the One Power.

Zyriam's Trips Through The Threads of the Pattern

Arches of Rhuidean
Glass Columns of Rhuidean
The Arches of Acceptance of the White Tower
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