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buy our services, get free web designing and free online shopping for your products. 

Amiga NZ provides fast, reliable, customer-focused web hosting solutions from $4.95/mth including free setup and instant online activation. Whether you are looking for the most advanced features, or just a friendly hosting experience, your satisfaction is our promise. Because your satisfaction is our most important goal.

Do You Have A Domain Name?
We can register New Zealand domain names such as, Or you can have an international domain name such as .com, .net., .org, .biz, .info,,

Instant Online Activation
Serving thousands of customers in New Zealand and Iran, Amiga NZ is the professional choice for companies, individuals and resellers requiring the best in performance and reliability.  We will make you site with flash 6, PHP, CGI, ...

Truely Outstanding Reliability
When you choose Amiga NZ, you get more than just web hosting and an address on the Internet. You are getting a commitment from one of the most respected web hosts in the industry. More importantly, we have the technology and professional staff to ensure your site is supported 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.






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