August. Hmm. Things go pretty slowly here, if not at least pretty normally. Normally pretty, El Pinar right now is receiving a little rain, the corn is being replanted, the plants are soaking up the moisture and so things are greener than usual.

I am happy enough, at least with Angel and home and kitty and garden and rabbits and friendly neighbors, but sometimes work (or lack thereof) lets me down.

People don't come to meetings that I spend all day inviting them to, perhaps they are not interested, perhaps they really are too busy shelling borrowed guandules for money... but somehow I feel that washing clothes or taking baths are not valid excuses for not attending meetings... that sort of thing you can do an hour later or earlier, yes?

My green leaf charlas went over well, for the ten adults that attended them. Mostly children came, perhaps as many as fifty little ones bringing their bowls and plates and spoons and cups to eat the brindis of locrio with squash and batata leaves that Angel and his grandmother helped me make.